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Technical Schools by Trade

    Browse technical, vocational and trade school listings
    organized by specific trade, craft or career path.

School Resources by State 

    Want to find a technical school in your area? 
    This page has links to trade and technical school
    listings for each state.

Search for a Career or Technical School

    If you know what career you want to pursue use
    these sites, with search capabilities, to help you
    locate the right school or educational program.

Community College Directories
    Looking for a 2 year college?  Explore these sites with
    links to community and technical colleges.

Colleges and Universities

    Directories of 4-year college and university listings
    on the web.


    Information about apprenticeships, what they are
    and how to find an apprenticeship program in the
    United States.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

    Need money for college?  Want to know how
    financial aid works or types of financial aid?  Here
    are some resources to help you.

College and Career Planning

    Career and college planning resources
    includes links to interest quizzes, skill
    assessments, career development sites, preparing
    for college links and what can I do with this major links.

Guidance Counselor Resources
    Provides links to career curriculum, national and state standards,
    career counseling interventions, career resources for people with
    disabilities, special education directories, career development and
    career exploration.

Need more information before you make your decision?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a Vocational or Career Program in my State?
How do I find Adult Education Programs in my State?

How do I find Occupations that require a License?

How do I find Money for College?

How do I Plan for My Education
How to Choose a College

How do I Evaluate a School?

Thinking About Going to College or a Career School?

Wanting to Apply for Financial Aid?

What Accrediting Organizations are Recognized?

What Distance Learning Programs and Schools are Accredited?

What does College Cost?

What are Certifications?

What is Accredited?

What is an Apprenticeship?

What is Career and Technical Education?

What is GED?

What is Vocational Education
What Questions should I ask?

What Terms Do You Need to Know?

What to Look for in a College

What Types of Financial Aid are Available?

What Types of Schools Exist?

Why Community College/ - Pathways to Technology

Why Go to College?

Useful Information

Accreditation of Schools
Choosing a Career or Vocational School

Choosing a Vocational or Career School

Choosing the Right Career Training School

College Transfer Process

Common Application for College Undergraduate Admissions

Financial Aid for College

Glossary of Higher Education Terms

Planning for College

Preparing for Your Education

Understanding the Application Process

Vocational Education Overview

Finding an Accredited School

About Accreditation of Schools
Accreditation in the US

Accrediting Agencies for US Schools

Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology

Association of Specialized and Professional Accreditors

Council for Higher Education Accreditation

Database of Accredited Institutions - Council for Higher Education

Database of Accredited Institutions - US Department of Education

Directory of Accredited US Institutions

Distance Learning Accredited Institutions

International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education

Nationally Recognized Accrediting Agencies

Professional Accrediting Organizations

Search for an Accredited US Institution

Search for an International Accredited Institution

Search for Schools, Colleges and Libraries

Better Business Bureau Reports
Check for complaints about a school

BBI Information System

US Education System

Carnegie Classification Definitions
College Board Tests

Education in the United States of America

Education Resource Organizations Directory

Education USA - Guide to Education in the US

Pocket Guide to US Higher Education 2005 - PDF

Smart Student Guide to Studying in the US

State Directors of Adult Education

State Directors of Community Colleges

State Directors of Vocational-Technical Schools

State Higher Education Agencies

Types of Schools

Terminology Relating to Schools

Admissions Terminology
College Terminology - College Prep 101

College Terminology - Pueblo CC

College Terms Defined

College Terms to Understand

English-Spanish College Resources

Financial Aid Glossary

Financial Aid Terms

Glossary of Educational Terms
Glossary of US Educational Terms

Higher Education Terminology

Student Aid Glossary

Finding Your Records from a Closed School

Closed School Search
Colleges that have Merged or Closed
Higher Education Agencies - State

Recognized Accrediting Agencies for Career Schools

Diploma Mills - Fraudulent Schools and Programs

Avoid Fake Degrees by Researching Academic Credentials
Beware of Diploma Mills

Degree and Diploma Mills - State Information

Diploma Mills - Degrees of Deception

How Can I Tell if a College is a Degree Mill?

Important Questions About Diploma Mills

On-line School Scams

Unaccredited Colleges and Diploma Mills

Additional Resources

Distance Educational Directory
Distance Education Council - Accredited Programs

Earning Workers Who Don't have a Degree

Nontraditional Education -
Other Ways to Earn Credentials
State Directors of Vocational Education

Vocational Technical High School Search

Studying in the US or Abroad

College Knowledge - What it Takes to Succeed
Guide to International Higher Education - UNESCO

Study Abroad Advice -International Education Site

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