Security, Protection and Investigative Career Guide

Explore careers in Security, Protection and Investigation with the following links to job descriptions, which include information such as daily activities, skill requirements, salary and training required.  To learn more about the Security industry, follow the related links below the career descriptions section.

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Security, Protection and Investigation Career Descriptions

Air Force Intelligence Officers
Airport Security Careers

Animal Contol Workers

Appraisers and Examiners

Bill and Account Collectors


Border and Transportation Security

Border Control Agent

Bounty Hunter

Career in Criminal Justice

Career Opportunities in Security - PDF

Careers in Law

Careers in Security

Careers with ICE

Certified Safety Professionals

CIA Agent

Commercial Diver


Criminal Investigator

Criminal Investigators/ Special Agents

Criminal Justice Careers

Criminal Justice Workers



Coast Guard Career

Coast Guard Officer

Computer Security Specialists

Computer Security Specialists

Correction Officer

Court Recorders

Court Reporters

Crossing Guards

Customs and Border Patrol Careers


Department of Homeland Security Careers


Digital Forensics

Divers - Military

Emergency Management Specialist - Military

Emergency Medical Technicians

Emergency Medical Technicians

Entrepreneur - Start Your Own Business

Environmental Science/ Protective Technician

FBI Jobs

Federal Judges FAQ

Fire Fighting Occupations

Fire Fighters

Fire Inspectors

Fire Investigators

Fire Investigator - How to Become

Fish and Game Wardens

Fish and Game Wardens

Forensic Chemist

Forensic Science Technician

Forensic Scientist

Forensic Toxicologist

Forest Fire Fighter

Forest Ranger

Fraud Examiner Careers

Getting into Corrections


Guards and Security Officers

Homeland Security Careers

Homeland Security Careers
Immigration and Customs Inspectors

Immigration Enforcement Agent

Industrial Hygienist

Information Security Engineer

Inspectors and Compliance Officers

Intelligence Careers

Intelligence and Combat Support - Military

Intelligence Careers - Military

Intelligence Community Careers

Intelligence Officers - Military

Intelligence Research Specialist

Intelligence Specialists - Military


Law and Protection Services Careers

Law and Public Safety, Corrections Career Field

Law and Public Safety Careers

Law Career Overview

Law Clerk

Law Clerks

Lawyers and Judges - Military

Legal and Law Enforcement - Military

Legal Investigator - Certified

Legal Services Careers

Life Guards and Ski Patrol

Military Careers

Military Service Branches

National Security Careers

Paralegal and Related Occupations


Paramedics - EMT

Park Police

Park Ranger Security

Patent Lawyer

Police and Detectives

Police Detectives

Police Officers

Prison Job Descriptions

Private Detectives and Investigators

Protective Service Careers

Protective Service Occupations

SEAL - Military

Security Advisor

Security and Protective Careers

Security Careers - NSA

Security - Emerging Fields

Security Guards

Security Guards

Security Guards and Related Occupations

Secret Service FAQ


Smokejumper - Fire Fighter

Smokejumper Pilot


Social Scientists

Special Forces - Military

United States Park Police Career

US Drug Enforcement Careers

US Marshall - Want to be a Deputy

US Secret Service FAQs

Who Solves Crimes

Wildfire - People in Fire Careers

Youth in Law Enforcement

Security, Protection and Investigation Related Sites

Crime and Criminal Justice

About Crime and Punishment
Bureau of Federal Prisons

Bureau of Justice Statistics

Civil Procedure Law Tutorial

Crime Magazine

Criminal Process - How It Works

Crime Scene and Evidence Photography

Crime Scene Investigation

Crimes Against Children

Criminal Law Links

Criminal Law Process Tutorial

Criminal Justice Reference Service- National

Constitutional Rights Organization - Mock Trial



Cyber Criminals Most Wanted


FBI Laboratory Services

Federal Justice Statistic Resource Center

Forensic Services Handbook - PDF

Forensic Sciences Standards

Forensic Services Introduction -

Justice Information Center

Justice Technology Information Network

Most Wanted List

National Crime Prevention Council

National Institute of Justice

Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics

Specific Criminal Justice Agencies

Torts - Law Tutorial

Trial by Jury Introduction

Types of Crime

Victims of Crime Homepage

Virtual Exhibit on Forensic Science


CIA Museum Virtual Tour

DOJ Publications


Federal Agencies

Federal Rules of Evidence

First Gov -
Searching the US Government
How Protection Works - Secret Service

Secret Service

US Department of Homeland Security

US Department of Justice

US Marshall Service

Investigation & Intelligence

Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
Competitive Intelligence - What is it

