Health, Protective and Human Services Lesson Plans

Lesson plans and activities for Child Care, Health, Cosmetology, Security, Investigation and Law.

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Cosmetology Lesson Plans

ACTE Lesson Plan Library

Advanced Permanent Waving Lesson Plan

Advertising the Product Lesson Plan - PDF

All About Hair Lesson Plan

Applied Ethics Lesson Plan

Bacteriology - Cosmetology Lesson Plan

Basic Manicure Procedure - PDF

Basic Nail Services Lesson Plan

Basic Nail Service Lesson Plan

Better Hair Through Chemistry - Article

Blowdrying Lesson Plan

Board of Cosmetology Testing Packet - PDF

Body Decorations and Risks Lesson Plan

Build a Hair Hygrometer Activity

Building a Career Portfolio

Business Letters Lesson Plan - PDF

Business Ownership Lesson Plan

Career Exploration - Occupational Interest Project

Career Research Unit - PDF

Career, Leadership and Life Management Lesson Plans

Career and Vocational Lesson Plans

Career and Technical Education Resources

Certified Learning in Cosmetology

Chemical Methodology Lesson Plan - PDF

Chemical Hair Relaxer Retouch Lesson Plan - PDF

Chemistry of Hair Care Lesson

Character and Integrity Lesson Plan - PDF

Color Mixing Activity

Cosmetology Curriculum and Lessons

Cosmetology Curriculum and Lesson Plans

Cosmetology Curriculum Framework

Cosmetology Health and Safety Curriculum

Cosmetology Studies

Cosmetology Task List - PDF

Chemistry of Hair Care Lesson

Cosmetology Health and Safety Curriculum

Create a Brochure Lesson Plan

Design Details - Fashion Lingo Lesson Plan

Design Fundamentals Wearable Art Lesson Plan

Designing a Dream Store

Diseases and Medical Conditions Lesson Plan

Draping Lesson Plan

Entrepreneurs - Start Your Own Business Lesson

Fashion History

Good Character Lesson Plans

Hair Care Treatments Lesson Plan

Hair Cutting Lesson Plan - PDF

Hair Styling Lesson Plan

Handwashing and Sanitation

Health and Safety in the Salon

Health Risks of Body Art Lesson Plan

How Clean is it

How pH Affects Our Lives Activity

Integumentary System Lesson Plan

Keeping Records Lesson Plan

Knowledge Quest - Cosmetology

Language of Fashion Lesson Module

Madame C. J. Walker Lesson Plan

Make-Up Application Lesson Plan

Make-Up a Wealth of Minerals

Make-Up and Skin Types Lesson Plan

Make-Up a Wealth of Minerals

Men's Beard and Mustache Trim Lesson Plan

Mind Your Own Business

Muscles in Motion

Nail Tipping Lesson

Occupational Health and Safety Lesson Plans

Open for Business Lesson Plan

Penny Wise - Managing Your Money

Permanent Waving Lesson Module

Prescribing Beauty

Projecting a Professional Image lesson Plan

Ratio and Proportions Lesson Activity

Retail Mathematics Lesson Plan

Safety Precautions for Cosmetology

Sanitation and Human Health

Salon Housekeeping - Decontamination Lesson Plan

Scrubbing Bubbles - Shampoo Lesson Plan

Shampoo Internet Activity - Oil on your Hair

Skin - What's Covering You and Why Lesson Plan
Skin as an Organ Lesson Plan

Skin Color Variations Lesson Plan

Skin Cancer Prevention Lesson Plan

Skin Cancer Lesson Plan

State Board Regulations Lesson Plan

State Board Practicum - PDF

Sun and Skin Lesson Unit

Sunburn Prevention and Treatment

Telephone Etiquette and Procedures Lesson Plan

Telephone Skills Lesson Plan

The Entrepreneur in You Lesson Plan

The Structure of Hair Lesson Plan - Science Net

The Truth about Tanning Lesson Plan

Treatment Room Lesson Plan

Two American Entrepreneurs -
Madam C.J. Walker and J.C. Penney
Two American Entrepreneurs -
Madam C.J. Walker and J.C. Penney
Types of Hair Color - PDF

