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Education Directories

Academy for Educational Development

Center for Education Reform

Center for Comprehensive School Reform and Improvement

Center for Teaching Excellence

Ed Center - NZ Education Gateway

Education Atlas

Education Directory - Open Directory

Education Directory - Yahoo

Education Directory - IPL

Education Resources - Digital Librarian

Educational Resource Directory - US Dept of ED

Educator's Reference Desk

ERIC - Educational Resources Information Center

ERIC- ACVE Archives

EROD State/Territory Resources

Database of Educational Systems - International

Pennsylvania Resources

US Network for Education Information

Voice of the Shuttle - Humanities

Academic Resources

Communication Skills Resources

English, Literature and Language Arts

History, Geography and Social Studies

Math - Directories, Formulas, Tutorials

Math on the Job - How Math is Used at Work

Science - Directories, Tutorials Science Fair

Arts - Performing

Arts - Visual

Libraries and Reference

Directory of Libraries Worldwide

Library Of Congress

National Libraries Worldwide

National Libraries - LibrarySpot

Reference Resources - Digital Repositories, Museums

Resources for School Librarians

Educational Labs

Regional Educational Laboratory Network

Departments and Associations

Baldrige National Quality Program

Chief State School Officers

Early Childhood Education Resources

Education Associations and Societies

Education Around the World

Education Commission on the States

Education Resource Organizations Directory
Federal Web Locator - Locate Government Information

Higher Education Associations

National Association of State Boards of Education

National Center for Educational Achievement

National Center for Teacher Quality

National Library of Education

Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness

State Education Agencies
Structure of the US Educational System

UNESCO - Education

US Department of Education

Curriculum Products and Publishers

Agency for Instruction Technology

Center on Education and Training for Employment

CRC Press

Curriculum Publications Clearinghouse


Educational Activities Inc

Edumatch - Software Resource

Glencoe Online

Instructional Material Service

Pearson Prentice Hall

PEPPM On-Line Multi State Bid List

The Schoolco.com

Vocational Education Materials Catalog

Dictionaries and Glossaries

Definitions of Educational Terms

Educational Topics - Wikipedia

Education Glossary

Learning Disability Terms

Professional Development

Become a Teacher Career Resources

Compendium of Teaching Tips

Future Learning Group

Instructional Approaches

Instructional Strategies

Portfolio Instructions-
Professional Development Resources for Teachers

Routes to Teaching

Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable Future

Teaching with Excellence

TeachNet -
Professional Development for Contextual Learning


Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Philosophy of Education

Philosophy of Education - 20th WCP

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Timeline of Western Philosophies

Standards, Competencies, Skills, Testing

Academic Standards and Benchmarks

Academic Benchmarks - State Standards

Education Related Standards

Career and Technical Education Standards

Occupational and Industry Skill Standards


Access Excellence - Technology in Education

Applied Technology Glossary

Center for Advanced Technology in Education

Center for Technology and Teacher Education

Computer and Technology Primers

Computers for Learning - Request Donated Computers

Computer Skills Tutorials

Contemporary Online Teaching Cases

Curriki - Global Education Learning Community

Design and Technology on the Web

Digital Content for the Classroom

Educational Technology - Teacher Resources

EDUCAUSE-Transforming Education through IT

Encyclopedia of Educational Technology

Facilitating Online

Filtering - Plain Facts about Internet Filtering

Future of ICT and Learning - PDF

How to Set up a Blog in your Classroom

ICT Technology Literacy Toolkit

Information Technology - Wikipedia

Information Literacy Resources

Innovations in Education Series

Intel Education Initiative

International Society for Technology in Education

Institutions with Open Learning Content

Instructional Technology Connection

Learn IT- Best Practices for Integrating Technology

Learning for the 21st Century Report

Media Education - PDF

Microsoft Education

National Center for Technological Literacy

National Center for Technology Planning

National Educational Technology Plan

Office of Educational Technology - US Dept of Ed

Online Educational Directory

Open eLearning Content Repositories

Planning, and Integrating Technology

Rubric for Evaluating Tech Ed

Standards -National Educational Technology Standards

State Educational Technology Directors Association

State Technology Plans

Student Response Systems

Teacher Technology Competencies

Teaching with Technology

Technology Applications Curriculum - TEA

Technology Integration Matrix

Technology Literacy Standards - ITEA

Technically Speaking- National Academy of Engineering

Technology as Facilitator of Quality Education Model

Technology Advancing Student Knowledge

Technology and Learning

Technology Planning Toolkit

Technology Planning Toolkit Charts

Technology Tutorials for Today's Technology

Technologies - Knowledge Media Institute

Thinkfinity Literacy Network - Free Online Classes

Using Technology in the Classroom - Microsoft

Web Based Learning and Instructional Design


.....Additional Classroom Technology Resources

.....Additional Computer Technology Resources

Statistics, Research, News and Magazines

Child and Education News and Statistics

Career and Technical Education Statistics


Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Education Grants -
US State and Local Gateway
Grants, ETC

