Construction and Trade  Lesson Plans

Lesson plans and activities for: Carpentry, Construction, Electricity, HVACR, Plumbing, Masonry, Painting and Repair, Engineering, Welding and Manufacturing.

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Carpentry and Construction Lesson Plans and Activities

All Wet and How to Prevent It - Lesson Plan
Architects in Action - Scale and Ratio Lesson

Architecture and Construction Lesson Plans

Architecture Makes and Imprint Lesson Plan

Architectural Symbols - PDF

Basic Skills Workplace Lesson Plans - PDF

Basic Tools and Materials Lesson Plans - PDF

Bridging the Gap - Math to Science

Building Big Activities

Building Futures and Construction Careers Lessons

Building Mathematics Lesson Plan

Building Trades Curriculum - Texas Trade and Industrial Ed

Cabinet Installation Lesson Plan

Cabinetmaking Competency Based Task Lists

Career Exploration Lesson Plan

Carpentry Basic Skills Lesson Plans

Carpentry Competencies - PDF

Carpentry Course Learning Materials

Carpentry Student Manual

Construction Technology Integrated Lessons

Construction Technologies Curriculum Resources

Construction Technology Lesson Plans - Purdue

Cubic Measurements Lesson

Design and Build a Dream Room Lesson Plan

Designing a Landscape Planter Lesson Plan

Drafting Curriculum -
Texas Trade and Industrial Ed
Drafting and Design Curriculum and Lessons

Drawing a Floor Plan - Lesson Plan

Downloadable Technical Resources - Carpentry, Math

Evaluating a Floor Plan - Lesson Plan

Free Standing Structure Lesson Plan

Folk Toys Projects

Geometry Lesson Plans - Area, Volume, Triangle

Hand Tool Safety Lesson Plan

Knots, Hitches and their Uses

Labor History in the US Lesson Plan

Harnessing Solar Energy Lesson Plan - Science Net
Language Preparation for the Trades Lesson Plans

Learning Ratios and Proportions through Scale Drawings

Length, Perimeter and Area Lesson Plan

Make a Storage Chest

Math for Construction Trades Lessons

Measurement Lesson Plans

Measuring and Marking Wood

Oh Give Me a Home

Preparing a Woodworking Drawing

Rafter Layout Lesson Plan - PDF

Reading Measuring Tools Lesson

Shop Cleaning and Tool Storage Lesson

Shop Safety Lesson

Square Measurements

Structural and Decorative Design

Structures - Cool Activities

Surveying Lesson Plan

Suspension Bridge Construction Lesson Plan

Teaching with Documents -
Bell and Edison Patents
Tile Installation Lesson Plan
Tool Identification, Safety and Lesson

Types and Uses of Fasteners

Types of Furniture Lesson Plan

Vocational Technical Curricula and Lessons

Wall Assembly Lesson Plan

Windows, Doors, Roof Styles Lesson Plan

Wood and Forest Related Lesson Plans

Woodworking Safety Lesson Plan

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Electricity and Energy Lesson Plans and Activities

Alarm Circuit Lesson Plan
Alternating Current Lesson Plan

Alternative Energy Lesson

Atomic and Nuclear Online Quest

Automotive Electricity Lesson Plan

Basic Electrical Components Lesson Plan

Building Budgets Lesson Plan

Coal Energy Lesson Plans

Component Identification Lesson Plan

Converting Energy Lesson Plan

Design, Build and Sell a House Lesson Plan

Electric Generator Project

Electric Universe Teacher's Lounge -
Lessons and Experiments
Electrical and Electronics
Curriculum and Lessons
Electrical Construction Learning Materials

Electricity and Magnetism Experiments

Electrical and Magnetism Java Applets -Learning Activity

Electrical Competencies

Electrical Engineering Lesson Plan

Electrical Related Lesson Plans - IEEE

Electrical Safety Lesson

Electrical Safety Practices Lesson Plan

Electricity and Magnetism Experiments

Electricity and Magnetism Lessons

Electricity and Magnetism Activities

Electricity Competency Based Task Lists

Electricity Online Quest Activity

Electricity Shortage Lesson

Electro-Technologies Curriculum Resources

Electromagnetic Lesson Plan - Making Waves

Electromagnetic Spectrum Lesson Plan

Electronics Curriculum -
Texas Trade and Industrial Ed
Electrostatic Motor Project

