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Explore careers in Energy with the following links to job descriptions, which include information such as daily activities, skill requirements, salary and training required.  To learn more about Energy, follow the related links below the career descriptions section.

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Energy and Power Career Descriptions

Area Superintendent
Asset Planner

Become and Engineer

Boiler Operators

Career Videos

Careers in Energy - PDF

Careers in Geoscience

Careers in Hydrocarbons

Careers in Mining

Careers in Oil and Gas

Careers in Oil and Gas

Chemical Engineer

Clean Energy Jobs

Cogeneration Industry Careers

Construction Equipment Operators - Military

Construction Trade Occupations

Construction and Extraction Workers

Construction and Well Drillers

Derrick Operators - Oil and Gas

Derrick Operators


Drill Operators


Drillers and Blasters

Electrical Distribution Tradespersons

Electrical Drafters

Electrical Engineer

Electrical Occupations

Electricians - Power Systems

Energy Careers In Demand

Engine and Boiler Operators

Engineering and Construction Careers

Engineering Careers

Environmental Careers

Environmental Engineer

Environmental Engineering

Field Engineer

Fuel and Energy Engineer

Future Power Engineer

Gas and Chemical Processing Supervisors

Gas and Oil Drillers
Gas Distribution Worker

Gas Engineer

Gas Fitters

Gas Plant Operators

Gas Plant Operator

Gas Pumping Station Operators

Geologists and Geoscientists

Geological Technician


Geoscience Careers

Geoscience Careers

Get Into Energy Careers

Green Energy Career Guide

Green Energy Careers

Green Energy Expert - Career Video

Heavy Equipment Operator


HydroGreen Power Careers

Industrial Electrician

Industrial Machinery Mechanics


Line Installers and Repairers

Managers - Utilities and Manufacturing

Meter Readers

Mine Surveyor

Mineral and Mining Engineer


Mining and Quarrying

Mining Engineer

Mining Machine Operator

Mud Engineer

Nuclear Engineer

Nuclear Engineer

Nuclear Engineers - Military

Nuclear Inspector

Nuclear Engineers

Nuclear Monitor Technician
Oil and Gas Careers

Oil and Gas Drillers

Oil and Gas Extraction

Offshore Engineering and Mining

Offshore Technicians

Operating Engineers

Operations Management

Petroleum Career Choices

Petroleum, Coal, Chemical Manufacturing Careers

Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum Engineers

Petroleum Pump System Operators



Petroleum Engineers

Power Distributors and Dispatchers - O*Net

Power House Mechanics - Military

Power Plant Electricians - Military

Power Plant Operators

Power Plant Operators and Dispatchers

Power Station Operators

Project Manager

Public Utilities




Safety Officer

Science Career Videos

Shift Supervisor

Stationary Engineering

Supervisors - Mining, Gas, Oil

Surveying and Mapping Technicians

Technical Director

Utilities Industry Careers

Water Treatment Plant Operators


What People Do in the Mining Industry

Working in the Oil and Gas Industry

Energy and Power Related Resources

Energy Resources

Energy - Wikipedia
Energy -

Energy A to Z
Energy Articles - Fuel Cells, Policy, Efficiency
Energy and Fuel Resources on the Web

