Carpentry and Construction Career Guide

Explore careers in Carpentry and Construction with the following links to job descriptions, which include information such as daily activities, skill requirements, salary and training required.  To learn more about the industry, follow the related links below the career descriptions section. To find Carpentry and Construction trainingg programs go to Carpentry and Construction Schools/ Programs

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Carpentry and Construction Career Descriptions

Apprenticeship - UBC


Architect's Journey - PDF

Architecture Career Profile

Architectural Drafters

Architectural Drafters

Architectural Technologist

Be an Architect

Bamboo Construction

Bamboo Craft

Boat Builders and Shipwrights

Building and Construction Careers

Building Contractor

Building Project Manager

Building Technicians

Bulldozer and Grader Operators




Cabinetmakers and Benchmakers

Careers in Wood





Carpenter Helper

Carpenter Essential Competencies


Carpenters and Cabinetmakers -
Civil Engineers - Military
Civil Engineers

Contract Administrator

Contractors and Supervisors - Carpentry

Construct My Future - Careers
Construction and Building Inspector

Construction and Repair Careers

Construction Career Paths

Construction Careers Movies

Construction Career Videos

Construction Careers- AED Foundation

Construction Careers - NCCER

Construction Careers

Construction Careers - B Constructive

Construction Specialists - Military

Construction Carpenters

Construction Carpenters - O*Net

Construction Economist

Construction Engineer

Construction Estimator

Construction Laborer

Construction Laborers

Construction Managers

Construction Supervisor

Construction Trade Helpers

Cost Estimators

Craft and Skills - Carpenter's Union

Craftsperson - Wood

Crane Operator


Drywall Installers

Drywall Finisher

Engineering Careers

Entrepreneur - Start Your Own Business


Fence Erectors

Finishing Trades Video

Floor and Sanding Machine Operators

Floor Layer
Floor Sanders and Layers

Forestry Careers


Furniture Finishers

General Construction Workers

Helmets to Hardhats - Veterans Careers

Handlers and Helpers

Historic Preservation Career

Historic Preservation

Home Inspector

Insulation Workers

Operating Engineers

Project Coordinator

Project Management Career Profile

Purchasing Manager

Rattan Furniture Industry - PDF

Rattan Furniture Making

Rattan Worker


Rough Carpenters

Safety Codes Officer

Sawing Machine Operators

Skilled Trade Profiles

Skilled Trade Workers


Structural Metal Workers



Trade Union Official

Wood Carver

Wood Crafters

Wood Model Makers

Wood Products Careers

Woodworking Occupations

Carpentry and Construction Related Sites

Carpentry Basics

101 Woodworking Tips with Images

Bending Wood

Building Your Own House

Carpentry Skills and Techniques Videos

Construction Glossary

Construction On-Line Textbook

Construction Tutorials

Electricity in the Wood Shop

Finishing Facts

Home Improvement Library - Bob Villa

How -To - Library - Lowe's
How -To - Library - Holigan's

How Your House Works

Insulating at a Glance

Interactive How To - Building and Construction

List of How To in Woodworking 

Materials List Estimate

Read a Ruler

Read a Ruler - Learn to

Reading a Ruler

Reading Blueprints - Symbols

Rise and Run of Stairways

Roof Framing

Routing Safe and Sound


Skills and Techniques

This Old House

Timber Bridges

Tool Guide

ToolBase -
Technical Resources for Housing Technology
Types of Doors

Types of Windows

Virtual Home Inspection

Windows- Energy Efficient

WoodLinks -
Training, Innovation Career Exploration
Woodworker's Journal Online

Woodworking Designs and Plans

Woodworking Info -
For Beginner's to Professionals
Woodworking On-Line Textbook

Woodworking Plans - WoodNet

Woodworking Skills and Techniques

Woodworking Techniques

Woodworking Techniques Theme Page

Woodworking Videos

Framing and Flooring

Advanced Wall Framing - PDF

Calculating Loads on Headers and Beams

Early Timber Framing

Floor Framing Articles

Foundation Handbook - PDF

Load Bearing Walls

Span Tables for Light Construction - PDF

Standard Wood Framing

Steel Construction

Steel Framing

Timber Frame Business Council

Wood Framing Quality Assurance

Virtual House Construction Tour


About Green Roofs

Green Roof

Roof - Wikipedia

Roof and Roof Trusses

Roofing At A Glance

Roof Snow Loads

Roofing - Home Tips

Roofing Standards

Type of Roofs

Types of Roofs

What is a Green Roof


Construction Safety,
Woodworking, Tool Safety Resources 
Ergonomics for Construction Workers - PDF