Understanding Bacteria

Understanding Taxes Lesson Plan

What is Beauty Lesson Plan

What Makes and Entrepreneur Lesson Plan

Workplace Ethics Lesson Plan

Workplace Readiness - PDF

Related Cosmetology Resources

Health and Nursing

Health and Nursing Lesson Plans

Aids - Who is at Risk Lesson Plan

Aids, HIV and Other Microbe Matters Lesson Plan

Advocates for Youth Lesson Plans

Allergy Chronicles Lesson Plan

Anatomy Lesson Plans

Anatomy of an Epidemic - ThinkQuest

Anatomy of the Heart Lesson Plan

Bacteria Friend of Foe

Baseline Vitals Lesson Plan

Be a Nutritional Entrepreneur

Be Ready, Be Safe Lessons and Activities - PDF

Be Ready, Be Safe Student Activities - PDF

Bioethics Unit

Bioethics Web Quest

Biology Lesson Index - SMILE Program

Biology Lesson Plans - Educator's Ref

Blood Typing Lesson Plan

Body Systems and Senses Lesson Plans

Bones and Muscles Lesson Plan

Bones and Muscles of the Face and Head Lesson Plan

Bones, Bones and More Bones  Lesson Plan

Brain Awareness Lessons - Nervous System

Cancer Lesson Unit

Cell Biology and Cancer Lesson Plans

Cells as a System Lesson Plan and Activity

Cells Lesson Plan

Chemicals and Human Health Activities

Chemicals, the Environment and Your Lessons

Choosing a Career in Health Lesson Plan

Cracking the Genetic Code Lesson Plan

Divisions of the Skeleton Lesson Plan

Do You Know Your Health IQ

Emerging and Infectious Diseases Lesson Plans

Ethics and Reproductive Issues

Exploring Bioethics

Fat Counting Lesson Plans

Genetics Lesson Plans - Educator's Ref

Genetic Research and Civil Liberties

Germs and the Body Lesson Plan

Good Health Lesson Plans and Activities - PDF

Good Medicin Lesson Plan

Handwashing and Sanitation

Head Shoulders Knees and Toes

Health and Medical Lesson Plans

Health Education Lesson Plans

Health Fitness Lesson Plans - Ed Helper

Health Lesson Plans - Discovery School

Health Lesson Plans - Glencoe

HIV/AIDS Lesson Plan

Human Anatomy Viewer - Activity

Human Genetic Introduction

Introduction to Bacteria Lesson Plan

Invisible Enemy

Let's Get Moving - Lesson Plan

Lifeline - Bioethics and Humans Lesson Plan

Making Blood Lesson Plan

Microbes - What's Bugging You Lesson and Activity

Microbes - Too Smart for Antibiotics

Muscles in Motion Lesson Plan

Muscular System Viewer - Activity

Nutrition Lesson Plans

Physical Education - Elementary Activities Guide

Risks and Benefits of Health Technology

Sanitation and Human Health Lesson Plan

Science Lesson Plans - NIH

Searching for Nature's Medicines

Skeletal System Viewer - Activity

STD's You Have to Know

Technological Advances in Health Lesson Plan

The Bone Connection Lesson Plan

The Cantankerous Pathogen

Toxicology Basics

Transplant Lesson Plan

Understanding Alcohol - Biology and Behavior

Understanding Bacteria Lesson Plan

Using Our Senses Lesson Plan

Where Can We Find Bacteria Lab

Women in Medicine - Past and Future Lesson

Related Health Resources

Law, Security, Investigation and Risk Management

Law and Security Lesson Plans

A Case Of Murder - Forensic Science Unit

A Time for Justice Lesson Plan

Basics of the Constitution Lesson Module

Bill of Rights Lesson Plans

Bones and the Badge Web Quest - Forensics

Character Education Lesson Plans

Civics Lesson Plans

Civil Right Act Lesson Plan

Crime Scene Investigation

Criminology Lesson Plan

DNA Fingerprinting Lesson Plan

Due Process of Law Lesson Plans

Due Process  - Search and Seizure

FBI Investigates - Online Activity

