Occupational and Industrial Safety Resources

Links to occupational safety, emergency and trauma, construction safety, welding safety, food safety, domestic violence, fire safety and safety directories are found on this page.

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Safety and Health Directories

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - CDC
Child Safety and Abuse Resources

Diseases and Disorders - Directories and Tutorials

Health and Safety Resource Links

Health and Medical Directories

Health Literacy Resources

Health and Safety Standards Resources

Safety and Health Gateway - OSH.net

Safety and Health Sites - AFL- CIO

Safety Checklists for Career/Technical Programs - NIOSH

Safety Education Resources

Safety Files - OSH Answers

Safety Resource Library

Safety Site - Vermont SIRI

SafetyLit - Injury Prevention Research

State and Local Health Agencies

State Health Agency Locator

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International Safety and Health Centers

Australian Safety and Compensation Council
Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - USA

CISDOC - International Occupational Safety and Health Center

Department of Homeland Security

European Agency for Safety and Health at Work

Health and Safety at Work - UK

HealthInsite - AU

ILO - International Occupational Safety and Health Center

International Safety and Health Resources

International Safety and Health at Work Standards

National Institute for Occupational Safety
and Health - USA
National Ag Safety Database

National Health Service - Health Encyclopedia

New Zealand Health and Safety

Safe and Healthy Working -
Safe Work Australia

World Health Organization

Safety Hotlines and Helplines

ADA Information Services - Americans with Disabilities
AIDS Hotlines

Child Abuse Prevention Hotlines

Child Abuse Reporting Hotlines

Consumer Action Contact Numbers

Crisis and Mental Health Hotlines

Crisis Assistance Hotlines - WebMD

Disability Hotlines - ADA

Domestic Violence Hotlines

Emergency Contact Resources

Environmental Protection Hotlines

Federal Agency Helplines

Food Safety Hotlines

Fraud Hotlines

Getting Help Resources - Locate mental health services in your area

Health Hotlines Subject Index -
National Library of Medicine
Health and Safety Hotlines

Hotlines and Helplines -
Focus Adolescent Services
If You are in Crisis - Nationwide Hotlines

Indoor Air Quality Hotlines

Mental Health Hotlines

Missing Children Hotline

National Domestic Violence Hotline

National US Government Hotlines

Poison Center Help

Poison Control Centers - State Locator

State Crisis Hotlines

Suicide Hotlines

Teen Hotlines

Infection and Disease

CDC- Center for Disease Control
Disease, Health and Medical Tutorials

Diseases Disorders & Conditions

Sharps Safety Program Workbook - PDF

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Emergency, Disaster and Natural Hazards

Accidents, Emergency, Disaster - Stanford Health
Are You Ready - A Guide to Citizen Preparedness

Are You Ready - PDF

Be Prepared in an Emergency - Ready.gov

Critical Care Medicine

Disaster Links - CBS News

Disaster Plan Worksheet

Disaster Preparation

Disaster Relief and Mental Health Issues Resources

Disaster Supply Kit Checklist

Emergency Management Guide -
Business and Industry
Emergency Medicine - First Aid Virtual Textbook

Emergency Medicine Articles - Medscape

Emergency Preparedness for Business

Ergonomic Guidelines for Work - OSHA

Emergency Response and Preparedness - CDC

Emergency Response Transportation Guide Book

Environmental Emergencies - Who to Notify

Evacuation Plans and Procedures

Family Communication Emergency Plan

Family Disaster Supply Kit

Handbook for Emergency Preparation and Response

Home and Community Safety

FEMA State Offices

Federal Emergency Management Agency
Make an Emergency Kit

Make and Emergency Plan

Medicine Safety

Planning and Preparing for Disasters

Preparedness  -
FEMA - How You Can Prepare for Hazards
Preparedness Today - CDC

Public Health Toolkits

Ready.gov - Homeland Security

What to do if Someone is Poisoned

What to Do in an Emergency

What to Do in a Medical Emergency

Stress, Crisis and Trauma

Effects of Traumatic Stress

Job Stress Network

Job Stress

Reducing Occupational Stress

Stress at Work

Stress in the Workplace

Workplace Stress

  Additonal Stress and Self Help Resources

Violence and Terrorism

Workplace Violence - OSHA
Workplace Violence - Get Help Series

National Security

Terrorism Information Center - MIPT's Lawson Library

Fire Safety

ABC"s of Fire Extinguishers
Classification of Portable Fire Extinguishers
Consumer Products Safety Videos

