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Resources on this page include links to general information about vocational education, career and technical education, and workforce preparation.  You will also find resources for history of vocational education, current legislation news, statistics, associations, organizations and vocational teacher preparation programs.

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About Vocational Education

About Career and Vocational Education

Assessment Glossary - PDF
Benefits of Vocational Skills

Career and Technical Education FAQs

Career and Technical Education - OVAE

Career Clusters and Programs of Study

Competency Model Clearinghouse

Conceptual Framework for Career and Technical Education

Core Indicators of Performance

Core Common Standards Standards

Crosswalks - CIP Code and O*Net/SOC

CTE Policy Brief - PDF

CTE Resource Center and Library

Glossary of Workforce Education Terms

Identifying Skills Needs

Office of Vocational and Adult Education

Perkins Collaborative Rersource Network

Perkins IV Transitional Plans and State Directory

Purpose of Career and Technical Education

Skills 2 Compete

Taxonomy of Career Development Interventions

Tech Prep Definition and Role in Education

Technical/Vocational Education/Training
in the 21st Century
TVET Glossary

Vocational Education in the United States -
Toward the Year 2000
Vocational Education Overview - Wikipedia

What are Career Clusters

What is Career and Technical Education

What is Job Corps

What is TVET

What is Vocational Education

What the States are Doing - ECS

Who are Middle-Skills Workers

Workforce Education Terms

Components of Career and Technical Education

Authentic Assessment - Authentic Assessment Toolbox
Building Career Pathways

Career Academies - Career Academy Support Network

Career and Technical Educacation - TEA

Career Exploration

Career Exploration Tools - O*Net

Career Cluster Framework - PDF

Career Clusters - Career Clusters.org

Career Pathways Brochures

Career Pathway Characteristics

Career Pathways Implementation Strategies

Career Pathways Template

Career Planning and Development Resources

Career and Technical Student Organizations

Contextual Teaching and Learning

Exemplary Tech Prep Programs

Features of Occupational Programs

Occupational and Industrial Skills Standards

Structure of U.S. Education

Tech Prep - National Career Pathways Network

Vocational Education Programs and Initiatives

Vocational Education Standards

Workbased Learning Resources

Workforce Preparation and Adult Education

Technology in Education
Workforce Preparation and Adult Education Resources

Legislation and Initiatives - Vocational Education

American Graduation Initiative
Baldridge, Malcom

Carl D. Perkins Vocational Education Act 2006

College and Career Transition Initiative

Committee on Education and Labor Issues

Department of Education

GovSpot - Government Resources

House Committee on Education and the Workforce

Institue for Competitive Workforce

Legislative Alerts in Youth Initiatives

Legislative Issues - ACCTE

Major Voc Ed Legislation

National Youth Employment Coalition

Office of Vocational and Adult Education - OVAE

One - Stop Centers - WIA State Plans

Perkins Act Reauthorization

Perkins Legislation - PCRN

Reauthorization Information - OVAE

Recent State Policies and Activities - CTE

Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions

Tech Prep Legislation

Thriving in Challenging Times

Training Initiative for Workforce Training

US Code Title 20  Education

US Code Title 29 - Labor
Vocational and Technical Education for the Future
Wagner-Peyser Act - USDOL

Workforce Investment Improvement Act

Vocational Education News and Statistics

2005 American Education al Attainment
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act - PDF

Career and Technical Education Selected Readings

Career and Technical Education Statistics

CareerTechTesting Blog

CTE - Statistics Highlights

CTE Forum

CTES - Data on Vocational Education

Data on Career and Technical Education

Dual Enrollment of High School Students

Education Statistics on the Web

Education Statistics - UNESCO

Eric Clearinghouse - Adult, Career and Vocational Education

Facts on Disability in the World of Work - PDF

Fastest Growing Occupations - 2008 - 2018

Gateway to Research on Education in Europe

High Schools that Work

International Labor Statistics

Middle-Skills State Fact Sheets

National Center for Education Statistics

National Assessment of Vocational Education -
2004 Final Report
Monthly Updates for OVAE

