Diseases, Disorders, Conditions and Directories

This page links to health sites and health directories which provide information regarding specific diseases, disorders, and disabilities.  In addition there are links to children's health resources, skin, hair and nail disorders, infectious and parasitic diseases, mental and behavioral abnormalities and health standards resources.

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A to Z Diseases and Conditions Directories

AMA Health Conditions
CDC - Diseases and Conditions

Consumer Health - eMedicine

Disease Museum

Diseases - NIH

Diseases and Conditions A to Z - Mayo Clinic

Diseases and Conditions - IntelliHealth

Diseases and Conditions - Medline

Health Topics A to Z - Web MD

Health Topics - MedLinePlus

National Library of Medicine

World Health Organization - Health Topics

Yahoo's Diseases and Conditions

General Health Directories

American Medical Association 
Medical Reference
Center for Infectious Disease
Research and Policy
Consumer Information Catalog - Health

Department of Health & Human Services

Directory of Hospitals

Environmental Health Information

Family Physician's Medical Links

Health and Human Services

Health Careers

Health Information Centers - Resource List

Health Finder

Health Library - Stanford


Mayo Clinic Health

Medical Directories - MedlinePlus

Medical Encyclopedia - MedlinePlus

Medical Picture Gallery - Hardin

Medicine Net -
Diseases, Dictionary, Medications
Merck Manuals Online

Merck Sources -
Medial Information for Families
National Institutes of Health - NIH Institutes

National Library of Medicine

Occupational and Workplace Health and Safety

Organ Donation

Science Link and Resources

SciCentral Health Science News

Skin Care and Diseases

State Public Health Topics

Virtual Hospital

Virtual Medical Center - Martindale's

WebMD -
Health Information, Tools and Support
Women's Health Information Center

Specific Diseases and Disorders

Allergy- American Association

American Cancer Society

Arthritis Foundation

Arthritis, Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases


Blood Disorders

Breast Cancer

Cancer - National Cancer Institute

Cancer Institute

Chlamydia- Some Facts About

Deafness and Communication Disorders

Diabetes - Joslin Diabetes Center

Diabetes - NIH

Diabetes- CDC

Disabilities - Job Accommodation Network

Digestive Diseases - NIH

Environmental  Conditions and Diseases

Eye Diseases

Genetic and Rare Diseases

Heart and Vascular Diseases

Heart Information - My Heart Central

Heart Disease and Cardiology

Hematologic Diseases

HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, TB Prevention


Hepatisis B

Kidney and Urologic Diseases

Lead Poisoning Prevention

Lung Diseases and Disorders

Neurological Disorders and Stroke

Oral Health - Diseases and Disorders

Parasitic Diseases - CDC

Infectious Parasitic & Bacterial

AIDS and HIV Multimedia

AIDS- National Clearinghouse

Allergies and Infectious Diseases


Bacteria Museum

Bacterial Diseases

Bacterial Disease Information

Center for Infectious Disease
Research and Policy
CDC - Center for Disease Control

Communicable Diseases

Communicable Diseases - Infections

Emerging Infectious Diseases

Emerging Infectious Diseases

Fighting Emerging Infectious Diseases

Foodborne Diseases

Genital Herpes

Hepatitis Resource Center

Hepatitis- CDC

Hepatitis Publications NIAID

Hepatitis- National Institute

HIV/Aids - CDC

HIV InSite

Hospital Infection Program

Infectious Diseases A to Z - CDC

Infectious Diseases - Teacher Resources

Microbes in the News

National Center for Infectious Disease

Needle Stick Prevention

Parasitic Diseases

Sexually Transmitted Diseases


Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome
Viruses- Introduction

Virology on the WWW
Zoonotic Diseases
West Nile Virus

Health Literacy and Health Standards

Clinical Updates in Critical Care

Essential Public Health Services

Environmental Protection Agency -
Laws and Regulations
Evidence Based Practice

Federal Agency Standards Websites

Health and Safety Standards

Health Literacy - Definition and Skills

Health Literacy Resources

Healthcare Standards, Policies and Informatics

HIPAA Standards and Codes

National Health Education Standards

National Public Health Performance Standards

Occupational Safety and Health Standards

OSHA Regulation Standards

Safety Standards - OSHA

Standards for Clinical Research

Universal Precautions - Prevention of Infectious Diseases

Health and Medical Associations

American Hospital Association

Family Medicine Associations

Health Education Associations

Health Professions Associations

Medical Associations

Medical Specialties Associations

National Medical Organizations

State Medical Societies

Health Statistics and Research

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Data and Statistics -
Center for Disease Control
Fed States A to Z

Harvard Medical School - Research

Healthcare Data and Statistics

Health Statistics Resources

Hospital Statistics and Studies

Labs and Scientific Resources - NIH

National Center for Health Statistics - CDC

OSHA Data and Statistics

Research - State and Territorial Health Officials

Statistics and Data Sources

Teen Pregnancy Statistics

Violence Issues

Battered Women Justice Project

Dating Violence

Domestic Violence

Center for the Prevention of Violence

Child Abuse Links

Domestic Violence Information Center

Domestic Violence Prevention

Domestic Violence-Hotlines

Domestic Violence Safety Tips

Get Help  - National Center for Victims of Crime

Helping Children Cope with
Violence and Disasters
National Clearinghouse - Defense of Battered Women

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

National Youth Violence Prevention Campaign

Preventing Violence Against Women - PDF

Rape and Violence Prevention

Security, Criminal, and Legal Resources

Street Positive

STRYVE - Reducing Youth Violence

Terrorism Law and Policy

Violence in the Workplace Introduction
What You Can Do if You are a Victim of a Crime

