Lessons Plans for the Arts and Media

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Arts: Visual, Graphic Arts and Photography  Lesson Plans and Activities

General and Fine Art Lesson Collections

Art and Music Lesson Plans - Core Knowledge
Art History Lesson Plans
Art in the 21st Century - Lesson Plans

Art in the Classroom Lesson Plans

Art Lesson Plans Crayola

Art Lesson Plans - Dick Blick

Art Lesson Plans - Getty

Art Lesson Plans - Illinois State Museum

Art Lesson Plans - Kodak

Art Lesson Plans - MSU Edu

Art Lesson Plans - NGA

Art Thnink - Explore Modern Art Lesson Units

Arts and Culture Lesson Plans

Arts and Humanities Lesson Plans

Arts Edge - Kennedy Center Lesson Plans

Arts Education Curriculum Guide and Lessons

Arts Lesson Plan Search - PBS

Curricula, Lessons and Activities - Arts Edge

Gateway to 21st Centry Skills - Art Lesson Plans

Getty Art Lesson Plan Search

Highschool Art Lesson Plans

Incredible Art Department Lesson Plans

MERLOT - Art Lesson Resources

Arts: Visual and Graphic

A Lifetime of Color - Art Lessons

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Abstract Expressionism - PDF

Art Projects - Canon Creative Park

Art Through the Ages Webquest

Arts in Education - Articles and Resources

Behind the Masks - Exploring Art and Culture

Ceramics and Pottery Lesson Plans

Chesterwood -
The Workshop of an American Sculptor
Crayola Lesson Ideas

Creating a Classroom Museum

Decorative Arts Lesson Plans

Educator's Reference Desk - Arts Lesson Plans

Every Picture Has a Story Lesson Plan

Eyes on Art

Exploring Art Through Descriptive Writing

Exploring Leonardo

Fashion WebQuest

Fine Arts Education - Lesson Resources

Folk Art as Communication

Landscape Painting and Artists

Making Furniture that's Fit for a King

Making Paper Lesson Plan

Modern Art Lesson Plans

Modern Art Teacher Resources

National Gallery of Art Lessons

Native American Rock Art

Philadelphia Museum of Art - Lesson Plans

Recreating Landscapes Lessons and Activities

Renaissance Connection - Lesson Plans

Sculpture of the 20th Century - PDF

Sketch to Sketch Strategy

Smithsonian Education - Art Lesson Plans

Stamping and Printing with Objects Found -PDF

Still Life with Students

Teaching Art - Nancy Beal

Teaching with Historic Places - Art Lesson Plans

The Craft of Writing Unit

Thinkfinity - Lesson Plans and Interactives

Visual and Performing Arts Standards - PDF

Vocational Technical Curricula and Lessons

Working with Sculpture - Lesson Plans

Your Students Can Be Webmasters

    Related Art Resources   

    Art Careers and Links
    Graphic Arts and Printing

Art Education Standards

Art Education Standards
Standards - National Standards for Music Education

Standards - State Art Education Policies

Photography and Film Lessons

A Beginner's Guide to Digital Photography

Adobe Digital Kids

Arts Edge

Ansel Adams Lesson Plan

Basic Photography Lesson Plan

Basic Strategies in Reading Photographs

Blurb - Free Bookmaking Software

Cameras and Careers

Caption Writing Lesson Plan

Captions - A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Career Exploration Games

Cinematography Lessons

Civil War Photography Lesson Plan

Color Photography Lesson Index

Create Your Own Book - Blurb.com

CyberMuse - Integrating Art into Your Lessons

Digital Gadgets in the Classroom

Digital Storytelling - PDF

Digital Photography Workshop

Dorothea Lange Photographs Lesson

EDSITEment - Art and Culture Lesson Plans

Education at the Getty - Art Lesson Plans

Effective Photojournalism

Every Picture has a Story - Smithsonian

Extreme Photography - Both Sides of the Lens

Explore Point of View Through Areial Photography

Exploring Photographs - Lesson Plans

Film and Video Lessons and Activities - Adobe

Filmaking and Photography Curricular Resources

Film Editing Lessons

Fun Stuff to do with Your Photos

Get the Picture - Thinking about Photographs

GIMP - Free Photo Imaging Software

High School Journalism Lesson Plans

Imaging Software - Free

Incredible Art Department - Photography

Internet for Photography - Deeveloping Research Skills

Internet Photo Essay Project

Introducing the Camera

Introduction to Digital Photography

Make a Movie with MovieMaker

Making Movie Storyboards - Lesson

Make Your Own Book - Blurb

Making Photo Essays Easy

Me A Photo Essay Lesson Plan - PDF

Motion Picture Analysis Worksheet - PDF

National Gallery Lesson Plans

New York Times Education - Photography Lessons

Optics for Kids

Photo Communication Class

Photo Essay Lesson Plan

Photo Gallery Downloads for Projects - Canon Creative Park

Photograph Analysis Worksheet - PDF

Photographing Life's Images Lesson

Photographs as an Artists Tool

Photography - From Art to Documentary - PDF

Photography - 42Explore

Photography Analysis Worksheet

Photography and Film - The Academy Teachers Series

Photography and Graphic Arts
-  Learning Modules
Photography Lesson Plans - PBS

Photography Lesson Plans - High School Journalism

Photography Portfolio Lesson Plan

Photography Curriculum

Photography and Graphic Arts
Curriculum / Learning Modules
Photography History Lesson

