Agriculture and Environment Lesson Plans

This page provides links tolesson plans, classroom projects and teaching activities for: Agriculture, Aquaculture, Forestry, Animal Science, Environment, Food Science/Culinary Arts, Horticulture, Floriculture, and Landscaping.

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Agriculture, Aquaculture and Forestry Lesson Plans, Projects and Activities


4-H Virtual Farm Visit - Online Activity

Agricultural Products in Florida

Agriculture Activity Sheets

Agriculture Counts Lesson Plan Collection

Agriculture Curriculum

Agriculture Guides and Activities

Agriculture in the Classroom

Agriculture in the Classroom Lesson Plans- USU

Agriculture in the Classroom Lesson Plans -
Agriculture in the Classroom - Sask Ag Canada

Agriculture Lesson Plans - CFAITC

Agriculture Lesson Plans -
Michigan Department of Agriculture
Agriculture Mechanics Lesson Plans - Calaged

Agriculture Powerpoint Lesson Plans

Agriculture Science Fair Project Ideas - USDA

Agriculture Science Lesson Plans -
Michigan Farm Bureau
Agriculture Studies Curriculum Guide

Agriculture Teaching Units - Florida SART

Agriculture Touching Us Daily Lesson Plan

Agriculture Web-based Lesson Plans

Agroterrorism - Lesson Unit

AgroKnowledge - Lesson Plans and Lab activities

Agtivity - Ag Lessons and Activities

American Agriculture Timeline Lesson Plan

Basic Agriscience and Technology Lesson Plans

Basic Agriscience and Technology Curriculum Units

Biological Diversity and Agriculture Lesson Plans

Canadian Agriculture - Lesson Plans

Career Exploration -
Agriculture Technology Lesson Plan
Comparing Organic vs Conventional Farming - Lesson Plan

Corn in the Classroom
Lessons,Activities, Worksheets
Corn -Integrated Lesson Plans

Dairy Production Curriculum Guide

Design Challenge - Project Based Lessons

Eli Whitney Patent for Cotton Gin Lesson

Exploring Soils Lesson Plan - PDF

Farming Today and Tomorrow Lesson Plan

Foundation Skills Curriculum Units

Genetic Engineering in Agriculture Lesson Plans

Heroes In Agriculture Lesson Plan

Homestead Act - Lesson Plan

Integrated Agriculture Lesson Plans

Modern Technology and Farming - Lesson Plan

Oklahoma Ag in the Classroom Lesson Plans

Organic Farming Lesson Plan

Protecting Crops from Pests Lesson Plan

Risk Management in Agriculture - Lesson Plans

Safety and Health in Agriculture Lesson Plans

Science Fair Project Ideas in Agriculture

Soil Activities

Soil Learning Activities

Soil Lesson Plans - NRCS

Soil Science Activities - Dr. Dirt

Soil Science Demonstrations

Solid Texture Unit - PDF

Space Agriculture Lesson Plans

Temperate Forest Lesson and Field Trip

Weather and Agriculture Lesson Plan

WebQuests - Agriculture

Weeds -
How Weeds Impact Agriculture Lesson Plan
What Crops Need to Grow Lesson Plan

