Electronics Career Guide

Explore careers in Electronics with the following links to job descriptions, which include information such as daily activities, skill requirements, salary and training required.  To learn more about Electronics and the Electronics Industry, follow the related links below the career descriptions section.

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Electronics Career Descriptions

A Career in Acoustics
Airborne Electronics Analyst

Aircraft Instrument Mechanics and Inspectors

Airplane Navigators - Military

Appliance Service Technician

Appliance Tech Competencies

Assemblers - Electrical and Electronic Equipment

Audio and Video Equipment Technicians

Audio and Video Equipment Technicians - Military

Audio and Video Recording Technicians

Audio Visual Specialists

Audiovisual Technician

Audio Engineering

Avionics Technician

Avionics Technician - Military

AV Tech Career Opportunities

Broadcast Media Careers

Broadcast Technician

Broadcast Technicians

Cable Television Technicians

Cable Television Technicians

Camera Repairer

Career Guide - Electronics Engineering

Careers in Engineering and Science

Certified Electronics Technician

Communications Equipment Operator - Military

Computer and Office Machine Repairers

Computer Engineer

Computer Hardware Engineers

Computer Science Careers

Computer Service Technician

Controls Engineer

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Electrical and Electronics Engineers - Military

Electrical and Electronics Installation and Repair

Electrical Engineering Careers

Electrical Industry Careers

Electronics Assemblers

Electronic Bench Tester

Electronic Engineer

Electro-Mechanical Technicians

Electronic Equipment Repairer

Electronic Home Entertainment Repairer

Electronic Instrument Tradesperson

Electronic Sales Representative

Electronic Service Technician
Electronic Service Technicians

Electronic and Electrical Repair - Military

Electronic and Electrical Technicians

Electronics Industry Careers

Electronics Service Person

Electronics Technician

Electronics Technicians

Engineering Careers

Engineering and Technology Careers

Engineering Technicians

Equipment Repairers

Entrepreneur - Start Your Own Business


Get Tech Careers

Home Electronics Repairers

Industrial Designers

Instrument Fitter

Lighting Technician

Photonics Technicians

Power Generation Engineer

Radar and Sonar Operators - Military

Radio Systems Engineer

Radio Technician

Recording Engineer

Robot Technician

Robotics Engineer

Security Alarm Installer

Sound Effects Editor

Sound Engineering Technicians

Sound Recording Engineer

Sound Technician

Space Operations Specialist - Military

Technical Occupations in Electronics

Technical Occupations in Electronics Engineering

Telecommunication Careers

Telecommunications Industry Careers

Telecommunications Analyst

Telecommunications Installation and Repair

Telecommunications Technician

Television Systems Engineer

User Support Technicians

Unmanned Vehicle Operator Specialist - Military

Weapons Maintenance Technician

Electronics Related Sites


Abbreviations Used in Electronics

AC Electricity

Advanced Building Technologies

Basic Electrical Laws and Circuit Theory

Circuits for the Hobbyist

Design Source for Electronics Engineers

EE Times Design Library

Electricity Information

Electronics Overview

Electronics D & T Online

Electronic Technicians Certification

Electronics and Electrical Engineering Lab - NIST

Electronics Circuits Reference Archive

Electronics Manufacturing Guide


Lucent Technologies


Physics to Go

Science Hobbyist


The Scots Guide to Electronics

Industry News & Associations

Acoustical Society of America

Consumer Electronics Association

Consumer Electronics Market Research

Electronic & Electrical Equipment Industry

Electronics Associations
Electronics Associations - ETA

Electronics Industry

Electronics Manufacturing Guide

Electronic Technician Association

IEC - International Electrotechnical Commission

ISA - Standards for Automation Organization

Audio Visual Communication Technology News
Nuts and Volts - Electronics Magazine for the Hobbyist 
Technologies to Watch - PDF

Ultasonics Industry Association


Design Electronics

Design Source for Engineers and Managers

Engineers Edge -
Design, Specs, Materials, Calculators
Electronic Design Magazine

