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Career Activities and Vocational Lesson Plans

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Career Activities

These interactive sites provide online activities and lessons plans relating to career exploration, career decision making and career guidance.

Aquarium Careers
Astro Adventure - Careers at NASA

Big 5 Personality Quiz

Career and Technology Learning Segments

Career Coaching Your Teens

Career Cruiser
Career Resources for Middle School Students
Career Games -
Online Activities and surveys
Careers in Animal Research
Career Key

Careers Kids - Online Resume Maker

Career Lesson Activities

Career Paths Online

Career Planner - Choosing an Occupation

Career Ship: -
Exploring Careers for Middle School Students
Career Worksheets

Career Zone - Online self assessment survey

CIA Kid's Page - Careers in Intelligence

City Planner Kid's Page - Community Planning Careers

Civil Engineering - Kids and Careers

Discover Engineering

Energy Kids Page - Careers in Petroleum
Fun Works Career Exploration

Guide Me Careers in Engineering

Health Careers - Learn to Care

Kids Into Nursing

My Heroes - Stories about remarkable people

Mysteries of Microbes

NASA's Kids Club

RU Ready Career Exploration

Self Assessment

School Finder Career Index -
Career quiz/ interest survey
Smart Career Choices Career Activities - K-12

Super Scientist

This Could be Your Life -
Interactive Career and Life Activity
Vocational Learners- Embeded Teaching and Learning Materials

Work Interest Quiz

World of Careers - Elementary

Zoom into Engineering

.....Additional Resources
    Career Exploration for Younger Students

    Career Description Sites

    Career Planning and Self Assessment Quizzes

Preparing for Career and School Lesson Plans

Art and Design Career Handouts
Career Counseling and Guidance Lesson Plans

Career and Personal Planning

Career and Work Exploration Lessons

Career Choices - Planning Guide/Framework

Career Connections -
Prepare and Plan for a Career Lessons
Career Development Activities

Career Development Handouts for High Schools Students

Career Development and Occupational Studies

Career Documents, Handouts and Flyers

Career Education Lesson Plans - Education World

Career Exploration Worksheets

Career Guidance Lesson Plans

Career Handouts - DU Edu

Career and Job Related Handouts -U Va Edu

Career Lesson Plans Search - Microsoft Education

Career Planning Guide for Adult Learners

Career Project-
Develop Goals, Research and Present
Curriculum for Careers - Lesson Plans

Dream Home Mathematics

Dream Job Career Activities

Education Planning Lessons and Activities

Essential Skills Portfolio

Everyday Life Lesson Activities

Exploring Careers - Lesson Unit - PDF

Goal Setting

Guidance - Career Activity Files

How Do Your Skills Measure Up - Const, Tourism, Trucking

Introduction to Career Clusters Lesson Plans

Job Seeking Skills Lesson Plans

Projecting a Professional Image
Practical Learning Activities and Lesson Plans

Sixth Grade Career Activities - Lesson Plans

Social Skills Lesson Plan

Where Are You Going Career Guide - PDF


Career Development Lesson Plans

Portfolio Planning and Design Guide

Portfolio Library

Portfolio - Create Your Own

Portfolios - Student Uses

Youth, Literacy and Career Project

    Related Resources

    Career and College Planning
    Career Curriculum

    Career Description Sites

    Career Exploration

    Career Resources for Younger Students

    Career Exploration Worksheets

    Guidance Counselor Resources

    Tools for Youth

Agriculture Related Lesson Plans and Activities

Applied Academics: Math and Science Lesson Plans and Activities

Adult Basic Skills Activity Sheets
Applied Academics -
Lessons linked to Math and Occupations
Career Development Aligned with Academic Units
Career Math Lesson - Budget Analysis

Contextual Math Activities

Dewey Decimal System Lesson Plan

Foundation Skills - Lessons and Units

Hands On Science Activities

Homes of Our Own - Math, Sci, Tech Lessons

Key Skills4u

Key Skills - Practice Quizzes

Interactive Learning Websites - Academics

Interactive Learning - Academic Subjects - Embedded Learning

Literacy Tools for Adults - Online and Printable Activities

Math and Technology Practice Quizzes

Math and Science Activities

Measuring Lesson Plan

Move On - Test Your Skills in Math and English

Numbers in the Real World Lessons

Nutrition and Food Curricula and Lesson Plans

Personal Budget WebQuest

Science and Math Lesson Plans
Skillwise - Online Basic Skills Practice

Understanding Rational Numbers and Proportions

Vocational Technical Curricula and Lessons
Welcome to My World - Careers in Science and Technology

You Can be a Nurse Coloring Book

Related Academic Web Resources

    Communication Skills

    English and Literature

    Inventions, Inventors and History Links

    Math Links and Tutorials

    Math for Careers - Math used on the Job

    Science and Science Fair Links


Arts and Media Lesson Plans

Business, Economics Finance Computer Technology Lesson Plans

Construction, Building Trades, Engineering and Welding Lesson Plans and Activities

Health and Human Services - Cosmetology, Health, Security, Law, Child Care Lesson Plans

Transportation and Manufacturing Related Lesson Plans and Activities


A Daring Flight

Airplane Design Lesson Plan

Airplanes and Airports Lesson Plan

Air and Space Lesson Plans

Learning to Fly - NASA

Motion and Forces Lesson Plans

NASA Explores Lessons

Pop Can Hero Engine - NASA

Rockets - Educator's Guide NASA

Understanding Flight

What's Wing Warping

    Related Transportation Resources

    Automotive Related Links
    Aviation and Aeronautics Links

    Transportation Related Links

Manufacturing Lesson Plans

Development of Industrial United States

Intel Manufacturing Process

Mechanical Control Systems - Our Favorite Toys

Manufacturing Activities

Test a Production System Lesson

    Related Web Resources:

