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Purpose of the Vocational Information Center

Making existing career and technical online resources easier to find including:

  • Career Exploration and College Planning

  • Tutorials and Learning Resources for Vocational Students

  • Skills for Today's workforce

  • Technical School Locators

  • Job Market Resources

  • Career and Technical Education Resources

  • Vocational Curriculum, Vocational Related Lesson Plans and Integrated Academic Resources

Contributing to a greater awareness of the Vocational /Career and Technical education system.

Creating a central location for Career and Technical Education resources for students and educational professionals.

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Created and maintained by Kathryn Hake, graduate of Juniata College, BS Psychology.  This is a personal project of mine that I continue to update and maintain as time allows. 

Employed for 19 years by the Chester County Intermediate
Unit # 24 in Pennsylvania as an Instructional Assistant, at the Center for Arts and Technology, Brandywine Campus in Coatesville, PA. For several years, I volunteered as as judge for Senior Graduation Projects at the Center for Arts and Technology, Pickering Campus in Phoenixville, PA

Retired in 2000, but continue to support vocational education through this website
. and.


My inspiration to create this Website came from the vocational students I tutored.  I owe much of what I know about computers to the students that I have worked with over the years.  Special thanks goes out to all of them, but especially to Mark and Rigoberto. 

It was while I was working in Project SOAR  (Support and Occupational Assessment Resources -a Carl D. Perkins funded project), that this site was developed, originating from my experience with helping students in vocational programs research topics for their school projects. Since we had no central library at our school, the Internet became our library. In the career and technical field, online resources were hard to find and many searches were time consuming and frustrating, so I began to bookmark helpful sites.  Over the years, the vocational related bookmarks grew quite large.  

Thinking that these resources might be useful to the teachers at my school, I began organizing my Favorites list by career area.  In the summer of 1998, I compiled all these URLs into a book, which was published by my local Intermediate Unit for district wide distribution.  By the time the book, CAT Connections, was distributed, some URLs were already out of date.  It became evident that constant updating was necessary for the book to remain useful.  In the summer of 1999, I decided share these resources with a larger audience through the Internet using the name Vocational Information Center.    The most current version of the site is located at  http://www.khake.com
  Older URLs for the site http://www.geocities.com/soarcatb and http://www.geocities.com/ResearchTriangle/Forum/7913/ will redirect you to http://www.khake.com

Sites Linking to the Vocational Information Center

    Have some time to browse? Explore these useful websites which also include a link to the Vocational Information Center website.

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