Broadcast Media and Journalism Career Guide

Explore careers in Broadcast Media and Journalism with the following links to job descriptions which include information such as daily activities, skill requirements, salary and training required.  To learn more about the industry, follow the related links below the career descriptions section.

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Broadcast Media and Journalism Career Descriptions

Actors, Directors and Producers
Advertising Account Executive

Advertising Art Career

Advertising Careers

Advertising Copywriter

Animation Job Profiles


Associated Press Careers

Audio Engineer Career

Audiovisual Industry Careers

Audiovisual Technician

Audio-Visual Collections Specialist

Broadcast Journalist

Broadcast Journalist - Military

Broadcast and Sound Technicians

Broadcast Maintenance Technologist

Broadcast News Analyst

Broadcast Technicians

Broadcast Technicians



Broadcasting Career Profile

Business Careers

Business Communicator

Career Videos

Careers in Creative Media

Commercials Job Profiles

Communications and Media - Military

Communication Careers

Communication - How to Break in

Copy Editor

Copy Editor - What exactly is a

Copy Writers


Correspondents and News Analysts

Creative Writers


Desktop Publishers

Desktop Publishers
Disc Jockey


Editorial and Writing

Editors and Writers Careers

Electronics and Communications Careers

Film and Video Editors

Film and Video Editors

Floor Manager


Graphic Design Careers



Information Industry Careers

Interactive Media Designer


Job Printers


Journalist - Career Advice

Journalist - Magazine

Journalist - Radio Television

Marketing Manager

Media and Communication Careers

Media and Public Affairs - Military

Medical Writer Career

Multimedia Writer

News Analysts, Reporters/Correspondents

News Reporters


Photographers and Camera Operators

Photography and Film Careers

Photojournalism as a Career

Photo Imaging Careers

Presenter - Broadcasting

Printing and Graphic Design Careers

Printing Press Operator

Program Directors


Public Relations Officer
Public Relations Specialist



Radio - Director of New Media

Radio - Working in Radio

Radio and Television Announcers

Radio Mechanics

Radio Station Manager

Reporters and Correspondents

Research Career Profile




Set and Exhibit Designers

Science Writer


Sound Engineering Technicians

Sound Engineering Technicians

Sports Writer

Studio and Floor Managers

Talent Directors

Technical Directors and Managers

Technical Writers

Technical Writers

Television Presenter

Translators, Terminologists, Interpreters

TV Job Profiles

TV Production Assistant

TV News

Wordprocessors and Typists

Writer Poet



Writers and Authors

Writers and Authors

Writers and Editors

Broadcast Media and Journalism Related Sites

Industry Overview

Advertising Industry Overview
Changing Newsroom

Facts About Newspapers

Future of Public Media

Audio Visual Communication Technology News
Journalism and Publishing - Industry Overview
Mass Media Overview

Media Tracker - Who Owns What

National Newspaper Network Industry News

News Media Overview

Newspaper Industry Statistics

Printing and Publishing Industry Overview

Pulitzer Prize

Radio and Television Broadcasting Industry Overview

State of the News Media 2008 - Research Report

Top Newspaper Companies

Associations, Organizations, Unions

ACLU - American Civil Liberties Union

Education in Journalism & Mass Communication
American Medical Writer Association

American Society for Journalists and Authors

American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers
Associated Press Managing Editors

Broadcast Education Association

Communication and Media Scholarly Societies

Council of National Journalism Organizations

Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma

Investigative Reporters and Editors

Electrical Machine Workers Union

Journalism Organizations

National Association of Black Journalists

National Association of Broadcasters

National Association of Farm Broadcasters

National Association of Hispanic Journalists

National Cable and Telecomm Association

Native American Journalist Association

Public Relations Society of America

Radio Association

Society of Broadcast Engineers

Society of News Editors

Society of Professional Journalists

Society for Technical Communication

Television Associations - IPL

World Press Institute

History - Media, Radio, TV, Film

American Broadcasting - Visual History

Building the Broadcast Band

Call Letter Origins

Data Communication Early History

Film Sound History

FM Radio Broadcasting Chronology

Free Speech Movement - UC Berkeley 1964-65

Historical Periods in Television Technology

History of American Broadcasting

History of Broadcasting Notes

History of Public Broacasting

History of Radio

Image of Journalists in Popular Culture

Information Technology History

Inventing Entertainment - Edison

Inventors and Inventions

Library of American Broadcasting

Media History Project

Mercury Theatre on the Air

Newspaper History- The British Library

Radio History on the Web

Radio News Events

Radio Pioneers and Core Technology

TV Goes Digital Lesson

US Television Chronology


AJR News Link - Journalism Links

API - Disability and Acess Information

Bartleby.com -
Online Resources for Journalists
Columbia Journalism Review
Communication Skills

