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A guide to free on-line tutorials, learning objects, open courses and self-paced learning modules on the Internet.

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Learning Objects and Tutorial Collections

Authorstream - Powerpoint Presentations and Slideshows
ALADIN Research Commons - Digital Repository

C-SPAN - Politics - Live TV and Video

Education Podcast Network

ENC - Math and Science Curriculum Resources

Engineering Digital Library - NEEDS

HEAL - Health Education Assets Library

ilumina Digital Library - Sciences, Math and Physics

Ideas - Lessons, Interactive Tools, Videos

Learning Objects Studio -
Sciences, Arts, Social Sciences
Learners Online - Weekly Lessons

Intute - Best of the Web for Education and Research

Open DOAR - Search for Open Access Repositories

Open Education Resources - Courses List

SMETE - Digital Library Math Science Technology

Learning Objects - Tutorial Modules

National Science Digital Library

WikiEducator - Free Learning Content

Basic Skills Learning

Academic Skill Builder - Educational Games
Basic Computer Skills Tutorials

Basic Study Skills - ALISON Online Training Course

Do2Learn - Online Learning for Students with Disabilities

Ebenezer Q Emu - Reading and Writing Activity

Everyday Life Tutorials

GCF Learn Free - Math, Money Family, Computer

Googol Power Online Learning Games

Learn Alberta - Log-in as Guest

Learn Out Loud - Free Audio Books and Lectures

LexTutor - Language Learning Tutorials

International Children's Digital Library

Math Flash Cards

Math Power Video Tutorials

Math Tutorials

Skillwise - Basic Skills Tutorials

Softschool.com - Math, Literacy , Quizzes and Games

Wicked - Quizzes and Interactives

What You Need to Know

Academic Preparation

College and Career Ready

Common Core Standards

Knowledge and Skills Needed for Success

Skills for Today's Workforce

High School and Adult Learner

ALISON - Free Global Learning
Animations - Teaching and Learning Resources

Basic Computer Skills Tutorial

BBC Languages - Learn French, German, Spanish, Italian

Build Stuff - Online Courses for Building Things

College and Career Skills Building Lessons

Curriki - Educational Lesson and Activities

eHow- How Things Get Done

Extension - Cooperative Extension Agriculture and Family

Fathom - Free Content

Free Online Courses for Everyone

High School Courses - MIT

High School Courses - UC Irvine

HippoCampus - High School Subjects

HP Learning Center - Computer, IT and Business

Key Writing Skills Practice

Knowitall- Interactive Learning

Learn Alberta - Log-in as Guest

Microsoft Digital Literacy e-Learning 

Microsoft Education Tutorial Search

NASA's Educational Media Archive

NOVA Science Videos

Open Educational Resources - Secondary

Presentation Tutorials

School of Champions - Online Lessons

Schoox - Free Online Courses

Science and Math Games - Jefferson Lab


So You Wanna Learn

Studyit - Math Science and English

Thinkfinity - Interactive Learning for all Ages

Vocabulary Words and Phrases - See and Hear


Wanna Learn

World Wide Learn - List of Free Tutorials

Technology Tutorial Videos

College and University Open Courses

200 Free Online College Courses - Math, Sci, Eng, CS, Art, Health
Academic Earth - University Video Courses

ALISON - Free Online Courses

ARC Links - Tutorials for College Classes

Berkely Webcasts

Carnegie Mellon - Open Learning Initiative

Connexions Learning Modules - Free Online Learning

Eastern Utah - OC-
Bus, Math, Geo, Chem, Nursing, Music
Fathom Archives - History Lit, Mammals, Oceans

Free Online Education - Resource List

Free University Lectures -
Phy, Chem, CS, Math
John Hopkins - Open Courseware - Health

iBerry - Academic Open Course Portal

Learning Exchange - Digital Library of Social Service

Michigan Center on Public Health -
Free Health Courses- Reg Req
MIT Open Courses

Notre Dame -
Humanities, Hist, Art, Pol Sci, Philosophy
Free Online Courses -
History, Health, Lit Washington Edu
Open of Course - Open Courses

Open Courseware Finder

Open Courseware Projects

Open Educational Resources -
Art, Bus, Hum, Sci, Tech
Open Learning - Open University -
Art, Hist, Math, Sci, Bus
Open Learning Initiative -
Carnegie Mellon Eng, Math, Bio, Chem, Phy
Open Yale Courses

Teachers Without Borders Courses

Technology Enhanced Learning - Engineering

Tufts -OC -
Art, Medicine, Vet Med, Int Relations
UC Irvine OC-
Spa Operations, Business, Pharm
UMass Boston OC -
Spec Ed, Bio, Chem, Hist, Math, Perf Arts, Pol Sci
UMich OC -
Medicine, Dentistry,Eng, ED ,
UNESCO - Free and Open Source Learning Portal