Energy Collection IPL

Energy Facts - United States
Energy Files

Energy Hotlist

Energy Information Administration

Energy Ideas -
Energy Solutions Resource List
Energy Information

Energy Links -
Energy Links -
Energy Market Maps

Energy Related Links

Energy Resources - US Department of Energy

Energy Source Builders Resource

Energized Learning - Energy Terms

Flow of Energy

Forms of Energy

Glossary of Energy Terms

Glossary of Energy and Electrical Power Terms

Green Energy - Wikipedia

Kinds of Energy

Non-renewable Sources of Energy

Sources of Energy

Science and Science Fair Resources

State Energy Offices and Departments

Energy Education Resources

Adventures in Energy
Alliance to Save Energy

Classroom Connection - Energy Resources


Consumer Energy Resources

Energy Information Administration

Energy Education Clearinghouse

Energy - Heat, Sound, Light -
Energy Links for Kids and Teachers

Energy -
The Atoms Family
Energy Story

Energy Trace Webzine

Energy Tutorial

Inventors, Inventions, Biographies

Kentucky Coal Education - Lessons

Nature of Water Power Curriculum

Pioneers in Energy - Biographies

Power Systems Video

Science Curriculum Resources - Energy

Science Lab

Water Science for Schools

Lesson Plans and Activities

An Energy Budget Lesson Plan
Bioenergy for Kids

Clean Energy Unit

Construction and Trade Lesson Plans

Designing Future Cities - Clean Energy

Driving to a Cleaner Future Lesson

Electric Avenue

Energy Activities - Learn About Energy

Energy and Kids

Energy Industry Teacher Resources

Energy Lesson Plans, Curriculum - EERE

Energy Quest

Energy Science Projects and Activities

Exploring Alternatives

Fossil Energy Lessons

Green Energy Lessons and Activities

Geophysics Kids Connection

Geoscience Virtual Museum

Interactive Science Simulations

K-12 Energy Lesson Plans

Learning About Fossil Fuels Lessons

Learning from Wind

Oil Spill Lesson

Petroleum Related Lessons

Science Interactive Learning Animations

Science and Math Learning Modules - HippoCampus

The Nature of Water Power Curriculum

Vocational and Career Related Lesson Plans

Work, Energy and Power - HS Online Classes

WaterWorks for Kids

What is Energy

Wind Energy Web Quest

Energy Efficiency and Conservation

Building Envelop Fact Sheets
Clean Energy

Energy Efficient Lighting

Energy Information

Energy Links

Energy Efficiency Renewable Energy Network
Environmental Defense Fund

Fuel Economy Site

Recycling Guide for Solid Waste

Reduce Your Electricity Use

Residential Energy Maps - Energy Statistics

R-Values for Existing Homes

Windows- Energy Efficient

Math and Science

Calculating Whole Wall R-Values
Conversion Factors for Energy Equivalents

Electrical Formulas

Energy and Work Converter

Energy Conversions

Energy Formulas - PDF

Energy Science Projects

Engineering Formulas

Engineering Resources

Formulas of Energy, Inertia, Torque, Power, Work

How Force Power Torque and Energy Work

Math Resources-
Tutorials, Formulas, Data, Statistics
Motor Formulas

R-Values - All About

Science Links

Thermodynamics - Physics Modules

Units of Energy

Work, Energy and Power

Work and Energy Physics

Photos Images and Clip Art

Berkeley Lab Image Library
Department of Energy Digital Photo Archive

Earth Visualizations and Animations

Electricity Historical Pictures

Energy Photo Gallery

Energy Photos- Photographic Exchange

Image Collections

Image Searcher - Virtual Learning Resource

National Geographic Image Gallery

Occupations Clip Art

Renewable Energy Photos

...Additional Image and Clip Art Resources

Energy News, Issues and Statistics

Coal to Liquid News
Energy and Power Summary Statistics

Energy and Utilities Industry Overview

Energy Central - Global Power News

Energy Consumption Statistics-
Energy Action
Energy Prices and Trends

Energy Publications

EnerNet -
Energy News Data
Energy Statistics

International Energy Outlook 2008

Mining Statistics

Natural Gas Statistics

Nuclear News

Power Technology

Understanding Energy Markets

US Petroleum Reserves

Vision 21 - Future Power Concept

Wind Energy Fact Sheets

Wind Energy News

Energy Associations and Organizations

American Wind Energy Association
American Gas Association

American Geologic Institute

Association of Energy Engineers

Construction Associations and Unions

Energy and Power Associations

Energy Engineering Industry News

Electrical Generating Association

Energy Associations on the Net

Energy Information Administration

Solar Industry Association

US Energy Information Administration

US Department of Energy

Schools, Technical Training and Scholarships

Apprenticeship Information
Building, Construction and Trade Schools

Construction Management Scholarships

Construction, Building and Trade Schools

Energy Apprenticeship Search

Energy Education - College Search

Energy Engineer Certifications

Energy Education Scholarships

Energy Industry Certifications

Energy Programs - Community College Search

Fuel Cells - Education and Programs

Engineering Schools and Programs

Geophysicists Scholarships

Oil Careers Schools and Training

Operating Engineers Apprenticeships

Search for a Training Program


Careers in Public Power
Contractor Search

Energy and Utilities Job Resources

Energy Careers

Fuel Cell Employment Opportunities

Job Market Resources

Natural Gas Jobline

NREL Job Board

Oil Industry Job Search

PennEnergy Jobs

Power Industry Job Board

Science Careers Job Board


Wind Energy Job Board

Alternative Energy and Fuels

Alternative and Renewable Energy Resources
Alternative Energy Online Lesson

Alternative Fuels Data Center

Alternative Fuels Home Page - EPA

Clean Energy - Union of Concerned Scientists

Ethanol and Engine Performance

Ethanol - How it is made

Future Energy Technology

Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and Technology Fact Sheets

Spotlight on Alternative Energy

Biomass Energy

Agriculture Links
Bioenergy -REPP CREST

Bioenergy Information Network

Bioenergy and Biomass - FAQs

Biomass Basics

Biomass Energy - Energy Research Center

Biomass Energy Basics

Biomass Program


Fast Growing Trees - Future Energy Source

What is Bioenergy

Green Power and Renewable Energy

Environmental Links and Issues
Green Power Network

Learning about Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy - Learning About

