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Explore careers in Business with the following links to job descriptions, which include information such as daily activities, skill requirements, salary and training required.  To learn more about Business, follow the related links below the career descriptions section.

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Business Career Descriptions

Marketing and Sales Occupations
Marketing Research Career

Market Researcher

Management Careers

Medical Transcription Career



Payroll Clerks

Personal Shopper

Pharmaceutical Sales Rep

Project Management

Public Relations Specialists

Purchasers and Buyers

Real Estate Agents


Record Clerks

Reporters & Correspondents

Retail Careers

Retail Sales Workers

Sales Engineers


Security Sales and Trading

Sports Administrator

Stock Broker

Top Executives

Tourism and Recreation Careers

Travel Agents

Typist and Data Entry

Clerical Supervisors

Consulting Career Overview

Corporate Finance Career

Counter and Rental Clerks

Court Reporter

Court Reporters

Court Reporters Association

Entrepreneur Resources

Essential Competencies

Events Planner

File Clerks

Finance and Accounting Specialists - Military

Finance Careers

Financial Analyst

Financial Support Careers

Financial Managers

Forensic Accounting

Hospitality and Tourism Careers

Hotel and Motel Clerks

Human Resources Career

Human Resource Specialists

Information Clerks

International Business Careers

International Relations Officers

Insurance Agents

Legal Assistants

Law Profession Profiles


Library Assistants

Accountants and Auditors
Accounting Careers Information

Adjusters, Investigators & Collectors

Administrative Careers

Administrative Careers - Military

Administrative Job Descriptions

Administrative Professional

Administrative Service Managers

Advertising Career Profile


Bank Tellers

Bank Manager

Billing Clerks

Billing Clerks



Broadcast Media Careers

Budget Analyst

Business and Finance Careers

Business and Information Systems

Business Career Plans of Study

Business Development



Buying and Selling Careers

Careers in Accounting

Careers in Travel and Tourism

Business and Finance Related Sites

Business Basics and Tutorials

Accounting Tutorial

Ad Copy Writing Tutorial


Bankruptcy Basics

Business Culture and Etiquette

Business Definition -
The Free Encyclopedia
Business Electronics - How they Work
Business Entity - Types of Businesses
Business Ethics

Business Ethics Directory

Business Etiquette - International Culture

Business Etiquette Resources

Business Heroes

Business Services Skill Assessment
Business Theory - Voice of the Shuttle

Business Owner's Toolkit

Buying and Selling a Business Overview

Choosing Ownership Structure for Your Business

Collective Bargaining

Contracts - Overview and Law

Debate Central

Dress for Success

Dressing for the Job - PDF

Discover Business - Get Ready

Encyclopedia of Economics

English-Academic Resources

Entrepreneur Resources

Fundamental Analysis Articles

Glossary of Business Terms

Good and Bad Manners

Green Business - Starting a Green Business

History of Business & Labor

How Business Works -
How Stuff Works
How do Stock Options Work
International Trade Topics

Keyboarding - Printable Keyboard

Managing Change 101

Mind Your Own Business

Money Introduction and History

Museum of Modern Technology

Open and Online Learning Resources

Order of Business for Meetings
Patent and Trademark Resources

Parliamentary Procedure Introduction
Parliamentary Procedure - J. Cagle

Patents - How they Work

Presentation Skills


Property Rights

Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Resume Writing Resources

Roberts Rules of Order

Register Your Trademark- How to

Return On Equity

Software Tutorials - Digital Education Network

Small Business Toolkit

Touch Typing  - Online Program

Tutorials and Free Open Courses Resources

US Copyright Office

US Patent and Trademark Office

WebQuest -
So You Want to Star Your Own Business
Writing Business Letters - IPL
Writing Resources

