Health and Medical Basics, Tutorials and Nursing

This page provides links to Health Learning Resources: Health and Medical Related Tutorials, Health Training and Medical Schools, Nursing Resources, Health Associations, Societies and Organizations, and Job Resources.

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HealthTutorial Resources

Health Related Schools and Training

DNA and Genetics Tutorials

DNA From the Beginning

DNA Learning Center

DNA Structure - Animated Tutorial

DNA Structure Tutorial

Essentials of Genetics

Genetics - Learning Center
Your Genes Your Health

Blood and Cells Tutorials

Blood - Functions and Formations

Blood Cells

Blood Clotting

Blood Tutorials

Cell Cycle and Mitosis Tutorial

Cell Biology Course

Cell Division Tutorial

Coagulation Disorder Tutorial

Cross-Section Tutorial

Cells Alive

Cells and Functions - Graphic Gallery

Cell Biology

Hematology Interactive Basic Review

Hemostasis Basics

HIV Infection

Biology Tutorials

BIODIDIDAC - Images for Teaching Biology

Biology Book Online
Biology Headstart - Tutorial

Biology Interactive Tutorials

Biology Project - Online Book

Biology Project- Tutorials, Problems, Activities

Common Molecules

Histology Tutorial

Headstart in Biology - Free Nursing Course

Molecules in Motion - Animations

On-Line Biology Book

The Biology Project -
Interactive Resource for Learning Biology

Body Systems Tutorials

Body Quest - ThinkQuest

Body Systems - PATTS

Endocrine System

Get Body Smart - Human Anatomy and Physiology

Major Systems of the Body

Nervous System - Wikipedia

Seeing, Hearing, Smelling World
Skeletal System Images

Anatomy Tutorials


Anatomy - Gray's

Anatomy on the Internet

Atlas of the Body

Auditory Tour - How the Ear Works 

Body Basics

Bones of the Human Anatomy

Brain Model Tutorial

Brain - Explore the Human Brain

Cranial Nerves Tutorial

Crossection Tutorial

DNA Structure - Animated Tutorial

Exoskeletons Project - Interactive Learning

Exploring Anatomy and Physiology

eSkeleton Project

Get Body Smart - Tutorials

Heart Interactive Tutorial

Human Anatomy - Online Lesson

Human Body

Human Body Interactive - BBC

Invisible Man

Human Physiology - Wikibooks

Marching Through the Invisible Man

Medical Gross Anatomy - UMich Edu

Muscle Atlas

Neuroanatomy Interactive

Neuroscience Tutorial -
Washington School of Medicine
Terms for Anatomical Location

The Heart - On Online Exploration

Tooth Morphology Lab

Skull Anatomy Tutorial

Structure of the Human Body - Tutorial
Superficial Muscle Tutorial

Upper Extremity Muscle Atlas

Whole Brain Atlas

Virtual Body

Disease Tutorials

Diseases and Disorers Tutorials

First Aid Tutorials

Basic First Aid

Eye Emergencies

First Aid - WikiBook

First Aid Skills

Fundamentals of Emergency Management

CPR - Learn CPR

Training for Chemical Emergencies - Video Webcasts

Fast First Aid

First Aid and Safety

First Aid for Serious Cut

First Aid Course - Virtual Navy Hospital

Health Tutorials

Academic Emergency Management -
Free Courses and Books
Action Principles - Bettering Your Life

