Construction Trades: Technical Schools and Training

Find technical training programs and schools in: Carpenty and Construction, Electrical Trades, Engineering, Masonry Careers, HVACR and Plumbing.

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Building Trades,  Building Technology, Architecture

Accredited Architecture Programs - NAAB
Apprenticeship in the Trades

Architectural Design and Building Technology - Mitchell Tech
Architecture Building Technology - New England Tech
Build Your Future-Construction Training

Building and Construction Courses - TEEX
Building Construction and Cabinetmaking -
New England Tech
Building and Construction Technology UMass Amherst

Building and Construction Technology -
Montgomery College
Building and Construction Technology -
San Diego Mesa College
Building Construction - PCC

Building Construction -
University of West Florida
Building Construction - UVSC

Building Construction -
M.E. Rinker School
Building Construction -
Virginia Tech
Building Construction -
Penn College of Technology
Building Construction and Construction Management - SLCC

Building Construction Management -
Building Construction Supervision -
Community College of Allegheny County
Building Construction Technology -
Valencia Community College
Building Construction Technology -
Southwest Collegiate Institute for the Deaf
Building Construction Technology -
Technical College of the Low Country
Building Inspection Technology - PCC

Building Construction Technology -
Southeast Community College
Building Trades - New Albany Vocational Center

Building Construction Technology -
Austin CC
Building Construction and Technology - Dunwoody College of Technology
Building Preservation and Restoration -
Belmont Tech

Building Restoration, Preservation and Renovation - SFCC
Building Technology  MIT

Building Technology -
College of Southern Nevada
Building Technology - Harvard

Building Technologies - Columbia

Building Trades Construction Worker -
Moraine Park
Building Trades/Carpentry - Nicolet

Building Trades/Maintenance Tech -
Central Texas College
Building Trades - Durham Tech

Building Trades -
Sitting Bull College
Building Trades -
Laredo Community College
Building Trades Technology -
Midland College
Building Trades and Landscape Maintenance

Building Trades -
Mesalands Community College
Building Trades -
Uintah Basin ATC
Building Trades - WCTC

Building Trades - Jeff Tech

Building Trades Pre-Apprenticeship Programs

College of Architecture -
Georgia Tech
Construction and Building Programs Search  -
Del E. Webb School of Construction
Green Building - Sonoma State University

Green Building Construction -
San Diego State University
Myers Lawson School of Construction -
Virginia Tech
New Jersey School of Architecture

Preservation Trades Technology -
Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology
Residential Building Technology - Yavapai College
School of Building Construction
- Georgia Tech

Construction Schools and Construction TradesTraining

Academy of Construction Technologies
Accredited Construction Programs - ACCE

Adobe Construction Program -
Northern New Mexico College

Apprenticeship Training Programs

Boat Building - Bates Technical College
Boat Construction -
Cape Fear Community College
Camden County Technical -
Construction Trades
Certified Professional Contractor - Certification

Contractors Continuing Education Online

Construction -
Bergen Community College
Construction and Building Technology -
Renton Technical College
Construction and Building Programs -
Hennepin Technical College
Construction and Engineering Programs

Construction and Maintenance -
Lansing Community College
Construction and Technology -
Santa Fe College
Construction Apprentice Schools in Michigan

Construction Craft Training

Construction Education Programs

Construction Education Scholarships

Construction Equipment Operator Programs -
Construction Engineering and Management -
Illinois Institute of Technology
Construction Engineering and Management Programs

Construction Industry Training

Construction Management Schools

Construction Management -
Ball State University
Construction Management -
Community College of Philadelphia
Construction Management -
Washington State University
Construction Management -
Edmonds Community College
Construction Management and Wood Products Engineering -
Construction Programs-Accredited

Construction Program/School Search

Construction Program Search -
New York
Construction Program Search -
Construction Science - Texas A&M

Construction Technology -
Orange Coast College
Construction Technology - Flint Hills
Construction Technology - Unv Alaska Southeast

Construction Technology - Red Rocks Community College
Construction Technology - Hudson Valley Community College

Construction Technology Training -
North Dakota
Construction Trade Programs
Construction Trade Programs - Georgia

