Horticulture Basics and Plant Identification

Learning resources found on this page are links to:  classification of plants, plant glossaries, plant cell basics, plant propagation, photosynthesis, biomes, habitats, hardiness zones, plant identification, plant images, endangered plants, and history of horticulture.  For additional resources see Careers in Horticulture and Landscaping.

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Classification of Living Things
Classification of Plants

Classification Taxonomy Tutorial

Classification Vocabulary

International Plant Name Index

Kingdom Overview - Wikipedia

Kingdom Plantae

Naming of Plants

Plant Kingdom

Roots of Botanical Names

Scientific Classification - Wikipedia

Scientific Classification - Taxon

Taxonomy of Flowering Plants

Understanding Geologic Time

Web of Species

Whitaker Classification of Plants

Dictionaries and Glossaries

Angiosperm Glossary

Botanical Glossary

Botanical Terms Glossary

Diatom Glossary

Floral Terminology

Glossary of Botanical Terms

Glossary of Terms for Biologists

Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid

Lichen Vocabulary

Plant Glossary - OSU

Plant Pathology Glossary

Pronunciation Guide for Plants

Roots of Botanical Names

Cell Basics

Anatomy of a Plant Cell

Cell Biology Animation

Cell Biology - The Virtual Cell

Cell - Parts of the Cell

Cell Theory

Introduction to Cell and Virus Structure
Plant Cell

Plant Lifecycles

Plant Lifecycle

Plant Lifecycle Diagram

Plant Lifecycle Phases

Plant Lifecycles

What is the Cycle of a Plant

Plant Families

Families of Plants - Phylogenetic Listing

Flowering Plant Families

Introduction to the Plant Kingdom

Introduction to the Plantae

Plant Families - The Wild Classroom

Plant Family Tree Image

Plant Anatomy and Structure

Parts and Functions of Plants

Parts of a Plant

Plant Anatomy

Plant Anatomy Images

Plant Physiology Online

Plant Physiology Information Website

Plant Structure Introduction

Plant Tissues


Plant Basics

Biology Online Hypertext Book

Botany -Plant parts and structure tutorial

Botany Study Guide - Wikibooks

Diversity of Flowering Plants

Genetics Introduction

Germination of Seeds

Horticulture and Floriculture Resources

Leaf Shapes - Wikipedia

Leaf Tips

Methods in Plant Histology

Online Biology Book

Phylogenic Systematics

Plant Adaptations

Plant Basics - Online Study

Plant Biology

Plant Dictionary -
Plants of Horticulture
Plant Germoplasm System

Plant Growth Forms

Plant Form and Function

Plant Fossil Records

Plant Nutrition

Plants - Wikipedia

Plants -
Evolution and Classification
Plants and Their Structure
Pruning - Reason for Pruning Plants