Violence Prevention

Youth Violence

.....Additional Resources - Workplace Stress

Online Learning - Disease Tutorials

Asthma Tutorial

Asthma Tutorial - Virginia Edu

Asthma Tutorial

Antibiotics Attack Tutorial
Bacteria Tutorial

Bloodborne Pathogens - Online Video

HIV Tutorial

Infection Detection Protection - Student Leaning Module

Infectious Diseases - How they Spread

Influenza Pandemic - Online Learning Module

Interactive Health Tutorials

Malaria - An Online Resource

Medical Animations

Microbiology and Immunology Tutorial

Pathology Tutorials

Precautions Against Bloodborne Pathogens Video

Preventing Hospital Acquired Infections

Proper Handwashing, Sneezing Videos

Retroviral Lifecycle Tutorial

Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Management Guidelines
Small Pox Vaccination Tutorial

Toxicology - Food Toxicology Course

Toxicology Tutor

Tuberculosis Training Module

Understanding Medical Words

Universal Precautions

Viral Hepatitis B Online Tutorial

What are Universal Precautions

.....Additional Health Tutorials

.....Additional Online Tutorial and Open Courses

Occupational Health and Safety

Emergency Preparedness and Response

Occupational Safety and Health Links

Poison Control Centers - Locator

Children and Teen Health Resources

Childhood Diseases

Child and Teen Safety and Health Resources

Teen Worker Safety

Skin, Hair  and Nails

Acne Rosacea

American Hairloss Center

American Head Lice Information

Atopic Dermatitis
Burn Network Society

Cosmetology - Skin

Cosmetology - Hair

Cosmetology - Nails


Dermatitis - Skin Disorders

Dermal Exposure Safety Topics

Dermatology and Skin Diseases
Dermatology and Skin Conditions

Dermatology Internet Sites

Dermatology - Medical Reference

Dermatology Treatment Index

Dermatology - Yahoo Index

Dermatology Disease Index

Dermatology - Electronic Textbook

Dermatology Society


Electronic Textbook of Dermatology

Fungal Infections

Fungal Nail Infections - WebMD

Hair Loss Information Center Index

Hairloss Information Center

Hair Loss-American Council


Hookworm Infection

Nail Diseases and Disorders -
Hooked on Nails
Nail Diseases - Medline

Nail Disorders Articles

Nail Fungal Infections - Mayo Clinic



Psoriasis - National Psoriasis Foundation




Skin and Hair Disorders

Skin and Nail Atlas

Skin Cancer- Introduction to

Skin Care Fact Sheets by Ages

Skin Disorders and Diseases - Am Academy of Dermatology

Skin Disease Information Page

Skin Hazards in Construction - PDF

Skin Health and Disorder Pamphlets
Tinea Infections

....Additional Cosmetology Resources

                  Skin Care, Cosmetics and Makeup 

Behavioral and Mental

Alzheimer's Disease

Behavioral Health Resources - Burrell

Mental Health Disorders

Mental Health Medications

Mental Health Topics - NIMH

Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders

Sleep Disorders

Sleep Disorders

Sleep Disorders

Depression and Anxiety

Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety Panic Disorder
Behavioral and Mental Disorders

Depression and Bipolar Support

Depression Central

Depression Facts

Managing Anxiety - Children, Youth, Adults

Self Help

Body and Mind -
Health and Safety from CDC
Calling 911 - What to Do in an Emergency
Campus Blues

Campus Health and Safety.org

Counseling Center Village

First Aid - A to Z

Help Center - APA

Health Goals and Assessments - PDF

Health Information Handouts

Health Topic Handouts

Interactive Health Tools

National Association for Self Esteem

Psyche Central -
Psychology, Support and Mental Health
Psychological First Aid Manual
Recognizing My Positive Qualities

Relaxation Techniques

Self Assessment Screening Tools

Selfcare Health Checklist

Self Esteem and Employment

Self Help Articles - UM Counseling Center

Self Help Instructional Guide

Self Help - Self Improvement by Yourself

Self Help -
Student Counseling Pamphlet 
Self Help Publications
Self Help Resources

Student Health Guide

Student Self-Care Guide

Students Against Destructive Decisions - Issues

Substance Abuse Help

Substance Abuse Self-Help Resources

Suicide Prevention

Symptoms Navigator

Uncommon Knowledge-
Emotional Intelligence, Psychology
Your Guide to Choosing Quality Health Care


5 Ways to Cope with Crisis

Coping with Crisis

Coping with Traumatic Events

Crisis Center Search - State and County Locator

Disaster Counseling

Emotional Intelligence -
Uncommon Knowledge
Guide to Managing Stress in Crisis Response Professions
Managing Traumatic Stress

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Psychology at Work - Help Center

Resources for Dealing with Emotional Trauma

Stress, Conflict and Self-Help Resources

Stress Management Health Center

Stress Management Resources

Stress Reducing Tips

Trauma Information Pages

.....Additonal Workplce Stress Resources

Addictions Drugs and Drug Abuse

Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism NIAAA

Alcohol and Drug Clearinghouse

Drug Abuse - National Institute on Drug Abuse

Drug Effects on Fetus

Drug Index- Rx

Drug Information for Clinicians

Drugs- Alphabetical Index of

Drugs and Supplements Look Up - WebMD

Drugs, Supplement and Herbal Information

Drugs of Abuse- DEA

Medline Plus - Drug Information

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Addiction


Pharma - Lexicon.com -
Pharmaceutical Directories
Pharmacy Database

Rx List- Drug Database


Related Health Resources

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