Skills for Today's Workforce

This section provides links to workplace skills, personal skills, life skills, math skills and study skills.  Communication skills including resume writing, report writing, grammar, interviewing, speaking and presenting are found on the Communication Skills page.  Online learning and free tutorial resources are found on Online Tutorial Resources.

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Workplace and Employment Skills

21st Century skill for a New Economy - PDF

Adult and Workforce Preparation Resources

Basic Skill Summary - SCANS Skills

Basic Skills Agency - UK

Career and Employability Skills

Career and Employability Standards - PDF
Common Activities - EFF

Communication Skills

Core Abilities -
Essential Work[lace Skills 
Core Work Skills - Relevant Websites - ILO

Developing Job Skills

Employment Rubrics and Checklists

Equipped for the Future

Essential Skills - What are They

Foundation Skills Framework

Gap Analysis of Workplace Needs Template - PDF

How to Assess Your Skills

Interviewing Skills - College Grad

Interviewing Skills - NextStep

Innovation Skills Profile

Integrated Curriculum for Achieving Necessary Skills
Job Requirements Checklist

Job Hunting Tutorials

Job Search Essentials - Recently Unemployed

Job Seeking Skills

Job Success Skills - Skills Identification

Management Help Library -
Skills, Leadership, Productivity
Meeting Skills

O*Net Online - Workforce Skills Search

Occupational Skills Profiler -
Skills, Abilities, Tasks
Real World Experience

Salary Negotiation Tutorial

SCANS Skills - PDF

Skill Standards- A Primer - PDF

Skills and Attributes Employees Value

Skills Checklist

Skills Development for Youth - ILO

Skills for Today's Workplace - Work Futures
Skills for Tomorrow's Workforce

Skills Identification

Skills, Knowledge and Employability

Soft Skills - Employment Skills

Teenage Job Skills

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills

Transferable Skills Set -
Quintessential Careers
Transferable Skills Survey

Value of Basic Skills - Research Summary - PDF

What Do We Mean by Skills

What New Workers Need to be Able to Do - PDF

Work Ethic Site

Work Readiness Credential

Workbased -Learning Tool Kit-

Workbased Learning Tools

Workforce Development Factsheets

Workforce Readiness Profile - EFF

Workforce Skill Certification Assessment Battery

Workplace Skills Publications

Workforce Survival Kit

Workplace Conflict Resolution

Workplace Habits Rating Scale

Soft Skills

Emotional Intelligence

How Sharp are Your Soft Skills

Soft Skills - The Competitive Edge

Soft Skills Overview - Wikipedia

Soft Skills Interview Questions

What are the Soft Skills Employers Seek

Why Soft Skills Matter

Dress and Grooming

Dress and Grooming for Job Success

Dress for Success

Dressing for Interviews

Dress to Acheive

Dress to Impress Guide

Making a Good Impression

Interview Attire

Workforce Literacy

Functional Context Education

NALD - Workplace Literacy

Needs Analysis and Evaluation Tools

State of Workplace Literacy in the States - PDF

What Work Requires of Schools Report - PDF

Workbased Learning Promising Practices

Workplace Literacy Education

Workforce Literacy Workbook - PDF

.....Additional Workforce Development Resources

Digital and Technological Literacy

Computer Technology Skills - Links and Resources

E-Learning 2.0 - Trends

Emerging Technologies that Enhance Learning - PDF

Information Literacy Resources

Digital Literacy Self Assessment

Digital Literacy Research

Digital Literacy Skills

Digital Literacy Skill for the 21st Century

Digital Information Literacy - WikiEducator

Digital Literacy Curriculum

Technology Ethics Primer

Theories used in Information Systems Research

.....Additional Basic Computer Technology Resources

.....Additional Networking and Programming Tutorials Resources

.....Additional Open Learning and Turorial Resources

Time Management, Organization and Leadership

Leading and Managing Others

Leadership Decision Making

Leadership Traits

Leadership Online Workshop

Negotiating Skills

Performance Management Planning

Planning Skills

Time Management Assessment

Time Management Resources

Time Management Skills - Mind Tools

Time Use Chart

Working in Teams

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Bloom's Taxonomy

Creative Problem Solving Manual

Critical Thinking - Basic Questions and Answers

Critical Thinking Community

Demonstrate Your Problem Solving Skills in the Interview

Effective Decision Making - Mind Tools

Making Ethical Decisions - PDF

Mission Critical- Critical Thinking

Problem Solving - Wikipedia

The Art of Questioning


Basic Requirements of Learners

Develop a Learning Plan

Developing a Learning List

Developing a Learning Plan

Emotional Impact on Learning - Research
Establishing a Learner Profile

How People Learn

Impact of Stress on Learning Research

Improving Basic Skills

Learning Styles - Emerging Technologies

Learning Styles and Strategies

Learning Styles Questionnaire

Learning to Learn - Activities and Handouts

Learning to Learn with Style

Learning Toolbox

Process Circus -
Developing Inquiry Based Process Skills
Theories and Approaches to Learning
What's Your Personality Type

Work Based Learning Plan Template - PDF

.....Additional Learning Theory Resources
.....Additional Online Learning Resources