Energy - The US in Crisis Lesson Plan

Energy and Electricity Lesson Plans

Energy Education Lesson Plans - US Department of Energy

Energy Lesson Plans - Alliance to Save Energy

Energy Sources Lesson Plans and Activities

Electronics in the 20th Century Unit

Experiments with Magnets

Exploring Magnetic Fields - Science Net

Fueling the Future Lesson Plan

Fundamentals of Physical Science Lesson Module

Light - Science, History, and Technology of Light Lessons
Lighting Lesson Plan

Lighting Our Way Lesson

Low Level Nuclear Waste Lesson Plan

Magnetic Train Levitation Lesson

Magnets and Electromagnets Lesson and Activity

Nuclear Power in Seaside Web Quest

Principles of Electricity Lesson

Power Play Lesson Plan -
Conservation and Consumption
Remote Sensing Lesson Plan

Renewable Energy Sources Lesson Plan

Save Energy Lesson Plans

Simple Circuit Installation Lesson

Shedding New Light- Light Lesson Plan

Solar Energy Lesson Plans

Star Power - Solar Energy Lesson Plan

See Magnetic Fields Project

Series and Parallel Capacitive Circuits Lesson Plan

Static Electricity Lesson Plan - Science Net

Steam Engines Lesson Plan - Science Net

The Great Energy Debate Lesson Plan

Think small - Nanotechnology Lesson Plan

Thomas Edison's Factory - Lesson Plan

Transistor Lesson Plans

Understanding Electricity Lesson Plan

Understanding Magnetism Lesson Plan

Vocational Technical Curricula and Lessons

Voltage Drop Lesson Plan

Watts in the Water Lesson

Wiring a Network Lesson Plan

Work and Power Lesson Plans

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Engineering and Science Lesson Plans and Activities

A Model of Landscape Engineering
Activities in Optics

American Technical Publishers - Downloadable Content

Basic Engineering Lesson Plans

Bridging the Math Gap Experiments

Building Styles and Methods Lesson Plans

CAD 3-D Engineering

Chemistry of Toys

Chemistry Experiments- OMSI Edu

Chemistry Lesson Plans - ERIC

Deductive Reasoning - Lesson Plan

Design and Technology Lessons and Activities

Design and Engineering Lesson and Activity

Design Studies Curriculum Resources

Designing a Space Station Lesson Plan

Developing Transportation Technology Lesson Plan

Domed Stadiums - What Keeps Them Up Lesson Plan

Egg Drop Lesson Plan

Engineers Solve Problems - Activities

Engineering Curriculum Resources - NAEP

Engineering Design Challenges

Engineering Lesson Plans

Engineering Lesson Plans - K-12

Engineering Projects and Class Activities

Engineering Your Future - American Welding Society

Fluid Power Systems Lesson Plan

Futuristic Flights Lesson Plan

Games Robots Play Lesson Plan

Generating and Analyzing Data Lesson Plan

Industrial Light and Magic - Industrial Revolution Lesson

Investigating Scientific Questions

Junior Engineering - K-6 Lesson Plans

Let the Force Be with You - Lesson Plan

Measurement Relationships Lesson Plan

Mechanics Curriculum Resources

Mission Impossible - Invention Lesson Plan

More Power to You Lesson Plan

Notion of Motion Lesson Plan

Periodic Table Bingo Lesson Plan

Physical Science Lesson Plans - DiscoverySchool

Physical Science Lesson Plans - ERIC
Physical Science Lesson Plans - Reach Out Michigan