Wheat Field Ecosystems - PDF


American Forest Lesson Plan

Arbor Day Celebration Activity Suggestions

Build a Tree Ring Timeline Activity

Fire and Fire Suppression Lesson Plan

Finding Out About Forests - Curriculum Unit

Forest Cycles, Management and Products Lessons

Forest Features Lesson Plan

Forest Fires Lesson Plan

Forest Food Webs

Forest Industry for Dummies - Curriculum Unit

Forest Learning Games - Online Activities

Forestry Lesson Plans

Forestry Lesson Plans - Georgia Pacific

Forestry in the Classroom - Society of American Foresters

Idaho Forest Lesson Plans

If Trees Could Talk - Environmental History Curriculum

Keys to Tree Identification Lesson Plan - PDF

Local Trees and Their Function Lesson Plan

Mystery Tree Challenge Class Activity - PDF

Natural Inquirer -Forest and Wilderness Lesson Plans

Silviculture Practices Images

Sustainable Forestry Lesson Plan

Talk About Trees Lessons and Activities

Tree Core Models - Lesson Plan

Tree School Lesson Plans

Rainforest Activities

Rain Forest Lesson Plan

Urban Forestry Lesson Plans

Wild Fires Field Trip


Aquaculture in Action Teacher Guide - PDF

Aquaculture Lesson Plans

Aquatic Habitats

Aquatic Invaders Lesson Plan

Anatomy of a Fish Worksheet

Brine Shrimp Survival

Crawfish Lesson Units

Fisheries Learning on the Web - Lesson Plans

Fisheries Lesson Plan - NOAA

Hatching Brine Shrimp

Introduction to Florida Aquaculture

Pond Water Survey

Marine Fisheries and Aquaculture Activities

Mystery of the X Fish - Science Investigation Unit

Natural Water Purification Lesson Plan

Study of An Aquatic Environment - PDF

Related Agriculture Resources:

Animal Science Lesson Plans, Projects and Activities

Animal Science Lesson Plans

Alternative to Frog Dissection

Animal Adaptations - Lesson Plan

Animal Behavior - Learned vs Innate

Animal Camouflage Lesson Plan and Activity Sheets

Animal Classification Lesson Plan - Discovery School

Animal Communication - Lesson Plan

Animal Diversity Lesson Plan

Animal Lesson Plans

Animal Form and Function Lesson and Activities

Animal Lesson Plans -Discovery School

Animal Lesson Plans - Educator's Reference Desk

Animal Life Cycles ERIC Lesson Plan

Animal Science Core Curriculum - Lesson Plans

Animal Science Lesson Plans - Ag Science Ohio

Animal Science Technology/Biotechnology Curriculum Units

Animal Slideshow Lesson Plan

Animal Training and Behavior Lesson Plan - PDF

Bird Populations - Lesson Plan

Birds of Prey Lesson Plan

Biology Lesson Plans - Includes Animals

Bison Lesson Unit

Can Captive Breeding Save Animals Lesson Plan

Classify That - Classify Living Organisms Lesson

Cow's Eye Dissection - Exploritorium

Creating the Perfect Horse Lesson Plan

Desert Animal Lesson Plan

Dog's Adaptation to the World Lesson Plan

Earthworm Dissection

Endangered Species Field Trip

Endangered Species Lesson Plan

Flowers and Plants - Science Lesson Plan

Great Apes Lesson Plan

Great Grizzly Lesson Plan

Hummingbird Lessons and Activities

It's for the Birds - Anatomical Adaptation

Invasive Species Lesson Plan

Lab Safety Activity Sheet

Life Science Lesson Plans

Make it a Habitat Lesson Plan

Mammal Chart Worksheet

Mammals and Their Ways Lesson Plan

Owls - Top of the Food Chain Lesson Plan

Protecting Habitats and Species

Rise and Fall of the Mammoths - Lesson Plan

Sea Education Lesson Plans

Sea World Teacher's Guides - Includes Activities

Snakes - Ambush Warriors Lesson Plan

Threatened Species Lesson Plans

The New Zoos - Return to the Wild Lesson Plan

Typical Animal Cell - Online Activity

Virtual Pig Dissection

Wildlife Management Curriculum and Lessons

Working Together for the Manatee

Related Animal Web Resources:

