Culinary Arts and Food Science Career Guide

Explore careers in Culinary Arts and Food Science with the following links to job descriptions, which include information such as daily activities, skill requirements, salary and training required.  To learn more about Culinary Arts and Food Science, follow the related links below the career descriptions section.

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Culinary Arts and Food Science Career Descriptions

Agriculture Careers
Agricultural Inspectors


Bakers - Bread and Pastry

Bar Manager


Biological Technician


Cafe and Restaurant Careers

Career Videos

Careers in Food Science & Technology

Careers in Public Health

Cellar Technician

Cereal Chemistry Career
Certified Baker


Chefs and Dinner Cooks

Chefs and Cooks

Chefs and Cooks

Chefs, Cooks and Food Prep Workers
Chemical Science Careers

Chemical Technician

Chemical Technology Careers


Coffee Shop Attendant


Culinary Career Options

Dairy Careers

Dietetic Technician

Dietitians and Nutritionists
Dietitians and Nutritionists

Dietetic Careers


Drink Mixers

Drug Manufacturing

Eating and Drinking Places Careers

Entrepreneur - Start Your Own Business

Food and Beverage Workers

Food and Beverage Research

Food and Service Management Careers
Food Nutrition Consultant

Food Preparation Workers

Food Preparation Occupations

Food Processing Occupations

Food Processing Technician

Food Safety Careers

Food Science
Food Science and Technology
Food Science and Technology Careers

Food Science Technologist

Food Science and Technology

Food Scientists

Food Service Assistant

Food Service Careers

Food Service Careers

Food Standards Officer

Food Tech Careers

Hospitality, Lodging and Tourism Careers

Host and Hostesses

Institution and Cafeteria Cooks

Kitchen Assistant

Managers - Food Service

Microbiologist - Who is a


Nutrition and Dietetics



Product Developer

Registered Dietitian

Restaurant and Food Service Managers

Restaurant Business Careers

Restaurant Managers

Restaurant Hosts

Sales and Marketing


Short Order Cooks

Waiters and Waitresses

Waiters and Waitresses

Waiters and Waitresses

Culinary Arts and Food Science Related Sites

Learn the Basics

Baking Glossary

Baking Tips

Baking Tips

Cake Decorating

Cake Decorating Basics - Wilton

Cake Decorating - Wedding

Canning Guide

Conversion Tables

Cooking Measures and Conversion Calculators

Cooking Primer

Cooking Techniques - Definitions

Cooking Techniques Overview

Cooking Techniques - Wikibook

Cooking Terms and Techniques

Cook's Thesaurus

Cuisine Overview

Culinary Dictionaries

Culinary Skills - Food Reference

Cutting and Boning Chicken

Flour Advisory Board

Flour and Grain Education

Food Dictionary - Epicurious

Food Preservation Basics

Food Pyramid

Food Technology -
Safety, Ingredients, Preparation
Free Online Baking Classes

Health and Diet Calculators

How Stuff Works - Food

How to Write a Recipe

International Food Terms

Napkin Folding Instructions

Proportion and Serving Proportion Size

Soup Basics - Stock

Supermarket Terms

Seasonings and Ingredients

Chemistry of Mayonnaise

Flavor Profiles

Food Source

Herb Page

Medicinal Spices -
Exotic Flavors and Medicines
Spice Encyclopedia

Yeast - The Story of Yeast

Chefs and Restaurants

Chef2Chef Portal

Chef Paul Prudhomme

Delia Smith


Food Service and Hospitality Associations

Julia Child's Kitchen at the Smithsonian

National Restaurant Association

Research Chefs Association

Restaurant Report

Restaurant News

Star Chefs

Women Chefs and Restaurateurs

Standards and Law

Baker's Quality Seal


Compendium of Food Additive Specifications

Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act

Federal Standards of Identity of Dairy

Food and Agriculture of the United Nations

Food Inspection Guides

Food Laws and Regulations Division

Food Standards

Seafood Guidelines and Regulations

Starting a Food Business

US Food and Drug Administration

Culinary Links

America's Test Kitchen

Association of Food Journalist Links

Baking 911

Busy Cooks

Clipart, Images and Pictures

Cooking with Kids - Cookalotamus

Culinary Resources

Culinary Columns in Newspapers

Epicurean Online

Epicurious Food


Food Preserving Guides

Gourmet Connection Magazine

GourmetSpot- Food Portal

Home Food Preservation

Reluctant Gourmet

Star Chefs

Women Write From and For the Kitchen


Cheese Facts

Cheese Guide

Commercial Egg Production and Processing

Dairy Information Handouts

Discover Dairy Products

Milk and Dairy Information Resources

Egg Web Site

What is Cheese

Fruits, Vegetables, Legumes


Chilie Pepper Information

Fruit - Wikipedia

Fruit Crop Information

Fruit and Nut Information

Fruits of Warm Climates


Mushrooms- The Mushroom Council

Nut Health

Nuts - International Council

Pepper Guide - How Peppers are Rated

Vegetable - Wikipedia


Meat, Poultry, Seafood

Beef- Focus On

Beef For Food Service Professionals

Chicken- Focus on

Chicken - Eat Chicken

Chicken Breed Chart

Classes of Chickens

Cooking Fish

Cuts of Beef Identification

Meat Wikipedia

Meat Cuts Charts

Poultry Virtual Library

Seafood Choices
Seafood Information Network
Turkey - Farm to Table

Turkey - Everything You Wanted to Know

Chocolate, Deserts and Beverages

Chocolate - Cacao

Chocolate - What's this Stuff


Desserts and Baking

Hershey's Chocolate Factory Tour

How Chocolate Works

Joy of Baking

Making Chocolate
Sugaronline -
sugar price and news - sugar industry
Sugars and Sweetener Types
Sugar - All About

