Aviation and Aeronautics Career Guide

Explore careers in Aeronautics and Aviation with the following links to job descriptions, which include information such as daily activities, skill requirements, salary and training required.  To learn more about the Aeronautics and Aviation Industry, follow the related links below the career descriptions section.

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Aviation and Aerospace Career Descriptions

Aeronautical Drafters
Aeronautical Engineer

Aeronautics Careers

Aerospace Engineer - Military

Aerospace Engineer

Aerospace Engineering Technician

Aerospace Technology

Air Cabin Crew

Air Crew Officers

Air Force Officer

Air Pilots, Flight Engineers and Instructors

Air Traffic Controller

Air Traffic Controllers

Air Traffic Controller Careers

Air Transportation Careers

Air Transportation Industry Career Guide

Aircraft Engine Specialists

Aircraft Engine Specialists

Aircraft Maintenance

Aircraft Mechanics

Aircraft Mechanics & Service Technicians

Aircraft Pilots and Flight Engineers

Airfield Operations Specialists

Airline and Airport Operations

Airline Ground Crew

Airline Sales and Service Occupations

Airplane Assemblers
Airplane Assemblers

Airplane Pilots - Military

Airplane Pilot

Airport Careers

Airport Manager

Aviation Careers at FAA


Avionics Technician

Astronaut Selection - NASA

Baggage Handler

Baggage Handler
Be a Pilot

Becoming an Airplane Pilot

Careers in Aeronautics
Careers in Aerospace Technology 
Careers in Aviation

Careers in Aviation

Careers in Aviation Science

Career Pilot

Corporate Pilot

Engineering Craft Machinist

Engineering Mission Planner

Flight Attendant - Career Resource

Flight Attendants
Flight Attendants

Flight Dispatcher

Flight Safety Officer

Flying Career Guide

Helicopter Pilot - Military

Helicopter Pilot

Hot Careers in Aviation

How to Become a Pilot

Learn to Fly

Mechanical Maintenance

NASA Career Profiles

NASA Occupations

Pilot Careers

Propulsion Engineer

Research Pilots

Space Careers

Space Studies and Careers

Transportation Ticket Agents

Transport Scheduler

Transportation Agents

Transportation Careers
Transportation Careers - Military

Why We Fly - Career Videos

Young Eagles - Careers in Aviation

Aviation and Aerospace Related Sites


AERADE - Aerospace and Defense 
Aeronautics Learning Lab for Science & Technology

Aerodynamics Glossary

Aeronautics Beginner's Guide

Aeronautics Internet Textbook

Aeronautics Educational Technology Applications

Aeronautics Learning Laboratory

Aeronautics Overview - Wikipedia

Aeronautics - Principles of

Aerospace Virtual Library

Applied Aerodynamics Digital Textbook

Beginner's Guide to Aeronautics

Basics of Space Flight

Encyclopedia Astronautica

Spacecraft Classification

What is Aeronautics

Astronomy and Space

Astronomy Online Hypertext Book

Astronomy Tutorial

Astronomy - Wikipedia

Astronomy Websites

Astronomy -
World Lecture Hall Notes
Astronomy Guide


Basics of Radio Astronomy
Celestial Objects
Education Space and GPS Primer

NASA's Return to Flight

Students for the Exploration and Development of Space 
Sky Interactive Chart


Space Flight Now

Space Place - NASA for Kids

Space REF- Your Space Reference

Space Science Search Engine Guide

Space Technology - Tech Wednesday

Star Child -
Learning Center for Young Astronomers

Solar System

Planetary Data

Planetary Fact Sheet

Solar System

Solar System Live
Stars and Constellations
Stars, Galaxies, and Cosmology
The Eight Planets


