Career Counselor and Special Education Resources


Resources for Career and Guidance Counselors including links to : career curriculum, comprehensive guidance plans, national and state standards, career counseling interventions, career resources for people with disabilities, special education directories, career development and career exploration.

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Career Counselor Resources

Disability and Barrier Resources

Career Curriculum Resources

Career Curriculum Resources

Career Description Sites

Career Exploration Resources


Career Exploration

Career Exploration for Younger Students

Career Description Sites and Career Videos

Career Development Classroom Assessments

Career Development Worksheets

Career Quizzes and Self Assessments

Career Pathways Toolkit

Career Resource Library - America's Career Infonet

Internet Sites for Career Planning - NCDA

Lesson Plans - Career/Vocational

Occupational Outlook Handbook

O*Net Online

Self Assessment Worksheets

Skills for the Workforce

Communication Skills

Computer/Technology Tutorials

Skills for the Workplace

Technical Training and Career Schools


College Planning Resources

Scholarships by Career Field


Schools by State

Schools by Trade or Career

Open Courses - Basic, High School College

Labor Market and Job Readiness Resources

Career and College Planning

Job Market and Labor State Labor Market Resources

Job Search Guides

O*Net- Latest Employment Data

National and State Career Development Standards

Alabama Comprehensive Guidance State Model

Canadian Standards for Career Development

Career and Employability Standards - PDF

Career and Life Skills Standards Crosswalk

Career Technical Education Curriculum Standards

Career Counseling Competencies - PDF

Career Development and Occupational Standards

Career Development Competencies and Indicators

Career Development Competencies and Indicators - IL

Career Development Content Standards - ODE

Career Development for CTE Teachers

Career Education Standards - McREL

Career Education Standards - NJ

Ethical Standards for School Counselors

Learning Standards for Career Development - NY

Massachusetts Career Plan Model

National Career Development Guidelines

National Career Development Guidelines - ACRNA

New Hampshire K-12 Career Development Curriculum

Perforfance Standards for Guidance Counselors

School Counselor - National Model

School Counselor Performance Standards

Standards and Guidelines for Career Development

Standards for Teachers of Exceptional Children

Standards in Practice Model

State Career Pathway Resources

State Workplace Skills Standards

.....Additional Resources
    Education and CTE Standards

    Industry Skill Standards

Career Counseling Interventions

Blue Print 4 Life - Design, Manage and Build Careers

Career Curriculum Resources

Career Development Issues
Careers and Guidance Interventions - PDF

Conflict Resolution Resources

Conflict Stages

Developing Career Objective Guide
Diversity Toolkit
Guidance Lessons Plans

Learning and Training for Work in Knowledge Society

Jump Start Your Career - Start Your Education Toolkit

Making Waves - Career Development and Policy

Preparing High School Students for College and Employment

Prepatory Experiences for Youth with Disabilities

Recommended Standards for School-Based Peer Mediation

Self Efficacy Information

Social Responsibility - Lesson and Activities

Student Success - What Advisors can Do
Youth Who Drop Out

Work-based Learning with Students with Disabilities

Career Guidance Resources

Career Guide - Steps to Success - PDF

Career Guidance and Public Policy - PDF

Career Guidance Handbook - OCED

Career Management Guide - PDF

Career Management Guide - Pathway to Success

Career Stages

Contact Point -
Career, Learning and Networking Resources
Decisions Without Direction - PDF

Enhancing Career Development

Career Development Theory

Career Development Modules

Career Development Resources

Career Development Theory - PDF

Career Development Theory Overview

Coginitive Information Processing Theory

Developmental Theories

Educational Theories

Egan's Skilled Helper Model

Erik Erickson

Krumboltz's Learning Theory of Career Counseling

Parsons and the Progressive Movement

Parsons - Father of Vocational Guidance

Holland Codes

Holland's Theory of Types

Levinson on Development

Self-Efficacy Defined

Self-Efficacy Beliefs and Career Development

Social Cognitive Theory and Self Efficacy Overview

Super's Contributions

Super's Life Long Process Theory

Theory of Work Adjustment

Vocational Counseling - Help for the Social Scientists

.....Additional Resources
    Child Development Theories

    Early Childhood Resources

    Learning Skills

Research and Statistics

Career Guidance Handbook for Policy Makers - PDF

Center for School Counseling Research

College Transition Research Organizations

NCWD Youth - Pub Bank - Research Summaries

School Matters - How Schools and Districts are Performing

The Education Trust - Closing the Achievement Gap

What Works Clearinghouse

.....Additional Education and CTE Statistics

Associations and Organizations

American Counseling Association

American School Counselors Association

American Rehabilitation Counseling Association

Council for Accreditation of Counseling Programs -
Counseling Related Organizations