Occupational Employment Statistics

Occupations with Largest Employment Growth 2008-2018

OVAE - US Department of Education

State Workforce Legislative News

Trends in Vocational Education

Workforce Development Research -
J J Heldrich Center

General Education Statistics and Research

Alliance for Excellent Education
American Educational Research Association

American Institutes for Research

CDC Data and Statistics

Center on Reinventing Education
Child Abuse and Neglect Statistics

Child and Family Statistics

Child Care Data and Statistics - Census.gov

Child Care Education and Research

Child Protection Facts and Figures

Child Welfare Data and Technology

Children - US Census Information

CRESST - National Center for Research

Condition of Education

Current Trends on Education

Early Childhood Fast Facts

Education Research - Lumina Foundation

Education Research and Statistics

Education Week- Online Education News

Edwonk Education Blog



Fed Stats A to Z

Harvard Family Research Project

Health Statistics - CDC

High School Graduation Rates

Library of Education Research

National Center for Education Statistics

National Ed Research and Development Centers

School Report Cards

State and Regional Education Research Associations

State Child and Family Demographics

Statistics & Data Resources

Teacher Quality

The Condition of Education - 2008 Report

The Nation's Report Card

US Census Bureau

World Data on Education - UNESCO

International Vocational Resources

Atlas of Public VET in Australia
Australian VET - Vocational Education Training

Better Work

Canadian Vocational Association

CEDEFOP - European Center for Vocational Training

Danish Vocational Education Structure

Databases on Education Systems

Disability, Skills and Work

Disability Research Centers, Agencies and Organizations

EVTA- European Vocational Training Association

European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education

European Training Foundation

Future of ICT and Learning in a Knowledge Society - PDF

International Association for Vocational Guidance

International Labour Organization

International Journal for Educational and Vocational Guidance

International Vocational Education and Training Websites

International Vocational Education Training Association

National Training Information Service - Australia


Skills Development for Youth

Skills for Green Jobs

TVETipedia - Internet Portal for Technical and Vocational Ed

UNESCO Vocational Education and Training Center

UK Vocational Training

VET and HRD Research in European Countries

What is TVET

World of Work Magazine - ILO

Vocational Education History

19969-1990 - Vocational Education in the US
1970's Career Education Movement

1990's - Vocational Education in the US

Agricultural Experiment Station

American Educational History Timeline

Apprenticeships in Puritan Massachusetts

Apprenticeships in American Colonies

Apprenticeships in the United States

Assessing Vocational Education R and D  1976 Publication

Behind the Scenes in a Hotel - 1922

Career and Technical Education - History and Philosophy

Child Labor in America 1908-1912

Chronology of History Adult Education in the US

Chronology of Vocational Education in US

Chronology of Department Names

Competency Based VET - Background

Computers in Education - History

Constructivism - CTE Perspective

CTE for the First Decade of the 21st Century

Curriculum Development in the 20th Century

Development of Manual Training

Dewey - Education Reformer

Early Leaders that Influenced Career/Technical Education

Early Leaders Who Impacted Industrial Education

Federal Role in Education

Foundations of Technology Education

Founders of Industrial Arts in US  - PDF

General Society of Mechanics and Tradesman History

General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen Historical Sketch

Hatch Act of 1887

Historical Arguments in Vocational Education Reform

Historical Data on Vocational Education - DOVE

Historical Leaders in Technology Education Philosophy

History and Philosophy of Technical Education

History of Education

History of Education - Gilder Lehrman Guides

History of SIC/NAICS

History of Technology Education

History of VET - Australia

History of Vocational Education

History of Workforce Development -
Penn State University
In Search of the Heritage of Technology Education

Industrial Arts at Kansas State Agricultural College

Industrial Arts/Technology Education as a Social Study

Industrial Arts Paradigm

Infusing Career Development in CTE

Influence of Technology on Vocational Teacher Education

Integrating Academic and Vocational Education

Integrating Technology, Science, and Math
1806- 1815
Integrating Technology, Science, Math - 1806-1815

Intellectual Foundations of Technology Education

Job Training Partnership Act

Land-Grant History

Laws Relating to Vocational Education

Learning Theory Timeline

Lessons from History Industrial Arts/Technology Education

Maley - Donald The Maryland Plan

Manual Training Schools

Massachusetts Laws of 1642 and 1647

Morrill Act of 1862

Morrill Act of 1890 - Land Grant College Information

Morrill Land Grant Acts

Mossman - Lois Coffey

National Association of Industrial Technology - Origins

Our Boys - Study of Teens Employed in New York 1921

Perceptions of Approaches to Technology Education

Pestelossi- Johan Heinrich

Preparing the Workforce of Tomorrow - PDF

Project Method - Vocational Education Origins

Purnell Act Research

Quality of Vocational Education

Role of Vocational Studies and Training

Randolf-Sheppard Act 1936

Rousseau in the Heritage of Technology Education

Rousseau on Education

School-to-Work and Youth Apprenticeship in US

Smith-Fess act of 1920

Smith Hughes Act of 1917

Social Security Act of 1935 - Vocational Rehabilitation

Societal and Educational Transformation in the US

Technical Education - France, Germany, England, US

Technology Education AKA Industrial Arts

Technology Education - PDF - Pages 6-8

Time Capsule of Training and Learning

Tribute to Vocational Visionaries - 1862-1917

United States Federal Education Legislation

Vocational Education - The Texas Handbook Online

Vocational Education the the US -Towards the Year 2000 -PDF
Vocationalism and the American Curriculum - Essay

Williamson Free School of Mechanical Trades - History
Women and Their Trades - 1887

Associations and Organizations

Active Parks.org
American Association of Colleges Nursing

American Association of Family and Consumer Science

American Association of Community Colleges

American Council for Construction Education

American Culinary Association

American Physical Therapy Association

American Society of Landscape Architects

American Technical Education Association

American Veterinary Medical Association

Association of Career and Technical Education

Career and Technical Ed Association - ACTE

Career and Technical Student Organizations

Center for Occupational Research & Development

Center for Workforce Preparation

CTE Related Associations and Resources

Council on Aviation Accreditation

Education Associations and Societies

Education Associations Listed by Country

International Education Related Associations

National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences
National Adult Education