Design Rocketry

Educator Rocketry 101

Rocket Safety Information

Rockets Overview - Wikipedia

Rocketry Online

History of Flight

Aviation History

Aviation History Online Museum

Aviation Timeline

Early Flying Machines

Evolution of the Helicopter

Flight History.com

Helicopter History

History of Aeronautics

History of Aerospace

History of Helicopter Flight

History of Rockets
Historic Wings - Online Magazine

Milestone of Flight - Timeline

NASA History

National Aviation Hall of Fame

To Fly is Everything - Aviation History

Women in Air and Space

Women Military Aviators

Wright Brothers - The Wright Stuff


Helicopter Overview

Helicopter Aviation

Parts of a Helicopter

Principles of Rotary Flight

Retiring Helicopters Online Lesson

Vertical Flight Society

Lesson Plans and Activities

Aeronautics Kids Place

Aeronautics Learning Teacher's Guide

Aviation Education Curriculum Guides

Build a Manometer

Educators Resources - AvScholars

Games and Activities for Kids

How Jet Engines Work Lesson Plan

NASA Explores

Paper Airplane Activities

Rockets - Educational Resources

Science in Flight Lessons - PDF

Testing Aircraft Design - Lesson Plan

Vocational and Career Related Lesson Plans

Occupational and Industrial Safety

Air Safety

Occupational and Industrial Safety  Resources

Safety Engineering

Transportation Security News


Air Transportation
Airline Information

Airline Statistics

Airplane Flying Handbook

Airport Codes

Aviation Digital Reference

Aviation Overview - Wikipedia

Aviation Videos- How Stuff Works

Aviation Sites

Aviation Virtual Library

Civil Aviation


Federal Aviation Library

National Transportation Library - Aviation

Transportation Libraries Directory

US Airports

Women in Aviation Resources

Women Pilot - Ninety Nines


Aircraft Listings

Composite Materials

How Planes Fly -
Aviation Theory
How Stuff Works - Airplane

Flight Instruments

Four Forces of Flight

NASA's Planes

Parts of an Airplane

Principles of Flight for Students

Principles of Flight Field Trip

Stability and Controls

Structures of an Airplane

Types of Aircraft

What Makes an Airplane Fly

Industry News Portals

Air Transportation Industry Career Guide

Aerospace Companies - Open Directory

Aerospace Industries Association

Aerospace Manufacturing Industry Overview

Bureau of Transportation Statistics

Space.com Space News

Space Science News

Jobs and Associations

Aerospace Associations and Societies

Aviation Employment Spot

Aviation Jobs

Aviation Jobs

Federal Aviation Association

Office of Airline Information

Transportation Associations

Transportation Societies,
Associations and Unions

Schools and Training

Aeronautics Scholarships

Airmen Certification

Air Traffic Controllers Schools

Aviation Maintenance School Search

Aviation Schools and Universities

Aviation Technical Schools

Aviation and Space Schools

Aviation and Aerospace Technical Schools

Aviation Management Certification

Aviation Scholarships and Grants

Aviation Schools Directory - PDF

Aviation Schools - Flight and Maintenance

Cal State Aviation Administration Program

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Licenses and Certificates Information

Pilot Schools

Trade and Technical Schools

Transportation Technology Schools

Math and Science

Aerodynamics for Students

Aerodynamics - Open Directory

Aerodynamics of Bicycles

Basic Math Concepts
Engineering Resources

Fluid Mechanics

Forces of Flight


Gravity and Mechanics
Kepler's Laws with Animation
Laws in science

Mach Number
Math Links and Tutorials

Newton's Laws of Motion

Science Resource Sites

Vector Investigation Tool

Images, Clipart and Photographs

Aircraft Image Gallery

Aircraft Images and Resources
Aviation Photo Vault

Aviation Picture Gallery

Aviation Enthusiasts Photo Gallery

Cool Archive Clip Art

Classroom Clip Art

Transportation and Auto Clipart
Transportation Historical Images

US Airforce Museum - Airplane pictures

Military Aircraft Noseart

...Additional Images, Clipart and Photographs

Related Resources

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