Job Safety Handbook - OSHA

Managing Mold in Buildings - PDF

Wood Dust MSDS

Woodshop Safety Manual - PDF


Blueprint Symbols

Blueprint Reading and Sketching

Blueprints - How to Read

Projects and Plans

Bamboo Construction - Grow Your Own House

Bench Plans - Mendicino Bench

Build a Table

Building a Safe Room in Your House

Building Projects Plans

Building to Protect Your Property - FEMA

Decks - Do-it-Yourself Hometime

Decks, Patios and Porches - How To

Drawing Floor Plans

Free Toolbox Plans

Guidelines for a Successful Building Project

Hometime - Do-It-Yourself Projects

Isometric Drawing Tool

Online Woodworking Plans


Plywood Plans

Woodworking Designs and Plans Theme Page

Woodworking Plans - Free Online

Woodworking Projects - Lowe's

Construction Directories

Abacus Construction Index -
Recommended UK Sites
Blue Book of Building and Construction

Build Your Future - NCCER

Construction Education Connection

Construction Industry Career Guide

Construction Industry Resources
Construction Web Links
Cyburbia -
Construction and Building Technologies
Database of Building Products
National Building Specification Educator

National Center for Construction Ed and Research
Science Resources

State Building Codes and Contacts

Rigger's Page

Welcome to the Building Trades

Women in Construction

Associations and Organizations

Architecture Associations

Associated General Contractors (
AGC) of America
Associations and Trade Groups - Homebuilders

Building and Construction
Trade Organizations
Construction Education Associations
Construction Industry Associations

Construction Industry Links

Forest Industry Associations

National Association of Home Builders

Trade Organizations

Houses and Buildings

Abacus Construction Index - UK Resources

American Architecture Archives

Architecture on the Web

Architecture Wonders Online -
Internet Field Trip
Bamboo Architecture

Bamboo Technologies

Building Code - Wikipedia

Building Codes and Regulations
Building Codes and Standards

Building Materials Basics

Buildings Standards

Building Your Home - Consumer Information

Code Check

Construction Pathology

Construction Pathology Glossary of Terms

Description of Home Building Process

Door and Window Website

Great Buildings Online
Home Inspection Tour

Home Repair About.com

House Encyclopedia

House Styles and Home Architecture
How House Construction Works
Introduction to Architecture
National Building Specification

Old House Web - Remodeling and Repair

Project Management for Construction - Online Book

Sample House Building Schedule

The Not So Big House

Historic Preservation

Historic Buildings - Rehabilitation Standards

Historic Preservation

Historic Preservation

Historic Preservation Learning Portal

Log Cabin Tools and Materials

Log Home Council

Preservation Trades Network

Shelters on the Western Frontier

Traditional Building - Restoring and Renovating

Traditional Timber Frame Homes

Virtual Construction Tour - Building of a Lodge

What is Post-Frame

New Construction Technologies

Advanced Building Technologies

Building Green Resources

Construction Innovation

EcoTecture - Ecological Design

Emerging Construction Technologies
Green Building Basics

Green Building Checklist

Green Building Initiative

Green Development - Buildings and Land

Green Building Documents

Green Building Materials Assessment - PDF

Green Building Project - NAHB

Green Construction

How Smart Structures Work

Hybridized Wood and Steel Guide - PDF

Institute for Research in Construction

Manufactured Housing: A Perspective

Passive Solar Guidelines
Passive Solar Design

Sustainable Building Sourcebook
Sustainable Design Resource Guide


Golden Rules of Remodeling
Painting and Repair Resources

Carpentry and Construction Schools and Training

Apprenticeship Training
Architectural Programs
Bamboo Training

Carpentry Schools and Programs

Construction Industry Programs

Green Building Education

Green Programs - Community Colleges

Lohr School of Woodworking

Preservation Education and Training

Preservation Trades Schools/Training

Wood Industry Programs

Woodworking Machine Scholarships

Job Resources

Apprenticeship - DOL

Apprenticeship Resources

Helmets to Hardhats

Jobs and Career Opportunities

Job Market Resources

Working in Construction -UK

Industry News and Standards

American Bamboo Society

American Green Jobs

Associations and Organizations - National, International

Building and Fire Research Laboratory

Carpenter Magazine

Carpentry Skills Standards - PDF

Construction Industry News

Construction Industry Standards - NIST

Construction Research Institute

Construction Statistics - US Census Bureau

Energy Source Builder Newsletter

Engineering Construction Industry

Forest and Forestry Statistics

Housing and Economic Data

Institute For Research in Construction - Canada

Labor Market, Job Mark and Economic Resources

National Association Of Home Builders

National Construction Center Education Research

Path Net -
Partnership for Advancing Housing Technology
Renewable Industrial Materials Research

