Machining Resources

Resources for machining, machining tutorials, metals and metalworking are found on this page. For information about Machining Careers or Metalworking Careers go to Welding and Metalworking Career Guide

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Machining Resources


Capital Machinery Manufacturing Guide

Careers in Machining

Definitions - Manufacturing and Machine Shop

Engineering Digital Library - NEEDS

Engineers Edge -
Design, Specs, Materials, Calculators
Introduction to EMG

Machine Shaping

Machine Tool Types
Machining Articles with Videos - Modern Machine Shop

Machining Careers

Machining Introduction

Machinists Skills and Abilities - O*Net

Mechanics of Designing Precision Machines - PDF

Metals and Alloys

Metalworking Skills Standards

Manufacturing Industry Career Link

Manufacturing Links & Career Resources

Terminology and Definitions

Dictionary of Metal Terminology

Dictionalry of Metallurgy

Engineering Technology Terminology

Machining Definitions

Manufacturing and Automated Controls Definitions

Metal Machining Definitions

Thread Cutting Terms -
images and symbols

Online Magazines

American Machinist Magazine

Cutting Tool Engineering

Machinery Support Online - Purchase Online Manuals

Machine Tools Online

Modern Machine Shop

Machine Shop Online
Modern Casting Online

Precision Metalforming Association

Production Machining Magazine

Tooling Online -
Marketplace for Tooling Industry

Machining and Metal Organizations

American Foundry Association

American Welding Society

Iron, Steel & Metals Trade Organizations

Manufacturing Associations

National Association of Manufacturers

National Tooling and Machining Association

National Institute for Metalworking Skills
Tooling Industry Associations

Machining Projects

Bearings - Mechanical Design Guidelines

Bench Type Milling Machine

Gears Introduction

How to Make Springs
Integrative Training Project

Job Shop Technology

Machine Shop Projects - Fox Valley Tech

Metal Project Plans

Metalworking Projects

Machining Research and Development

Milling Projects

Product Engineering Process - PDF

Sketching Tutorials


4 Points to Eye Safety

Concepts and Techniques of Machine Guarding

Eye and Face Protection

Eye Safety

Eye Safety Checklist

Hand and Power Tools - Safety Precautions - PDF

Industry Hazards

Machine and Guarding Tools Safety

Machine Guard Checklist

Machine Guarding

Machine Guarding eTool

Machine Guarding/Machine Shop Safety

Machine Lab Safety

Machine Safety Handout

Machine Shop Safety

Machine Shop Safety

Management of Metalworking Fluid Environment

Metalworking Fluids - Best Practices

Metalworking Fluids Hazards- CDC

Occupational and Industrial Safety

Shop Safety Manual


Archive of Machine Tools - Lathes, Millers, Shapers, Grinders

Early Wood Lathes

Foot Powered Machinery

Historical Timeline of Manufacturing

Lathes through History

Lesson Plans

Career and Vocational Related Lesson Plans

Copper and Kids Activities

Engineering Your Future - American Welding Society

Machinist Standards and Guides

Machining Center Curriculum Lesson Plans Manual

Precision Machining Technolgy Curriculum - PDF

Trade and Engineering Lesson Plans

Harvey Cards - Brainstorming for Projects

Tools of Discovery - Lessons - PDF

Vocational and Career Lesson Plans

Machining Tutorials

Abrasive Machining Overview
Basic Machining and Fitting

CNC - Computerized Numerically Controlled

CNC Overview

Computer Aided Technologies Overview

Cutting Fluids in Machining

Cyberman -
Machining, Metalworking, Manufacturing
Electrical Discharge Machining

Fundamentals of CNC

Grinding Basics

Grinding Glossary
Metalworking University
High Speed Machining Tutorials

How to Make Springs

How to use a Surface Guage

Introduction to Machine Guarding

Introduction to Machine Tools

Introduction to the Machinists Trade

Heat in Machining

Lathe - Image and Names of Parts

Lathe Machine

Machining Education Page

Machining Performance Guides - Standards

Machining Process Modeling/Sheet Metal Forming

Machining Symbols

Manufacturing Education Page -
Milling, Turning, Drilling
Marking Out, Measurement Fitting and Assembly