Disability and Journalism

Excellence in Journalism
Guiding Principles for Journalism

Journalism Blogs

Journalism and Mass Communication Resources

Journalism Awards

Journalism Overview - Types of Journalism

Journalism Resources - FACSNET

Journalism Theme Page

Journalism Tools - Journalism.org

Journalist Legal Resources for Students

Journalists' Tools - Refdesk

Justice Journalism - Covering Crime and Justice

Multimedia Storytelling

Online Journalism Review

Project for Excellence in Journalism

Rhetoric - What is Rhetoric

Bias and Credibility in the Media

A Measure of Media Bias - PDF

Accuracy in Media

Best Practices for Newspaper Journalists -PDF

Building Trust in the News

Citizen's Bill of Rights

Concerned Journalists Core Principles

Credibility Checklist

Dick Schapp Outstanding Journalism Award

Evaluating Media for Bias

Evaluating Information - A Checklist

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting

Fact Check.org

How the Media Vote

How Presidents Faired in the Press

How the Press Reported the 2008 Campaign

How to Identify Media Bias

Journalism Awards

Journalistic Scandals

Junk Science

Logical Fallacies
Media Bias Basics

Media Bias is Real

Media Research Center

Media Watch Groups

Media Monitors

National Journalism Awards


Robert F Kennedy Journalism Award

State of the News Media 2004

State of the News Media 2007

State of the News Media 2008 Report

State of the News Media 2009 Report

What's Wrong with the News

Yellow Journalism


Editorial Ethics - PDF

Ethics Case Studies

Ethics Guidelines - PoynterOnline

Ethics in Research

Journalism Ethics

Journalism Ethics Cases Online

Journalism Principles

Research Ethics

Society of Professional Journalists - Code of Ethics


Copyright Law Primer
Copyright - How to Register your work

Copyright and Contract Law Definitions

Creative Commons

Digital Copyright

Digital Dilemmas for Visual Journalism Ethics

Online Video Fair Use

US Copyright Office

Law and Free Speech

Can We Tape - State Resources

Center for Democracy and Technology

Contract Tips for Writers

Do You Have a Right to Gather News

First Amendment - Cornell LII

First Amendment Center

First Amendment Glossary of Terms

First Amendment Handbook

Freedom of Information National Coalition

Freedom of Information Act Guide

Geneva Convention Basic Rights

HIPPA - Medical Privacy

How Much of Someone Else's Work Can I use

Journalist's Rights

Law Links and Career Resources

Media Law Overview

Privacy Act of 1974

Publishing Law Center

Recording a Phone Conversation

Reporter's Committee for Freedom of the Press

Reporter's Privilege

Right of Privacy

Shields and Subpoenas

Standard Documenting Formats

Student Press Law Center

Health and Safety

Committee to Protect Journalists

Journalism and Traumatic Stress - How to Cover

Occupational Health and Safety Resources

Safety Guides for Journalists

Survival Guide for Journalists

Images, Photographs and Clipart

Art Museums

Animal Breeds and Wildlife

Classroom Clipart

Image Collections

Digital Image Repositories

Finding Images Online

Museum and Digital Libraries

Advertising And Public Relations

Business and Advertising Links

Creativity Online - Best in Advertising

PR Wiki


Center for Communication Media Links
Communication Overview

Communication Skills

Communication Studies Center

Communication Studies Resources

Communications Workers of America

Emerging Communication Technology

FCC - Federal Communication Commission

Media and Communication Studies Site

Speech, Communication and Presentation Skills Links

Media and Media Literacy

Center for Communication - Media Links
Center for Media Literacy

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking - Where to Begin

Critical Thinking Checklist

Critical Thinking Checklist - API

Critical Reading Checklist

Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy - ITC

Digital Literacy Resources

Information Literacy and Library Skills

Media Access Project

Media and Communications Study Page
Media and Entertainment Industry

Media Awards

Media Awareness Network

Media Literacy Online Project Gateway

Media Studies Page - Voice of the Shuttle

Media Theories and Theorists

New Media Curriculum Web Page

Student Media Sourcebook

Telecommunications Links and Career Resources
What is Media Literacy

News and Reporting

AJR News Sources