Statistics and Data Resources

State Contractors Licensing Boards

Structural Building Components Council

Technological Innovations in Housing Industry

United States Timber Industry Statistics

Wood, Lumber and Building Materials

Bamboo and Rattan International Network

Bamboo Databases

Bamboo Facts

Bamboo FAQ

Bamboo Identification

Bamboo Information

Bamboo Research Report

Bamboo species - Tropical

Bamboo Technologies

Bamboo Uses

Black Walnut

Canadian Plywood Association

Chestnut Species Identification

Dendrochronology -
Study of Tree Rings
Engineered Wood Information

Forest Resources - Beginner's Guide 4H

Forestry Industry Network

Forestry Links and Resources

Georgia Pacific

Great American Hardwood Forest

Hardwood Council

Hardwood Industry Information

Hardwood Lumber Buying Guide

Hardwood Lumber Grades

Hardwood Lumber Grading

Hardwood Guide 

Hardwood Species Guide

Hardwoods - North American

Liberty Elm - Saving the American Elm

Northeast Regional Lumber Association

Rattan Information Resources

Rattan Nursery

Technical Guide to US Hardwoods

The Forestry Industry

Tropical Woods

Redwood Literature - PDF

Ringers -
What Tree Rings Tell Us 
Wood Characteristics

Wood Defects

Wood Panels & Pallets

Wood Products Industry

Wood Properties

Wood Standards

Lumber, Veneer and Sawmill Services
Wood Web

Lumber and Plywood

Commercial Lumber Information - PDF

Glossary of Lumber Terms

Grade Stamps for West Coast Lumber

Grading Rules

Hardwood Lumber Magazine

Interpreting a Grade Stamp

Lumber Abbreviations

Lumber and Timber Calculators

Lumber Classification

Lumber Companies and Links

Lumber Conversion Chart

Lumber Defects - Images

Lumber Grading

Lumber Grading Resources

Lumber Size Chart - Commercial

Lumber Thickness - Understanding

Plywood - Canadian Plywood Council

Plywood - Grains and Glue

Plywood Information - Sizes, Using, Manufacturing

Plywood Manufacturing

Plywood Mill Virtual Tour

Sawmill Virtual Tour

Standard Grading Rules

Structure of Wood

Treated Wood-Working With

Tree Identification

Why Plywood

Wood Flooring - National Wood Flooring Association

Wood Floors Online

Woodlinks USA

Woodworking and Craftsmen

Able Workshop

Bob Vila

Furniture Knowledge.com

Furniture Society

The Lohr School of Woodworking

Redbook Online - Woodworking products

Women in Woodworking Magazine

Wood Crafters

Wood Magazine

WoodLinks -
Training and Career Exploration
Wood Shop News Magazine


Woodworkers Journal
Woodworking for Beginner to Professional

Woodworking Knowledgebase

Woodworking Magazine

Woodworking at WoodWeb

Tools and Equipment

Guide to Honing and Sharpening

Handtool FAQ

How to Use Tools

Miter Saw - Choosing and Using

Museum of Woodworking Tools

Sharpening Tools

Stanley Planes - All About

Tool Guide - Amateur Woodworker

Tools in Colonial Williamsburg

Woodworking Tools

Woodworking Tools

Woodzone - Shop Tips


Asphalt Shingles and Repair

Engineered Wood

Masonry, Cement, Brick

Natural Builder Materials

PVC Phase Out

Construction Related Math and Calculators

Construction Math Resources

Conversion Charts

How Math is Used on the Job

How to Read a Ruler

Lesson Plans and Activities

Architecture for Kids - Information and Activities

Art of Construction

Math - Building a Floor

Be a Building Detective - PDF

Carpentry and Construction Curriculum Guide

Construction Related Lesson Plans and Activities

Construction Work Lesson Plan

Forestry and Environment Lesson Plans

Historic Architectural Styles

Skateboard Parts for School Projects

Vocational and Career Lesson Plans

Wood Curriculum

Clip Art, Images and Photographs

Amazing Picture Machine - Image Search

Built in America - Great Structures

Construction and Tools Clip Art

Construction Clip Art - Cool Clip Art

Construction Clip Art and Image Resources

Cool Archive Clip Art

Classroom Clip Art

Cyburbia Photo Gallery

Discovery School Clip Art

Home Tips - Construction Images and Tips

Industry Clip Art

Occupations Clip Art

Picture Book of Construction Equipment

Photographs, Images, Museums and Galleries

Plants and Trees Image Search

Structures Clipart

Tool Clipart

Wood Sampler - Wood Images

Woodworking Videos - WoodTube

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