Mechanisms and Mechanical Devices Online Book

Metal Cutting Process

Micromachining Handbook

Milling Machines

Milling Machine Overview - Wikipedia

Milling Machines - Virtual Machine Shop

Milling Primer

Multiaxis Machining Overview

Product Design Tutorial

Screws and Threads Overview

Springs - Mechanical Guidelines

Tool Cutting - Machining Overview

Tool Design Engineering Technology Video

Turning - Metal Cutting Process

Virtual Machine Shop - Tutorials

What are Metal Removing Fluids

Math and Science

CAD Freeware and Shareware

Depth Guage and Combination Square

Engineering Material Properties- SI Units

Engineering Metrology and Instruments

Geometry Formulas

Handbook of Machining and Metalworking Calculations

Inch to Milimenter Conversion Calculator

Machine Shop Calculators

Math Applications in Engineering and Science

Math Resources - Links Tutorials, Formulas

Mathematics of Metalworking Fludids - PDF


Micrometer - Labeled Parts

Measurement Exercises

Measurement Fundamentals

Measuring Instruments

Measurements - Engineering Metrology

Metrology - Measuring Skills

Online Metal and Machining Calculators

Precision Measurement Tools

Reading Micrometers

Science - Links, Science Fair Resources

Speeds Feeds Conversion Calculator

Teach Yourself Trigonometry

Thread Cutting Values Calculator

Turning Surface Finishes Calculator

Video Math Tutor - Learn Basic Math

Web Elements - Periodic Chart Online

Technical Drawing and Blueprint Reading

Blueprint Reading and Sketching - US Navy Manual

Engineering Drawing for Manufacture

Engineering Symbols, Prints and Drawings

Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerance

Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerance for Mechanical Design

Machining Drawing and Solid Works
Orthographic Projection Overview

Planning Your Engineering Drawing

Technical Drawing

Technical Drawing Topics

Technical Drawing Tutorials

Images, Clipart and Photos

Cool Archive Clip Art

Classroom Clip Art

Isometric Drawing Tool

Isometric Sketching and Graph Paper

Machine Shop Tour

Medieval Metalwork and Enamels NGA

Micrometer Screw Gauge Image

Metal Work - Index of American Design

Tap Drill Sizes Chart

Training and Jobs

Accredited Metalworking Programs - PDF

Advanced CNC Online Training

Apprenticeships and Technical Schools

AWS Job Find

Cast Metal Institute

Expert Technical Training - Online Training Courses

Industrial Design Schools

Introduction to Stamping Dies Online Course

Tooling and Machining Job Board

Tooling and Machining Training

Tooling U - Online Manufacturing Training

Tooling Online Job Center

Trade and Technical Schools

Machine Tools Online Job Center

Mill Machinist - Savannah Tech

Metalworking Apprenticeship

Metalworking Job Search

Metalworking Job Sites

Production and Machining Job Search

Metals and Metalworking


aluMATTER - aluminum applications, science and processing
Aluminum Association Homepage
Aluminum Glossary