Construction Trade Programs - Michigan

Construction Trade Programs -
North Dakota
Construction Trade Programs - Oklahoma

Construction Trades Program Search - USA

Construction Trades Program Search - New Jersey

Construction Trade School/Program Search

Construction Training - Louisiana

Construction Training and Technical Schools

Construction Training Program Search - Florida

Construction Training Program Search - ACT

Construction Training Program Search - Wisconsin

Craft Training Programs - Search

Craft Training and Apprenticeships Search

Crane Operators Certification

Delphi College

Design, Construction and Planning - University of Florida

Facility Management -
Community College of Phila
Heavy Equipment Operator's School

Historic Presevation - Savannah Tech

Historic Preservation -
School of the Art Institute Chicago
Inspection Training Associates -
Inspection Training
National Safety Education Center -
OSHA Courses
Online Training for Workplace Safety

Pennsylvania College of Technology

National Stone, Sand and Gravel Assoc
School of Construction - University of Southern Mississippi
Schools of Construction -
Associated Schools of Construction
Structural Design - Penn State

Teen Workers - Teen Worker Safety

Trade and Engineering Online Courses

Wood Construction School -
Seattle Central Community College
Work Zone Safety Training

Williamson Free School of Mechanical Trades
All students, who meet the requirements
, attend on full scholarships that cover tuition, room, board, and textbooks. 
Programs include: Carpentry
, Masonry, Horticulture, Machine Tool Technology, Paint and Coatings and Power Plant Technology.

Carepentry Training, Programs and Schools

Apprenticeships Building Trades -
Apprenticeship Training Programs

Apprenticeship - Woodworking

American Woodworking Academy

Architecture and Interior Design -
Community College of Philadelphia
Architecture and Related Programs

Architecture Design and Construction -
Philadelphia Community College
Boatbuilding and Design - Landing School

Cabinetmaking - Hennepin Technical College

Cabinetmaking and Construction -
Bakersfield College
Cabinetmaking and Millworking - PCT

Carpentry -
Cape Fear Community College
Cabinetry and Millwork -
PA College of Technology
Cabinetry -UVSC

Carpenter Training/Programs in Maine

Carpentry and Cabinetry -
Stevens College of Technology
Carpentry and Construction - Arapahoe Community College
Carpenters Apprentice School -
Philadelphia and Vicinity
Carpentry Apprenticeship -
Moraine Park Technical College
Apprenticeship - Northern Virginia Community College
Carpentry Apprenticeship -
Santa Ana College
Carpentry -ACC

Carpentry - Career Technical Center

Carpentry - Grand River Technical School

Carpentry - Kirkwood Community College

Carpentry and Building Construction -
Ranken Technical College
Carpentry and Construction -
Griffin Technical College
Carpentry and Construction Programs -
Western Piedmont
Carpentry and Construction Management - Gwinnett Tech
Carpentry and Construction Technology -
Triangle Tech
Carpentry -
San Joaquin Delta College
Carpentry for Professionals - Free Online Class

Carpentry Schools/Programs - Oklahoma

Carpentry School/Program Search

Carpentry School/Program Search

Carpentry School/Program Search Minnesota

Carpentry Training in Connecticut

Carpentry Training in Minnesota

Class Search - Search for and Online Class

Community College of Allegheny County

Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking
Construction and Building Trades

Construction and Remodeling - MATC

Construction Apprenticeship Programs

Construction Craft Training Center

Construction Institute

Construction Management - Alfred State

Construction Trade Programs

Construction Trade Program Search

Craft Training and Apprenticeships - Search

Delhi College of Technology

Design and Drafting Certified Schools

Fine and Creative Woodworking -
Rockinham College-
Fine Woodworking Schools List

Furniture Design and Woodworking

Furniture Design -
Rhode Island School of Design
Furniture Design -
Savannah College of Art and Design
Furniture Institute of Massachusetts

