Computer Science Career Guide

Explore careers in Computer Science with the following links to job descriptions, which include information such as daily activities, skill requirements, salary and training required.  To learn more about Computer Science, Technology Literacy follow the related links below the career descriptions section.

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Computer Career Descriptions

Animator - Computer
Business and Information Systems Careers

Careers in Computing

Careers in Information Technology

Careers in IT

Careers in Information Technology

Cisco Career Paths and Certification

Communication Managers - Military

Computer and Information Science Careers

Computer and Information System Managers

Computer and Mathematical Occupations

Computer and Office Machine Repairers

Computer and Video Game Development

Computer Engineer

Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering

Computer Forensics

Computer Game Designer

Computer Graphic Specialists

Computer Hardware Engineer

Computer Information Systems

Computer Managers

Computer Operators

Computer Programmer

Computer Programmers

Computer Science and Engineering Careers

Computer Scientists - BLS

Computer Security Professional

Computer Service Technician

Computer Software Engineer

Computer Software Engineer

Computer Software Engineer - BLS

Computer Support Specialist

Computer Support Specialists - BLS

Computer Systems Engineer

Computer Systems Manager

Computer Systems Specialist - Military

Computers and IT Careers

Computing Careers


Cyber Careers

Data Processing Equipment Repairers

Database Developer
Digital Media Careers

Engineering Career Paths

Engineering Careers

Electrical and Electronic Engineers

Electrical Engineer

Games Programmer

Graphic Design Careers

Information and Communications Technology

Information Science Careers

Information Systems

Information Systems Careers

Information Technology Career Overview

Information Technology Career Paths

Information Technology Occupations

Information Technology Specialist

Information Systems Career 

Intelligence Specialist - Military

Internet Professional

Internet System Administrator

IT Career Cluster Pamphlet - PDF

IT Careers - Video mwv

IT Security

Medical Informatics

Multimedia Careers - Graphic

Network Systems Analyst

Robotics Engineer

Software Developer

Software Engineering

Software Programmer

Software Tester

Software Industry Careers

Systems Administrators Field

Systems Analyst

Systems Analyst

Systems Operators

Telecommunications Careers

Unmanned Vehicle Operations Specialist

Web Design

Web Developer

Web Developer

Computer Related Sites

Learn the Basics

A complete Illustrated Guide to PC Hardware
Access Gateways Overview
Active and Future Computing Technologies