Plasma 101 Lesson Plan

Polymers and People Lesson Plan

PreK-12 Engineering Lesson Plans and Activities

Product Design and Marketing Lesson Plan

Project Lead the Way Sample Curriculum

Pulleys - Mechanical Engineering Lesson Plan

Science and Engineering Lesson Plans

Science Experiments - Reeko's Mad Science

Science Snacks - Science Experiments

Scientific Thinking WebQuests

Seat Belt Physics

Shape of Things - Indirect Observation Activity

Structure of Matter Lesson Plan

Suspension Bridge Construction Lesson Plan

Technically Speaking - Technology Impacts Lesson Plan

Technological Innovation Lesson Plan Units

Technology Lesson Plans - Discovery School

The Great Computer Debate Lesson Plan

Trade and Industrial Lesson Plans

Understanding Flight Lesson Plan

Water Works - Exploring Fountains

Related Engineering Web Resources

HVACR and Plumbing

A Heated Discussion - Temperature Lesson Plan
Air and Water Pressure Lesson Plan

Basic Tubing and Piping Tools Lesson Plan

Construction Technology Integrated Lessons

Essentials of Plumbing Learning Materials

Heat and Temperature Measurement Lesson Plan

HVAC Competencies

Installation of a Plumbing Project Lesson

Mechanical Pumps Lesson Plan

Plumbing Competencies

Plumbing Competency Based Task Lists

Plumbing Materials Lesson

Plumbing Tools Lessons

Sheet Metal Competencies

Taking Apart Electrical Appliances Lesson
Test and Replace Thermostat Lesson Plan

Water into Gas Lesson Plan

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Masonry Lesson Plans and Activities

Agriculture Mechanics Lesson - Including Masonry
Building with Bricks Lesson Plan

Building Stone of the United States - Online Activity

Building Trades Curriculum - Texas Trade and Industrial Ed

Chesterwood - The Workshop of an American Sculptor

Concrete and Masonry Lesson Plans

Concrete Learning Materials

Concrete Proportions Lesson

Concrete Work Lesson Plans - PDF

Construction Technology Integrated Lessons

Construction Technology Lesson Plans - Purdue

Essentials of Masonry Learning Materials
Estimating Concrete Materials

Form Preparation and Reinforcement

Laying Masonry Units

Masonry Competency Based Task Lists

Placing, Finishing and Curing Concrete

Masonry Competencies - PDF

Masonry Related Links

Welding, Metal Work and Manufacturing Lesson Plans and Activities

Agricultural Lessons - Includes Welding
Arc Welding Equipment and Safety Lesson

Arc Welding Lesson Plans

AWS Classification System for Electrodes Lesson

AWS Rod Code Lesson Plan

Fabrication- Student Learning Guide

Four Basic Oxyacetylene Welds

Four Basic Weld Joints Lesson

Hopewell Furnace - Iron Making Plantation

Identifying Basic Metals Lesson Plan

Manufacturing Lesson Plans

Metal Lessons

Metalworking Safety Lesson

Ornamental Metal Lesson Plan

OXY-Fuel Flat Position Puddles and Beads Lesson Plan

Reading a Ruler Lesson Plan

Saugus Iron Works -
Life and Work at Early Industrial Site
Sheet Metal Competencies

Shop Safety Lesson Plans

SMAW Equipment Safety Lesson Plan

Steel Welding Lesson Plan

Trade and Industrial Lesson Plans

Welding and Cutting Lesson Plan - DOC

Welding and Metalworking Lesson Plans
Welding Competency Task Lists

Welding Curriculum -
Texas Trade and Industrial Ed
Welding Curriculum Guide and Learning Modules

Welding Curriculum - SMAW and GMAW

Welding Lesson Plans - Lincoln Electric

Welding Project Ideas

Welding Project Plans - Miller Electric

Welding Project Plans - Illinois Central College

Welding Safety Lesson Plan

Welding Symbols and Charts

Welding - Measuring and Layout Lesson Plans

Welding - Creating a Stir Lesson

Working Women in WWII - Includes Welding

World of Arc Welding Online Course

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Career Related Lesson Plans

Technical Education Related Resources

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