Culinary and Food Science Lesson Plans, Projects and Activities

Culinary and Food Science

Abbreviations and Substitutions Lesson Plan
Baking Bread Lesson and Field Trip

Be a Food Detective Lesson Plan - PDF

Become a Solar Chef Lesson Plan

Beef Cooking Unit - PDF

Beyond Beef Lesson Plan - PDF

Bloodborne Pathogens of Concern - Online Activity

Build a Burger Lesson Plan

Candy Hands On Activities - Science of Cooking

Carbohydrates Simple and Complex

Chemical Leavening Agents Lesson Plan

Coffee from Farm to Store - Lesson

Cooking on a Budget Lesson Plan

Cooking Terms Lesson Plan

Commercial Cooking Lessons

Comparing Food Products - PDF

Cuisine and Etiquette Lesson Plan

Culinary Arts Curricula

Designing Restaurant Menus - Lesson Plan

Dinner Etiquette - Lesson Plan

Eat Your Veggies Lesson Plan

Edible Plants Lesson Plan

Egg Math

Energy Bar or Candy Bar Activity

Experiments in Food Science

Fast Food Around the World Lesson

Fast Food Fun - Spreadsheet Activity

Food Activities
Food and Your Body Curriculum Unit

Food, Environmental Quality and Health Unit

Food for Keeps - Preservation Lesson Plan

Food History Lesson Plans

Food Labeling Lesson Plan

Food Labels Lesson Plan

Food Poisoning Lesson Plan

Food Preservation Lesson Plan

Food Preservation - ScienceNetLinks

Food Safety Coloring Book

Food Safety is in Your Hands - Lesson Plan

Food Safety Lesson Plan

Food Safety Lesson Plans

Food Science Experiments

Food Science Lesson Plans and Experiments

Food Science Lesson Plans

Food Studies - 30 Lessons

Foodborne Illnesses - Lesson Plan

From Concept to Consumer - Lesson Unit

Global Connections - PDF

Growing Cooties - Handwashing Lesson Plan

Handwashing and Dishwashing Lesson Plan

Hidden Story of Food Lessons

How Do You Make the Perfect Yogurt

Ideas with Food - Lesson Plans

Introduction to the Food Industry - Lesson Plan

Kitchen Equipment Basics Lesson Plan

Kitchen Math Lesson Plan

Leavening Experiment - Lesson Plan

Manners and Etiquette Lesson Plan

Meal Planning Lesson Plan

Measuring Techniques Lesson Plan

Meat Cooking Introduction Lesson Plan

Microbes Lesson Plans

Microbiology in Food Systems Experiments

Microwave Introduction Lesson Plan

Milk Lesson Plans

Mold Terrariums Lesson Activity

Peanuts - Lesson Plans

Pizza Lesson Plans

Pizza Explorer - Food Chemistry Unit

Popcorn Teaching Guide

Recipe Formats Lesson Plan

Regional Foods Lesson Plans

Safe and Sanitary Work Habits Lesson Plan

Sanitation and Human Health

Science of Cooking Activities

Science of Cooking Bread Hand's On Activities

Snack Search Lesson Plan - PDF

Spice Geography Lesson Plan

Substitution Lab Lesson Plan

Taste Test Lesson Plan

The Great Food Fight - Food Safety Lesson Unit

Theme Meal Lesson Plan

There are Microbes in My Food Lesson Plan

Weights and Measurement Lesson Plan

What's the Best Chip Lesson Plan

Vocational Technical Curricula and Lessons

Related Culinary and Food Science Resources

Environment Lesson Plans, Projects and Activities

Environmental Related Lesson Plans

A Comparison of Plant Ecology in Two Fields

Air Quality Scavenger Hunt

Antarctica- A Cold Desert Ecosystem

Aquatic Habitats Lesson Plan

Backyard Conservation Lesson Plans

Backyard Conservation and Local Laws Lesson Plan

Biome Investigation Lesson Plan

Birdfeeders - How to Build Birdfeeders

Biodiversity of Ponds Lesson and Activity Sheet

Biome Basic Lesson Plans

Biotechnology Curriculum and Learning Activities

Bridge Ocean Education Teacher Resources - Lesson Plans

Celebrate Ag Day Suggestions

Circle of Life

Coal and Energy Lessons Plans

Compare Two Ecosystems - Venn Diagram Lesson

COOL Classroom - Coastal Ocean Learning Units

Decomposition in Freshwater - Lesson Plan

Earth Day is Every Day Lesson Plan

Ecology and Biome Unit

Ecosystems Lesson Plan

Ecosystems - Water Purification Lesson Plan

Environment Lesson Plans - Smart Growth

Environmental Awareness Curriculum - K-6

Food Chain Lesson Plan

Food Webs in the Bay Lesson Plan

Forest Fires - Lesson Plan

Habitat Photo Album - Lesson Plan

Household Hazardous Waste

Issues in Environmental Education

Managing the Everglades Ecosystem Lesson Plan

Marine Ecology Lesson Plan

Mini Ecosystems Lesson Plan

Models of the Water Cycle - Lesson Plan

Natural Hazard Risks in the United States

National Marine Sanctuaries -
Curriculum, Activities/Lesson Plans
NOAA Research Lesson UnitsOceans for Life Lesson Plans - K-12