ADSL Overview

Art of Assemble Language

Artificial Intelligence - Wikipedia

Artificial Intelligence Overview

Assembly Language Introduction

BABEL - Glossary of Computer Acronyms

Batch Utility - Clean your Hard Drive

Binary Multiples


BlueTooth Technology - Understanding

Boolean Algebra

Build Your Own PC- Hardware Central

Computer Fundamental Tutorials

Computer Glossaries
Computer Guides - How To

Computer Hardware

Computer Hardware - Wikipedia

Computer Hardware - Webopedia

Computer Industry Hall of Fame
Computer Manuals Helpsite

Computer Manufacturing - Inside Intel

Computer Overview - Wikipedia

Computer Security Terms

Computing Technology - Intel

Computer Science Open Courses

Computer Terms - Linktionary

Computers - How Stuff Works

Concepts of Information Technology

Country Codes for URLs

Data Format Terms and Definitions

Data Management

Data Structures

Databases -Webopedia

Designing and Building Parallel Programs

Digital Logic Circuits

DSL - How It Works

Electric Circuits

Electronic Technology

Embedded Computer Technologies

Encyclopedia of Educational Technology

Ethernet Technologies

FOLDOC - Dictionary of Computing

Fiber Optic Technology

Firewall Tutorial

Firewalls - Understanding

Handheld Computing - Virtual Library

Hard Disks - PC Tech Guide

Hardware Guide

High Speed Communication Circuits

How Bits and Bytes Work

How Computer Viruses Work

How Computers Work

How a Hard Drive Works

How a Microprocessor Works

How Stuff Works - Computer Channel

How to Conduct a Computer Science Research Project

How Webservers Work
Information Technology Glossary

Intel Technology and Research

Internal Processor Architecture and Operation

Interfaces - PC Tech Guide

Learning About Technology - Intel

Memory Guide - The Ultimate

Memory - How it Works

Microelectronic Devices and Circuits

Motherboard Basics 


PC Computing Reviews - ZDNet


Quantum Computing

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs- Online

System Optimization

Tech Web

Free tutorials for the I.T. Professional
Tutorials and Computer Resources

Unix Introduction

Understanding Voice Packet Protocols

Webopedia - Online Dictionary and Search Engine

What is a Database

ZD Net Whitepapers


Ada Lovelace
Babbage - Who was Charles Babbage

Biography of a Machine

Calculating Machines

CGI Timeline

Chronology of Historical Computing Events

Computer Games History

Computer History

Computer History Collection - Smithsonian

Computer History Museum

Computer History Resources

Computer History Timeline

Computer Language Chronology

Computer Museum - Obsolete Computers

Computer People Biographies

Computer Timeline

ENIAC- First Electronic Digital Computer


Evolution of Games

Great Moments in Microprocessor History

Greatest Engineering Achievements

History in Pictures - Bootstrap Institute

History of Computers

History of Computing - Alan Turing.net

History of Computing Chronology

History of Computing - Wikipedia

History of Computing Science

History of CPU

History of Intel Innovations

History of the Internet - Hobbes Timeline

History of the Internet

History of the Internet

History of Operating Systems

History of Programming Languages

History of Robots

History of Video Games

IEEE History Center

IEEE -Computers and Information Processing

IT Time Machine

Information Science History

Microarchitecture - Intel

Notable Women of Computing

Obsolete Computer Museum

Personal Computers and Information Networks

Software History Center

Tech Encyclopedia

Tech Revolutionaries

The Machine that Changed the World

Timeline of Computing

Understanding Internet Jargon

Visit the Revolutionaries

WWII Codes and Ciphers

Math and Logic

Algorithm Repository - Stoney Brook University
Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures

Discrete Structures - Notes and Lectures

Elementary Computer Mathematics

Introduction to Algorithms

Logic Gate

Mathematical Logic

Mathematical Logic Around the World

Math and Computer Science Books On-line

Math Tutorials

Statistics Online Computational Resource

Programming and Networking

Programming Tutorials and Resources
Networking Tutorials and Resources

Web Design and  Internet Tutorials

Web Design and Internet Tutorial Links
Image and Clip Art Resources

Computer Tutorials

Cisco Certification Tutorials
Computer Software Tutorials

Computer Technology Tutorials

Electronics Tutorials

Internet Technology Tutorials

Microsoft Certification Tutorials

Microsoft Office Tutorials


Computer Certification Resources
Certification Related Tutorials

Computer News and Magazines

Center for Computational Sciences - Oak Ridge National Lab

Computer - Innovative Technology for Professionals

Computer Graphics World

Computer Magazines- Top 100

Computer and IS Discoveries

Computers in Entertainment

Computing Discoveries

Sandia National Lab - Computers and Computing

Slashdot Tech

TechBlogs on ZDNet

Tech News - ACM

Privacy, Rights, Ethics and Law

Computer Security Information
Computer Vulnerabilities

Creative Commons

Copyright Website


Digital Millenium Copyright Act

Ethics in Computing

Electronic Frontier Foundation

EU Copyright Law

Information Technology Professionals Code of Ethics

IT -
The National Academies for Intellectual Property
Information Security Code of Ethics

Multimedia Law Handbook

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse

Seizing Electronic Evidence

Society Codes of Ethics

Software Freedom Law Center

System Administrators Code of Ethics

US Copyright Office

US Patent and Trademark Office

What is Intellectual Property

Standards and Associations

Computer Associations and Societies
Standards Organizations

Computer Education Standards and Technology Skills

CARET - Ed Technology Research
Digital Communication Systems

Educating the 21st Century Citizen

Emerging Technologies to Support Teaching and Learning

ICT Skills for Students

IT Online Learning - Microsoft

National Educational Technology Standards Project

Profiles for Technology Literate Students

Technology Facilitation Standards

Technological Literacy

Technology Online Lessons

Technology Standards

Touch Typing Program - Free Online Typing Program

Standards for Technological Literacy-PDF

Standards for Technological Literacy ITEA

World Skills International

...Additional Computer Tech Tutorials and Resources

Computer Literacy

21st Century Literacy - Learning and Teaching Resources
Adult Computer Literacy Checklist

Big 6 -
Information Literacy for the Information Age
Developing Educational Standards

Education Competencies

Computer Literacy

Computer Literacy - About.com

Computer Skills

Computer/Technology Skills Course of Study

Integrated Curriculum for Achieving Necessary Skills
Information Literacy Resources