Emergency Medicine Online References

Fire Extinguisher Training Module
Fire Fighters Health and Safety - IAFF
Fire Safety -
Homes and High-rises
Fire Safety in the Workplace OSHA
Fire Safety Fact Sheets - U.S. Fire Administration
Fire Safety Facts Sheets - NAFPA

Flammable and Combustible Liquids

Hotel/Motel Fire Safety List

Propane Safety

State Fire Marshal Contacts

Food Safety and Agriculture

Workbook - Be Food Safe - for Kids
Chilling Out- Fighting BAC

Cleaning and Sanitizing in Food Handling

Food Safety

Foodborne Diseases

Foodborne Illness and Disease

Foodborne Pathogens

Food Safety - Federal and State Regulations

Food Safety for Kids and Teens

Food Safety -
Gateway to Government Food Safety Information
Food Safety UC Davis - Food Safety Music Videos
Food Safety in the Kitchen

Guide to Poisonous Plants

History of the FDA

Holiday Buffet Safety

Home Food Safety

National Ag Safety Database

Meat and Poultry Additives

Meat and Poultry Labeling Terms

Outbreak Alerts - Foodborne Pathogens

Preserving Food Safely

Refrigeration- Food Safety

Safe Food Handling

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Chemical Safety and MSDS

Chemicals and Materials Safety Information
Chemical Safety  and Hazard Sheets

Chemical Safety Cards

Chemical Safety Information

Chemical Guides and Information Sources

Chemical and Materials OSH Answers

Controlling Health Risks from Chemicals

Entry and Fate of Chemicals in Humans

Hazardous Chemicals Pocket Guide

Hazardous Substances Fact Sheets

Hazardous Substances

HazMat Brochure - PDF

How Toxins Attack - Online Learning Module

Household Product Database

Lead Poisoning Prevention

Material Data Safety Sheets - Welding and Cutting

MSDS Definition of Terms

MSDS on the Internet

MSDS Sources

Occupational and Environmental Toxicology Research

Skin Hazards


Understanding MSDS Sheets

Understanding MSDS Terms - PDF

US Chemical Safety and Hazard Board

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Pesticide Safety Resources
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Environmental Health

Bites and Stings
Center for Infectious Disease and Research -CIDRAP

Environment, Safety and Health Digital Library

Environmental Health and Safety

Office of Environment, Safety and Health

Poisons in the Home

Poison Control Hotline and Centers

Safety in the Home and Environment Fact Sheets

Venomous Snake Bite

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Art Material Hazards
Health and Safety in the Arts

Safety and Health Resources for Artists

Safety and Health for Performing Artists

Safety Checklists

Safety in the Arts

Shop and Studio Safety

Specific Studio Safety Guides

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Skin, Hair, Nails

Skin Disorders and Diseases
Hair and Nails Disorders and Diseases

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Computer Safety and Security

Computer Safety and Security

Clip Art, Images and Photographs

Construction Safety Images - OSHA
FEMA Hazard Photo Library

Safety, Health and Medicine Image Resources

Image Galleries, Digital Repositories, Reference

Jobs and Employment

Health Jobs


OSHA - Occupational Safety and Health Administration
OSH Act of 1970
OSHA Fact Sheets

OSHA Worker's Page - File a ComplaintOSHA Inspections and OSHA Area Office Numbers - PDF

