Horticulture, Floriculture and Botanical Gardens

Resources on this page include links to: horticulture, floriculture, botanical gardens, agricultural extensions, herbs, wildflowers, medicinal plants and horticulture related organizations.  For additional resources see Careers in Horticulture and Landscaping.

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Botany and Biotechnology Resources

Careers in Horticulture

Consumer Horticulture - Purdue

Elements of a Garden

Flora of North America

Fundamentals of Horticulture

Gardening Resources - Cornell

Guide to Composting

History of Horticulture

Horticulture - Wikipedia

Horticulture and Crop Science -
Ohio State
Horticulture Articles

Horticulture Site
Horticultural World

Horticulture Web Links

Horticulture Web Resources - Ohio State


How a Corn Plant Develops

Landscape Propagation Workbook

Landscaping Information and Resources

Lawn and Garden Information - Unv Missouri

Master Gardener -
Denver Gardening & Horticulture
Master Gardener Manual

National Gardening -
Dictionary, Gardens, Horticulture
Plant Basics - Classification, Anatomy, Structure, Cells

Plant Identification Resources and Images

Plant Insects, Diseases and Pesticides

Plant Propagation Resources

State Trees and Flowers

Starting Seeds indoors

Technology of Horticulture

WebGarden - Ohio State

Horticulture Business

Commercial Horticulture - Industry Resources

Horticulture Businesses

Plant Source - Where to Buy Plants in Delaware Valley

Starting Your Own Business - Entrepreneur Resources

US Seed Companies


Art and Horticultural Practice
Bulb.com -
Flower Bulb Information
Bulbs and More

Carnivorous Plant FAQ

ePIC - Electronic Plant Information Center

Flora of China

Flower Basics - Wikipedia

Flower Web - Industry News

Flowering Plant Gateway

Flowering Plants - Wikipedia

Forcing Bulbs

Geranium Culture

Hemerocallis Society

History of Gardening Timeline

Houseplants - Care and Information


Plant Biology - LII

Plant Facts and Articles - Ohio State

Plant Identification Resources

Plant Kaleidoscope - Rare and Unusual Plants

Plant Pages - Specific Flower Information

Plants in Motion

Poinsettia Pages

Rose Garden - History and Growing

Rosegathering -
Rose Art, Gardens and History
Rose Information


Succulent Plant Page

Venus Flytrap


Jobs, Certifications and Schools

Horticulture and Landscaping Jobs

Horticulture and Landscaping Certification

Horticulture, Landscaping and Agriculture Schools

Societies, Organizations and Research

American Association of Botanical Gardens

American Association of Public Gardens

American Horticulture Society

American Fern Society

American Plant Societies

American Rhododendron Society

American Rose Society

American Society for Horticulture Science

American Society of Botanical Artists

American Society of Golf Course Architects

American Society of Plant Biologists

American Society of Plant Physiologists

Bromeliad Society International

Botanic Gardens Conservation International

Botanical Society of America

Botanical Society of the British Isles

Cactus and Succulent Society of America

Canadian Botanical Association

Canadian Botanical Conservation Network

Center for Plant Coonservation

Council of Landscape Architecture

European Societies of Plant Biology

Fruit Research and Extension Center

Guide to Plant Societies and Associations - PDF

Herb Society of America

Irrigation Association

International Palm Society

International Society of Aboriculture

Irrigation Association

National Forest Foundation

National Gardening Association

Native Plant Societies - US and Canada

New England Wildflower Society

North American Rock Garden Society

Plant Conservation Alliance

Plant Heritage - National Council for Conservation

Plant Societies

Professional Landscape Associations

Royal Horticultural Society

Royal New Zealand Institute of Horticulture

Scholarly Societies - Biology and Environment

Society of American Foresters

Horticulture Lesson Plans

Biology 4 Kids

Flora Lesson Plans

Floral of North America Lesson Plans

Horticulture Related Lesson Plans

Plant Propagation Project - Student Activity - PDF

Trees are Good - Teacher Resources

Search for Botanical Garden by Country

International Garden Search

Botanical Gardens and Arboretums

Alaska Botanical Garden

Arnold Arboretum

Ashville Botanical Gardens

Australian National Botanical Garden

Australian Parks and Reserves

Award Winning Gardents - Horticultural Landmarks

Bartlett Arboretum and Gardens

Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Blandy Experimental Garden

Botanical Gardens, Arboreta, and Horticulture Program Search

Botanical Collections

Botanical Gardens and Arboreta - Links

Botanical Gardens List

Botanic Gardens North America

Boyce Thompson Arboretum

Brandywine Conservancy

Brooklyn Botanical Garden


Chicago Botanical Garden

Cornell Plantation

Dallas Arboretum

Desert Botanical Garden

Directory of Gardens - Garden Web

Fairchild Botanical Garden