Fingerprint Detective

Finger Print Classification Lesson Plan

Forensic Science Lesson Plan

Forensic Detectives - Who Did It

Forensic Science in the Classroom

Forensic Science Overview

Forensics and the Crime Scene

Forensics - Get a Clue

Handwriting and Forgery Lesson Plans

How to Solve a Crime or Mystery

It's a Mystery Lesson Plan

Lessons and Strategies - Law and Government

Mock Trial - Stages of a Trial

Mock Trial Activity - ERIC

Murder Mystery Lesson Plan

Peer Pressure - Youth Court System

Responsibility of the Jury

Right to Privacy Lesson Plan

Risk Assessment - Safety Hazards

Supreme Court Simulation

Forensics Lesson Plan

The Case of Similar Substances

The Science of Forensics Lesson Plan

Trial by Jury Lessons

Understanding DNA Fingerprinting

Visible Proofs

What is Computer Crime Lesson Plan

Who Did It Lesson Plan

Who Dunnit - Online Activity

Related Security Resources

Child Care, Family and Consumer Science

Child Care and Family Lesson Plans

Applied Math Lesson Plans

Be a Food Detective Lesson Plan - PDF

Be an Educated Consumer of Statistics - PDF

Budget Development Lesson Plan

Building a Baby Lesson Plan

Building Self Esteem Lesson Plan

Buying vs Renting Lesson Plan

Car Loan Project

Checkbook Math Lesson - PDF

Child Abuse Lesson Plan

Child, Family and Consumer Lesson Plans

Cooking on a Budget Lesson Plan

Common Vaccinations Lesson Plan

Completing a Simple Tax Form Lesson - PDF

Consumer and Family Studies - Content Standards

Consumer Choices, Goal Setting and Stress

Consumer Decisions

Cost of Raising a Child - PDF

Craft Recipes - Play Dough, Paint and Bubbles

Crafts for Kids - Classroom Activities

Cultural Show and Tell Lesson Plan

Economics of Home Buying Lesson Plan

Exploring the Food Pyramid

Fairy Tales Around the World Lesson Plan

Family and Consumer Science Activities - PDF

Family and Consumer Sciences Lesson Plans

Family Budget Lesson Plan

Family Responsibility - Child Care Lesson

Folklore and Legends Lesson Plans

Food and Fitness Activity Guide

Food Safety Coloring Book

Furnishing an Apartment Lesson - PDF

Games Lesson Plans

Growth Stages Lesson Plan

Health and Safety - Child Development Lesson Plan

Household Hazardous Waste Lesson Plan

Household Pests - Germs Lesson Plan

Interior Design Project

Keeping Track - A Family Timeline Lesson

Kid's Crafts - ThinkQuest Junior

Living on Your Own Lesson Plan

Making Ends Meet Lesson Plan

Making Good Decisions Lesson Plan

Meal Planning for the Family

Motor Skills Lesson Plans

My Credit Rating - Why Should I Care Lesson

Nutrition Lesson Plans - ERIC

Nutritious Meal Planning Worksheet

Paying the Bills Lesson Plan

Positive Guidance Techniques Lesson Plan

Practical Money Skills - Lesson Plans

Product Safety Lesson Unit

Raising a Healthy Child - PDF

Rates and Taxes

Safety Lesson Plans - ERIC

Search for Your Dream House - Lesson Plan

Shopping with Basic Math - PDF

Smart Consumers, Smart Choices

Social Skills

Stages of Prenatal Development

Storytelling Lesson Plans

Taking Care of a Baby Lesson Plan

Taxes - Where Does Your Money Go

Using Bank Services - Money Management

Understanding Garbage Lessons

We are Consumers and Producers

What Happens in the First Nine Months

What's for Dinner Lesson Plans

Writing a Fairy Tale Lesson Plan

Related Child Care Resources

Additional Career and Technical Education Resources

Lesson Plans

Related Teacher Resources

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