Helmet to Hardhats - Training Search

Historic Preservation - Ball State University

Home Building Institute -Job Core Training Sites

Industrial Tech Training in Georgia

Lasko School of Log Building

Masterpiece School of Furniture

M.E. Rinker School of Construction

New England School of Architectural Woodworking

National Labor College

Oregon College of Art and Craft

Redrocks School of Fine Woodworking

Seattle School of Fine Wodworking

Skilled Trades Programs - Delta College

The Lohr School of Woodworking
Trade and Engineering Online Courses

United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners

Wichita Area Technical College

Wood Technics - Rice Lake WITC

Woodworker Academy

Woodworking and Furniture Design - RTI

Woodworking -
Bucks County Community College
Woodworking Schools  -
Woodworker's Journal

Electrical Programs, Schools and Training

Specific Schools with Electrical Programs

Basic Electrical Training - Online

Building Automation Technology -
Penn College of Technology
Construction Apprenticeship Programs

Electrical/Electronics -
Maryland Community College
Electrical and Computer Engineering -UWYO

Electrical and Computer Engineering - Purdue

Electrical and Electronic Technology - BSCC

Electrical Construction and Maintenance Technology

Electrical Construction and Maintenance DCTC

Electrical Line Worker -DCTC

Electrical Power Distribution -
Wisconsin Technical Colleges
Electric Power Generation -
Pennsylvania College of Technology
Electrical Technology - JCCC

Electrical Technology - CCC

Electrical Technology - PCT

Electrician - Alfred State College

Electricity - Morraine Park Tech

Electricity Programs - Virginia Community Colleges

Electromechanical Technology - Southwest Tech

Energy Efficient Training Programs in South Carolina

Engineering Technologies and Trades - MVCC

Green Building and Green Management - MCC

Lineman Technology - UVSC

Journeyman - MATC

Portland Community College - Electrical Trades

Power Plant Technology - AVTEC

Project Management Courses -
National Electical Constractors Association
Residential and Commercial Technology - WCCC

Skilled Trades Programs - Delta College

Smart Building Technology - Pittsburgh Technical Institute

Virginia College School of Construction

Search for Electrical Training Programs

Apprenticeship Training - Electrical

Apprenticeship Training Programs

Electrician Program Search - Peterson's

Electrical Training Program Search - ACT

Helmet to Hardhats - Training Search

Electrical Training Programs Search - Virginia

Electrical Training Search - Florida

Electrical Training Program Search

Electrical Program Search - Princeton Review

Minnesota - Electrical Program Search

Minnesota Colleges Electrical Program Search

New Jersey Electrical Program Search

New York Electrical Program Search

New York State Electrical Program Search
School Search By Program - IPEDS

Michigan Electrical Program Search
Wisconsin Electrical Program Search

Lists of Schools and Resources

Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Programs -

Engineering Programs, Schools and Training

Accredited Programs Search
Acoustics Programs

Accredited Chemical Engineering Schools
Accredited Engineering Programs Search

Agriculture and Food Science Schools

Agricultural Engineering Schools

Agricultural Engineering Scholarships

Architecture Certification Boards

Architecture Schools

Architectural Engineering Schools and Programs

American Nuclear Society

American Society for Engineering Education

Centers for Applied Competitive Technology

Chemical Engineering Scholarships

Chemical Engineering Schools and Programs

Civil Engineering Schools

Civil Engineering Universities

Creative Engineer
Dam Studies Scholarship

Design and Drafting Schools

Engineering Colleges, Universities & Libraries

Engineering and Technology Colleges Profiles

Engineering Distance Education Programs

Engineering Research Centers
Engineering Schools Search - Learnon

Engineering School Profiles - ASSE
Engineering Schools - NEW

Engineering Technology Schools

Electrical and Construction Schools

Ergonomics Schools and Programs

Health and Medical Schools
Industrial Engineering Schools

Industrial Engineering Certificate Programs

Iron and Steel Scholarships

Lean and Sigma Six Courses

Manufacturing School Search

Material Science and Engineering Programs

Material Science and Engineering Programs- ASM

Material Science and Engineering Scholarships

Material Science and Engineering Schools

Mechanical Engineering - Search for Schools

Mechanical Engineering Scholarships

Medical Physicists Programs

Mineral Schools

Mining and Metallurgy Scholarships

Mining and Metallurgy Schools

MIT Open Courseware Self Study Courses

Nuclear Scholarships - ANS

Pathways to Technology

Petroleum Engineering School and Scholarships

Physics and Astronomy Departments Worldwide

Safety Engineering Schools

Schools of Construction Management

Systems Engineering Schools

Welding Schools

Women in Engineering Schools and Programs

...Additional School Resources

HVACR and Plumbing Schools and Training

Air Conditioning and Heating Technology - Alfred State College
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Degree -
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology - UVSC