Photography Lesson Plans - Kodak

Photography Project

Photojournalism and Compassion

Photojournalism -
A Record of War Web Lesson
Photojournalism - Creating Layout


Pinhole Inquiry Activity

Professional Photographers Curriculum

Political Cartoons Lessons

Reading Media Photographs Worksheet - PDF

Rule of Thirds Lesson Plan

School Curriculum for Photography

Screen Writing Lessons

Storyboard Blank Template

Student Curriculum in Photography

Studies in Motion Lesson - PDF

Teaching Simple Animation

Using Historical Photographs

Using Photography to Save Our Oceans

Using Photography to Enhance Your Story

Video Production Projects - Adobe

Vocational and Career Related Lesson Plans

Web English Teacher - Photography

Webcams in the Classroom

Windows Movie Maker - Free Download

Writing a Movie Lesson Plan

You Oughta Be in Pictures - Making Videos

Young Minds Inspired - Academy of Motion Pictures

Youth Media Teacher's Guide

    Related Photography Resources:

    Photography and Film
    Broadcast Media and Journalism

Performing Arts Lesson Plans - Dance and Music

Art and Music Lesson Plans - Core Knowledge
Audacity - Free Audio Editor and Recorder

Ballet and Classical Music

Blank Music Worksheet - PDF

Broadway Musical Lesson Plan

Classics for Kids - Lesson Plans

Creating an Original Opera - Lesson Plan

Creative Drama Lesson Plans

Compose and Choreograph a Cheer

Dance Integrated Resource - Lessons and Activities

Drum Lesson Database

Elemental Sequences in Music - PDF

Graphical Music Notation - Online Learning

Making a Musical Instrument Lesson Plan

Making Connections - Art and Music

MERLOT Music Portal

Music - Core Knowledge Lesson Plans

Music Curriculum Framework

Music in the South Pacific - PDF

Music - Interactive Skills Applets

Music Lesson Plans

Music Lesson Plans - EduRef

Musical Era WebQuest

Native American Music - PDF

Note Flight - Free Music Creation Software

Performing Arts Study Guide - PDF

Reading Music Tutorial

Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame - Lesson Plans

San Francisco Symphony Kid's Site - Online Activities

Songs for Our Time - Library of Congress

Soul Learning

Sound Recording Analysis Worksheet - PDF

Theater arts Curriculum and Lessons

Visual and Performing arts Lesson Plans - CARE

Wild Sounds from South of the Border - PDF

Young People's Guide to the Orchestra - Carnegie Hall

    Related Performing Art Resources   

    Performing Arts Careers and Resources

Broadcast Media and Journalism Lesson Plans

A Lens to the Past
All About Our Town - Informational Brochure Lesson Plan

Art Inspired by Words Lesson Plan

Art of Persuasion - Editorials and Marketing

Arts Lesson Plan Search - PBS

Bia vs Perspective Lesson Plan

Blogging What is it and How To

Commercial Advertising - Media Literacy

Conflicting Newspaper Accounts Lesson Plan

Constitution Lesson Plans

Creating Electronic Portfolios - Lesson Plan

Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling - Examples

Digital Storytelling - Educational Uses

Elements of Digital Storytelling

Ethics Case Studies

First Amendment Lesson Plans

Framing the News

Forming Opinions

High School Journalism Lesson Plans

How to Analyze the News

How Media Shapes Perception Lesson Plan

Journalism Curriculum

Journalism Lesson Plans - NY Times

Journalism Education Standards

News Journalism Across the Media

Newspapers in Education - Lessons and Activities

Photojournalism Lesson Plan - CARE

Podcasts in the Classroom

Points of View in the News

Proofreading Lesson Plan

Read, Write, Think - Lesson Plans

Rich Internet Application Teaching Resource

Read Write Think Lesson Plans

Respecting Freedom of Speech Lesson Plan

Student Newspaper Project

Teaching with the Newspaper - 10 Great Activities
Thinking Visually Activity

To Report of Not to Report

What Did They Say - Media Lesson Plan - PDF

Writing Newspaper Articles - eMINTS National Center

Yellow Journalism Lesson Plan

    Related Broadcast Media Resources   

    Broadcast Media and Journalism

Lesson Plans: 

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