Aluminum Industry of the Future
Aluminum Properties

Alloys and Composites

Alloy - Wikipedia

Casting Alloys - PDF


Bronze - Wikipedia

Bronze Casting

Technique of Bronze Statuary - Ancient Greece


Copper - Wikipedia

Copper Alloy Guide

Copper and Alloys Properties

Copper History -
60 Centuries of Copper
Copper Forging Reference Articles

Copper - 60 Centuries of

Copper Production and Facts

Copper Through the Ages

The Copper Page


Ductile Iron

Iron & Steel - How Stuff Works

Iron and Steel Society -
Industry Links
Iron Properties

Sheet Metal

Sheet Metal Wikipedia

Sheet Metal Calculator

Working with Sheet Metal

Working with Sheet Metal Technical Tips

Sheet Metal Tips - Sheetmetalguy.com

Steel  and Stainless Steel

Bessemer Converter

Bessemer Converter Image

How Steel is made Video

Specialty Steel Industry

Steel Industry Consortium Website - UK


Steel Links.com

Steel Mills- Steel Info and Related Sites

Steel Technology

Steel Works -
Steel In Your Life
Steel Works- American Iron and Steel Institute

Understanding Steel

World Steel Organization


Metalworking Fluids

Metalworking Fluids Hazards - OSHA

Metalworking Machine Safety

Math and Science

Engineering Material Properties- SI Units

Math Applications in Engineering and Science

Math Resources - Formulas, Tutorials and Directories

Metal Weight Calculator

Metals Weight Calculator

Online Metal and Machining Calculators

Precious Metals Calculators

Science and Science Fair Resources

Schools and Scholarships

ABABA - Blacksmithing Education and Training

Iron and Steel Scholarship

Steel Foundation Scholarship

Trade and Technical Schools

Welding and Metalworking Schools

Lesson Plans

Iron Making Process:Molding and Casting

Metalworking Skill Standards

Pursuit of Metals Lesson Plan

Vocational and Career Related Lesson Plans

Metals and Materials

Dictionary of Metal Terminology
Industrial Metal and Steel Industry Guide - Penn State
Keys to Metals

Material Hardness

Materials of the Future

Metal Information Guides - Alloys, Hardness, Properties

Metals -MAST

Metals - Material Property Data

Properties of Metals Chart

Periodic Table - Properties Health and Environments Effects

Periodic Table of Elements

Scientific Principles of Metals

What are Metals

What is Hardness
World Bureau of Metal Statistics

Metal Working and Metalforming

American Metalcasting Consortium

ArtMetal - Decorative Arts

Blacksmithing and Metalworkers -
Forge and Burner Design

Glossary of Foundry Terms

Lost Wax Casting - African - Bronze,Copper and Brass

Samuel Yellin - Metalworker Artisan in Iron

Metalcasting Library

Metalcasting Processes - PDF

Metal Fabricator's Workbook

Metalforming Industry Overview

Metalforming Magazine

Metalworking Articles

Metalworking Links

Metalworking Technology - National Center

Metalworking Tools

Metalworking - Wikipedia

Metalworking -
Yahoo Directory
National Center for Excellence Metalworking Technology

NOMMA - Ornamental Metal Association


Metallurgy - Online Glossary

Metallurgy - Wikipedia

Metallurgy Glossary

Metal Directories

A to Z Materials

American Metal Market

Engineers Edge -
Design, Specs, Materials, Calculators
Fabricated Metal Products Industry

Manufacturing, Metal and Metallugy Magazines

Materials and Science Engineering

Matter -  Ferrous Metallurgy Interactive Website

Metal Industry Associations and Organizations

Metals and Alloys

Metals and Alloys Overview

Metals Guide - About.com

Metals -
Technical Resources Industry Data and Statistics
Metal Web News

Modern Metals

Organizations - Metalworking

Ornamental Metal Museum

Principal Metals

History of Metals

Archaeometallurgy - Ancient Metallurgy

Cast in the Colonial Mold

History of Metals

Hopewell Furnace - National Historic Site

Industrial Archaeology

Iron Work of Thomas Googerty

Rivers of Steel National Heritage Area

Saugus Iron Works

Sloss Furnace - Pig Iron Making Process

Timeline of Material Technology

Images, Pictures and Clip Art

Brass Metalwork Images

Bronze Metalwork

Bronze Sculpture in the Renaissance

Copper Metalwork Images

Engineering Motion Learning Videos

Decoration of European Armor

Medieval Arms and Armor

Metal Sculptor -Abakanowicz

Metalforming Videos

Master Metal Workers Gallery

Silver in the 17th and 18th Centuries

Steel Metalwork Images

Steel Multimedia Gallery


Metalworking Job Sites

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