Landscaping and Turf Management

The resource links on this page take you to information regarding: the basics of landscaping, insects, pests, pesticides, plant diseases, turf management certifications and industry jobs.  For additional resources see Careers in Horticulture and Landscaping.

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Landscape Planning and Design

Basic Principles of Landscape Design

Basic Principles and Elements of Landscape Design

Bubble Diagrams

Color Techniques for Landscape Design

Concept Plans

Completed Landscape Design

Design and Planning Parks

Design Methods

Drawing a Landscape Design - Site Analysis

Elements of Design

How to Design a Garden

Landscape Design Symbols

Landscape Drawing Enhancements

Landscape Design Example

Landscape Design Principles

Landscape Design Tips

Landscape Principles - Australia

Planning the Home Landscape

Principles of Design

Scale Drawings

Site Analysis
Sustainability and Landscape Design

Sustainable Landscape Design Principles

Basics of Landscaping

Energy Saving Landscapes

History of Landscape Architecture

Knowledge and Skills Required of Landscape Architects - PDF

Maintaining the Landscape Design

Optimize Land Potential

Pond Building Guide

Plant Selection

Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture- What is it

Landscape Architecture Field of Work

Landscape Blueprint Example

Landscape Care

Landscape Propagation Workbook

Landscape Weed Management - PDF

Landscaping for Energy Efficiency

Landscaping for Energy Efficiency - EERE

Landscaping How To Videos

Lawns and Landscapes - University of Florida

Mulches for Landscaping

Soil Science

Sustainable Urban Landscape Information Series

Taxonomy of Landscape Plants

What are Fabric Structures

What is Geodesy

What is Landscape Architecture

What is Landscape Architecture

Xeriscape Gardening

Xeriscape Principles

Xeriscape Principles of Design


Dictionaries, Glossaries and Terms

Glossary of Botanical Terms - Search

Glossary of Gardening and Landscaping Terms

Glossary of Landscaping Terms

Landscape Design Glossary

Landscape Glossary

Landscape Ordinance Terms

Landscaping Terms -  University of Florida

Master Gardener Plant Terms


Frederick Law Olmsted founder of Am Landscape Architecture
Historic Landscapes - HALS Project
History of Landscape Architecture

Historic Landscape Designs 1850-1920
Parkitecture - National Parks Early 20th Century


