Photography and Film Career Guide

Explore careers in Photography and Film with the following links to job descriptions, which include information such as daily activities, skill requirements, salary and training required.  To learn more about the industry, follow the related links below the career descriptions section.

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Photography and Film Career Descriptions

3 D Renderer
Acting and Performing Arts


Art Careers

Art Design and Media Careers

Art Directors

Audio - Video Recording Technicians

Audio Visual Equipment Technicians

Boom Operator

Broadcast Media Careers

Broadcast Technicians

Broadcast Engineer

Camera Operator

Camera Operator

Camera Operators

Camera Operators - TV Video Motion

Careers in Media Arts

Careers in Photography

Cinema Projectionist



Computer Graphic Artists

Conservator and Restorer

Digital Communications and Multimedia

Directors - Stage TV Film

Editorial Photographer

Entrepreneur - Start Your Own Business

Film and TV Director

Film and TV Editors

Film and Camera Operators

Film Editors

Film Editor
Film Laboratory Technicians

Film Media Technician

Film Production

Film Studies - What can I do with

Graphic Design Careers


Industrial and Commercial Photographer

Journalism Careers

Lighting Technician

Make Up Artist

Media,/ Print  Careers

Media Researcher

Medical Photographer

Medical Photographer

Motion Picture and Sound Industry

Motion Picture and Video Industry

Motion Picture Photographers

Movie Projectionist

Multimedia Artists and Animators

Multimedia Artists and Animators

Music and Performing Arts Careers

Performing Arts Careers


Photo Imaging Careers

Photogrammetry Career






Photographic Process Machine Operator
Photographic  Specialists - Military

Photographic Process Workers

Photographic Process Workers

Photographic Restorers

Photographic Technician

Photographic Technician

Photographic Technicians

Photographic Stylist

Photojournalism Career


Picture Researcher

Professional Photographers

Professional Photographers

Program Directors

Program Directors


Producers and Directors

Producers and Directors

Producers FAQ

Production Assistant

Public Relations Specialist

Scientific Photographers

Scientific Photographer

Special Effects Technician

TV/Film Production Assistant

TV/Film Runner

Video Tape Operator

Video Tape Operator


Visual Arts Career Overview

Visual Arts Careers

Photography and Film Related Sites

Photography Directories

3D and Digital Cinema
Art Links & Resources

Art & Photography

Crime Scene and Evidence Photography

Camera Works - Washington Post

Focus on Photography - Fodors

Graphic Arts Links and Resources

Industrial Light and Magic

Photo District News Online

Photography - LII

Photography -
Voice of the Shuttle
Photography in the Digital Era - Online Book
Photography Directory - Yahoo

Photography - Wikipedia

Pinhole Photography


Ariflex Digital Camera
Camera Basics

Camera Brands

Camera Calculators -
Martindale's Reference Desk
Camera Manufacturers

Camera Overview - Wikipedia

Camera Rankings - DXO Mark

Canon Cameras

Digital Camera Buying Guide

Digital Cinema Camera Comparisons  PDF

Digital SLR Camera Types

Fuji Film and Cameras


How Cameras Work

How Long a Lens Do You Need

Image Quality Database - DXO Mark


Leica Camera

Lens Reviews

Nikon Cameras

On Line Depth of Field Calculator




Digital Photography

Creating Digital Images
Creating Digital Resources for the Visual Arts

Digital Animation

Digital Camera and Photography Reviews - DP Review

Digital Camera Resource Page

Digital Camera Reviews - CNet

Digital Cameras and Photography -
A Complete Guide
Digital Cameras HQ

Digital Cameras, Imaging and Photography

Digital Cameras Introduction

Digital Image Glossary and Acronyms

Digital Images -
Creating, Using, Delivering, Managing
Digital Learning Center - Kodak

Digital Photography as Legal Evidence

Digital Photography Photocourse -
Online Textbook
Digital Photography Resources -
Say Cheese
Digital Photography Short Courses

Digital SLR Tutorials

Digital Tools for Artists

Dolby Laboratories

How Digital Cameras Work

Kodak Digital Camera How To

Learn Digital Photography

Selecting Image File Formats

SLR Gear - Digital Camera Reviews


Ansel Adams
Digital Journalist Blog

Documentary Educational Resources

Edward S. Curtis -
North American Indian
Fred Miranda - Photgraphy Reviews and Articles

Loken Photography

Mathew Brady

Motorsports Photography - John Thawley

National Geographic Photography

National Press Photographers Association

Photographer Legends
Photojournalism -
A Record of War Web Lesson
Pictures of the Year
Pioneers of Photography