    Manufacturing Careers and Links

Railroad and Transportation

Buoyant Vehicles Lesson Plan

Design and Engineering Lesson Plan

Developing Transportation Technology Lesson

Driver Education Curriculum

It's a Wild Ride

Monorail Design Lesson Plan

Transportation and the Environment Lesson Plan

Transportation Sci -Tech Lesson Plans

    Related Transportation Resources
    Transportation Related Math Lessons

    Transportation Related Links

Auto Body

Auto Body Curriculum and Lessons

    Related Auto Body Resources

    Auto Body Careers and Links


Agricultural Mechanics Lessons -
Including Engines
Air Powered Car Lesson Plan

Alternative Fuels

Automobile History Lesson Plan

Automatic Transmission Lesson Plan

BMW Virtual Tour

Car Crash Testing

Car Stereo Lesson Plan - PDF

Clean Air and Cars Lesson Plans

Design and Discovery Lessons

Energy and Cars Lesson Plan

Energy for Cars and Busses Lesson Plan

Engine Types and Operating Cycles Lesson

Engine Terminology Lesson

Engine Assembly and Disassembly

Exhaust Systems Lesson Plan

Explaining How Things Work Lesson Plan

Exploration of Automotive Design

Fuel Choices Lesson Plan

GM Education - Automobile Lesson Plans

History of the Automobile Lesson Plan

How Far can you Go on a Tank of Gas

Hybrid Automobiles Lesson Plan

Junkyard Wars - Cool Cars

Measurement in the Automotive Class

Mechanical Engineering Lesson Plans - PDF

My Dream Car Lesson Plan

Recycled Racer Lesson Plan

Robot Gears Lesson Plan

Rotating Wheels Lesson Plan

Safety Lesson Plans

Science and Technology Games, Lessons, Activities

Slime - Lesson  about Friction and Lubrication

Tools for Discovery

UBUYACAR - Problem Based Learning

    Related Automotive Resources 
      Auto Service Careers

Work Related Lesson Plans and Activities

Adult ESOL Lesson Plans
Achieving Success Lessons -
Resumes, applications, Interviewing
ALISON - Free Online Skills Courses

Americans at Work Before the Civil War Lesson

Authentic Materials and Activities for Adult Literacy - PDF

Authentic Workplace Materials -
World of Workplace Learning
Can You Be a Millionaire - Managing Money Lesson
Career Activities for 6th Grade

Career Professional Challengers - by Subject

Character Education Lesson Plans - K-12

Child Labor in America 6-12

Civil Rights Act and Equal Employment Opportunity Lesson

Contextual Learning Lesson Plans

Creating a Resume Lesson Plan
Developing Job Application Sheets

Embedded Learning Skills Practice - Vocational Learners

Employment Help Center Handouts

Ethics for Students

Finding the Right Job

Getting the Job Lesson Plans

Getting There - Moving into Employment - PDF

Get to Work - Your Portfolio

Guidance Lesson Plans

Integrated Curriculum for Achieving Necessary Skills
Integrated Resources Packages -
Skills, Trade, Career
Integrating Workskills and Basic Skills Lessons

Job Keeping Skills Lessons

Job Search and Correspondence Handouts

Job Skills Handouts

Learning to Be Boss

Life in the Real World -
Financial Management Lessons
Photographic Documentation of Child Labor

Professional Writing and Job Search Handouts
Projecting a Professional Image

Promoting Yourself Through Advertising

Resume Writing and Job Interview Handouts

Self Esteem and Employment

School-to-Careers Teacher Created Units

Technology Education Site - Activities and Power Point

Vocational Education Lesson Plans -
Education World
Was There an Industrial Revolution Lesson

Work Based Learning Guide - Learning Activities

Work Based Learning - Career Guides, Standards and Forms

Work Ethics Lesson Plans

Work Safe Work Smart Curriculum

Workforce Awareness Lessons

Workforce Development Lesson Plans

Workforce Education Lab - Lesson Activities

Workforce Education Lab -
Learning Activities
Working 9 to 5 Lessons

Workplace Education Learning Activities

Workplace Skills for the Adult Learner:I
ntegrated Curriculum

Related Resources

    Job and Labor Market
    Communication Skills - Writing, Resume, Presenting


    Employment and Life Skills

    Guidance Counselor Resources

    Online Learning Tutorials

    Special Education Resources

    Vocational Education - Curricula, Standards, Adult

Vocational Lesson Plan Directories

Vocational Lesson Plan Directories

Lesson Plan Templates

Daily Lesson Plan

Designing Effective Projects

Health Education Lesson Templates

Integrated Lesson Template

Lesson Plan Templates

Lesson Plan Templates

Lesson Plan Templates - In Tech

Lesson Planner - Online Lesson Plan Tool

Standards-Based Unit Template

Technology Integration Template

Career Related Lesson Plans:

Arts and Broadcast Media

Agriculture, Food, Horticulture, Landscape

Business, Economics Finance Computer Technology

Construction, Engineering and Welding


Career Planning

Services: Childcare, Cosmetology,
Health, Security and Investigation

Vocational Curriculum

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