Pollution Solutions - Lesson Plan

Pond Life - Lesson Plan

Reading Weather Maps

Renewable Natural Resources Lesson Plan

Student Activities in Metrology

Teaching Kids About the Environment - K-12

Three R's of Conservation - Lesson Plan

Unique Plants of the Biomes

Waste and Recycling Lesson Plans

Water Basins and Watersheds Lesson Plan

Water in the 21st Century Lesson Unit

Water On the Web - Curriculum and Lesson Plans

Water Pollution - Mini Lesson

Weather and Agriculture Lesson

Weather Classroom Activities

Wetlands Lesson Plans - LSU AgCenter

Wetlands Past, Present and Future Lesson Plan

World Fisheries Trust - Environmental Education Units

Why Preserve Biodiversity Lesson Plan

Environment Related Resources:

Horticulture and Landscaping Lesson Plans, Projects and Activities

Horticulture Related Lesson Plans

A Model of Landscape Engineering

Beans and How They Grow - Lesson Plan

BioInteractive - Lessons, Animations, Labs and Virtual Museum

Biological Sciences Lesson Plans

Biology in Motion

Biology Online

Biology Project- Tutorials, Problems, Activities

Biomass - A Lesson on Alternative Fuels

Botany Lesson Plans  -PBS Teacher Source

Botany Illustration Lesson Plan - PDF

Bugs Aren't All Bad - Exploring Insects Lesson Plan

Celebrating Wildflowers Coloring Book

Cells Lesson Plan

Chemiosis Activity Sheet

Dandelion Seed Fecundity

Design a Corsage Lesson Plan

Design a Wildflower Garden Lesson Plan

Designing a Green Roof - Lesson Plan

Designing Gardens and Habitats

Edible Landscaping Lesson Plan

Ecology Lesson Plans

Exploring Classroom Hydroponics - Kid's Gardening

Fabulous Flowers Lesson Unit

Fast Plants - Lessons and Activities

Floral Designs

Flower Bouquet Lesson Plan

Flower Dissection Lesson Plan

Flower Power Lesson Plan - PDF

Flower Stepping Stones - Lesson Plan

Flower Structure and Reproduction Activity Sheet

Flowering Plants Online Lesson

Flowers and Plants Lesson Plans

From Seed to Plant Lesson Plan

General Biology Lesson Plans

Germination and Seeds

Germination Inhibitors Lesson Plan

Growing Activities- Hands-on Projects

Growth Development and Reproduction

Harvest of Fear

Horticulture Activities

Horticulture and Agriculture Lesson Plans

Horticulture Curriculum Guides and Lessons

Horticulture Skills Chart - PDF

Horticulture Study Guide for Youth

How Does a Green Plant Grow Lesson Plan

How to Become a Gardener

How To Projects - National Gardening

Insect Biology and Ecology Primer - Tutorial

Investigate Leaf Stomata Lesson Plan
Landscape Irrigation Tutorials

Leaf Classification Lesson Plan

Mendel Lesson Plan

Microbial Discoveries

National Science Education Standards - Teaching Guide

Photosynthesis, Trees and the Greenhouse Effect

Plant Cell Coloring Sheet

Plant Growth and Development - Franklin Institute

Plant Health Instructor Resources

Plant Pathology Lessons and Laboratories

Plant Pathways to Science -
K-12 Lessons and Education
Plant Parents - Plant Reproduction Lesson Plan

Plant Pollination Lesson Plan

Plant Science and Biotechnology Curriculum Units

Plants Lesson Plans - Discovery School

Pollinator Curriculum

Putting Down Roots Lesson Plan

Save the Moonflowers Lesson

Science and Plants for Schools Activity Sheets

Science Behind our Food Lesson Plans

Seed Germination Lesson Plan

Seed Identification Activity

Seedier Side of Plants Lesson Plan and Activity Sheets

Soil Ingredients Lesson  Plans

Soil Science Lesson Plans

Square Foot Gardening Teacher's Guide

Teaching People Plant Collection

The Fabulous Flower

The Great Plant Escape

Transpiration Lab - Lesson Plan

What's Wrong with the Plants

Young Virginia Gardener - Garden Lessons Plans

Yummy Plant Parts Lesson Plan

Related Horticulture Resources:

Additional Vocational Resources

Lesson Plans

Teacher Resources

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