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The resources on this page provide links to career development curriculum for elementary and middle school students.  Below the section Career Curriculum Resources for Younger Students are resources for high school students and adults.

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        "The NCDG framework describes a continuum of personal, education and career skills young people and
        adults should master to get the most from education, life and work."

        McREL provides straightforward descriptions of the knowledge and skills that are embedded in each benchmark
        and standard:The Arts, Behavioral Studies, Civics,Economics, Foreign Language, Geography, Health, History,
        Language Arts,Life Skills,Mathematics,Physical Education,Science, and Technology.

Career Curriculum Resources for Younger Students

Elementary Career Development Curriculum
"The Career Development and Occupational Studies Resource Guide with Core Curriculum is a companion document to the CDOS learning standards. The document is also rich with teacher developed classroom activities that help students achieve the CDOS standards."

Career Exploration Workbook

72 pages of career exploration student activities, worksheets and lessons.  Large PDF file.  Please note document copyright.

Career Guidance Program Resources

The Idaho Comprehensive School Counseling Program Model: The Tool Kit for School Counselors provides contact information for the following resources; Taking The Mystery Out of the Student Learning Plan, Exploring Career Pathways, Handbook for Advisors and Basic Workplace Competencies.

Montana Career Guide

"The purpose of this guide is to help you take the first step in setting career goals. Whether you've known
what job you want since the second grade, or have no idea what kind of jobs are out there, this guide can
help. Inside you'll find an interest assessment that will help you match up your interests with specific jobs."

Career Guidance Curriculum - Middle Grades

Modules with lesson plans, student activities and worksheets.  Modules titles are listed below.
Self-Awareness, Life Career Management Skills, Educational Planning, Career Awareness, Exploration and Planning, Glossary of Terms, Sample Assessment Forms.

USA Today Career Quest Workbook

"The reproducible pages listed below will reinforce students' understanding of career planning as a continuous process directed by changes in the workplace and the goals of the worker." A sampling of chapter titles: Looking at your life,Turning dreams into goals, Decisions, Decisions, Tomorrow's workplace: Fewer managers, but more leaders, What is success?. If at first you don't succeed.  Free registration 30 pages

Career Plan - How to Guide

"The New York State Education Department Career Plan How-To Guide is intended to serve as a resource for administrators, counselors, and teachers as they begin the process of designing and implementing a comprehensive K-Adult career planning system for all learners."

Personal Planning K-7 Curriculum

This curriculum resources from British Columbia's Ministry of Education, provides instructional activities, assessment strategies and learning resources for each grade level grouped under three broad categories: planning process, personal data and career development.

Career Development: Occupational Studies Resources - New York

Friends of the Congree Swamp Activity Guide

"The objectives of this instructional guide are to: Increase awareness of careers available to men and women in the National Park Service and the world in general. Inspire students to make career choices in the environmental and/or natural resource fields."

K-12 Career Development Curriculum Framework

Purpose of this Career Development Curriculum Framework is to "establish high standards for career development and serve as a guide for making local decisions about career development, delivery and assessment."

Career Development Guides

Includes career development resources for K through Adults.

Alignment of Career and Life Role Common Goals with Career-Related Learning Standards

"Career and life role education helps students prepare to integrate the demands of six life roles (i.e., individual, learner, producer, consumer, family member and citizen) into family, community and work settings. Career and life role education helps students connect the personal side of their lives ("learning to live") to educational growth ("learning to learn") and career development ("learning to work"). "

Career Development through Children's Literature

"Career education is most typically thought of in conjunction with upper elementary, middle and high school curriculum and less often within the scope of early elementary and even Pre-K classrooms. Yet critical components of career education--self-knowledge, and awareness of the larger community and world in which one lives--are emphasized in many ways to younger children in their classrooms. The goal of this bibliography is to connect these components of the Pre-K and elementary education curriculum to the concept of career education through children's literature."