United Nations University Open Courses

Universal Education Search

University Learning - Open Learning Resources

Utah State University -Free Online Courses

Video Lectures

Webcast - Berkeley Edu

Western Governor's University OC - Liberal Arts

International University Open Courses

African Open University
Delft University of Technology - Netherlands

Japan Open Courseware

International Courses List

Technologico de Monterrey - Mexico

UN Open Courses List

Universia - Spain

University of Southern Queensland - Australia

Open Sourceware and News

Apache Software Foundation
Creative Commons Licensing

Creative Commons Content Directory

Design Guidance for Learning Environments - PDF

Directory of Open Content Repositories


Free and Open Source Educational Software

Manhattan Virtual Classroom

Moodle - Open Course Management System

Open Content Alliance

Open Courseware Consortium

Open Education Blog - Open Software

Open Office Productivity Suite

Open Source Applications

Open Source Initiative

Open Source Software Licenses

Open Standard Requirement for Software

SPARC - Scholarly Communication

UNESCO - Free and Open Source Software Portal

Utah Open Sourceware Alliance

Agriculture, Animals, Earth and Environment

Amphibian Embryology Tutorial
Cat Anatomy Tutorial

Classification of Living Things Tutorial

Culinary History Digital Library

Discovering Mammals

Dissection of Sheep's Brain Tutorial

Here Comes the Sun - Solar Terrestrial Tutorial

How to Become a Gardener

Insect Biology and Ecology

Landscape Irrigation Tutorials

Natural History Online Book

Oceans Deep - Exploring the Oceans

Plate Tectonics

Zoonotic Diseases Tutorials

.....Additional Agriculture Resources

.....Additional Animal Science Resources

Life Sciences

Life Sciences Portal
Anthropology Tutorial

Behavioral Science Research and Statistics Tutorial

eMedicine - Medscape

Exploring Biodiversity

Gray's Anatomy

Interactive Body - Tutorial

InnerBody - Human Anatomy

Muscle Master List

Online Medical Textbooks

Use of Human Subjects in Research Tutorial

.....Additional Science Resources

                    Animal Science Resources

                    Environment Resources

                    Horticulture Resources

Health, Medical and Disease

Anatomy and Physiology Tutorials
Health and Medical Tutorials

Health Literacy - Online Training Course

Infectious Disease Tutorials

Self-Help Resources

Skull Anatomy Tutorial

.....Additional Health Resources

.....Additional Health and Medical Tutorials

.....Additional Occupational Health and Safety Resources

Biology, Anatomy and Physiology

Anatomy and Physiology Tutorials
Biology Tutorials



Balancing Equations Tutorial
Chemistry Hypermedia Project

Chemistry Tutorials and Drills

Chemistry Tutorials - The Biology Project

Neuroscience Tutorial -
Washington School of Medicine
Organic Chemistry Flashcards

Organic Chemistry Online - Tutorial

Organic Chemistry Tutorials

Periodic Table

Pharmacology Math Tutorial

.....Additional Science Resources


SAT Quiz Bank - Free - Registration Required

Number2.com - Free Test Prep

Literacy Tutorials

Argumentation and Critical Thinking Tutorial
Critical Thinking Tutorial - Mission Critical

Digital Literacy - Online Training Course

Information Ethics Tutorial

Reading Skills Tutorial

Resume Online Workshop

Visual Dictionary

Understanding Literacy - A primer

Additional  Information Literacy Tutorials

Research and Searching the Internet

Searching the Internet Tutorials
Research and Library Tutorials

Technology: Computer, Web, IT Tutorials

Basic Computer Tutorials
Computer/IT Tutorials

Free Tech Books Online

Java Programming

Networking and Programming Tutorials

Web Technology

Web Design Tutorials
Web Technology Tutorials

Computer Software Tutorials

Computer Software Tutorials

Microsoft Office Tutorials

Microsoft Office Tutorials

Graphics, Digital Imaging. Photography

Adobe TV - Graphic Learning Videos
Art and Architecture Images

Basic Photography Online Book

Basics of Multimedia

Computer Graphics Learning on the Web - SIGGRAPH

Digital Imaging Tutorial

Digital Media Tutorials

Displaying and Sharing Digital Photographs

Graphic Design Tutorials

How Do I - Office Video Tutorials for Developers

iMovie Tutorial

Introduction to Photography - MIT Open Course

Language of Design

Lighting Set-Up Tutorial - Photographic

Multimedia Design Tutorials

Photo Shop 4.0 Tutorial

Photostory 3 Tutorial

Streaming Media Tutorial

Vector Math for 3D Graphics

Video Creation Tutorials

.....Additional Resources
    Graphic Arts Tutorials

    Photography and Film - Tutorials

Business, Economics, Finance

Business and Enterprise Skills - Online Training Course
Economics Interactive Tutorials