Professional Photographic Procedures

Pulitzer Prize Winners

Rick Sammom

Scott Kelby Photoshop Insider Blog


Starting Your Own Business

Time Magazine - The Year in Pictures


Best of Photojournalism - NPPA
Photography as a Weapon

Visual Journalism

Photography and Film Tutorials

Adobe Photoshop Tutorials - Adobe
Adobe TV - Learning Videos

Adobe Photshop CS4 Tutorials

Adobe Photoshop CS3 Tutorials

Adorama Imaging Resource Center

Animation 101 - ThinkQuest

Basic Photography Tutorials - Silverlight

Blurb - Create and Publish Your Own Photo Book

Aspect Ratio Overview

CAD - Introductory Guide Guide

Camera Calculators

Cameral Labs Tutorials

Camera Project- Make a Pinhole

Camera Types

Canon Digital Learning Center

Canon Professional Network - Tutorials

Caring for Your Collections -
Books, Photos, Videos
Camera System Encyclopedia -
Digital Photography Review
Caring for Your Photographs

Color Glossary - International Color Consortium

Color Management Resources - ICC

Colorimetry - Intro to Color Analysis

Copyright Tutorial - Registration Counts

Create Your Own Picture Book

Crime Scene Photography

Dreamworks Studio - How We Make Films

Depth of Field Calculator

Depth of Field Tables

Depth of Field Tables

Digital Camera Learning Center - Cannon

Digital Film Movie Maker

Digital Image

Digital Photography How To Center

Digital Photography Short Courses

Digital Photography/Video 101 - Sony Learning

Digital Photography Tutorials

DOF/FOV/AOV Calculator - Pannovision

Exploring the Color Image

F-Stops Tables

Film Making -
So You Wanna Make a Low Budget Film
Fundamental Principle of Photography Explained

Getting the Most out of Your Digital Camera

Gobo Lighting

Histogram Generator

How Movie Distribution Works -
How Stuff Works
How to Make and Use a Pin Hole Camera
How Video Electronics Work

Interactive Multimedia Production

Layers Magazine - Adobe

Learn Equipment, Guides & How To's

Lens Calculator - Angle of View, Depth of Field
Lenses Short Course

Lexar - Digital Photography

Licensing Still Images

Luminous Landscapes Tutorials

Multimedia Story Telling Tutorial

National Geographic Photo Tips

Nikon Learning Center

Photoshop Elements Tutorials

Photoshop Users TV

Photoshop Tutorials - Earthboundlight.com

Photographic Encyclopedia - Cannon

Photographic Processes

Photographic Sensitometry - PDF

Photography 101

Photography Dictionary

Photography Glossary

Photography Glossary - DP Review

Photography Techniques

Photography Tutorials - Silverlight


PLUS - Picture Licencing Universal System

PopPhoto How To's

Preservation of Archival Materials

Pricing Guides for Your Photography Work

Professional Photographers Curriculum

Quality Criteria for Lenses - Schneider

Registering Your Copyright Guide

Retouch Pro Tutorials

Science of Photography

Science of Photography

So You Think You are a Photographer

Studio Lighting Tutorials

Taking Great Pictures

Tips for Better Pictures
NY Institute of Photography
Tips for Better Photos - Fujifilm
Trademarks - What Photographers Need to Know