Competitive Intelligence Dictionary

Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act 2008

Forensic Curriculum - Activities and Mysteries

Forensic Science Handbook - FBI

Forensic Science Site - Zeno's

Forensics - JUSTNET

Intelligence and Information Gathering

Intelligence Community at Work

Intelligence History UK

Intelligence History - US

Investigator's Toolbox

Members of the Intelligence Community

National Association Of Legal Investigators

Role of Intelligence - PDF

Strategic Intelligence

The Forensic Panel

US Intelligence Agencies


AFT History
Alcatraz History

American Legal History

Ancient Greek Law

Code of Hammurabi

Cryptologic Museum

Department of Justice History Links

Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy -
Avalon Project
Famous Trials

FBI History

History of Law - Wikipedia

History of Law

History of Smokejumpers

History of the Secret Service

Legal History - Wikipedia

Legal History Project

Medieval Legal History

National Security Agency History

Navajo Code Talkers -
Teaching with Documents
Roman Law Homepage
Western Legal History Timeline

Women in Cryptology

Security Systems - Alarms, Computer

Alarm System Components
Computer Crime

Computer Links & Resources

Computer Security - How Stuff Works

Computer Security Checklist

Computer Security Institute

Computer Security Technology News

Computer World Security Knowledge Center


Cyber Crime Newsletter

Cyber Security Alerts and Tips

Cyber Tip Line

Designing a Home Security System

Designing a Home Perimeter Security System

Electronic Privacy Information Center

Electronics Links and Resources

Fraud and Scam Information


High Tech Legal Issues

Home National Burglar & Fire Alarm
How Burglar Alarms Work

How to Report a Cybercrime

Identity Theft

Industry Overview - National Burglar Alarm

Intellectual Property

Internet Crime Complaint Center

National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association

Phishing - Anitphishing.org

Quatloos -
Cyber Museum of Scams and Frauds
Security - How Stuff Works

Stay Safe Online

Surveillance Overview - Wikipedia

Underwriters Laboratory

Training, Certification and Scholarships

Armored Car Officers Security/Investigative Certification
ATF Related Training

Certified Emergency Manager Program

Certified Protection Professional

Education Certification & Professional Designations

Emergency Management Institute

Federal Emergency Agency Training

Fire and Emergency Schools and Programs

Fire Service and Emergency Programs

Fire and Rescue Training

Fraud Examiner Training

IACP Scholarship

International Association of Security and Investigative Regulators
Law Schools

Maryland School of Criminal Justice

Paralegal Credentialing

Paralegal Training Programs

Police Training Programs

Public Safety Academy

Risk Management Schools and Programs

School Resource Officer Training

Schools with Security Classes or Programs

Search and Rescue Training Courses

Security Certification

Security Training Programs

State Divisions of Occupational Licensure

Trade and Technical Schools

,,,Additional School Search Resources


FBI Employment
Government & Law Enforcement Jobs
Homeland Security Jobs

Jobs Database

Law Enforcement Intelligence Analyst Jobs

Law Enforcement Jobs

Legal Career Expo

Legal Jobs - Job Search

Paralegal Job Postings
Police Executive Jobs

Police Recruiting Worldwide

Public Safety Jobs

Clip Art, Images and Photos

Amazing Picture Machine
Cool Archive Clip Art
Classroom Clip Art

Clip Art, Image and Photo Resources

Department of Defense Video Clips

Justice for Kids Videos

Occupations Clip Art

Police Dog Photo Gallery


Picture Dictionary - Clip Art

Reference - Image Collections

Security and Public Safety Videos

US Marshalls Photos

Law and Law Enforcement

American Bar Association
American Society of Law and Ethics

Applied Ethics

Bureau f Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
Body Armor

Cases and Statutes Search - Jurist

Courts - Structure of the Federal Courts

Courts of Appeal

Cybrary Index of Links

Hieros Gamos 
Law and Legal Research 
International Association of Police Chiefs

International Association of Women Police

International Law

Internet Legal Resource Guide

Jurist - Legal Education Network

Jurispedia - International Law Resource

Jury Arguments in Criminal Cases

K 9 Search and Rescue Dogs -Copnet


Law Enforcement Topics -
Justice Information Center
Legal Associations

Legal Current Awareness

Legal News

Legal Resources

LOCATER - Lost Child Alert Technology