OSHA Standards

Workplace Safety Posters - Printable Posters from OSHA

Occupational and Industrial Safety

A Guide to Indoor Air Quality
American Board of Industrial Hygiene

Australia Safe at Work

Build a Safety Program

Center to Protect Workers Health

Construction Industry Safety and Compliance - OSHA

Control Banding - NIOSH

Develop a Jobsite Safety Program

Drug Free Workplace -
Small Business Workplace Kit
Electronic Library of Construction Occupational Safety

Forms - Work Safe Forms - Accident, Injury, Incident

General Workplace Safety Checklist - OSHA

Hazard Alerts for Workers

Hazard Communications for Workers

Hazard Control Program

How to Carry out a Risk Assessment

How to Create an Emergency Management Program

How to Plan for Workplace Emergencies

Industrial Hygiene Issues

Industrial Hygiene Lectures - JHSPH

Job Hazard Analysis

Job Safety and Health Poster

Lab and Chemical Safety Survival Manual

Maintaining a Safe Workplace

Material Safety Data Sheets
- Masonry Materials
Nanotechnology Workplace Safety Guidelines

Nanotechnology Issues and Resources

NIOSH - National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

Occupational and Environmental Health - Hardin

Occupational Health - CCOHS Canadian Center

Occupational Health and Safety
Resource Directory
Occupational Toolkit for Workers

Risk Assessment Online Videos

Risk Assessment Steps - OSHA EU

Risk Management Toolkit

Risk Management Toolkit - DOC

Risk Management

Risk Management Step by Step

Safe Work - International Labor Organization

Safe Work Bookshelf - Safety Database

Safe Work Documents - CDC

Safety - Workplace Checklist

Safety and Health at Work - AFL-CIO

Safety and Health to Secure the Future

Safety at Work Articles

Safety Checklists

Tools for Safety Program Assessment

Traumatic Workplace Injuries

You Have a Right to a Safe Workplace

Well Workplace Safety Workbook and Checklist

Workbook - Be Safe at Work

Workbook - Health and Safety in Cleaning Industry

Workbook - Is Your Workplace Making You Sick

Workbook - Safety Assessment for Businesses

Workbook - Radiation Safety Fundamentsla

Workplace Health and Safety

Workplace Safety and Health - CDC

Workplace Safety Toolkit

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Teen Workers

Are you a Working Teen
Changing Organization of Work and Safety

Electrical Safety - Student Manual - PDF

Safe at Work - Youth

Safe at Work - Student's Guide

Teen Guide to Safety Planning - PDF

Teen Workers

Teen Workers - Teen Worker Safety

Teens - Worst Jobs for Teens

Youth Worker Brochure - PDF

Young Workers Fact Sheets - EU

Young Worker's Safety and Health
Young Workers Health and Safety Site

Wiseup 2 Work - Youth Safety Activity

    Additional Resources Children and Teens Health Resources

Worker Issues and Rights

How to File a Complaint with OSHA
Refusing to Work Because Conditions Are Dangerous