Electronic Project Design and Reference Tips

Electronics Circuits

The Design Cycle


Bell Labs Historical Timeline

Early Radio History

Electron- Discovery of

History of Electronic and Computer Music

History of Semiconductors

Invention Dimension

Inventors, Inventions and History Resources

Tech Museum of Innovation

Technology History

Acoustics and Sound

Acoustical Societies

Acoustical Society of America

Acoustics and Vibration -
WWW Virtual Library
Acoustics FAQ

Audio Engineering Society

Audio Textbook - An Introduction

Digital Sound Modeling

Dolby Laboratories

Electronic Theory of Music

Room Acoustics

Soundtrack Intro

Physics Student Guide to Acoustics

Ultrasoncis Background

What is Sound


Electrical and Electronics Safety

Electrical Safety - OSHA

Electrical Safety Foundation

ELF Radiation - OSHA

Engineering Safety Articles

Laser Hazards

Occupational and Industrial Safety Resources
Radio Frequency Health Effects

Robotics Safety

Semiconductor Safety and Health

Underwriters Laboratory

Images, Photos and Clipart

#1 Freer Clip Art

Amazing Picture Machine

Bell Labs Photo Center
Cool Archive Clip Art

Classroom Clip Art

Electronics Lab Photos

Image Collections

Image Searcher - Virtual Learning Resource

Images, Photos and Clipart Links

Light Bulbs - Pictures and Graphics


Physics in Pictures

Picture Dictionary - Clip Art

Renewable Energy Pictures PIX Search

Robot Images

Occupations Clip Art

Technology Clipart

Telephone Clipart

Virtual Electronics Factory Tour

Jobs and Training

Acoustics Graduate Programs

Audio Engineering Courses and Programs

AV Tech Online College Network

Certified Marine Electronics Technician Program

Employment & Career Resources - IEEE

ETA Certification Categories

Fiber Optics Training

Industry Certification Programs

Info Comm Academy Training

NARTE Certification Programs

NARTE Job Bank

Trade and Vocational School Resources

State Divisions of Occupational Licensure

Unite - Training for HS Students

Lesson Plans and Activities

Design Challenge Lesson Plans

Electricity Lesson Plan

Listen to Sounds

Vocational and Career Related Lesson Plans

Electronics Tutorials

Abbreviations Used in Electronics

Basic Circuit Theory

Basic Electronic Competencies

Basic Electronics

Basic Electronics - Science Books.com

Basic Electronics - Rice.edu

Basic Electronics Tools Overview

Basic Knowledge of Electronic Parts

Basic Soldering Guide

Capacitors - What are They Good For

Circuits Archive - UWEE

Circuits in the Circuit

Circuit Symbols

Circuit Survival Kit - Schematics

Complete Illustrated Guide to the PC

Communications Electronics

DC Circuits

Dictionary of Electronics
Digital Control Tutorial

Digital Logic

Digital Logic - Williamson Labs

Digital Logic Explanation

Digital Logic Tutorial - Play Hookey

Digital Tutorials

Electrical Engineering Basics

Electrical Engineering Circuits Archive

Electricity Basics

Electricity and Magnetism

Electricity and Magnetism - Open Course

Electronics Basics

Electronic Circuit Theory

Electronic Design

Electronic Components

Electronic Components - Wikipedia

Electronics Concepts - Hyper Physics

Electronics Dictionary

Electronics Learning Resources

Electronics Made Easy - Williamson Labs

Electronics Reference Library

Electronics and Engineering Open Course

Electronics Open Courses - Search

Electronics Tutorial Pages

Electronics Tutorials - WebEE

Electronics Tutorials - Williamson Labs

Electronics - Wikibooks

Fundamentals of Power Electronics

How Electronic Gates Work

How Stuff Works

Inductors - What Good are They

Integrated Circuits

Intro to Electronics, Signals and Measurement

Introduction to Electronics - PDF

Introduction to Power Supplies - PDF

Learn Electronics Tutorial


Lessons in Electric Circuits

Liquid Crystal Introduction

Logic Circuits

Logic Gates

Nanotechnology - How Stuff Works

Nanotechnology - Wikipedia

PC Webopedia

Polymer and Liquid Crystal 
Virtual Textbook
Power Electronics - Open Course

Printed Circuits

Resistor Codes

Semiconductor Tutorials

Semiconductors - How They are Made

Soldering Guide

Systems and Controls

Tech Tutorials- Electronics

Tools for the Workbench

Transistor Circuits

TV Goes Digital Lesson


What is a switching regulator

Wireless Tutorial


Boolean Logic - How it Works
Conversion Calculators Online

Engineering Calculators

Engineering Design Utilities
Electrical Circuit Formulas

Electronics Calculators

Electronics Converters and Calculators

International Systems of Units- SI

Math, Calculators and Formula Resources

Ohms Law


Broadcast, Media Careers and Resources

Building a Basic AM Broadcast Crystal Set!

Crystal Radio Resources
History of Radio

How Does a Radio Work

Radio Calculator

Radio Electronics

Radio Overview - Wikipedia


Robotics Information

Robotics & Robots Inventor Net Links

Stanford Racing


Fairchild Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Superconductors For Beginners

Semiconductor Online

Semiconductor Subway - Glossary

Semiconductor Manufacturers

Texas Instruments

Fiber Optics

Fiber Optics- PC Webopedia

Introduction to Fiber Optics

Optical Fiber


Technology- Popular Mechanics

Telecommunication Links & Careers

Standards and Competencies

Engineering Education Standards

IEEE Standards Education

Information About Standards

Technology Standards

Standards Organizations

NCEE - Electronics Education Competencies

Student Electronic Competencies - PDF

Related Resources

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