Sugar - Candy Cooking Stages

Schools and Training

Culinary Arts Schools

Math and Science

Agriculture Resources

Cooking Timetables and Charts

Culinary Calculator

Culinary Math

Kitchen Chemistry

Math Links and Resources

Math Used on the Job

Plant Identification and Botany Resources

Science of Cooking

Science Fair Project Resources

Science Educational Resources

Units of Measurement


American Culinary Federation Job Bank

Chefs Job Network.com

Careers in Food

Confectionery Companies

Food Associations

Food and Beverage Associations

Food and Drink Jobs.com

Food Industry Recruiters

Food Science Job Placement

Food Science Job Search

Job Connections in the Food Industry

Microbiology Jobs

Nutritionists Jobs

Restaurant Jobs

Wine and Hospitality Jobs

Clip Art, Images and Photographs

Amazing Picture Machine

Cool Archive Clip Art
Culinary Photo Gallery

Food and Beverage Clip Art

Food Clip Art - Cool Clip Art

Image Searcher - Virtual Learning Resource

Images, Clipart and Photographs

Occupations Clip Art

Virtual Kitchen Tour - James Beard

Ethnic Cuisine

African American Food & Recipes
African Cook Book

Asia Recipes - Herbs, Glossaries, Culture
Chinese and Japanese Recipes

Creole & Cajun Cooking

Culture of Southern Food

Ethnic Cuisine

Ethnic Dishes

Epicurius Food

French Cuisine Home Page

Greek Food -
A Complete Guide 
Greek Food and Recipes

Indian Recipes

Italian Cuisine

Japanese Food- Tokyo

Mediterranean Cuisine

Mexican Cuisine

New Orleans Cuisine

Southern Food Origins
Southern US Cooking

Spanish Food Recipes & History

Recipe Source - Ethnic Cuisines

Recipes Across the USA

Rice Recipes for Around the World

Turkish Cuisine

Vegetarian Links

Vegetarian Cuisine

World Flavors

Safety and Nutrition

10 Steps to a Safe Kitchen

Agriculture and Food Security Country Profiles

BSE - Mad Cow Disease Resources

Center for Food Safety - News

Common Food Borne Pathogens

Five Keys to Safer Food

Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network

Food and Nutrition Articles

Food Associations

Food Biosecurity

Food Borne Illness Education Center

Food Composition Data

Food Safety and Defense Resources

Food Safety.gov

Food Safety - World Health Organization

Food Safety News

Food Safety Resources

Food Safety Reference Zone

Food Safety Risk Assessment

Food Safety Risk Analysis - PDF

Food Security Checklist

Four Steps to Food Safety


Health and Safety in Bakeries

Healthy Eating Pyramid

Nutrition Explorations

Nutrition Fact Sheets

Occupational and Industrial Safety Resources

What You Should Eat


Food Industry and Food Science

Agricultural Career and Reference Links

Baking Industry Links

Biotechnology and Foods

Council for Biotechnology Information

Food and Drug Administration

Food and Nutrition

Food Companies and Brand Names

Food Gateway

Food Industry Associations

Food Industry Introduction

Food Industry News Headlines

Food Information - Home Cooking

Food Institute Online

Food Irradiation Information

Food Labeling

Food Marketing Resources

Food Navigator

Food Safety Education

Food Science Fact Sheets

Food Safety Fact Sheets

Food Science Central