Study of Plants

The Seed Site


What is a Plant

What is a Plant - Cliff Notes

What is Plant Science

Woodland Fire in Ecosystems - Effects on Flora - PDF

Flowering Plants

Angiosperm Reproduction

Angiosperm Phylogeny Chart - PDF

Flora of North America

Flower Basics - Types, pollination & guides

Flower Structure

Flowering Plants Online Lesson

Flowers - How they get their names

What is a Flowering Plant

Why do Flowers Smell

Why do Plants Have Flowers

Plant Propagation and Pollination

Hand Pollination


Grafting Budding and Layering

Plant Breeding Overview

Plant Hybrids

Plant Propagation

Plant Propagation - Asexual Reproduction

Plant Propagation - University of Arizona

Plant Propagation - Ohio State

Plant Propagation by Layering

Plant Propagation by Stem Cutting

Propagation Dictionary

Plant Propagation


Pollination Home Page
Three Ways to Make a New Plant


How do Plants Make Food - Wikibook

Photosynthesis - Cliff Notes

Photosynthesis - Energy and Life

Photosynthesis - Learning About

What is Photosynthesis

What is Photosynthesis - ASU Edu

Biomes, Habitats, Zones and Cycles

Basic Biomes

Biome Summary

Biomes - Classroom of the Future

Biomes - Earth Floor

Biomes and Ecosystems

Biomes and Habitats - Enchanted Learning

Biomes Overview

Bioregions and Ecological Regions

Diverse Habitats

Characteristics of Bioclimatic Zones

Ecoregions of the Earth

Habitats and Biomes - Printouts

Hardiness Zones - International Maps and Information

Hardiness Zones Map - Image

Heat Zone Map

Hydrological Cycle

Hydrological Cycle Summary

Major Biomes of the World

Nitrogen Cycle

Nitrogen Cycle - Encyclopedia of Earth

Nitrogen Cycle - Environmental Literacy

The Habitable Planet - Online Course

The Water Cycle - USGS

USDA Hardiness Zones

World Biomes - Explore 5 Major Biomes

World Biomes - Paleontology Museum

Online Books and Courses

Arizona Master Gardener Manual

AP Environmental Science Course Online

Biology Practice Test Booklet

Kimball's Biology Pages

Online Biology Book

Online Biology Book

Palms of Florida

MIT Open Biology Courses

Plant Identification and Images

Aquatic Plant Facts

Aquatic Plant Finder

Algae Database

Australian Plant Images

Bamboo Images

BIODIDAC - Plantae Images

Bioimages - Vanderbuilt University

Botanical Socitey of America - Plant Images

Botanical.Com - A Modern Herbal

Botanical and Common Plant Names

Botanical Illustrations - Unv Del

Botanical Illustrations - Curtis's Botanical Magazine

Botanical Image Database - University of Basel

Botanical Gardens, Arboretums and Conservatories

Botanical Society Image Collection

Botany Pictures

Bryophyte Images - Mosses, Liverworts and Hormworts

Bulb Gallery - Gallery of the World's Bulbs

Catalog of Diatom Names

Checklists and Floras

Dave's Garden - Plant Database

Dicotyledons - Images

Dictionary of Botanical Epithets

Digital Flowers - University of Illinois

Fact Sheets and Plant Guides

Ferns - Illustrated Glossary

Florida Vascular Plants

Flowing Plant Family Identification

Flowering Plant Gateway

Flowering Plant Gateway

Fungi of the World

GRIN - Plant Taxonomy for Plants

Gymnosperm Database

Histology Images - BIODIDAC

HortiPlex Plant Database

Images -
Curtis Botanical Magazine
ING - Index Nominum Genericorum

Integrated Taxonomic Information System

International Plant Name Index Query

Lichen Pictures

Native Plant Information Database

NeoFlora - Plant Database

New Plant Genus - Ginger Discovery

Palm Encyclopedia

Palms of Florida Images

Plant Clipart- Classroom Clipart

Plant Facts - OSU

Plant Facts - Gardening Videos

Plant Finder - BBC

Plant Fossil Gallery

Plant Diseases, Pests and Pesticides

Plant Images Collection - Smithsonian

Plant Image Gallery - Noble

Plant Image Gallery - Schoepke

Plant Images- OSU

Plant Information Online

Plant Selection and Use

Plantae Illustrations for Teaching

PlantNet - Australia

Plants National Database - USDA

Seed Identification - Seed ID Workshop

Thorne Classification of Flowering Plants

Tree Database - World Agroforesty Center

Tropical Plant Database

Type Specimen Register - Algae, Lichens, Bryophytes, Ferns

Vascular Plant Image Database

Vascular Plant Families

Images, Photographs, Repositories

Images, Galleries and Digital Repositories

Nature's Best Photography

Clipart, Photos and Images

Plant Pathology

Plant Pathology Introduction

Plant Pathology Online

Plant Pathology Storybook

Plants - Specific Types

Aquatic Plants - Overview

Every Rose - Database

Fern Basics

Fungi - The Hidden Forest - Tutorial

Life Cycle of Liverwort

Oldest Living Thing

Poisonous Plants Guide

What are Bryophytes

What are Transgenic Plants

Wood Taxonomy - Inside Wood

Toxic Plants and Carnivorous Plants

Carnivorous Plants Database

Guide to Poisonous Plants

Poison Ivy, Oak and Sumac Information Center

Poisonous Plants Database

Poisonous Plant Parts Chart

Poisonous Plant Patch

Poisonous Plants for Animals

Plants Poisonous to Livestock and Other Animals - Cornell

Poisonous Plants Home Page - UPenn

Toxic Plants to Animals

Toxic Plants for Animals - ASPCA

Endangered or Threatened Plants

Backyard Conservation

Endangered Plants - National Collection

Major Threats to Plant Diversity

Plants for A Future - Rare Plants Database

Threatened and Endangered Plants

Threatened Species Red List

Weeds and Wildflowers

Alien Plant Invaders of Natural Areas

Introduction to Weeds


Invasive Plant Fact Book

Invasive Species Initiative

Invasives - Protecting Native Species

Native Plants by State

Native Plant Database

Weed Identification Guide -
Virginia Tech
Weed Identification Resources
Weeds on the Web

Wildflower Identifyer

Wildflower Identifyer - Discover Life

Wildflower Image Index

Wildflower, Herb and Medicinal Plant Resources

Wildflowers by Color

Wildflowers of Florida

Worldwide Flowering Plant Family Identification

History of Horticulture

Botany the History of Science

Carl Linnaeus - Father of Taxonomy

Early Land Plants

Evolution of Crop Plants

History and Inventions

History of Horticulture

History of Horticulture - Purdue

History of Life

Irrigation Museum

Lewis and Clark - Mapping of the West

Linnaeus, Carolus

Mendel Web

Origin of Seed Plants

Plant Fossils and Preservation

Plant Trivia Timeline

Scientific Biographies

Virtual Paleobotany Lab

Botany and Biotechnology

Bioinformatics - Wikibook

Biology Internet Resources

Science Links

Science Fair Project Resources

Biotechnology Overview

Biotechnology Timeline

Biotechnology - Explore the Benefits

Botanical Glossary - Garden Web
Botany for the Next Millenium
Botany WWW Sites 
Internet Directory for Botany
Plant Biology and Science Journals

Plant Biology

Plants for a Future -
Edible and Medicinal Plants
What is Botany

Scientific Method

Scientific Method - Soup to Nuts Handbook

Scientific Method Flowchart

The Scientific Method

Science and Science Fair Resources

Lesson Plans and Activities

Agriculture and Forestry Lesson Plans

Culinary and Food Science Lesson Plans

Environment Lesson Plans

Horticulture and Landscaping Lesson Plans

Plant Print Outs - Label, Charts, Plant Parts

Vocational and Career Related Lesson Plans

Related Resources

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