National Paralegal Association

Officer.Com Law Enforcement Resource Site

Paralegal Ethics

Police Dog Homepage

Police Officer's Directory

Police Special Units

Search and Rescue Dogs of Maryland

State Patrol and State Police Sites

The Police Notebook

United States Code

United States Marshals

US Supreme Court - FindLaw

Virtual Law Library

What Does a Grand Jury Do

Women Police Organizations


American Society for Industrial Security
Be Ready


Business Security Planning

Department Of Homeland Security

Security Classification

Security Industry Forecast

Security Links on the World Wide Web

Security Management Online

TechBeat - Security Technologies Magazine


Citizen's Preparedness Publications - Are You Ready
Consumer Product Safety

Family Disaster Planning Resources

Occupational and Industrial Safety and Health

Emergency and Fire

ABC"s of Fire Extinguishers
American Rescue Dog Association
Arson Control

Community Emergency Response Teams

Federal Emergency Management Agency
Fire and Rescue Standards and Regulations
Fire Extinguisher Training Module
Fire Safety Fact Sheets
Fire Safety -
Homes and High-rises
Fire Safety Kids Page
Fire Scene Examination

Flammable and Combustible Liquids

interFire - Improving Fire Investigation

National Association for Search and Rescue

National Fire Academy

National Volunteer Fire Council

Propane Safety

Search and Rescue Dogs - Fact Sheet

Trauma Information Pages- David Baldwin's

US Fire Administration

Writing a Fire Investigation Report


APA Help Center
Crisis Guide Homepage - NEA

Emotional Intelligence -
Uncommon Knowledge
Managing Stress
Managing Stress Brochure

Managing Traumatic Stress

Occupational Stress

Stress - Law Enforcement Stress

Stress at Work

Stress Management Techniques

Violence and Terrorism

Amber Alert - Missing Children

Emergency Management for Business and Industry

Explaining Terrorism

FEMA for Kids

Gangs and Violence Information

Help for Victims

Homeland Security Contacts

Homeland Security - PA

Information on Terrorism & Other Criminal Activities

Terrorism & Other Criminal Activities

Terrorism Definition

Terrorism, Law and Policy

Terrorism Prevention

Risk Management - Security Plans

Violence and Emergency Safety Resources

Workplace Violence

Security & Risk Management

Aiport Safety
Crisis, Disaster and Risk Management

Crisis Management Essentials

Glossary of Security Terms

Infrastructure Security

Insurance Self-Help Tools

PERI - Risk Management Resources

Preserving Life and Liberty

Risk and Insurance Management Society

Risk Assessment - EPA

Risk Assessment - Wikipedia

Risk Management Checklist - Computer

Risk Management Checklist

Risk Management FAQs

Risk Management Glossary

Risk Management Guide - Microsoft

Risk Management for Business

Risk Management Framework

Safety Critical

Safety Management Systems

SearchSecurity.com - IT Professional Resources

Security - Wikipedia

Security Industry News

Security Safety -
International Association for Healthcare
Security Management Online

State Emergency Management Agencies

Threatening Call Checklist and Record Sheet

Understanding Insurance

Understanding Risk Management

School Security

A Guide to Safe Schools
Are Your Ready -
A Citizen's Guide to Preparedness
Be Prepared - Disaster Preparation Resources

Centers for Safe School in the US

Center for Safe Schools -
Assessing the Threat Resources
Crisis Communications Guide and Toolkit

National School Safety and Security Services

School Crisis Planning - PDF

School Crisis Response

School Safety Audit Checklist

School Safety Audit Protocol and Checklist - PDF

Security on Campus

Security Technologies in Schools
Recommended Emergency Supplies

Teen Safety on the Information Highway

Trauma in Schools -
Readiness, Response,Recovery

Lesson Plans and Activities

911 for Kids
A Case Of Murder - Forensic Science Unit

Computer Crime Lesson Plan

Correctional Services Training Package

Cyber Ethics for Kids

DNA Evidence Online Lesson

Forensic Detectives - Who Did It

Gang Resistance Teacher Resources

Justice for Kids

I Spy Online Lesson

Intelligence for Kids

Interactive Game - Solve a Crime

Interactive Investigator

Law and Public Safety Curriculum

Learning for Life - Law Enforcement Careers

Lessons and Strategies - Law and Government

Mock Trial Association - Trial Tutorial

National Junior Firefighter Program

Solve the Murder

Trial by Jury Lessons

Vocational and Career Related Lesson Plans

Who Did It

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