Atrial Fibrillation Tutorial

Basics of MRI - Online Book

Clinical Care Guidelines

Community Health Assessment Online Course

Emergency and Risk Management Textbook

Evidence Based Medicine Tutorial

Evidence Based Public Health Tutorial

Free Medical Books

Health Interactive Tutorials
Health Literacy - CDC

Health Literacy Tutorials

Health Tutorials - Diseases - Interactive

Healthy Roads - Medical Information in Various Languages

Informed Consent Tutorial

Interactive Health Tutorials - Medline

Introduction to Evidence Based Medicine

Learn Well - Nursing Continuing Ed

Medical School Curriculum

Nutrition Introduction Course

Public Health Practices Online Course

Public Health Preparedness Online Course

Public Health Threats

Reproductive Health Tutorials

Childbirth and Pregnancy - Effective Care

Family Planning Guidebook
Managing Complications in Childbirth

Reproductive Health - WHO

Reproductive Health Library

Reproductive Health in Refugee Situations

Standards for Maternal and Neonatal Care

Vaginal Birth - Patient Information

Medical Technology Tutorials

Basics of MRI - Online Book

Imaging Tutorials - CT and MRI

Introduction to Cochlear Implants

Introduction to Radiology

Medical Tests - Patients Guide to
Microscopy Primer

MRI Basics

Nuclear Medicine - WikiBook

Perfusion - What is Perfusion. Types of

Pharmacology Math Tutorial

Phlebotomy Tutorial

Radiology Tutorials

Robotic Surgery - How it Will Work

Use of Human Subjects in Research Tutorial

Venipuncture Tutorial


Bioethics and Healthcare - Ethics Resources

Bioethics.Net - Where the World Finds Bioethics

Bioethics Resources - Dartmouth

Medical Ethics Resources


BioTech Studies

Biotechnology - Wikipedia

Biomedical Engineering at NIH

Biotechnology Presentations - Iowa State

Biotechnology Tutorial

Hospice and Pain

Hospice Patient Alliance

Hospice Foundation of America

Hospice Net-
Death, Dying, Caregiving and Grief 
National Respite Locator

Pain - A World of Information


Dental Infection Control Guidelines

Dental Medicine-University of Connecticut

Dentist Info.com

Golden Proportions and Dental Aesthetics

Lesson Plans

Career and Vocational Lesson Plans

Directories of Health Training and Medical Schools

ABHES - Accredited Schools
Accredited Health Technical Training Programs

Accredited Laboratory Technician Programs

Accredited Massage Therapy Schools

Accredited Medical Schools by Specialty - ACGME

Accredited Medical Schools - AMA

Accredited Program Search

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Accredited Programs

Allied Dental Programs

Allied Health Careers - Accredited Program Search

Allied Health Programs by Specialty

Allied Health Schools

Clinical Lab Schools and Programs

Counseling Programs

Dietetic Programs

Dental Laboratory Schools

Dental Schools Search

Health Administration Management Programs

Health Education Programs

Health Technology Training in Georgia

Massage and Theraputic Bodywork School Finder

Medical Assistant Programs

Medical Assistants Schools - Accredited Programs

Medical Informatics Schools and Programs

Medical Licensing - State Medical Boards

Medical School and Residency Search

Medical Schools - ACGME

Medical Schools - AAMC

Nursing Programs

Nursing School Search

Nursing Schools - AACN

Occupational Therapy Programs - AOTA

Osteopathic Medical Schools

Perfusion Training Programs

Pharmacy Schools

Pharmacy Schools and Training

Physical Therapist Programs - APTA

Physical Therapist Assistant Programs-APTA

Public Health Schools

Public Health Training Schools

Radiologic Technology Accredited Programs

Radiological Technology Programs

School Nursing Certification

Therapeutic Recreation Schools

Specific Health Training Schools

Academy of Health Care Professionals

ACT College - Allied Health School

American Career College

Apollo College -
Dental and Medical Health Careers
Arizona College of Allied Health

Berdan Institute - Health Careers

Career Care Institute -
Medical Assisting, Massage, Dental
CNA Training and Certification

Community Care College -
Medical, Dental, Surgical, Phlebotomy
Concorde Career College -
Medical Professions
Danville School of Nursing

Delaware County Community College -
Health Programs
Delaware Valley Academy-
Dental and Medical Assistants
Emergency Training Services

Fuller Circles -
School for Therapeutic Massage
Georgia Medical Institute -
Massage, Billing, Medical Assistants
Health Works Institute - Massage Training

High Tech Institute -
Medical, Surgical, Pharmacy,Dental Assisting
Illinois School of Health Careers

Institute of Medical and Dental Technology

LPN Training in PA

Mandl School -
Specialty Medical Training
Marianne College -
Nursing and Allied Health
Massage Therapy
-Southeastern Neuromuscular 
Massage Therapy Training Institute

Massage Therapy - National Institute

Medical Schools

Medical Arts and Business Academy

Medix School -
Medical, Dental Office, Phlebotomy, EMT
Medvance -
Medical Training Programs
Midwest Institute for Medical Assistants

