Communication Skills

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Communication Skills

Basics of Communicating with Others
Educational Technology for Students

Equipped for the Future - Fundamental Skills

Communication Basic Topics

Communication Skills Articles

Communication Skills for Students

Communication Skills for Personal Development
Communication Skills Self Assessment

Communication Skills - Working in Health

History of Communication - Wikipedia

Importance of Effective Communication Skills

Improve Your Communication Skills

Standards for English Language Arts

Grammar and Punctuation

American Heritage Book of English Usage

English for the Workplace

English Usage, Style and Composition

Grammar Glossary

Guide to Grammar, Punctuation and Style

Guide to Grammar and Style

Guide to Writing and Grammar

HyperGrammar - Online Text

Punctuation Made Simple

Punctuations Tutorial

Skillwise - Basic Grammar Practice

Webgrammar - Grammar help

How To, Guides, Tutorials for Writing

11 Rules of Writing

A Handbook of Rhetorical Devices

Academic Resources

Active and Passive Writing
APlus Research and Writing

Able Writer - A Rhetoric and Handbook

Communication Skills Writing Program
How to Write a Bad Paper

How to Write for the Reader

Idea Organizer for Writing
Template- PDF
Journalism Links and Resources

Nuts and Bolts of College Writing

On-Line Writing Lab- Purdue

Organize Your Writing-Paradigm

Plain Language -
Writing for Clear Communication
Paragraph and Sentence Structure

Resources for Writers

Root Words and Prefixes

Simpler Words and Phrases

Shorter Sentences for Better Writing

Standards - State Standards for Writing and LA

Student Center for Research and Writing

The Writing Process

The Writing Process - Nuts and Bolts

Writing and Grammar Interactive Sites

Writing and Referencing

Writing Center- Renssalear

Writing Center Handouts

Writing Guide - Writing for Journals and Publications

Writing Handbook - UW Madison

Writing Project Grid

Writing Skills -
Homework Helper
Writing Strategies

Writing Structure - Basics

Writing Guidelines for Science and Engineering Students

Writer's Resources - National Writer's Union

Writing Rubrics - Narrative and Informative

Writing User Friendly Documents

Writing Worksheets

World Wide Words - English Words and Phrases

Writing Prompts and Ideas

Diagnostic Writing Prompts

Daily Writing Prompts

Question Suggestions -
Sample Questions
Self Evaluation Prompts

School Project Ideas -
Writing, Visual, Multimedia
Write On Writing Prompts

Writing Bugs

Writing Exercises

Writing Prompt Generator

Writing Prompts


Developing a Thesis Statement

How to Write a Thesis Statement

Thesis and Style Manual Guide

Thesis and Support Essays

Thesis How To's

Writing a Thesis

Writing a Hypothesis

Research Papers

A Research Guide

Critically Analyzing Information Sources

Guide to Writing a Research Paper - MLA

Guide to Writing a Research Paper - APA

Elements of a Research Paper

How to Write a Research Paper - Gale Group

I Search Report Components

Referencing Styles

Research Manual-Great Valley HS

Research Project -
So You Have to do a Project
Research Project -
Writing Skills and Style Handbook
Sample Research Papers in MLA, APA and Chicago