Curriculum for Careers

"This curriculum focuses on the unique academic, personal, and social needs of middle school learners, providing opportunities for them to explore career clusters while developing foundational knowledge and skills applicable to all career fields. Our goal was to include engaging opportunities for students to discover career possibilities and how these possibilities align with their personal goals and interests."

High School and Adult Career Curriculum Resources

Where are You Going Career Guide
Career curriculum document from Washington State Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board-  Size of complete document is 157 pages but can be downloaded in smaller sections titled: Interests, Occupations, Choosing and Preparing. 

8-12 Career and Personal Planning - Integrated Resource Package

"The aim of Career and Personal Planning 8 to 12 is to enable students to become thoughtful, caring individuals who plan and reflect, make informed choices, and take responsibility for their own personal and career development. The provincially prescribed learning outcomes for CAPP 8 to 12 are grouped under three broad organizers:Planning Process, Personal Development and Career Development "

Working in the 21st Century

Working in the 21st Century has articles, charts, graphs and data relating to the US workforce which can be viewed online or downloaded and printed. Single copies of the print version of Working in the 21st Century may be ordered through the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Career Development Manual

Developed by Career services at the University of Waterloo, this online manual is "designed to help you consider the following questions: Are you concerned about the future? Are you unsure how to start your career? Do you need to make changes in your direction? Are you concerned about finding stable and secure work?  Manual may be used online, or print copy purchased.  Includes sections on self awareness, career trends, decision making, and goal setting.

Career Compass

"The Compass is a step-by-step guide to career planning. Learn about yourself, the world of work, and how you can reach your goals."

Career and Educational Exploration: It's About Your Future

"As you consider your move from school to life, we have developed this booklet for you to use as a valuable resource. Our goal is to provide you with important information and the chance to consider options for career exploration and decision making. Provided by the Great Valley High School Counseling Department.

Vocational Technical Curriculum
Vocational Technical Curricula framework and Lessons from Connecticut Regional Vocational Technical Schools

Career Anchor - PDF

The Rhode Island Career Resource Network (CRN) provides training to counselors, teachers, and others who assist
students or clients with career management. It also produces or supports computer programs, publications, and classroom activities materials related to career management. The Rhode Island Career Anchor is one of the materials produced
by the Career Resource Network. It is designed for high school students and adults.

South Carolina Career Guidance Model

South Carolina Career Guidance Model provides numerous resources, activities, and information which a district and its schools can use to assure that all students receive quality career guidance

Blueprint for Life/Work

"This Blueprint provides a list of competencies considered important to develop throughout one's life/work building process. These competencies were developed according to three main areas (personal management, learning and work exploration, career building) and provide a four level developmental process (elementary, middle/junior high school, high school, adult)."

Canadian Standards and Guidelines for Career Development

"The main goal of the Canadian Standards and Guidelines for Career Development initiative is to spell out the competencies that service providers need in order to deliver comprehensive career services to clients across the lifespan."

California Career Planning Guide

"The California Career Planning Guide 2003-2005 helps people of all ages plan their futures. It includes an introduction to what career planning is about, self-assessments, ways to investigate the world of work, how to identify and meet education and training needs and how to create a Career Action Plan. "

Career Development Standards and Guidelines

Career Development is defined as the process of helping people develop and accept an integrated and accurate picture of themselves and their role in the "World of Work." Career Development activities are designed to extend services to all schools and the students in order to enhance the student's abilities to make wise and realistic career and educational choices.

Balancing Life and Work

"This guide is devoted to the integration of humanities coursework with career exploration. "

High School Career Development

This curriculum provides a framework for counselors to assist students: acquire the skills to investigate the world of work in relation to knowledge of self and to make informed career decisions, employ strategies to achieve future career success and satisfaction and understand the relationship between personal qualities, education and training, and the world of work.

Career Preparation Curriculum

"The Career Preparation Curriculum Teacher's Guide presents busy educators with a quick, meaningful way to implement the Career Portfolio. The goal of the Guide is to provide clear objectives, age-appropriate lesson plans, and measurable outcomes."

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