National Academy of Massage Therapy

North Texas Professional Career Institute -
Health Careers
Ogden Institute of Massage Therapy

PA School of Muscle Therapy

PCI College - Medical Programs

Pima Medical Institute

Practical Nuring Program - PA

Rasmussen - Medical Lab Technician

Sentara College of Health Sciences

School of Medicine - Tufts

Tufts School of Dental Medicine

Sentra School of Health Professions

Southwest Health Career Institute

St. Louis College of Health Careers

Universal College of Healing Arts - Massage Therapy


Nursing Scholarship Search

Scholarships and Financial Aid Resources

Tylenol Scholarship - Nursing Students

Medical Image Directories

Health Education Assets Library -
Registration Required
Historical Medical Images - Clendening Library

History of Medicine Photos

Medieval Medical Pictures

Medical and Disease Pictures

Medical Health Image Links

Medical Images on the Web - Duke University

Radiologic Images


Dream Anatomy Historical Images

History of Medicine
Madame Curie - The Science of Radioactivity

Medical History Links

Medical History and Bioethics Resources

Preserving Our Medical History

Associations and Societies

American Accreditation Healthcare Commission

American Medical Specialties

Administration on Aging

American Association of Medical Assistants

American Association of Respiratory Care

American Medical Association

American Pain Society

Health and Medical Sciences Associations

Health Agencies, Societies and Organizations

Health Organization Search

Medical Specialty Associations

Medical Specialty Boards

National Association of School Nurses

National Committee for Quality Assurance

National Health Organizations

School Nursing Organizations

Specialty Medical Boards


A Student's Guide to Medical Literature

Clinical Guidelines Clearinghouse

How to Find Medical Information

International Center for Medical Research

Medical Dictionary

Medical Encyclopedia

National Institutes of Health

Researching Medical Literature on the Internet

Scirus - Scientific Search

Journals and Industry News

BioMed Central - Open Access Journals

Free Medical Journals Site
Healthcare Industry Facts and Analysis

Journal of Community Nursing - Open Access

Journal of School Nursing

Medical Journals- WebMedLit

Medline Plus

Medscape Library -
Journals for Health Clinicians
Where Technology and Healthcare Meet

Medical Dictionaries and Terms

Medical Dictionary - MedMedterms

Medical Dictionary - Medline Plus

Medical Dictionaries - Healthfinder

Medical Library - WebMD

MedLexicon - Medical Terms, Abbreviations

Medical Terminology - Medical Transcription

Medical Terminology Prefixes Practice

Medical Terminology Short Course

References for Medical Notes

Alternative Medicine and Therapies

Alternative Medical Systems

Alternative Medicine Foundation

Alternative Medicine Internet Resources

Alternative Medicine Overview - Wikipedia

Alternative Therapies

American Art Therapy Association

Art Therapy on the Web

Chiropractic - A Skeptical Guide


Holistic Health

Holistic Medicine Resources

Naturopathic Medicine

Play Therapy Online Resources

Recreational Therapy

Health Jobs

All Health Jobs

All Therapy Jobs

Employment Options - NIH

Health Jobs USA

Health, Safety and Environmental Job Resources

Healthcare and Physician's Jobs

Job Market Resources

Public Health Career Opportunities

Nursing Career Resources

Nursing Directories

American Association of Colleges of Nursing

National Institute of Nursing Research

Nursing Center.com

Nursing Center  - Lippencott

Nursing Center - Martindale's

Nursing Career Information
Nurse Practitioner Related Links

Nursing Health Directory

Nursing in America

Nursing Notes

Nursing - Hardin MD

Nursing Organizations - AACN

Nursing - Primary Care Internet Guide

Nursing Sites

Nursing Theories

The Nursing Page

    Additional Resources - Health Career Descriptions


International Medical Associations

National Organization of Nurse Practitioners

National League for Nursing
National Health Associations

Nursing Associations -AACN

Nursing Associations


State Boards of Nursing

State Divisions of Occupational Licensure

Multicultural Resources

Discover with Diversity -
Ethnic & Cultural Resources
Ethnic HealthCare Resources
Ethnomed - Ethnic Medicine

National Alliance for Hispanic Health

Related Health Resources

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