Career and Vocational Related Resources

Career Clusters

Career Curriculum Resources

Career Development Links

Career Exploration

Career Worksheets for Students

Career and Vocational Activities and Lesson Plans

Curriculum Links - Vocational

Vocational/Career and Technical Education Resources

Vocational Curriculum Resources

Workbased Learning

Guidance Counselor Resources

Career Description Sites

Career Exploration

Career Planning

College Planning

Disability and Barrier Resources

Educational Psychology

Guidance Counselor and Special Education Links

Schools - Vocational, Technical, Career, Community

Self Help Resources

Skills for the Workforce


Electronic Portfolios

Portfolio Planning and Design Guide

Portfolio Library


Assessment - What the States are Doing
Improving Assessment at Classroom Level

Needs Assessment

Online Evaluation Resource

Standards, Assessment and Accountability

Student Evaluation - Finding Tests and Tools

What the States are Doing - Assessment

Special Education

Disability, Special Education and Barrier Resources

Curriculum Resources

Access Excellence - Health and Bioscience Site
Apple in Education

BBC Learning

Big 6 Web Guide

Curriculum Development Evaluation Plans

Curriculum- What the States are Doing - ECS

Discovery Education


EduHound - K-12

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence

FREE - Teaching Resources

GEM - Gateway to 21st Century Skills

Healthy Youth - CDC

I Search Report Components

Information Searcher - Blog

International Children's Digital Library

Intute - Resources for Education and Research

Just for Teachers- US Dept of Ed

Kathy Schrock's Guide

K-W-L-H Teaching Technique

Library of Congress Learning Page

Michigan Online Resources for Educators

National Science Foundation

NASA Education

Partnership for Reading

TechLearning - Curriculum Resources

User's Guide to Implementing Evidence Supported Practices

Vocational Curriculum Resources

Welcoming the Internet into Your Classroom

What Works Clearinghouse

Classroom Tools - Rubrics, Templates and Wizards

Tools, Templates, and WebQuests

Lesson Plans and Activities

21st Century Literacies - Learning and Teaching Resources
Afterschool Lesson Plan Database

Agriculture Related Lesson Plans

Animal and Animal Science Lesson Plans

Apple Learning Exchange Lesson Ideas

Art Lesson Plans

Arts Lesson Plans - Getty Education

Book Report Ideas - More Than You'll Ever Use

Business and Entrepreneur Lesson Plans

Career and Technical Lesson Plans

Career Development Worksheets, Handouts and Workbooks

Computer and Technology Lesson Plans

Constitution, Elections Government Lesson Plans

Cosmetology Lesson Plans

Culinary and Food Science Lesson Plans

Digital Citizenship - Lessons Plans and Activities

Digital Classroom - National Archives Gateway

Discovery School Lesson Plans

Economics -
Teaching Economics ECEdWeb
EdHelper - Lesson Plan Resources

Education World Lesson Plan Center

Entrepreneurship Education Resources

Environment and Horticulture Related Lesson Plans

General Biology Lesson Plans

Graphic Arts Lesson Plans

Graphics Software - Standards and Lesson Plans

Health and Childcare Related Lesson Plans

Home Economics 11 and 12 - Curriculum Unit

Integrating Technology Lesson Plans - Microsoft

Integrating Technology in the Classroom -
Standards, Software, Lesson Plans
Intel Education Classroom Resources


