Career Exploration

Explore vocational and technical careers with the following links.  Each career path page on the Vocational Information Center Website includes links to various career descriptions as well as links to educational sites relating to the specific career; such as; tutorials, glossaries, directories, associations, postsecondary education, aspects of the industry, jobs, and related academics.

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Career Paths

Animal Science

Auto Body Repair

Automotive Service Technology

Aviation & Aerospace

Broadcast Media 


Carpentry and Construction

Child Care and Education

Computer Information


Criminal and Legal

Culinary Arts

Electrical Occupations

Energy and Power

Engine Technology

Engineering, Math and Science 


Food Science

Graphic Arts

Health Occupations

Horticulture and Landscape Design

Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism





Military Careers

Painting and Repair

Performing Arts
Photography & Film



Protection and Investigation

Security and Risk Management



Visual Arts

Welding and Metal Arts

Other Specific Career Guides

Career Resource Pages on the Vocational Information Center Website

Career Exploration - This Page

Career Exploration Guides For Younger Students and Additional Career Links
    Additional career resources, career exploration sites, career guides for kids, teen career
    guides, and girl specific career guides are found here. Also, find career exploration
    resources from other countries here .

Guidance:Career and College Planning
    Link to career planning and development sites as well as college preparation information
    and resources for guidance counselors.

Career Curriculum Resources 
    On this page find samples of Career Curricula for younger students as well as high  school
    and adult students including: Career Curriculum guides, frameworks, integrated resource
    packages and portfolio resources.

Student Career Worksheets
    Printable worksheets relating to career exploration and workforce development.

Tools for Career Projects
    Tools that are useful for any school project.  This page includes links to Clipart
    resources, rubrics and checklists, puzzlemakers, templates and graphic organizers.

Career Activities and Vocational Lesson Plans
    This page has expanded to include links to vocational/career related lesson plans
    as well as online career activities.

Career Description Sites
    Sites in the US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand that provide in depth job descriptions and career videos. 
    Most provide viewing options by Career Cluster or A to Z listings.

State Career and Technical Education Resources
    These resources, organized by state, link to state career plans and
    Tech Prep Websites. 

Vocational Education/Career and Technical Education
    If you are interested in the history of vocational education
, vocational legislation,
    general vocational information, or what is career and technical education follow the
    links on this page.  Vocational Curriculum
resources are found here.
    Adult Education and Vocational Education Standards can be found on the
    Workforce Education
page.,Resources for schools,Vocational, Career and Technical
    Schools, Community Colleges, Colleges and Universities are found on the Schools

Career Counselor and Special Education Resources
    Resources for career counselors including links to career development standards, career
    counseling for people with disabilities, transition from school to post-secondary education
    or work and special education directories.

Vocational Information Center Site Map

    This page provides an overview of all the resource pages on the Vocational Information Center Website.

Additional Career and Vocational Information

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