Assignment Editor - Information Resources

Associated Press


Covering and Reporting Tutorials

CNET - Technology News

Facts About Newspapers

Foreign Correspondents Network

How to get a Job in TV News

Investigative Reporters and Editors

Learning Newsroom - Improving Journalism Project

News Voyager - Find Newspapers

Newspaper Next - Future of Newspapers

Picking the Right Media to Tell a Story

Reliable Sources of Political Coverage

Reporter's Desktop

Reuters - News Provider

Stateline - State News Information

Sound in the Story - PDF

Television and Radio News Research

Top 100 Newspapers


Library of American Broadcasting

Radio and Television Broadcasting Career Guide


HD Radio

Electronics Links and Resources

Most Powerful Radio Stations

Radio Locator

Television and Radio - Refdesk

Television, Film and Photography

Comprehensive TV Production Course

Evaluating a Photograph

Film and Television - Infosurf

Photography and Film - Careers and Links

Photojournalism - An Ethical Approach

Screen Site - Film, TV, Media Journals

Tyndall Report - Network News Stories

Visual Communication Resources

Walter Kronkite Award

Tutorials and Learning Resources

Acoustics FAQ

AP Stylebook Newsroom Guide

Aristotle's Rhetoric Hypertext Book

Avoid Common Logical Errors in Writing

Citing from the Internet Bibliography Format

Cliche Finder

Communication Skills

Corporate Blogging Primer

Covering People with Disabilities

Creativity Tools

Developing Ideas for Writing

Documentation Styles

Editing Study Tools

Essay Writing Workshop

Finding Data on the Internet

Five Steps to Multimedia Reporting

Glossarist - Glossaries on the Internet

Guide to Associated Press Style

Guide to Associated Press Style - OWL

Guide to Writing Research Paper - APA Style

How to Report a News Story Online

Mass Communication Tutorial

Math, Statistics and Data Resources

Newswriter's Handbook

Proofreader's Marks

Proofreading Marks - Standard

Questions to Ask

Radio Spectrum - How it Works

Radio - How it Works

Rhetorical Terms Glossary and Examples

Satellites - How they Work

Scientific Style and Format for Writing

Skillset -
Broadcast, Film, Video and Interactive Media
Sound - The Nature of Sound

Sound Tutorial

Steps in Research and Writing Process

Thirty Tools for Writers - Writing Tips

What is a Weblog?

Ways to Structure Sentences

Writing and Publishing

11 Rules of Writing

Getting Around Writer's Block

Guide to Grammar, Punctuation and Style

Press Release Template

Press Release Writing Tips

Publishers - WWW Virtual Library

Wikipedia - Free Encyclopedia

Writing Photo Captions

Writer's Complex- Writing Tutorials and Resources

Writing Project Ideas

Writing Skills Resources and Communication Links

Writing Resources Site

Lesson Plans, Curriculum and Activities

Class Exercises for Science Writing

Communication Production Curriculum Guide

CJR Exercises for Journalism Students

Film Making in the Classroom

First Amendment Lesson Plans

Journalism and Disabilities Curriculum

Interactive Media Teaching Ideas and Lessons

Media Literacy Through Critical Thinking

News Bias Explored

Newseum Teaching Tools

Oral Communication Curricula

Punctuation Points and Exercises

Resources for Studying Propaganda

Vocational and Career Related Lesson Plans

Weird Converter


ASCAP Scholarships

National Association of Black Journalists Scholarships

Journalism Scholarships

Scholarships in Business Journalism

Schools, Training and Certification

Accredited Journalism and Mass Communication Schools

Acoustical Training Schools

American University School of Communication

Art, Photography and Film School Links

Audio Engineering Schools

Board Certified Editor
Broadcast Media Schools - PDF

Journalism Schools - Highschool Journalism

Journalism Schools - Clubreporters.org

Journalism Schools - Journalism.org

Open Courses and Tutorials

Technical Communication Programs


Ad Age Job Search

Advertising Agency Search

All About Freelancing

Business Communicators Job Center

Employment Spot - Job Information Portal

Freelance Writing Jobs

Job Market Resources

Media by State

Marketing Jobs

National Association of Broadcasters Job Center

National Broadcasters Job Bank

News Sources - TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines

Related Broadcast Media Resources:

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