National Association of Industrial/Technical Teacher Ed

National Association of Industrial Technology

National Association of Schools of Art and Design

National Association of State Workforce Agencies

National Association of Workforce Boards

National Association of Workforce Development Professionals

National Career Development Association

National Center for Career and Technical Education

National Council for Workforce Education

National League for Nursing Accreditation

National Manufacturers Association

Society of  American Foresters

Trade and Career Related Associations

Classification Systems

Career Clusters
Classification of Instructional Programs - CIP

Classification of Occupations - 2008 International Standard

Industry and Occupation Classification System

National Crosswalk Service

NAICS 2007 and 2002 Code Search

NAICS Code Search

North American Industry Classification System

Occupational Outlook Handbook 2008-09

O*Net -
Occupational Information Network Resource Center
SIC Search System

Standard Occupation Classification System

State Vocational Resources

Education Resource Organizations Directory
Career Information Systems by State

Oklahoma CareerTech

Resources Listed By State -
Career Delivery Systems, Tech Prep,
Schools - Vocational and Career Training by State

State Directors of Adult Education
State Director of Community Colleges

State Directors of Vocational Education

State Federation of Vocational Teachers
State Tech Prep Coordinators

State Tech Prep Websites
What the States are Doing - ECS

Vocational, Career and Technical Schools

Agriculture, Horticulture and Animal Science Schools
Apprenticeship Resources

Art Schools - Graphic, Visual and Performing

Automotive and Transportation Schools

Construction Trades Schools

Cosmetology Schools

Culinary Arts Schools

Engine, Marine and Motorcycle Technology Schools

Health, Medical and Nursing Schools

Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation Schools

Technical Training/Schools by State

Technical Schools by Trade

Vocational, Technical and Trade Schools

Welding and Metalworking Schools


Agent K-12 Job Search - EdWeek
Career Infonet - Search by Industry or Career

Teacher Certification Requirements - 50 States

Education America - Job and Employer Search

Job Search Manual for Education Majors

Labor and Job Market Resources

Schools by State

State Departments of Education

Occupational and Industrial Safety

Child Health and Safety Resources
Diseases Disorders and Conditions

Health Tutorials

Health Literacy Skills

Material Safety Data Sheets

National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health

Occupational and Industrial Safety Links


Vocational Teaching and Curriculum Resources

Vocational/Professional/Career and Technical Teacher Certification Programs

Colorado State University - Vocational Alternative Teacher Licensure
Eastern Kentucky University - CTE Teacher Education

Indiana University of PA -
Teacher Certification
Louisiana State University -
Human Resource Education and Workforce Development
Morehead State College - CTE and Industrial Education Program

Northern Kentucky University - CTE Teacher Program

Oregon State University -
Professional Tech and Adult Education
Penn State University-
Workforce Education and Training
Pennsylvania College of Technology Vocational Teacher
South Seattle Technical College - CTE Teacher Education

Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Department of Workforce Education and Development
State University of New York -
Vocational Teacher Preparation
Temple University -
Center for Professional Development in CTE
Temple University Cooperative Education Certification

Texas A& M University -
Adult Education and Human Resource Development
University of Arkansas -
Vocational and Adult Education
University of Central Florida -
Technical Education and Industry Training
University of Kentucky -
Vocational Education Certification
University of Maryland Eastern Shore - CTE Masters Program
University of Minnesota - Work, Community and Family Education
University of North Texas -
Applied Technology, Training/ Development
University of South Florida -
Adult, Career and Higher Education
University of West Florida - Career and Technical Studies
University of Wisconsin -
BS in Career /Technical Education Training
University of Wisconsin/Stout - CTE Coordinator Certificate

Buffalo State College - CTE Graduate Programs
Eastern Illinois University - CTE Program

Ferris State University - CTE

NHTI - CTE Certification

Northern Arizona CTE Programs

New York City College of Technology - CTE Teacher Education

Ohio State University -
Career and Technical Education
Ohio State University-
Workforce Development and Education
Oklahoma State University - TIED

Oklahoma State University -  OCED

Penn State University - CTE Certifications

State of Texas - CTE

SUNY Oswego -Vocational Technical Education

UC Berkeley -
Curriculum Design
UC Berkeley - CTE
University of Central Missouri - CTE Leadership

University of Georgia -
Workforce Development
University of Florida - Career and Workforce - Ph.D.

University of Louisville - Worforce Leadership

University of Minnesota - CTE

Valdosta State University - Adult and Career Education

Virginia State University- V
ocational Teacher Preparation
Western Michigan University - Occupational Ed Studies

Wright State University - Educational Leadership CTE

Other School and Training  Resources

Accrediting for Online Education

Online Education Degrees

Open University Couses

NCATE Accredited Schools of Education

Distance Learning Resources by State

Related Career and Technical Resources

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