Renewable Energy Potential Maps US

Renewable Energy - Learning About

Renewable Resources for Students

Renewable Energy - UK

Renewable Energy - Student Resources

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Tree Power - Future Energy Source

What is Green Energy


Clean Coal Technology
Coal - Wikipedia

Coal Education

History of Anthracite Coal Mining

How is Coal Mined

Mining Techniques

Producing Liquid Fuel from Coal

Electric Power and Utilities

Electricity and the Environment
Electric Industry Innovations

Electric Industry Overview

Electric Power Glossary

Electric Power News

Electric Power Industry Overview

Electric Power Overview

Electrical Power - Charts and Definitions

Electricity Generation - Electric Power Industry Info

Electricity Generating Technologies
Electricity Industry - UK

Electric Industry Data Analysis

Electric Universe

Electricity Career Link and Resources

Electricity Transmission Fact Sheet

Electromagnetic Spectrum

Energy Control Devices -
Machine & Manuf Technology
Energy Online - Forecast, Reports, Databases

How is Electrical Energy Generated

How Power Grid Distribution Works

Power Watch

Static Electricity Misconceptions


Utilities Industry Overview - BLS

Utility Connection

Fuel Cells

Electric Fuel Cell and Hybrid Vehicles
Fuel Cells 2000

Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Energy

Fuel Cell Technology

Fuel Cell Technology Showcase - SAE

History of Fuel Cells

Fossil Fuels, Gas and Oil

About Oil and Gas
American Petroleum Institute

Fossil Fuel Energy - DOE

Fossil Fuel Energy

Gas Hydrates - Possible Future Energy

Gas Fact Sheets

Gas Tech Institute

Gasoline - Is it All the Same

Heating Oil

History of Pipelines

How Gas is Found

How Gas Prices Work

Learning About Fossil Fuels

Liquefied Natural Gas

Natural Gas - About

Natural Gas - Info and Educational Resources

Natural Gas Facts

Natural Gas Glossary

New Technology in Natural Gas

Office of Fossil Fuels

Oil and Natural Gas Basics

Oil and Gas Story

Oil - The History of Shell Oil

Oil Field Glossary

Oils Spills - Information and Guided Tour

Petro Seek -
Petroleum Industry Search Engine
Petroleum Find Online Lesson

Petroleum Industry Statistics

Pipeline Basics

Pipeline Library

Pipeline Links and Industry Resources


Uses of Natural Gas

Virtual Refinery Tour

What Makes a Barrel of Crude

Geothermal Energy

GeoExchange - Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium
Geothermal Education Office
Geothermal Resource Council

Geothermal Slide Show

Geothermal Education Office

Geothermal Resource Council

Geothermal Technologies

Hydroelectric Energy

About Dams- United States Society on Dams
Hydropower Facts

Hydropower Kinetic Technology

Hydropower Overview


Walk Through a Hydroelectric Project

Tidal, Wave, Ocean Energy

Marine Current Power - Wikipedia
Ocean Energy

Ocean Energy Conversion - What is it

Ocean Energy News

Tidal Energy Overview

Wave and Tidal Energy

Wave Energy Generation

What is Ocean Energy

Nuclear Energy, Fission, Fusion

ABC's of Nuclear Science
Atomic Museum Virtual Tour

Fusion Power - UK

Fusion Web Site

Fusion - Energy for the Future

How Nuclear Energy Works

Interactive Plasma Physics - Fusion

NRC- Regulation of Nuclear Safety

Nuclear Energy Glossary

Nuclear Energy Institute

Nuclear Power Plant Demonstration

Nuclear Reaction

Nuclear Reactor

Nuclear Technology

Office of Nuclear Energy

Ultra-dense Deuterium - Future Fuel

What is Fusion

Solar Energy

About Solar Energy
American Solar Energy Society

Design a Solar Cooker Lesson and Project

How Solar Cells Work

How the Sun Works

Photovoltaic Cells

Photovoltaics - Energy of the Future

Sea Solar Power

Solar Energy on the Web

Solar Energy Technologies

Solar Education Guide
Solar Guide Fact Base

Solar Ideas Technology Development

Solar Power Basics

Solar Power Electric Association Links


All about Wind and Rain
How Wind Energy Works

Overview of Wind Energy

Power of Wind

Wind and Hydropower Technologies

Wind Energy Basics

Wind Energy Fact Sheets

Wind Energy FAQs

Wind Energy Potential

Wind Energy Technology

Occupational Safety and Health

Construction Safety and Health Resources
Health Directories on the Web

Occupational Safety and Health Links

Office of Pipeline Safety

OSHA Construction Safety

Preventing Fatalities

Safe at Work Modules

Safety and Health in Energy

Steel Erection Safety

Related Resources

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