Young Entrepreneurs Resources

Forms, Business Plans and Templates

Balance Sheet Template

Bids and Proposal Templates

Business Owners Tool Kit -
Forms and Templates
Business Plans Basics - SBA

Business Plans by BizPlan It

Business Plans Samples

Business Plans Samples

Business Plans- Writing Resources

Business Templates

Business Templates and Images

Invoice and Billing Templates - MS Office 
Invoice Sample

Power Point Business Templates

Press Release Template

Press Release Writing Tips

Record Keeping in Small Businesses

Record Keeping

Software Tips and Tricks - Excel, Access, Word

Templates for Your Business

Writing a Business Plan

Writing a Business Plan

Writing a Business Plan

Writing Resources - Letters, Resumes, Research Papers

Business Directories and Links

American Success.org - Free Empowerment Courses

Better Business Bureau

Business and Economics - WWW Virtual Library

Business and Technology Library

Business Communications Resources

Business Directories - Digital Librarian

Business and Economy- Yahoo

Business Guide - Berkeley

Business Hotlinks - SBA

Business Information Page - RefDesk

Business - Life Advice

CEO Express

Essential Competencies

Green Business

Green Business Guide

Minority Business Development Agency

Safety- NIOSH

Veterans Business Resources

Who Owns What - Media Ownership

Women in Business Hotlist

Women and Minority Business Resources

Small Business

ABCs of Small Business Success

Business Owner's Toolkit

Business Ownership -Women

Business Planning Tools

Business Resources  - SBA

Disaster Planning for Small Business

Entrepreneurs Links and Resources

Franchise - Buy a Franchise

Franchise and Business Opportunities

Franchising - How it Works

Idea Cafe -Small Business Information

National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship

Online Women's Business Center


Setting up a Home Office - How it Works

Small Business Administration

Small Business Knowledge Base

Small Business Legal Encyclopedia -NOLO

Small Business Notes

Small Biz Network

State Resources for Your Business

Telecommunications Resources

Types of Ownership Structures

Venture Capital

Venture Capital - How it Works

Women's Business Center

Yellow Pages-SBN

Young Biz.Com

Teaching Business

Computer Science and Business Education Curriculum

Business Education Career Path

Business Education -
Integrated Resource Package
Future Business Leaders of America

Junior Achievement -
Teaching Free Enterprise to Kids
Marketing Teacher

National Council on Economics Education

TechKnow Park

Vocational and Career Related Lesson Plans


Carbons to Computers -
The Changing Office
Guide to Business History Resources

History, Biography and Invention Links

History of the Supreme Court

History of Banking

Industrial Revolution and Standard of Living


Bar Grapher

Excel Tutorial

Excel Tutorials - MS Office

Excel 2003 Assistance

Graph Creator

Introduction to Spreadsheets

Math Links and Tutorials

Parts of a Spreadsheet Poster

Spreadsheet Activities and Information

Spreadsheet Diagram

Spreadsheet Online Tutorials

Spreadsheet Tutorial

Spreadsheet Tutorials

Spreadsheet- Setting Up a Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet and Graphing Tool

Spreadsheets and Graphing

Using Spreadsheets in the Classroom

Business Lesson Plans and Activities

Accounting Curriculum Units

Business Lesson Plans - GACTE

Business Related Lesson Plans

Career and Vocational Lesson Plans and Activities

Economic and Finance Related Lesson Plans

Marketing and Management Curriculum Units

Small Business Development Curriculum

Researching Companies

Better Business Bureau

Department of Commerce - US Gov

Gary Price's List of Lists

List of Companies by Industry

Magazines - Business

Power Reporting - Business

Red Herring -Business Technology Analysis

Researching an Industry or Company

Search Companies - BizJournal.com

World Fact Book


Emergency Management Guide -
Business and Industry
Health and Safety in Businesses
Occupational and Industrial Safety Resources