Learner.org - Teacher Resources

Lesson Plan Format

Lesson Plan Search

Lesson Plans for Social Studies Teachers

Lesson Plans - Grade Level and Subject Area

Lesson Plans - McREL

Lesson Plans for Teachers: Teach-nology

Microsoft Education - Lesson Plans and Tutorials

Multimedia Software - Standards and Lesson Plans

National Science Digital Library

PBS Teachers Classroom Activities

Performing Arts Lesson Plans

Studyit NZ - Math, Science, English

Standards Based Lesson Template - PDF

Teach Digital Curriculum - Digital Story Telling

Techno Park

Tool-Based Software - Standards and Lesson Plans

Tools for Teaching and Learning

Trade and Technical Lesson Plans

Travel and Tourism Educator Resources

Ultimate Lesson Plan Guide - UNE

Using Audio Software - Standards and Lesson Plans

Video Software - Standards and Lesson Plans

Vocational Lesson Plans

What Works Clearinghouse


Wisc-Online - Learning Objects

World Heritage in Young Hands - PDF

Online Learning Activities - Open and Free

Academic Skill Builder - Educational Games
AwsomeStories - Stories on the Web

Digital Literacy Curriculum - Online Learning

Math Starter Travel Math- Teacher TV

MERLOT - Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning Online

NCRTEC Lesson Planner - Online Writing Template

OSCAR - Occupational and Skills Assessment

OER Commons - Secondary Open Learning Resources

Online Field Trips

skoool - New Concept in e-Learning from Intel

Teacher TV Classroom Resources

Thinkfinity - Free Educational Resources for Everyone

ThinkQuest Library - Oracle

Typing Games

.....Additional Online Learning Activities - Children

.....Addition Online Learning - High School and College


Cooperative Learning Network
Cooperative Learning - What is it

Design of Learning Environment

Direct Instruction

Future of ICT and Learning - PDF

How Children Learn

Informal Learning

Instructional Strategies

Instructional Methodologies  - Riggs Institute

Learning Innovations

Learning to Do - Values for Learning and Working Together

Learning Styles Questionnaire

Learning Styles - Wikipedia

Learning Theories Links - emTech

Life Long Learning Center

Maise Center -
Learning and Technology e-Lab and Think Tank
Mind and Brain News - Science Daily

Multiple Intelligences Quiz

New Horizon's for Learning

New Times Demand New Ways of Learning

Principles of Learning

Student Centered Learning

Thematic Learning

Understanding the Common Essential Learnings

What Works Clearinghouse

.....Additional Early Childhood Learning Theories

Child Development and Learning Theories

Active Learning Strategies
Actor Network Learning Theory Resources

B.F. Skinner

B.F. Skinner Foundation

Bloom's Taxonomy

Bloom's Taxonomy

Career Counselor Resources

Child Development Theories

Child Development Theories - About.com

Child Needs Assessment Toolkit

Cooperative Learning

Developmental Milestones

Education Overview and Prominent Educators

Educators Resources - Learning, Standards, Directories

Emerging Perspectives on Learning

Encyclopedia of Educational Technology

Eric Erickson

Eric Erickson's Theory

Experiential Learning Theory

Instructional Theories

Jean Piaget Society

Jean Piaget's Theory of Development

Howard Gardner

Kohlberg's Moral Stages of Development

Learning Theories

Learning Theories Links

Learning Theories, Teaching Methods and Assessment

Major Child Development Theories

Maslow's Theory

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow's Hierarchy

Piaget's Cognitive Stages

Social Cognitive Theory - An Agentic Approach

Social Cognitive Theory Overview

Social Cognitive Theory and Self Efficacy Overview

Social Learning Theory

Social Learning Theory - Wikipedia

Theories of Child Development

Theories of Child Development and Learning

TIP Theories- Learning Theories

Theories and Approaches to Learning

Using Cultural Historical Activity Theory

Contextual Learning

A Guide to Contextual Learning and Curriculum
Contextual Learning- What is it

Contextual Teaching and Learning
- Teachnet
Contextual Teaching and Learning
- Unv GA
Functional Contextual Learning

Teach Net

Project Based Learning

Designing Effective Project Based Units
Design and Discovery - Engineering Curriculum

Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning - What is it

Project Unit Plans - K-12 Intel Education

Critical Thinking and Learning

Critical and Creative Thinking
Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking in an Online World

Mission Critical- Critical Thinking

Thinking Critically

What is Critical Thinking

Health and Safety in Schools

Child Abuse Reporting Information

Child Health and Safety Resources

Health On-Line - Diabetes, AIDS, Mosquito-Borne Diseases

iKeepSafe - Internet Safety Coalition

Occupational Health and Safety Resources

Safe Schools Manual

Safe Schools Manual for Career and Technical Education - DOC

World Health Organization - Health Topics

Teacher Certification

50 States Certification Requirements
Certification Map - State Certification Information

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards

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