Requesting a Health Hazard Evaluation

Whistleblower Protection Plan

Worker Rights Under the OSHA Act - PDF

Workers Right to a Safe Workplace

Workers' Rights Manual


Bricklaying Ergonomics Online Video
Computer Workstation Safety

Ergonomics Overview - Ergoweb

Ergonomics - Setting up an Ergonomic Program at Work

Ergonomics eBooks - Powerpoint Presentations

Ergonomics - Health and Safety OSHA

Construction Safety

Accident Reports - Fatal Facts
Carpenter Safety Articles - eLCOSH

Construction Checklist for Safety Self-Inspection

Construction Health and Safety Resources

Construction Safety and Fact Sheet

Construction Safety - eLCOSH

Construction Safety - NIOSH

Construction Safety - Free Fact Sheets

Construction Safety Industry Publications

Ergonomics for Construction Workers

Ergonomics Checklist

Hardwood Dust - Chemical Hazard
Hazard Alerts for Building Trades

Hazardous Materials Resources

Hazards at Work -
Woodworking Industry
HVAC Safety Resources

Jobsite Safety

Jobsite Safety Handbook - OSHA

Masonry Health and Safety - Online Videos

Noise and Hearing Loss Prevention

Noise in Construction

OSHA Construction e-Tool - Preventing Fatalities

Painting and Repair Health and Safety

Powered Industrial Truck Safety

Preventing Fatalities in Construction

Safe Work for Youth in Construction

Safety Checklists - Tools for Techs

Safety Articles - Fine Home Building Magazine

Skin Hazards in Construction

Shop Safety - Student Activity Sheets - PDF

Work Shop Safety

Woodworking on Toxic Woods

Woodworking Safety
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Tool, Machine and Equipment Safety

ATV Safety for Farm, Work, Recreation
Chain Saw Safety

Hand and Power Tool Safety

Hand Signals - Farmers

Ladder Safety

Machine Guarding

Machine Shop Safety

Machine Shop Safety

Mower Safety

Personal Protective Equipment

Power Tool Safety
Roadway Signs and Signals

Roof Labor Safety Guidelines

Safe Chain Saw Operation

Safety Hazards - Tools, Equipment, Machines

Saw Hazards - PDF


Scaffolding Safety Topics - OSHA

Stairways and Ladders - Safety and Health

Typing Injury FAQ

Woodworking Machinery
Safety Checklist
Woodworking Machinery Safety Tips

Workshop Safety Guidelines

  Return to Machining Resources

Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety Checklist
Electrical Safety - NIOSH

Electrical Safety - Educators Resources

Electrical Safety Standards

Electrical Safety Toolbox for Contractors

EMF Potential Hazards

Ground Fault Protection
Lightning Safety- National

National Fire Protection Agency

National Lighting Safety Institute

Safety in a Power Outage

Safety Link Electrical -Product Safety

Underwriter's Laboratory Web Resources

Underwriter's Laboratory

Underwriter's Laboratory - Educators

UL Safety Smart Kids

Working Safely Around Power Lines

Workplace Safety - Electrical

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Personal Protective Safety

Burn Awareness and Prevention
Eye and Face Protection - OSHA

Eye Injuries - PDF

Injury Prevention - Personal Protective Equipment

Injury Prevention Links

Injury Prevention Website

How Chemicals Enter the Body

Preparedness  - Are You Ready

Respirator Fact Sheet

Safety - Your Own Procedure Evaluation

Welding and Metalworking Safety

Arc Welding Safety- NASD
Confined Space Manual
Diving Medicine Information -
Divers Alert Network
Hazards Associated with Metalworking

Machining Safety Resources

Material Data Safety Sheets

Metalworking Fluids Hazards

Metalworking Health and Safety

Oxyacetylene Welding Safety

Welding Cutting and Brazing Safety and Health

Welding Fumes

Welding Fumes

Welder Health and Safety Issues

Welder Health Hazards

Welding Safety Standards

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Safe Businesses and Buildings

Avoiding Shocks in the Office
Disaster Planning for Computers and Networks

Child Care Health and Safety Resources

Crisis Management Workbook for School Administrators

Emergency Action Plan

Emergency Management Guide-
Business and Industry
Emergency Planning for Schools

Emergency Preparedness for Business

Emergency Preparedness for Businesses

Evacuation Plans and Procedures

Evaluating the Workplace for Safety

Generic Disaster Planning Workbook

How to Prepare for Workplace Emergencies/Evacuations - PDF

Indoor Air Quality

Institute for Business and Home Safety

Internet Safe and Responsible Use Plan Template

Interventions to Prevent Serious and Violent Offending

Open for Business - Disaster Planning Toolkit - PDF

Ready Business - Preparing for Disasters

Self-Inspection Checklist

Small Business Safety Handbook - OSHA

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Safe Schools

A Guide to Safe Schools
Emergency Plannng Guide for Schools - PDF

School Bus Safety

School Crisis Preparedness Resources

School Health Toolkit - FRESH

School Safety and Violence Prevention

School Safety Resources

Schools and Health

Standard Emergency Procedures for Schools - PDF

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