National Association of College Admission Counselors

National Association of School Psychologists

National Board of Certified Counselors

National Career Development Association

National Office for School Counselor Advocacy

National Research Center for College/University Admissions

State Counseling Associations

STRYVE - National Yourth Violence Center

NCLB Guidance

Guidance Counselor Resources

American Society for Suicide Prevention

Career and College Planning Resources

Career Curriculum Resources

Career Description Sites

Career Exploration Resources

College and Career Information for Counselors

Counselor Resource Center - Canada

Counseling Code of Ethics - ACA

Education Articles, Promising Practices -
National School Board
Florida's School Counseling and Guidance Framework

Focus Adolescent Services

Health and Self-Help Resources

How School Counselors Help Students Succeed - PDF

Psychology and Mental Health Classroom

Role of School Counselor

School Counselor Brochures

School Counselor' Competencies in Assessment

School Counselor's Scope of Work

School Psychology Resources Online

Student and Parent Resources - College Admissions

Comprehensive Guidance Plans

Arizona Model for School Counseling - PDF

ASCA National Model

California School Counseling and Support Guidelines - PDF

Guidance Curriculum  9-12

International Competencies for Vocational Guidance Practitioners -
Louisiana Model for Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling

Missouri Comprehensive Guidance Program

Planning a School Guidance Program Template -
Utah Comprehensive Counseling and Guidance Program

State Comprehensive School Guidance Plans

Counselor Education - Certification and Licensing

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor Certification

American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy

American Association of State Counseling Boards

American Speech and Language Boards

Association of Social Work Boards

Choosing a Career in Counseling

Center for Credentialing and Education

Certified Counselor Programs

Counseling Exam Preparation

Counseling Exam Licensure Prep Review

Directory of Accredited Counseling Programs

Global Career Development Facilitator Certification

National Board for Certified Counselors

National Counselor Exam Information

Occupational Therapy Certification

Psychology Boards

School Counseling Competencies

School Guidance Counselor Resources and Links

State Licensure and Certification Information

State Licensing Board Listings

Teaching and Learning Resources

Free Online Learning Resources -
Basic Skills, HS and College
Skills for the Workforce

Teaching and Learning

Special Education Directories

Council for Exceptional Children
Deaf-Blindness Resources - NCDB

Disability Fact Sheets

Disability Organizations - Disaboom
Disability Resource Index

Disability Resources for Each State

Disabilities - My Child's Special Needs

Disaboom - Living with a Disability

Guide to Disability Resources

IEP Guide

Meeting the Needs of All Learners

Medline - Disabilities

My Child's Special Needs - Disabilities

National Center for the Dissemination of Disability Research

National Center for Learning Disabilities

National Clearinghouse on Disability and Exchange -
Mobility International
National Center for Special Education Research
National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research
National Dissemination Center for Children With Disabilities
Office of Special Education Programs

PACER - Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights

Rehabilitation Services Administration

Special Education Organizations

State Agencies Serving Children

State Director of Special Education

Universal Design of Instruction

Accommodations for People with Disabilities

Accommodations for Youth with Disabilities

Assistive Technology

Assistive Teaching Guide

Center for an Accessible Society

Do-It Program

Domestic Assistance Federal Catalog

Life on Wheels

Providing Reasonable Accommodations for People with Disabilities

Toolkit for Teaching and Assessing Students

Becoming a Special Education Teacher

CEC- Professions in Special Education

Legislation, Laws and Government Initiatives

411 on Disability Disclosure


ADA Library

Archive ADA - The Path to Equality

Creating a Blueprint for Job Development

Customized Employment- A New Competitive Edge

Disabilities Act Resources - JAN

Disability Benefits

Disability and Discrimination - ADA

Disability Discrimination - Civil Rights

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Emergency Preparedness for People with Disabilities

Enforcement Contacts

Federal Domestic Assistance Catalog

Guidelines for Inclusion - Ensuring Education Access for All

Heart Act

Individual with Disabilities Education Act 2004

Learning Disabilities Worldwide

Kids Against Bullying -
National Bullying Prevention Awareness
Office of Disability Employment Policy

Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services

Mental  Physical Disability Law - ABA

National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability

National Youth Employment Coalition

New Freedom Initiative

No Child Left Behind Policy Documents

Small Business and Entrpreneurship Service

Special Education Law Library - Wrightslaw

State Education and Disability Resources

State Resources for People with Disabilities

Standards and Guidelines - Disability and Work - ILO

Vocational Rehabilitation State Offices

Workforce Recruitment Program

Youth with Disabilities and the Workforce Investment Act

Career Resources for People with Disabilities/Barriers

A Guide for People with Disabilities Seeking Employment

Ability Awareness - House Building Project
Academic and Career Readiness -
Implications for High School Practice
Building Bridges

Bookshare - Accessible Books for People with Disabilities

Career Development for People with Disabilities - PDF

Career Focused Services for People with Disabilities -
Community College
Career Planning Begins with Assessment