Botanical Garden Links

Complete Landscape Design for Do It Yourselfers

Creating Water-Wise Landscaping

Edible Landscaping

Garden Aesthetics

Gardens Designed by Olmstead

Groundswell - Constructing the Modern Landscape

Landscape and Nursery Articles- Virginia Tech

Landscaping and Horticulture Careers

Landscape Careers - Employment site

Landscaping for a Healthy Planet

Landscaping Articles

Landscaping Directory - About.com

Landscaping for Wildlife or Ecosystems

Landscaping with Native Plants

Neighborhoods for People - Designing Spaces - PDF

Plant Databases and Images

SAPLING-Architecture, Planning and Landscaping

Trees, Shrubs, Vines

Aboriculture Related Links


Agroforestry Publications

Boxwood in Landscaping

Invasive Woody Plants

Living Sculptures Blog

Plant Database of Trees, Shrubs and Vines

Pruning Trees and Shrubs

Training and Pruning Fruit Trees

Tree Care and Planning Toolkit

Tree Guide

Trees and Shrubs Image Gallery
Trees and Landscaping

Trees for Problem Landscapes

Topiary Resources - Living Sculpture


Amending Soil for Perenial Beds

Dig It - Learn About Soil

Soil Management in Home Gardens and Landscapes

Soil Sampling Guide - PDF

Pollution and Conservation

Acid Rain

Biodiversity and Conservation

Center for Plant Conservation

Conservation Center EPA

Conservation Chronology

Conservation Technology Information

Create a Backyard Habitat

Environmental Basics

Environmental Protection Subjects

EPA - Environmental Protection Agency

Forest Research and Conservation

Groundwater Pollution

National Trust - Preseving Houses and Gardens

Noise Pollution

Pollutants - Toxics

Pollution Organizations

Rotten Truth About Garbage

Scorecard - Pollution in your area

Sierra Club

Tools for Naturalists

Turning the Tide on Pollutants -
Marine Debris


Pennsylvania's Recycling Homepage

Recycling Guide

Recycling Web Directory


Landscaping Cost Calculator

Lesson Plans

Agriculture Related Lesson Plans

Conservation Teacher Resources

Environmental Teaching Resources

Horticulture Hand Tool Safety Lesson Plan

Learning Through Landscapes - Lesson Plans

Career and Work Related Lesson Plans

K-12 Plant Lessons

Insects and Pests

Entomology on the Web

Insects and Pests

Insect and Pest Control

Insect Journal- Insect Identification

Insects on the Web - Bug Bios

Invaders Database System

Invasive species - Weeds and Pests

Pest Web

Plant Pest ID

Plant Diseases

ASP Net:Plant Pathology

Brown Patch on Turfgrass

Images of Plant Diseases

Plant Disease Diagnostics

Plant Disease and Insect Identifcation Pamphlets

Plant Identification Resources

Plant Management -Plant Health Progress

Plant Management - Applied Plant Science

Plant Pathology - Illustrated Glossary

Plant Pathology Internet Guidebook

Plant Pathology Terms

Turfgrass Diseases - Management

Vegetable Diseases - Cornell

Pesticides and Safety

Biopesticides - EPA

Biological Control -
A Guide to Natural Enemies
Classified List of Pesticides

Effects of Pesticides

Firewise- Wildlife Fire Protection


Horticulture Hand Tool Safety

Household Products Database -
Pesticides, Fertilizers
How Much is a Part Per Million

Insecticides to Manage Landscapes

Movement of Pesticides in the Environment
Occupational and Industrial Safety Links

Pest Alerts

Pest Control Tutorial

Pesticide Application Record - Template

Pesticide Application Safety
Pesticide Common Names

Pesticide Education Home Page

Pesticide Education Resources

Pesticide Information Network

Pesticide Information Profiles

Pesticide Poisoning Symptoms - PDF

Pesticide Safety Fact Sheets

Pesticides by Group

Pesticides - MSDS Information

Toxic Effects of Pesticides

Toxic Effects on Skin

Turf Management

Florida Turf

Grass Family

Lawns and Grasses - Colorado State

Pest Management for Turfgrass

Poaceae - Grass Family

Snow Molds

Species of Grasses

Turf Information - Plant Answers

Turf Glossary

Turfgrass Identification

Turf Links - Purdue

Turf Tips

Turfgrass Diseases and Pests

Turfgrass Links

Turfgrass Species

Ultimate Turfgrass Links


Irrigation Industry standards - PDF

Irritation Glossary

Irrigation Design Tutorials

Irrigation Formulas and Tutorials

Natural Spaces and Resources

American Trails Home Page

Bureau of Land Management

Careers in the Environment

Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation

Create a Habitat at Work

Earth Portal

Ecosystems of  the USA

Endangered Spaces

Fire- National Interagency Coordination Center

Forestry Related Links

Great Public Places

National Atlas

National Parks

Natural Park Service

Natural Resources and Conservation Links

Natural Resources Research Information

Natural Wetlands Research Center

Nature Conservancy

Outdoor Action Guide to the Outdoors

Outdoor Recreation Research Resource List

Outdoor Resources online

Parks and Recreation Web Directory

Parks - Understanding and Using

Protected Areas Worldwide

Smart Growth- Paving the American Dream

Walking and Hiking - Trail Database

Wilderness Society Library

Wetlands Fact Sheet

World Atlas of Biodiversity

World Database on Protected Areas

World Heritage Sites


Accredited Landscape Architecture Schools

Associations and Organizations

Alliance for Historic Landscape Preservation

American Planning Association

American Society of Landscape Architecture

Association of Garden Trusts

Association of Professional Landscape Designers

European Federation for Landscape Architecture

Fabric Structures Association

Garden Media Guild

Certification and Jobs

Aboriculture Schools

Accredited Programs Landscape Architecture


Agronomy Certifications

American Society of Landscape Architects

Certified Crop Advisor

Certified Landscape Professional

Certified Master Arborist

Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Board

Desert Landscaping Certification

Earthworm Jobs - Jobs in Green Industry

Entomologist Certification

Horticulture Certification - CPH

Horticulture Jobs

Irrigation Certification

Irrigation Jobs

Landscape Architecture - Profession in Demand

Master Gardener Programs

Occupational and Professional Licensing Boards

Professional Grounds Certification

Professional Landscape Designer Certification

Professional Soil Scientist Certification

State Licensure Resources

Understanding Irrigation Certifications

Wetlands Jobs

Clipart, Images and Photographs

Clipart 4 Projects

Classroom Clip Art

Image Collections, Digital Repositories, Galleries

Insect Images - USDA

Plant Image Resources

USDA Image Resources - Crops, Plants, Insects, Fruit and Veggies

Related Resources

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