Steps to Writing a Research Paper

Writing a Research Paper - OWL

Writing a Research Paper Checklist

Writing the Research Paper

Critical Analysis

Analyzing Information Sources - PDF

Becoming a Critic of Your Thinking

Critical Analysis

Critical Thinking - Mission Critical

Critical Thinking for Students

Defining Critical Thinking

Elements and Standards of Critical Thinking

Editing Checklist

Fundamentals of Critical Thinking

Guidelines for Writing a Literary Critical Analysis

The Critical Thinking Community

Universal Intellectual Standards

Why Critical Thinking

Writing a Critique


Acknowledging, Paraphrasing and Quoting - PDF

Avoiding Plagiarism

Effective Quoting

Plagiarism Basics

Plagiarism Stoppers -
A Teacher's Guide


Copyright - US Copyright Office

Copyright Factsheets

Creative Commons

Fair Use Doctrine

Intellectual Property

World Intellectual Property Organization

Citation Guides

ACS Style

Chicago Manual of Style

Citing Electronic Sources

Citing Your Reference Paper - Styles

Citation Machine

Citation Style - APA

Citation Styles -
APA. MLA, Chicago. Turabian
Determining Authorship

Electronic Media and URL's - APA

Guidelines for Non-Handicapping Language

Online Citation Styles

Style Guides -
APA, MLA CBE, Law, Chicago
Turabian Style

Workplace Writing: Resumes, Letters, Portfolios

Business Letter Format

Career Portfolios

Career Portfolio Preparation

Career Portfolio Samples

Copyright Permission Letter

Cover Letter Library

Cover Letter - Writing Effective

Dynamic Cover Letters

Dynamic Resumes

Electronic Resume Guide

Envelope Format

Folding a Letter

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation

Job Search Cover Letters

Job Smart - Resume Tools

Professional Writing

Resume Maker

Resumes 101

Resume Formats and Samples

Resume Samples for Various Careers/Majors

Resume Tutorial

Resume Writing Workbook - PDF

Sample Letter of Recommendation

Sample Thank -You Letters

Scanable Resumes

Types of Letters

Writing a Thank You Letter

Writing Letters

Symbols and Codes

Codes and Signals

Emoticons, SMS and Text Speak

Math Symbols

Morse Code - Wikipedia

Morse Code and Translations

Morse Code Translations

Morse Code Worksheet

Music Notation - Common Notations

Music Symbols

Q Code

Symbols - Explore a World of Symbols

Symbols - Religious and Cultural

Z Code

Welding and Blueprint Symbols

Forms of Writing

Abstract - How to Write

Arguments - Methods of Developing

Basic Guide to Essay Writing

Biography - The Biography Maker
Biomedical Journal Writing

Business Letter Handout

Business Letter Samples
Business Plan - How to Write

Definitional Techniques in Writing

Dance - Labanotation

Dance Notation -LabanLab

Drafting Legal Documents

Effective Writing for the Workplace

Effective Workplace Writing

Email - Writing Effective Message

Essay - How to Write

Essay - Identifying the Argument

Essay Writing - Online Course

Expository Essays - Writing Guide

Five Paragraph Essay Wizard

Forms of Address

Forms of Writing

Forms of Writing - iWrite

Grant Writing

How to Write a Thank You Note

Lab Report Handbook

Lab Reports  - Writing Lab Reports

Legal Writing Samples-
Appellate, Trial, Non-Litigation
Literature Review Writing Guide
Literary Techniques

Marketing Plan - How to Write

Memo's - How to Write

Newspaper Writing Tips

Personal Statements and Application Letters

Photo Caption Checklist


Poetry - What is

Position Papers

Press Release Writing Tips

Press Release Template

Press Release Writing Tips


Propaganda Critic

Research Proposal - Writing Guides

Recipe - How to Write

Recipe - WikiHow

Screenwriting Resources -
Succeed in Writing
Scientific Journal Style

Scientific Report Writing

Scientific Writing Guidelines


Technical Report Writing

Technical Writing

Technical Writing - Online Textbook

Technical Writing - Proposals

Theater and Dance Writing

Types of Writing - Essays

Write a Business Plan

Writing a Hypertext Paper

Writing a Science Fair Report

Writing a Scientific Research Paper

Writing a Summary

Writing a Film Review - PDF

Writing a Fire Investigation Report

Writing a Lesson Plan

Writing a PhD Thesis

Writing a Play Review

Writing a Review of the Live Performance

Writing Book Reviews

Writing Effective Job Descriptions

Writing Effective Letters

Writing Examples from Disciplines

Writing Genres - Specific Literary Forms

Writing Green Specifications

Writing Numbers

Writing Photo Captions
Writing Policies and Procedures

Writing a Prescription

Writing Resources  - Poynter

Writing Speeches

Writing Thank-you Notes

Written Forms of Address


Communication Pages

Deliver an Effective Speech -
So You Wanna
Designing Presentation Visuals

Graphic Design Communications

Guidelines for Making Presentations

Leadership Page - Presentation Skills

Making Oral Presentations

Making Oral Presentations

Motivational Speech Outline

Oral Communication Toolkit

Power Point Tutorials - MS Office

Power Point Basics Tutorial

Power Point in the Classroom

Power Point Resources - Microsoft

Power Point Support Center- MS Office

Preparing for Your Speech

Presenters Online -
Tutorials and Resources
Presenters University -
Tutorials and Courses
Presentation Planning - Logic Tree

Presentation Rubric

Presentation Skills Handouts

Presentation Skills and Tutorials

Presentation Skills for Managers

Presenting Qualitative Data

Strategic Communications Resource Library

Virtual Interview

Visual Communication Resources

Public Speaking and Communication

Cooperative Communication Skills Workbook

Cooperative Communication Emergency Kit

Famous Speeches

Free Speaking Tips

Graduation Speeches

How to Conquer Public Speaking Fear

Inaugural Addresses

Participating in Meetings

Preparing a Speech - PDF

Public Speakers Page

Public Speaking & Speech Writing

Public Speaking Overview

Speaking Tips -
Toastmaster International
Tips on Talks

Quotation Resources

Familiar Quotations - John Bartlett

Quotation Resources-
Links and Research
The Quotations Page

Conflict Resolution and Negotiation

Basics of Conflict Management

Conflict Management Skills

Conflict Research Consortium - Colorado Edu

Conflict Resolution Gateway

Conflict Management

Conflict Resolution Skills

Helping Others Resolve Conflicts -Free Book

How to Negotiate - PDF

Negotiation Tutorial

Negotiations and Resolving Conflicts

Resolving  Workplace Conflicts

Salary Negation Resources -QuintCareers

Stop Fighting Tutorial

What is Conflict Resolution

Working with Strong Emotions in the Classroom

Interviewing and Telephone

Behavioral Interviewing

Handshaking 101

How to Improve Your Telephone Voice - PDF

How to Succeed in the Job Interview

Information Interviews Guide

Interview Attire

Interviewing Questions

Job Interview Tutorial

Making Calls - Etiquette

Alternative Forms of Communication

Alternate Forms of Auditory Communication

American Sign Language Browser

Artificial Languages

Braille Alphabet

Braille Bug - Learn Braille Online

Braille on the Internet

Body Language

Body Language and Communication

Broadcast Media

Carrier Pigeons


Eye Contact

Finger Spelling

Finger Spelling

Forms of Communication

Internet and Text Slang

Music and Performing Arts

Nonverbal Communication

Photography and Film



Site Communications

Slang Dictionary - Teen Lingo

SMS Shortcuts

SMS Translator/Converter



Bicycle Hand Signals

Distress Signals

Diving Signals

Hand Signals - Agricultural Safety

Hand Signals - Crane and Hoist

Hand Signals - Equipment

Hand Signals Fire Fighters

Hand Signals - Military

Hand Signals - Motorcycle Riding

Hand Signals -
Sign Language of Futures Trading
Hand Signals - Underwater Diving

Hand Signals for Farmers

Highway Workers Signaling Procedures

International Marine Signaling Flags

Semaphore Flag Signaling System

Signal Flag Meanings

Signaling Flags - International Maritime

Signaling for Survival

Signaling in Survival Situation

Signaling Techniques - Wilderness Survival

Survival Signaling

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