History, Geography, Social Studies and Inventions

This page provides links to History, Geography, Social Studies resources, including  special sections on labor history, biographies, inventions and technology timelines.

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American History

American History Explorer- NMAH

American Memory - Library of Congress

Best History Websites

British History

Computer History Collection

Contributions of Women Online Lesson

Gettysburg Address

Historical Anatomies on the Web

Historical Documents - Ben's Guide

Historical Documents Chronology

Historical US Documents - 100 Milestones

History - Librarian's Index to the Internet

History and Construction of Timber Frame Houses

History and Government Almanac

History Explorer

History Matters

History Net

History of Aviation - National Museum

History of Chemistry

History of Disease

History of Electrical Science

History of Health Sciences Web Links

History of Medicine

History of Money

History of Physics

History of Science Timeline

History Resources

History Resources - Intute

Library of Liberty - Constitutional Classics

Medical History - MedWeb

Navajo Code Talkers Online Lesson

Our Documents -
Milestone Documents from US History
Presidential Libraries

Primary Sources - National Archives

Rare Books - Special Collections

Securing the Right to Vote Online Lesson

The History Channel

The Price of Freedom - Smithsonian Museum

This Day in History

United States History - LII

US History

Voice of the Shuttle- History

Work Ethic History

World History- Hyperhistory

World History Compass


A Walk Through Time - History of Time

Agriculture Inventions

America on the Move - Transportation Changing America

Bell and His Telephone
Benjamin Franklin and His Inventions

ECHO - History of Science, Technology and Medicine

Century of Electricals

Clockworks - From Sundial to Atomic Second

Computer - EDVAC

Edison and His Inventions

Edison Biography

Electricity Inventors and Inventions

Evolution of Electricity

Historic Newspaper Database
History of Electricity, Electronics and Computers

History of Media Technology

History of Science and Technology

History of Technology - Wikipedia

Medieval Technology

NASA History Project
NASA History Resources

Print Technology History
Steam Engine Library

Turing Machine

Victorian Technology

Wright Brothers Flying Machine

History Links on Career Pages

Art History

Automobile History

Aviation History

Computer History

Culinary and Food History

Electricity History

Graphic Arts History

Math History

Photography and Film History

Security, Protection and Investigation History

Telecommunications History

Transportation History

Media, Radio and TV History

Vocational Education History

Welding History


Agriculture and Food Technology Timeline

AlternaTime -
Tech, Science Arts, Culture Timelines
Art History Timeline

Educational Technology Timeline

Electricity and Magnetism Timeline

Farm Machinery Timeline

Greek Medicine Timeline

Historical Timelines - Wikipedia

Media History Timeline

Medical Advances Timeline - Fact Monster

Medieval Technology Timeline

NASA Timelines

Nuclear Medicine Timeline

Radio History Timeline

Railroad History Timeline

Submarine History Timeline

Telephone Timeline

Telephone Tribute Timeline

Timeline of Medicine and Medical Technology

Timeline of Technology

Timelines - InfoPlease

Transportation Timeline - Wikipedia

Inventors and Inventions

A Science Odyssey People and Discoveries

American Inventors and Inventions
Ancient Inventions Museum Directory

Black Inventors

Greatest Engineering Achievements

Handbook for Inventors

Historical Inventions

Industrial Inventors and Inventions

Invention - History.com

Invention at Play

Invention Dimension

Invention Websites
Inventions - From Ideas to Reality

InventNet -
Invention/Patent Help 
Inventor Resources - Patents and Trademarks

Inventors and Inventions - Zoomschool

Inventors and Invention Links

Inventors Curriculum

Inventors Hall of Fame

Inventors Handbook

List of Inventors - Wikipedia

Medical Inventors and Inventions

Medieval Technology Page

National Inventors Hall of Fame - Invent.org

National Inventors Hall of Fame - InfoPlease

Patents- General Information

Science and Inventions

Teaching Through Invention - Education World

US Patent and Trademark Office

Women in Science

Women of Distinction

Women's Hall of Fame


Biography Info Please

Biography Search

Biologists Biographies

Historical Biographies

Nobel Prize Winners

Scientist Biographies

Who 2 - Find People Fast

Labor History

Child Labor in America

Enterprising Women

From Carbons to Computers - History of the Office

History of the US Department of Labor

Industrial Revolution Overview

Industry Guides - Baker Library

Labor History Resources

Labor Union Timeline

Lost Labor -
Images of Vanished America 1900-1980
Museum of Science and Industry
Samuel Gompers Papers

Women's Labor History

Working Women - 1870-1930

WWW Virtual Library - Labor History


50 States and Capitals

A+ Country Reports

Earth Resource System - Maps, Charts, Links

CIA World Fact Book

Counties - US County Information

Geography - Wikipedia

Geography and Places Portal

Infonation- Countries

National Geographic

Maps and Flags

Blank Maps and Outline Maps

Clip Art 4 Projects

Color Landform Atlas of the US

Digital Earth-World Maps

Google Earth

Google Maps

Maps.com-The Place for Maps Online

Maps and Mapping Bookmarks

Map Machine - National Geographic

Map Outlines-Black and White

PCL Map Collection

Terra Server

Visible Earth - NASA

Social Studies

American Fact Finder

Branches of Government 

Capital Impact - Government Information

Charters of Freedom - Founding Documents

Civics at Work

Civics Online

Congress Link

Countries and Their Culture

Country Studies - Library of Congress

Culture Quest World Tour

Earth Calendar - Celebrate Every Day

Founding.com -
Users Guide to the Declaration of Independence
Government Index

Language Page -
Basic Phrases in Different Languages
Library of Congress

Social Studies

Society and Culture

United Nations

Remembering September 11, 2001

11 September, 2001 Portal

America's War Against Terrorism

Inside 9/11

September 11 and Beyond - LII

Terrorist Attacks on The US September 11

World Trade Tribute

Career and Vocational Lesson Plans

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