Career and College Planning Resources

This page provides links for students and guidance counselors including resources to self assessments, career planning, career development and college planning.  Additional career exploration resources for younger students are found on the Career Guides page. For a more complete list of career and technical education resources in each state visit the State Career and Technical Education Resources page.

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Career Planning

College Planning

Career Quizzes and Skill Assessments

5 Lives - What Would You Do - PDF

Assess Your Skills - Career One Stop

Assessment Tools - QuintCareers

Adult Learning Toolkit and Survey

Career Check - Online Quiz

Career Cluster Interest Quiz - PDF

Career Games

Career Plan Summary Sheet Questionaire - PDF

Career Planning- Self Evaluation

Career Quiz- Find the Type of Work You Like

Career Quiz - Interested in Agriculture

Career Quiz - Finding What's Right for You - PDF

Career Quiz Worksheets - Interest, Skills, Abilities

Career Self Assessments

Career Tests - Education World

Carreer Tests CareerPath.com

Career Worksheets

Holland Code Quiz -Career Interest Quiz

How Do I Learn Best Inventory - VARK

How Do Your Skills Measure Up

Identify Your Interests - Career One Stop

Index of Learning Styles

Know Your Interests

Interests Worksheet

Learning Styles Assessment

Learning Style Survey

Managing Your Learning - PDF

Multiple Intelligences Assessment

Online Career Assessments

Online Career Interest Test

Online Career Tests

OSCAR - Online Assessment

Platinum Rule - Free Self Assessment


Quest - Identify Careers that Relate to Your Interests

Reality Check Tools - Identify Your Desired Lifestyle

Self Assessment -
Career Development eManual
Self Assessment Tools

Skills Profiler

Skills Identification - Assess Yourself

SWOT Analysis -
Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
Temperament and Character

Temperament Sorter - Keirsey

The 4 Temeraments

Transferable Skills Survey

Type Logic

Type Focus - Free Assessment

Understanding Your Values

What are My Learning Strengths Quiz

What is Your Learning Style Quiz

What's Your Personality Type

Where are You Going - Career Guide

Which Way Now - Online Career Quizzes

Who Do You Want 2 B - Career Quiz

Work Importance Profiler

Work Preference Inventory

Workplace Values Assessment

.....Additional Resources - Career Development Worksheets

Career Web Quests and Lessons

Career Counseling and Guidance Lesson Plans

Career Development Unit - Teacher Guide/LessonsPDF

Career Development Unit - Student Workbook - PDF

Career Preparation Curriculum and Lessons

Career Related Student Worksheets

Career Research Checklist

Choices into Action Web Quest

Entrepreneur - Creating Your Own Career

How to Find a Good Job Web Quest

Life Skills - Career Web Quest - 9-12

Now What Web Quest

On My Road Career Web Quest

Online Student Career Activities

Resources for Teaching Work Family Issues

Self Knowledge Web Quest

Smart Choices Career Activities K-12

TOWES - Test of Essential Workplace Skills

Vocational and Career Lesson Plans

Vocational Education Lesson Plans - Education World


Communication Skills

Workforce and Life Skills Resources

Explore Specific Careers

Career Exploration - From Agriculture to Welding

Career Description Sites

Career Videos - View Online

Explanation of the DOT Number

Career Magazines, Articles and Videos

Best Careers for 2010

Career Articles - Quintessential Careers

Career, Education and Life Advice - Marty Nemko

Career Journal - Wall Street Journal

Careers - US News.com Articles

Career Tools - Career One Stop

Cornell's eClips - Career, Entrepreneurship, Leadership

Cornell's eClips - Choosing a Career

Making It Count -
College and Career Sucess for HS and College Students
NextStepU - Career, College, Life

Prospects - UK's Graduate Careers Website

Ready-Set-Go To College

Resumes, Cover Letters, Interviewing Resources

Career Guides for Younger Students

Additional Career Exploration Links

Career Curriculum Resources

Preparing Kids for Careers

Career Development and Planning

Adventures in Education -
Middle School to College
Building Your Career

California Career Planning Guide

Career and Personal Planning 8-12
Career Clock - A 4yr Planning Guide

Career Clusters-What are Career Clusters

Career Counselor Resources

Career Cruiser - 8th Grade Career Exploration

Career Curriculum Resources

Career Development -
A Learning Process -Harvard
Career Development Framework

Career Development Framework - America's Career Network

Career Development Manual

Career Handbook -
Career Planning and Job Search
Career Insite - Career Planning
Career Development Workbook

Career Objective Guide and Worksheet

Career Plan Sample

Career Planner - PDF

Career Planner - USA Today

Career Planing Internet Sites - NCDA

Career Planning Guide- CalTech

Career Planning Guide for High School

Career Planning Guide for Lawyers

Career Planning Process - ISEEK

College Students - Planning a Career
Competencies and Skills

Education World- Career Planning Resources

Getting Ready for College Early -
Middle - Junior High
KnowHowVirginia - Discover Your Career

Lifetime Learning Plans

Planning a Career - Mapping Your Future

Pre-College Career Planning

Student Career Worksheets

Portfolio Development

Building a Personal and Career Portfolio - PDF

Career Portfolio Documents

Career Portfolio Maine Career Advantage

Career Portfolio Rubrics - PDF

Career Portfolio Tutorial

Career Portfolios - Samples and Resources

Digital Portfolios:Teacher's Overview

e-Portfolio Resources

Electronic Porfolios and Digital Storytelling

Job Search Portfolio

Portfolio Library

Portfolio Planning and Design Guide

Portfolio Toolkit

Portfolios - Student Uses

Preparing a Portfolio

Stress, Conflict, and Self Help

Diseases, Disorders, and Conditions

Conflict Resoulution and Management

Communication Skills

Self Help Resources

Skills for the Workforce

Health Directories

Hotline and Helplines

General Information

About Accreditation of Schools
Academic Environment in US Schools Overview

Accreditation in the United States -
Recognized Agencies
America's Most Overated Product: a College Degree