Risk Management Resources

Advertising and Public Relations

50 Years of Coca-Cola Advertisements
Ad Slogans - How they Work

Advertising and PR Companies

Advertising Ethical Guidelines

Emergence of Advertising 1850- 1920

How Web Advertising Works

Media Awareness Network

Economy Resources and Statistics

Bureau of Economic Analysis

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Consumer Price Index

Economic Resources for Students

Economic Theory - 10 Main Schools of Thought

Economic Working Papers

Economics Overview

Economy - A Pedestrian's Guide to the Economy

Economy - America.gov

Economy - Resources for the Economist

Economic Indicators

Industries at a Glance



Recessions - How they Work

State Data Census Centers

Supply and Demand Online Book

The Science of Economics

Trade and Economy - Data and Analysis

US Census Bureau

Financial, Insurance & Investment

Accounting - How it Works

Analyzing Stocks

Banks - How they Work

Banking Law and Overview

Business & Finance - Digital Librarian

Central Bank Websites

Finance and Banking Statistics

Finance, Insurance & Real Estate Industry Guide

Finance & Insurance Industry Guide

Financial Dictionary

Financial Times

How to Invest

Jumpstart Coalition for Personal Finance Literacy

Internet Economist - Tutorial for Economists

Investing Basics

Investor Education and Assistance

Investors Guide

Motley Fool- School of Investing

Money - Life Advice

Money 101

National Budget Simulation

Principles of Financial Accounting

SmartPros Accounting Portal

Stock Tutorial - When the Dow Brakes

Stock Market Handbook

Types of Banks

Wage and Tax Reporting System - IRS Basics

Wall Street Executive Library


About an IRS Audit

Business Taxes - NOLO

How Income Taxes Work

State Tax Form Links
Tax Preparation Guides - Ref Desk

US Tax Code Online
Writing Skills for the Tax Professional

Hotel Industry and Travel Industry

Hospitality and Tourism Resources

Law about Hotels and Restaurants

Travel Warnings - List of Countries

Human Resources

Employment Discrimination

Human Resources Guide
Sexual and Ethnic Discrimination


American Legal Ethics

Business Law Reading Room

Court Reporting

Court Reporting Ethics

Court Reporting History

Criminal Justice, Law  and Security Links

Circuit Courts of The United States

Famous Trials

How Our Laws are Made

Law About Topics

Law Library- WWW Virtual

Law - Legal News and Information

Law and Politics Internet Guide

Law Dictionary - NOLO

Law Dictionary - Law.com

Law- Legal Index

Law Suits and Mediation - Claims Court

Learning about the Legislative Process

Legal Resources

Legal Terms Dictionary

LII - Legal Information Institute  Cornell Law School

LSAT Legal Exam Tutorial
Security, Investigation and Protection Resources

THOMAS - Us Libraty of Congress

Understanding Federal Courts

US Constitution

US Courts - The Federal Judiciary

Management and Leadership

Jobs in Business Management

Free Management Library

ISO 9000 and ISO 1400

Management 101

Management - Free Online Courses MIT

Quality Management Principles

Sloan School of Management - Open Courseware

Student Business Leader Magazine


Know Marketing

How a Marketing Plan Works

How to Write a Marketing Plan

Marketing Basics

Marketing Education Information

Marketing Education Resources

Marketing Jobs - Know This

Marketing - Where Do I Start

Marketing Your Product

Sports Business Journal

Sales, Exporting, Trade

Exporting - A Basic Guide
International Trade Administration

International Trade Overview

Retail Trade Industry at a Glance

Trade and Exporting Tutorial

Wholesale & Retail Industry Guide

Wholesale Trade Industry at a Glance

Organizations and Associations

American Accounting Association

American Economic Association

Business Associations

Business Associations and Societies

Latino Business Association

National Association for Legal Professionals

National Business Association

National Court Reporters Association

Travel Industry Association of America


Association for Retail Technology Standards

Business and IT Standards

Business Curriculum Standards

Business Education Standards

Business, Management and Administration

Hospitality and Tourism Career Model and Skills

Marketing Skills Standard Project

Marketing Skills Standards

Vocational Education Standards

Schools, Certification and Licensing

Best Business Schools

Business Licenses

Business Scholarships

Business Schools.com

Business School Directory -Bschool.com

Business Schools - Yahoo

Court Reporting Certification Overview

Court Reporting Scholarship

Court Reporting Schools

Certified Professional Salesperson

Economists Departments and Schools

MBA Alliance - Useful Information about MBA's

MBA Explorer

Paralegal Schools

Rasmussen School of Business

Scholarship and Financial Aid Resources

School Search Resources


Accounting/Banking/Financial Job Resources

Administrative/Customer Service Jobs

Career Bank-
Accounting, Finance and Banking Jobs
Hospitality Job Resources

Human Resources Jobs

Job Market Resources

Retail Job Resources

Clipart, Image and Photographs

Bank Note Images Worldwide

Business Clip Art - Cool Clip Art

Business and Education Clipart

Clip art4 Projects

Cool Archive Clip Art

Occupations Clip Art

Picturing in Business - Hedcuts Explained

Related Resources

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