Listening Skills

Effective Listening Skills

Effective Listening/Helping Skills

Good Listening Skills

Good VS Bad Listening

Improving Listening Skills

Interpersonal Listening Skills

Learning by Listening

Listening Effectively

Listening First Aid - Empathetic Listening

Listening Quizzes -Cyber Listening Lab

Listening Skills

Listening Skills - CASAA

Tips for Active Listening Skills

Study Skills

Different Thinking Styles

Information and Study Skills - Mind Tools

Memorize with Mnemonics

Memory and Learning
Memory Principles

Memory Skills - Improving Your Memory

Memory Test

Mind Tools Memory Technology

Online Study Guides - Skills

Principles of Memory

Self Help Information- Study Skills

Study Skill Guides

Study Skills Self Help Guides

Study Skills Tutorials

Test Taking Tips

Thinking Skills

Thinking Styles


Research Skills

Information Literacy Resources

Library Reasearch Skills

Searching the Internet Tutorials

Communication Skills 

Link to Communication Skills Resources

Math Literacy Skills: Money, Consumer, Economic

Math Links and Resources

Reading and Literacy

Adult Literacy and Basic Skills - Interactive Learning

Adult Literacy Links - NCSALL

Adult Literacy Toolkit CAELA

Dewey Decimal Classification System

Different Thinking Styles

Effective Library Research - Seven Steps

Get Ready to Read

Library Learning Skills Online

Literacy and Learning Disabilities

Literacy Network- Free Online Literacy Training

Literacy Strategies

Literacy Organizations

National Center for the Study of Adult Literacy and Learning

National Institute for Literacy

New Zealand Literacy Portal

Partnership for Reading -
Bringing Scientific Evidence to Learning
Phonics Flashcards

Pro Literacy Worldwide

Reading Difficult Material

Reading Skills Index

Remembering What You Read

Strategies for Thoughtful Reading

Visual Literacy What is It


Starting Your Own Business

Career Management Skills

Career Management - Stanford School of Medicine

Career Management Skills

Career Management Skills Definition

Career Management Skills Presentations

Developing Skills for Career Management Unit

..... Additional Resources - Career Exploration

..... Additional Resources - Career and College Planning

Life Skills

Buying a House

Career and College Planning Links
Child and Family Web Guide
Compass and Map-
Finding your way
Conflict Resolution Gateway

Consumer Action Website - Consumer Tips and Issues

Etiquette Rules from Emily Post

Family Issues

Family Literacy

Functional Skills

Homeowner's Resources

How Stuff Works

Integrated Curriculum for Achieving Necessary Skills
Information Literacy Resources

Knots - Knotting, Bends and Hitches

Knots on the Web

Learn 2 Type

Life Events - Parenting

Life Skills

Life skills Coloring Books

Life Skills Development -WikiEducator

Life Skills Standards and Benchmarks

Making Good Decisions

Maps - Finding Your Way with Map and Compass

Maps, Globes and Maps Skills

Maps - Learning How to Read Maps

Menu Planner

National Center for Family Literacy

Owning Real Estate - Budget, Maintain, Organize

Parenting Resources

Skillwise - Practice Basic Skills

Social Skills - Life Skills for Success

Stain Removal

Table Manners

Planning for the Future

Ballpark Estimate - Pre-Retirement Worksheet

Beginners Guide to Financial Statements

Building Wealth - A Beginner's Guide

Career and College Planning

Career Research Checklist

Choose to Save - Financial Calculators

Cost of Raising a Child

Financial Planning Tools

Financial Planning Toolkit

How Much Will it Cost to Raise a Child

Insurance Basics

Investment Choices

Investor's Clearinghouse- Investors Education

Money Central Planning and Investing


Personal Finance Resources

Skill and Interest Assessments

Career Quizzes and Skill Assessments

Interest Quizzes and Assessments

....Additional Resources: Student Worksheets


Creativity Index

Creativity Techniques

Creativity Tools

Creativity Tools - Mind Tools

Driver's Education

Quia - Driver Education Games

Driver Education Web Links

Driver Safety


Motor Vehicle State Departments

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Online Study Guide for Drivers - by state

Samples Written Driver's Tests

Stop Impaired Driving

Voting, Citizenship and Government

About Government

American Presidents - Online Reference Resource

Bill of Rights

C-SPAN - Public Access to the Political Process

Center for Civic Education

Charters of Freedom

Civics Education Center

Civically Speaking

Congress for Kids

Constitution of the United States

Constitutional Rights Organization

Countries of the World - World Fact Book

Declaration of Independence

Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy

Electoral College Homepage

How the President of the USA is Elected

Justice Learning -
Civics Education in the Real World
Kids Voting USA

National Standards for Civics and Government

Project Vote Smart

The White House

United Nations Charter

Universal Declaration of Human Rights


Voter Information Center

Voter Registration - State Resources

Voting Records by State

White House Kids Page

Why it is Important to Vote

Your Government

...Additional History links and Resources

Health Literacy: Health and Safety

Child and Teen Health and Safety

Consumer Health Information

Diseases, Disorders and Conditions

Emergency Planning and Preparedness

First Aid Tutorials

Food Safety

Health and Literacy - LINCS Collection

Health and Medical Tutorials

Health and Safety Standards

Health Care for Consumers - Pocket Guides

Health Fundamentals - MERC

Health Insurance Guide

Health Management Tools - WebMD

Hotlines and Helplines

Human Body Science Curriculum

Infectious Disease Tutorials

Medical History Forms

Medical Weights and Measures

Nutrition and Physical Activity

Occupational Health and Safety Resources

Picture Stories for Adult Health Literacy

Safe Schools Resources

Self Help Resources

Stress and Trauma Resources

Vaccines and Immunizations

Violence and Trauma Resources

Women's Health Resources

.....Additional Health Links and Resources

.....Additional Resources - Counseling Resources

.....Additional Workplace Stress Resources

.....Additional Resources - Hotlines and Helplines

Conflict Management

Conflict Resolution and Management

Related Resources

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