Career Colleges and Technical Schools Overview

Carnegie Classification Units - Definitions

College Glossary of Terns

Degree Options

Diploma Mills - Substandard or Fraudulent Colleges

Does Education Pay - PDF

Early Colleges

Education Pages in Us Newspapers

GED Explanation

Glossary of College Admission Terms

Glossary of College Terms

Glossary of Financial Aid Terms

Glossary of Higher Education Terms

How to Choose a Major

How to Evaluate a School

Is College Worth the Cost

Major and Career Myths

Non-traditional Ways to Get Your Credits

Special College Programs

Student Guide to Transfer of Credit

Structure of the US Educational System

The Case for College

Types of Colleges

What is an Apprenticeship?

What is Career and Technical Education
What will it take to Pay for a College Education

US Education System

Accreditation Overview
Accredited Distance Learning Institutions

Degrees and Professional Certificates Explained

Domestic Exchange and Study Abroad Programs

Education USA - Study Abroad

Education in the USA

Education Planning - US Department of Education

Education Resource Organizations Directory

GED - General Education Development Information

GED Testing Service

Higher Education Systems in the States

If You Want to Study in the United States

No Child Left Behind Act - PDF

Organization of US Education System

Pocket Guide to US Higher Education

Smart Student Guide to Studying in the US

Structure of the US Education System

Types of Schools

Preparing for College

Adult and Returning Student Information

Action Plan for High School Seniors

America's Best Colleges - US Neews

America's Best Colleges - Princeton Review

Calculators for College Planning

Can Learn - Education Resources in Canada
Choose the Right School -
US News
Choosing a Career or Vocational School

Choosing a College Major

Choosing the Right College -
Are You Asking the Right Questions
College.gov -
Why Go, What to Do, How to Pay
College and Career Planning Notebook

College Application Checklist

College Comparison Chart

College Credit for Career Experience

College Financing 101- PDF

College is Possible -
Planning for and Choosing a College
College Planning -
College Planning Network
College Planning Checklist Year by Year

College Planning Guide - ACT

College Preparation for Families - PDF

College Selection Checklist

College Students Planning a Career

College Success

College Tools and Checklists

Comparing Colleges Worksheet - PDF

Comparing Schools Worksheet

Courses to Take to Prepare for College

Distance Education Resources

Facts for High School Seniors

Financial Aid Glossary

Know How 2 Go - Steps to College

MyPlan.com - Career and College Planning

National College Transition Network

Planning for College - US Dept of ED

Preparing Your Child for College

Preparing for College Checklist - PDF

Ready To Succeed

Returning to School - Graduates and Adults

Scholarships and Financial Aid Information

Students.gov - Comprehensive Information Portal

The College Essay and Other Advice

Think College

Writing the College Application Essay

Finding a School, College, Technical Training

Career Colleges and Technical Schools - Overview

Certification Finder

E-Learning Guide - Online Education

International Programs of Study

International Institutions

Online Learning Programs

Open and Free Courses Resources

School Search IPEDS

Study Abroad Directory

Study Abroad Programs and Advisor Information


Help with Getting into College

College Application Help

College Search - College Confidential

College Transition

College Prep 101 - Tutorial

Entrance Tests Information - AP, GRE, SAT, TOFL PRAXIS

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Trade Scholarships

Test Preparation


College Board Tests

College Entrance Exams - Cliff Notes

College Entrance Tests

GED Online

Number2 - Free Test Practice

Practice GED Exam

Taking Entrance Exams

What Can I Do With This Major/Degree

Career Briefs by Major

Career Ideas -
What can I do With a Major in
Choosing a Major

Choosing a Major - A Guide for Families

Deciding on a Major Handbook

Major Resource Kit -UDEL

Major Web Links - NIU

Misconceptions about Choosing a Major

What Can I do with a Major in

What Can I do with a Major in - UMT

What Can I do with a Major in -UNCW

What Can I do with a Major in - NCSU

What Can I do with a Major in  AU

What Can I do with this Major - Hastings

What Can I do with this Major - CSULB

What Can I do with this Major - UTK

Job and Workforce Preparation

Job Search Preparation

Advancing Your Career

Company Research-
Learn about Working at Top Companies
Company Reasearch - Researching on the Internet
Job Market Links and Resources

Job One - Young Worker Information

Job Search and Interview Handbook - PDF

Job Search Handbook - UMD

Job Search Manual - Students and Teachers

Job Star Central- Job Search Guide

Research and Target Employers and Locations

Resume Writing and Interviewing Skills

Youth Corner - Job and Career Preparation

Youth Rules - Youth Employment Regulations

Vocational and Career Related Lesson Plans

Job Searching


Canada - Jobs, Workers, Training and Careers

Career Employment

Career One Stop

Job and Career Tutorials

Job Market Resources

Job Seeker's Websites

Labor Market Information

Resume, Vitae, Job Search Career Tips

One Stop Service Locator

Summer Jobs - Coolworks

Work Search Strategies

Vocational, Adult and Workforce Preparation

Counselor Resources

Related Career Resources

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