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration -
Bellvill State Community College
Apex Technical School

Apprenticeship Training Programs

Building Energy Technologies - Wilbur Wright College

Camden County Technical -
Construction Trades
Commercial Refrigeration School

Construction Apprenticeship Programs

Construction Trade Programs

Environmental Control Technology - Laney College

Find a HVACR School or Program

Heating, Air Conditioning,and Refrigeration Programs -
Helmet to Hardhats - Training Search


Mid Michigan Community College
HVAC Engineering - UCF

HVAC Home Studies Institute

HVAC Installer

HVAC Program Search - New Jersey

HVAC Program Search - Wisconsin
HVAC Technology -
Pennsylvania College of Technology
HVAC Training in Maine

HVAC - Rankin Technical College

HVACR Training in Oklahoma

HVACR Training in Connecticut

Industrial Tech Training in Georgia

Lincoln Technical Institute

Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Programs -
NATE Certification

Plumbing - Bishop State Community College

Plumbing -
Pennsylvania College of Technology
Plumbing and Heating Scholarships and Career Info

Plumbing Apprenticeship -
Southwest Tech
Plumbing Technology -
Kirkwood Community College
Rets Technical Center

Skilled Trades Programs - Delta College

Sustainable Building Technology - CCV

Trade and Engineering Online Courses

Training -
NATE Education & Training Schools

Masonry, Trowel Trades, and Bricklaying Schools and Programs

Masonry -
Bishop State Community College
Bricklaying - NCKCT

Bricklaying and Masonry -
Waukesha County Tech
Bricklaying and Masonry  Apprenticeships
Bricklaying and Masonry -
Southwest Tech
Bricklaying and Masonry -
Building Construction - Masonry -
Penn College
Building Trades -
Masonry Alfred State College
Concrete Masonry -
Dakota County Technical College
Concrete Masonry - Metropolitan Community College
Construction Apprenticeship Programs

Courses and Workshops -
Portland Cement Association
Masonry -
Meridian Technology Center

Masonry  - Bishop State Community College
Masonry -
SUNY Delhi
Masonry -
Northeast Technology Center
Masonry -
Northeast Kansas Technical College
Masonry -
Southwest Applied Technology College
Masonry  - Upper Cape Tech

Masonry Apprenticeship -NWTC

Masonry Apprenticeship -
Selland College of Applied Technology
Masonry/Building Trades -
Wallace Community College
Masonry -
Kirkwood Community College
Masonry -
Maryland Community College
Masonry and Bricklaying -
WITC Rice Lake
Masonry Training in Alabama

Masonry Training Program Search -
Masonry Vocational Training - Wisconsin

Searching for Training, School, or Programs in Construction

The following websites provide search features that enable you to search for schools that offer programs in carpentry, construction, HVACR, plumbing, pipefitting, engineering related technologies, architectural related technologies, masonry, bricklaying, precision production trades, welding and metalworking.

Accrediting Commission on Career Schools - To search for a school, go to Resources then follow the link to School Directory.

College Opportunities On-Line -On the search form  select Program type which includes selections for Architecture and Related Technologies, Construction Trades, Engineering and Related Technologies, Precision Production Trades, Mechanics and Repairers.

Career One Stop- The search features vary from state to state and some states may require you to log in but each state provides a list of eligible workforce training providers.

Peterson's Detailed Search -Select Major to search for construction related training programs.  View the detailed listings under construction trades, precision production trades,mechanics and repairers, engineering and engineering technologies or communications for specific programs.

Many Vocational/Career and Technical High Schools provide construction training for secondary and adult students.  To find a school, job training, apprenticeship, community or technical college in your area see:Schools by State

Related School Resources

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