Foods by Nutrient Search

Grocery Manufacturers Fact and Figures

Healthy Refrigerator -
Open the Door to a Healthy Heart
Inspection and Grading

Pasteurized and Ultapasturize Foods

State Food Agencies

United States Department of Agriculture

What is Food Science

World of Food Science

Recipe Links

100 Top Cooking Sites

Arielle's Recipe Archive

Barbecue'n On The Internet

Beef Recipes

Betty Crocker - Rcipes and How To

Chicken, Turkey & Poultry Recipes

Chocolate Recipes

Chocolate Recipes - Hershey's

Cookie Recipe.com

Cooking Light Recipes

CopyKat Recipes

Christmas Cookies.com

Christmas Cookie Guide
Crockpot Recipes

Diabetic Recipes

Epicurious Recipes

Food Network Recipes

Food Recipe Links

Food TV

Gourmet Spot--Recipes

Internet Chef Recipe Archive

Kraft Foods Recipes

Mom's Recipes

Pumpkin Recipes Galore

Racheal Ray Food

Recipe Center

Recipe Land

Recipe Search Engine

Recipe Source

Recipe Link - Find Lost Recipes

Recipezaar -
Recipes, Cooking and Nutritional Info
Reluctant Gourmet- Recipes, Techniques, Basics

Salad Recipes

Soul Food Recipes and Cookbook

Top Secret Recipes on the Web

Wikibook Cookbook

Whole Food Market - Recipes

Yummly - Recipe Search Engine


500 Years of American Food

Ancient Roman Dishes

Antique Roman Dishes

Berries - Symbols and Foklore

Chocolate History and Fun Facts


Colonial America Food and Agriculture

Food in the Ancient World

Food Museum
Food Timeline - Culinary History
Historic Cookbook Collection

Historical Recipes

History of Chocolate
History of Craft Brewing

History of Early American Taverns

History of Eating Utensils

History of Peanut Butter

History of Salt

History of Tea

Mead - A Guide

Medieval Foods

Native American Recipes

Not by Bread Alone -
America's Culinary Heritage
Spice History & Guide

Wine History

Lesson Plans and Career Activities

A Common Measuring System - Metrics

Abbreviations, Substitutions and Equivalents

Bacteria's Role in Food

Baking with Kids

Be a Cook Lesson Plan - PDF

Biology for Kids

Butcher and Cutter Essential Skills

Carbohydrates Simple and Complex

Cereal Grains

Consumer Health Lesson Plans

Cookie Creations Lesson - PDF

Cultured Dairy Products Lesson Plan

Dole Super Kids

Family and Consumer Science Lesson Plans

Fast Foods Around the World

Food - Coloring Pages

Food - Teaching Activities

Food Chemistry Labs

Food Group Craze

Food Safety Education

Food Safety Lessons

Food Science Curriculum

Food Science - Discovery School

Food Thematic Units

Fun with Nutrition

Home Baking Association Lesson Plans

Home Economics Integrated Resource Package

Key Ingredients -
Teacher's Guide to  Local Food Traditions
Kidnetic - Healthy Eating Activities

Kitchen Chemistry Units

Making Healthy Food Choices

Microbes - What's Bugging You -
Foodborne Illness
Nutrition Lesson Plans

Poultry Coloring Book

Recipe Planning , Meal Preparation and Service

Resources for Food Science Projects

Sanitation Worker Essential Skills

Spice World - Where did Your Dinner Come From

Spoons Across America

Teaching Epidemiology

Vocational and Career Related Lesson Plans

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