Finance and Economic Literacy - Online Training Course

Guide to Financial Statements Tutorial

Principles of Economics

Entrepreneur - Start Your Own Business

.....Additional Business Resources

Math and Financial Literacy Tutorials

Algebra Tutorials
Basic Math Tutorials

Calculus and Trig Tutorials

Chance and Data - Online Training Course

Core Mathematics - Online Training Course

Financial Literacy Tutorials

Fractions - Online Training Course

Free Online Textbooks in Mathematics

Geometry - Online Training Course

How Math is Used on the Job

Math and Money Tutorials

Physical Science Tutorials

Astronomy Tutorials
Astronomy Education and Outreach

Cool Cosmos - Infrared Astronomy Tutorial

Cosmology Tutorials

Engineering - Free Online Textbooks

Digital Library for Earth Science

Discovery Science Video Clips

Exploritorium Digital Library

Gas Laws Tutorial

Global Positioning System Tutorials

Meteorology Guides

National Institute of Oceanography - India

Optics Tutorials - Science Optics and You

Online Science and Math Books

Polymers and Liquid Crystals

Seismic Education Site

Space Physics Tutorials

.....Additional Science Resources

Physics, Electricity, Electronics, Energy Tutorials

All About Circuits
Digital Library of Science and Technology

Center for Astrophysics -
Solar System, Cosmology
Control Of Stepping Motors - Tutorial

Electrical Engineering - Free Online Texts

Electrical Theorems and Formulae

Electricity Online Lessons

Engineering Tutorials - Dr. Calvert

Engineering Tutorials - Digital System

Energy Tutorials-
Fossil Fuels, Solar, Wind, Fuel Cell
Introduction to Electromagnetics

Introduction to Physical Electrons

Kepler's Second Law - Java Interactive Tutorial

Lessons in Electrical Circuits -
Free Online Textbook
Light and Matter - Free Physics Books

Lunar Phases Tutorial

Mathematical Tools for Physics

Mechanical Engineering Course Notes

Mechanics with Animation and Film Clips

Online Physics Textbooks

Physics Tutorials

Physics Tutorials - Hyper Physics

Physics Lab Tutorial

Remote Sensing Tutorial

.....Additional Resources
    Electricity Tutorials

    Electronics Tutorials

    Math on the Job

Construction, Engineering and Trade Tutorials

Agriculture Safety Training Modules
Automated Manufacturing Systems:PLC's

Construction Safety - OSHA Training Modules

Construction Safety Modules

Glassblowing Techniques

How-To Series - Home Construction

Intermediate Mechanics Tutorial

Labor Union Open Learning Courses

Labor Union - Understanding the Labor Movement


Safety - Risk Management Basics

Samizdat Press - Free Online Science Books

The Assayer

Tutorials and Web Resources-
for College Courses
Work Safety Training Modules
Work Shop Safety Modules

.....Additional Resources
    Carpentry and Construction






    Math on the Job

Communication and Writing

Copyright Tutorial
Critical Thinking Tutorial

English Language Skills - Online Training Course

ESL to Go -English as a Second Language

Introduction to Screenwriting

Learn Spanish - Study Spanish

Literature and Writing Tutorials

Literature Tutorials- 20th Century

News University -
Some Free Writing and Journalism Courses
Using Copyrighted Materials - Interactive Guide

Writing and Grammar Tutorials

.....Additional Communication Skills Resources

.....Additional  Skills for the Workforce

Free, Open Online Books, Journals and Encyclopedias

Adobe Digital Editions and Free Reader
American History Textbook

Audiovox - Free Audio Books Online

Audubon's Birds of America

Bookboon.com - Textbooks and Travel Books

ePub Books

ESL Online Textbooks

Flatworld Knowledge

Free Digital Libraries and Books

Free Classic Audio Books

Free Computer Books

Free Medical Books

Free Kindle Books

Free Learning - Find Open Textbooks

Google Books - Limited Preview and Public Domain

Learn Out Loud - Free Audi Learning Resources

Librivox - Listen and Read

Journals - Open Access Journals

Journals and Newsletters - Free Online

National Academies Press

MP3 - Downloadable Books

Open Book Project

Open Library

Open Science Directory - Open Science Journals

Online Library of Liberty

Perseus Digital Library - Collections and Texts

Project Gutenburg

Pub Med - Free Archive of Life Science Journals

Public Library of Science - Open Journals


Science, Math and Computing Online Books

Textbook Revolution

Textbooks - Free, Open, Affordable

The Online Books Page - UPenn


Wikipedia - Online Encyclopedia

World-Wide School Library

.....Additional Resources
      Free and Open Book Resources

      Academic Resources


Access to Research Resources for Teachers
Patent Search Tutorial

Problem Based Learning Tutorial

US Government Manual -
Agencies and US Gov Information

Additional Tutorial and Learning Resources

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