Careers and the Disabled Magazine

Casey Family Programs - Foster Care Support

College - You Can Do It

Disabilities and Careers

Disabilities and Work

Disability Disclosure - A Workbook for Youth

Disability Mentoring Day

Do-It Program

Guideposts for Success

Help for People with Disabilities Prepare for Career

Human Resource Toolbox - Mobility International

High School High Tech Manual

High Tech Connections for Students with Disabilities

Life Skills Guidebook

Mentor Youth with Disabilities

Model High School Projects

NCWD Youth-
National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability
NCSET - Resources for People with Disabilities

Paving the Way to Work -
Career Focused Mentoring
Preparing Students with Disabilities for High Tech Careers

School-based Preparatory Experiences Jump Start

Self Discovery to Self Advocacy - PDF

Simply Careers -
Career Development for Students with Disabilities
The Big Trip - Self Discovery and Planning for the Future
Transition Services

Women/Minorities/ Disabilities in Science and Engineering

Workbased Learning Case Studies

Youthood Curriculum Guide

Youth Who Drop Out

Youth with Disabilities and the Workforce Investment Act

Youth with Disabilities

Transitions for Special Needs Students

Access Transition

Adolescent Autonomy Checklist

Adolescent Transition Notebook

Adult Transition Guide

Checklist for Independence - PDF

Centers for Independent Living

Communications Accross Barriers Workbook - PDF
Data Set - Disabilities and Occupation

Family Information Notebook

Get Ready for College - PDF

Guideposts for a Successful Transition

Gude to Transition Resources

High School/High Tech -
Promoting Careers in Science and Technology
High School vs College - Key Differences, Laws, Resources

IEP and Transition Planning

Independent Living Institute

Independent Living Resources

Individual Transisiton Plan

Interagency Transition Team Development/Facilitation

It's My Life - Guide to Postsecondary Training

Life Skills for Vocational Success

Living Independence for Everyone

My Transitions - Transition Resources

National Center on Secondary Education and Transition

National Council on Independent Living

Needs Analysis for Work Skills - For Youth with Disabilities

The Seven Challenges Workbook - Communication Skills

Transition Assessment Guide

Transition Assistance for Veterans

Transition Coalition Publications

Transition Guide -
Preparing Special Needs Students for Post-Secondary
Transition to College

Transition to Postsecondary Education

Employment Resources - Disabilities/Barriers

ABILITY Awareness - Building Homes

Accessible Employment

Adult Workforce Preparation Resources

Alternative Work Arrangements for People with Disabilities

America's Heroes at Work - Supporting Disabled Veterans

Creating a Blueprint for Job Development

Customized Job Development

Customized Employment- A New Competitive Edge

Customized Employment - A Guide to Job Creation

Disability and Volunteerism

Disability Disclosure and Interviewing Techniques

Disability Employment 101

Disclosure of Disability Information

Diversity Job Board

Employer Perspectives on People with Disabilities

Employing People with Disabilities

Going to Work -
A Guide to Benefits for Youth with Disabilities
Job Accommodation Network

Job Analysis  - An Important Employment Tool

Job Applicants and the ADA

Job Center Curriculum - YouthHood

Managing Disabilities in the Workplace

NCWD/Youth - Employment Resources for Youth with Disabilities

Recruiting - Disability and Employment

Start On Success - Paid Internships

Supporting Employees with Disabilities

VetSuccess Program

Workforce Discovery- Diversity and Disability in the Workplace

Workink - Canada's Resources for People with Disabilities

Workplace Technologies for People with Disabilities

.....Additional Job Search Guides

Guides and Activities for Students with Disabilities

Building a Professional Portfolio

Career Focus Inventory

Dare to Dream - A Guide to Planning Your Future -
Disability Friendly Schools

Education and Job Seeking Skills - Workbook

Knowing Myself

Individualized Transition Plan -
LD Strategies and Teaching Resources

Learn and Earn Online Video for Students

Plan for Achieving Self Support - Student Guide -
Preparing for an International Career

Profiles of Students with Disabilities

Resources for Teaching and Training - Work and Family

Toolkit -
Teaching and Assessing Students with Disabilities
Your Employment Rights as Individual with Disability


Youthink - Canada's Resources for Students with Disabilities

.....Additional Resources
    Online Learning Activities

    Online Basic Skills Builders

Safety and Health

Bright Futures - Promoting Healthy People and Families

Build Your Own Care Notebook

Disability Etiquette

Disaster Preparedness for People with Disabilities

Disaster Resources to Support People with Disabilities

Learn the Stages of Development - Act Early

Life My Way

Finding High Quality Direct Suppot Professionals

Healthcare Transitions - Workbooks and Resources

Healthcare Transition Workbook

Healthy and Ready to Work

Improving Health Care for Women with Disabilities -PDF

National Mental Health Information Center

Portable Health Record Template

.....Additional Resources
    Health Resources

    Occupational Safety Resources

    Self-Help Resources

Career and Vocational Lesson Plans

Related Career Resources

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