Franklin Park Conservancy

Fullerton Arboretum

Georgia Southern Botanical Garden

Green Springs Garden Park

Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Hayes Arboretum

Henry P Leu Gardens

Italian Botanical Gardens

Italian Renaissance Gardens

International Friendship Garden

Internet Directory for Botany

Japanese Garden Database

Japanese Garden Tour

JC Ralston Arboretum

Longwood Gardens

Lyon Arboretum

Matthaei Botanical Gardens

Maymont Gardens and Landscapes

Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens

Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

Missouri Botanical Garden

Home of Thomas Jefferson
Morris Arboretum

Morton Arboretum

Naples Botanical Garden - Florida

National Tropical Botanical Garden

Nature and Science Centers - Links

New Jersey Botanical Garden

New York Botanical Garden

Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Garden

Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Garden

River Farm

Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew

Royal Botanical Gardens

Royal Botanic Garden - Edinburgh

San Antonia Botanical Garden

Scott Arboretum of Swarthmore

Sculpture Parks and Gardens Directory

Smithsonian Butterfly Habitat Garden
South Africa Botanical Gardens

South Carolina Botanical Garden


Taltree Arboretum and Gardens

Toledo Botanical Garden

Tyler Arboretum

Tucson Botanical Garden

US National Arboretum

United States Botanical Garden

United States National Arboretum

University of British Columbia Botanical Garden

University of Washington Botanical Garden

Warsaw Biblical Gardens

White River Gardens and Zoo

Zen Gardens the Japanese Garden

General Gardening Guides

Garden Bench

Garden Guides

Garden Web

Gardening How-To Videos

Gardening Links -
Glossaries, Gardens Horticulture
Gardening Resources on the Internet

Herbs, Wildflowers and Medicinals

A Modern Herbal

Celebrating Wildflowers

Culpepper's Herbal

Drying and Harvesting Herbs

Growing Herbs

Harvesting Herbs for Drying

Herbs and Spices - Chefpedia

Herbs and Spices Pictures

Herb Cultivation

Herb Guidesheets

Medicinal Herb Garden

Medicinal Plant Uses

Missouri Wildflowers

Native Plant Information Network

New England Wildflower Society

Propagating Herbs

Spice and Herb Encyclopedia

Weed and Wildflower Identifying Guides


Wildflower Coloring Book - Florida

Wildflower Coloring Pages

Wildflower Guide - eNature

Wildflower Image Index

Wildflowers - Lady Bird Johnson Center
Wildflowers Coloring Book

Wildflowers in Bloom

Yellowstone Wildflowers

Clipart, Images and Photos

Clipart 4 Projects

Classroom Clip Art

Image Collections, Digital Repositories, Galleries

Native Plant Coloring Book

Northwest Flowers Coloring Book

Plant Clip Art - Microsoft

Plant Image and Identification Resources

Plant Printouts - Enchanted Learning

Extension Services - Resources for Gardening, Horticulture, Agriculture, Children and Youth

Alabama Cooperative Extension Service
Arizona Cooperative Extension

Clemson University Cooperative Extension

Collier County Extension

Colorado State University Extension

Cornell University Cooperative Extension

EDIS - UF/IFAS Extension Collection

Iowa State University Extension

K-State Research and Extension

Lee County Extension Office

LSU Ag Center Cooperative Extension

Maine County Extension Offices

Maryland Cooperative Extension

Maryland County Extension Offices

Miami Dade County Extension

Michigan State University Extension

Montana State University Extension

North Carolina Cooperative Extension

North Dakota State University Extension Service

Ohio State University Extension

Oklahoma State University Extension

Oregon State University Extension Service

Penn State Cooperative Extension

Pennsylvania County Extension Offices

Purdue Extension - Knowledge to Go

Rutgers Cooperative Research and Extension
South Dakota University Cooperative Extension

South Dakota State University Cooperative Extension

Tennessee County Extension Offices

Texas Cooperative Extension

Texas County Extension Offices

UC Davis Extension

University of Alaska Cooperative Extension Service

University of Arkansas University Extension

University of Delaware Cooperative Extension

University of Florida Extension Service

University of Georgia University Extension

University of Hawaii Extension Services

University of Idaho Extension

University of Illinois Extension

University of Illinois Urban Extension

University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service

University of Maine Extension Service

University of Minnesota Extension Service

University of Missouri Extension

University of Nebraska - Lincoln Extension

University of Nevada Extension Service

University of Tennessee Extension

University of Vermont Extension

University of Wisconsin Extension

Virginia Cooperative Extension

Washington State University Extension

West Virginia University Extension Service

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