Library/Computer/ Media Standards

National Education Standards

Skills for the Workforce

Technological Literacy

Computer Curriculum

Computing Curricula 2005 - PDF
Computing Curriculum Recommendations

Guidelines for  Curricula in Computer - ACM SIGGRAPH

Human Computer Interaction Curricula

Computers and Technology Lesson Plans

Beginning Power Point Presentation Lesson
Beginning Programming Curriculum Units

Computer Curricula

Computer Engineering Curricula

Computer Literacy 101

Computer Skills Curricula

Computer Science Curriculum - K-12

Computing in a Networking Environment Guidelines

Computing Curriculum 2005

Computing Curriculum - Information Technology

Computing Curriculum/Computer Engineer Curriculum

Computing in the Modern World - Curriculum Units

Cybersmart Curriculum and Lesson Plans

Curriculum for Information Systems Program

Elementary Keyboarding Guide

Entrepreneur Related Lesson Plans

Foundation Skills Curriculum Units

How Computers Represent Sound Lesson

Information Literacy Lessons - NETS

Information Processing Curriculum Resources

Information Processing Activities Guide - Secondary

Information Systems Curriculum -PDF

Integrated Technology Lesson Plans - Microsoft

Integrated Technology Units Project Based Units - Intel

Integrated Resource Packages

Intermediate Programming Curriculum Units

Keyboarding Activity Suggestions with Templates

Keyboarding Middle Level Guide

Make It Happen - I - Search Unit

Model High School Computer Science Curriculum

Model Computer Science Curriculum for K-12

Searching the Web Lesson Plan

Science and Technology Lesson Plans

Space CAD - ThinkQuest

TechKnow Park - Technology Lessons and Tutorials

Technology at Work

Technology Integration Projects

Technology Lesson Plans

Technology Lesson Plans - Education World

Technology Lesson Plans - Discovery School

Technology Lesson Plans - Thirteen Ed Online
Technology Lessons

Vocational and Career Related Lesson Plans

.....Additional Resources Searching and Research Tutorials

.....Additional Lesson Plan Resources

.....Additional Information Literacy Tutorials


CNET Computer Reviews
Computer Hardware

Chip Directory
Hardware Review Sites

PC Hardware Explained

PC Hardware Links Main Menu

Operation Systems

Free Operating Systems

How Operating Systems Work


Linux Overview

Linux Resources

Mac OS

Microsoft Windows

Operating Systems - Wikipedia

Operating Systems Tutorial

Unix - Creation of the UNIX Operating System

Windows Driver Hardware Search

General Computer Science Resources

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Resources

Computer Architecture -
Simulators, Tools Compilers
Computer Science Directory

Computer Science Directory - Stanford University

Computer Science Links - Albany Edu

Computer - Wikipedia

Computers - Digital Librarian

Computers - Science.gov

Computing and Computer Science - WWWVL

Electricity - Links & Resources

Electronics - Links & Resources-

ExtremeTech -
Technology for Enthusiasts and Professionals
Intute - Computer

LangaList Home Page

NEEDS - Digital Library

Science Links and Resources

Student Resources - Crossroads

Telecommunications Links and Resources

Schools and Training

Computer and IT Schools

Health and Safety

Computer Safety Checklist
Computer Workstation Ergonomics

Healthy Computing - Office Setup Tips

Preventing Repetitive Strain

Repetitive Strain Injuries

Stay Safe Online

Typing Injury FAQ

Working Safely on Computers
Video Display Terminal Safety - OSHA
Video Display Terminal Health and Safety Guidelines

Virus and Antivirus

Antivirus Center- Symantec
Computer Virus

List of Computer Viruses

Viruses, Worms and Trojans

Computer and Internet Security

Build Security In
Business Disaster Plan Sample

CERT - Secure Systems

Common Attack Patterns Classification

Computer Safety - Viruses, Worms, Phishing

Computer Security Tips

Computer Security Trends

Computer Vulnerabilities

Cyber Security Alerts

Cyber Security Resources

Cyber Security Tips - Microsoft

Cyber Security Tips - US CERT

Cryptology Overview

Ergonomics - Computer Workstation

Enterprise Security Open Course

Identity Theft - What is it

Information Security Technology

Insider IT Sabotage Report - PDF

Keeping Children Safe Online

Making Security Measurable

Occupational and Industrial Safety Resources

Online Safety Pledge for Teens

Protect Your PC

Protect Your Workplace

Ready Business - Disaster Planning for Businesses

Risk Management Framework

Risks Digest - Risks to the Public in Computers

Safeguarding Your Data

Security Concepts Study Guide

Security Focus

Security of the Internet

Security Videos

Software Security Assurance Report

Spyware - What is It

System Security

Technical Security Information

Top 20 Security Risks

US-Cert - US Computer Emergency Readiness Team


America's Job Bank
Bell Labs Employment

Computer Companies

Computer Employment Resources

Computer Industry Companies

Computer Related Jobs

Computing Research Jobs

Information Technology Jobs

IEEE Computer Jobs

IT Careers

Job Market Resources

Top 100 Computer Companies

Computer and IT Employment Spot

Information Technology Job Resources

Unisys Jobs

Related Resources

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