Tutorial Directories and Links

Underwater Photography Guide

What is Light - Canon Science Lab

Copyright and Intellectual Property

Basic Facts about Trademarks
Copyright and Intellectual Property

Copyright Basics

Copyright Basics

Copyright Legislation

Copyright Resources - NPPA

Creative Commons

Digital Millennium Copyright Act - PDF

Licensing and the Value of Copyright

Fair Use

Register a Photograph

US Copyright Office


Certified Professional Photographer
Certified Photogrammetrist

PPA Certification

Sport and Event Photography Certification

Photography, Film and Design Schools

AFI Scholarships
Film and Media Studies - Canada

Photography and Film Schools and Programs

Film and Film Making Tutorials

Animato - Animated Films
Breaking into Film

Cinema Production Tools

Classification and Film Ratings Rules

Entertainment Ratings
Film and Television - Infosurf

Film and Video Glossary

Film and Video Tutorials - Ron Dexter

Film Glossaries

Film Making 101 - Filmmaking Steps

Film Making General Resources

Filmmaker's Bill of Rights -
Legal Safeguards
Filmmaker's FAQ

Film Preservation Basics

Film Sound Theory

Film Sound.org

Free Sound Project - Free Sound Files

How Films are Made

How Movies Work

How Televisions Work

How Video Electronics Work

Industrial Light  - How Stuff Works
Movie Genres

No Budget Film Making Guide

Pixar - How We Make a Movie

Post Production

Reference Guide for filmmakers

Screenwriting - Breaking  into

Shooting on Film - Why Film

Teaching Action Photography

Television Glossaries

Television Production Manual

The Smalls - Short Film and Music Showcase

Tutorial Directories and Links

Voluntary Movie Rating System

Film Festivals

Cannes Film Festival
Documentary Film Festivals

Film Festivals.com

Independent Film Market

Locate a Film Commission and Production Guides

State Film Offices - US

Sundance Film Festival

Tribecca Film Festival

USA Film Festivals

Photography and Film History

100 Years of Film Sizes
A Primer on Processes

Adventures in Cybersound

Albumen Photography

American Film Institute - Winners

AIC - Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works

American Museum of the Moving Image

American Museum of Photography

Animated Films Origins - Library of Congress

Camera History - Images of Old Camera

Cameras Before 1900

Cannon Camera's History

Cinema Pioneers

Classic Movie Theaters -
Cinema Treasures
Color Television Camera Development

Creative Cow Magazine


Daguerreotype Portraits - Library of Congress

Director's Guild Of America

Discovery of Cinematography History

Early Cinema

Early Cinema Pioneers

Early Color Picture Processes

Eastman Legacy

Edison Motion Picture & Sound Recordings

Film History by Decade
Film Sound History

Great Photographs Online

History of Film

History of Film- Wikipedia

History of Kodak

History of Photography

History of Photography - National Geographic

History of Photography and Photographers

History of Photography Timeline

History of Printing Processes

History of the American West in Photographs -
Inventing Entertainment -
LOC Motion Pictures and Sound
Invention of Photography

Inventors and Inventions

Japanese Photo History

Library of American Broadcasting

Panoramic Photographs -1851- 1991
Library of Congress
Photo Technology Collection - Antique Cameras

Photography Timeline

Prints and Photography - History

Types of Cameras - History

Vintage Film, Cameras & Projectors -
UCLA Film and Television Archive

Organizations, Guilds, Associations

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Academy of Television Arts

American Cinema Editors

American Society of Cinematographers

American Society of Media Photographers

American Film Institute

American Society of Media Photographers

American Society of Picture Professionals

Association of Electronic Journalists

Association of Film Commissioners International

British Association of Picture Libraries and Agencies

Dauguerreian Society

Digital Cinema Society

Director's Guild of America

Electronic Journalists Association

Film Foundation -
Protection and Preservation of Film Industry
Film in PA

International Image Association

Motion Picture Association

Moving Image Society

National Film Preservation Society

National Media Museum

National Press Photographers Association

Picture Archive Council of America

Producers Guild

Professional Photographers of America

Radio Television News Directors Association

Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers

Society of Camera Operators

Society of Sport and Event Photography

Short Film Group

Technical Advisory Service for Images

The Film Foundation

The Producer's Guild of America

Unions - IATSE
Visual Arts Data Center

Visual Effects Society

Visual Resource Association

Lesson Plans and Activities

Brodacast Media Lesson Plans and Activities
Photography Lesson Plans and Activities

Film and Video Lesson Plans and Activities

Images and Photographs

Best of Photojournalism Winners
Classroom Clip Art

Digital Camera Image Galleries

Digital Image Repositories - References

Finding Images Online

Free Online Photo Image Editing Sites

Getty Images

Image Collections

Image Site Search - TASI

Images - Digital Librarian

Image Searcher - Virtual Learning Resource

International Center of Photography - Photo Collections

Internet Movie Archive

Life Magazine Classic Pictures

Links to Image Search Engines and Images
Museum of Photographic Arts

National Geographic Photography


Pictures and Photography

Producers Guild Awards

Scientific Photography

Smithsonian Images

Visual Effects Headquarters


Arts Crafts and Theater Safety
Electric and Magnetic Fields Health Risks
Chemical and Darkroom Safety

Occupational and Industrial Safety Resources

Occupational Dermatoses

Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards

Photography Techniques Safety

Recycling Electronics

Safety Zone Newsletter

Media Directories

Images - Digital Librarian
Internet Movie Database

Major Media in the USA

Media Studies - Voice of the Shuttle

Motion Picture, TV and Theater Directory


Movies Directory - Digital Librarian

Movies - Ref Desk
Who Owns the Media

Industry Overview and News

Arriflex Camera News
Double Exposure - Photography e-Zine

Film Journal International

Graphic Arts Information Network

In Pursuit of the Ideal Leans - New Technology

Mass Media

Media and Marketing News and Analysis

Photo District News

Photography Magazines

Science and Technical Awards - Oscars

Spotlight on Science Photography

Technicolor in the News

Video Maker Magazine

Videotape Technology Milestones

Who Owns What- What the Media Companies Own

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