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The links on this page will help you learn about hair, hair anatomy, hair growth cycle, hair styling techniques, hair cutting tools and techniques, hair removal procedures, hair disorders and find images of the latest hairstyles.

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Hair - Learn About Hair

All About Hair

Anatomy of Hair Handout - PDF

Anatomy of the Skin

Better Hair Through Chemistry

Biology of the Hair

Body Basics

Careers in Cosmetology

Hair - Grey's Anatomy

Hair - Exploring Online

Hair Anatomy - Crossection

Hair and Beauty Vocational Resources

Hair Basic Information

Hair Biology

Hair Care Focus

Hair Care and Related Sites

Hair Characteristics - Power Point Presentation

Hair Follicle Anatomy

Hair Follicle Crossection

Hair Follicle Definition

Hair Follicle Image

Hair Follicle Structure

Hair Growth Cycle

Hair News

Hair Overview - Wikipedia

Hair Volume and it's effects on Hairstyles
Healthy Hair - Web MD
How Hair Dryers Work
How to Color Your Own Hair

Integumentary System

Integumentary System Notes

Sebaceous Glands

Skin Overview - Power Point Presentation

Structure of the Hair

Structure of the Hair

What is Hair Anyway

Hair and History

A Brush With History - Vintage Hairstyles

Ancient Beauty

Ancient Egyptian Hairstyles

Ancient Greek Fashion - Includes Hairstyles

Big Hair Moments - Hair History

Body Hair History - PDF

Electric Permanent Wave Machine

Greek and Roman Hairstyles

Hair and Hairstyles Over the Years

Hair Archives - History of Hairstyles

Hair History - Hairific

Hair History and Historical Hairstyles

Hairdressing History

Hairstyle Archives - 1920's - 1970's

Hairstyles and Cosmetics in Ancient Greece

Hairstyles of the Rich and Famous

History of Barbering

History of Beauty - About.com

History of Hair Through the Ages

History of Hairdressing

History of Hairstyles - Japan

History Wigs

Italian Renaissance Hair Taping

Madame C.J. Walker - About.com

Madame C.J. Walker Biography

Marjorie Joyneer -
Permanent Wave Machine Inventor
Origin of the Word Hairdresser

Picture History - Hairstyles and Hats

Retro Cosmetology

Roman Clothing and Hairstyles

Tress Codes - Hair Styling Trends

Hair Diseases and Disorders

Alopecia Areata Foundation

Alopecia Tutorial

Hair and Scalp Problems

Hair Diseases and Hair Loss

Hair Diseases and Disorders

Hair Disorders

Hair Disorders

Hair Replacement Surgery

Hair Restoration Techniques

Hair Shaft Defects

Head Lice

Head Lice Infestation Sheet - CDC


Hair Loss and Hair Replacement

Alopecia Areta

Alopecia Areta Foundation

Alopecia Areta - What is it

American Hair Loss Council

Basics of Hair Loss

Hair Loss Information Center

Hair Loss - Family Doctor

Hair Loss and Disorders

Hair Loss and Hair Disorders

Hair Loss Topics

Hair Replacement - What Works

How Hair Replacement Works

Locks of Love

Wigging Out

Hair Coloring

7 Methods of Hair Coloring

All About Hair Color

Are Hair Dyes Safe

Hair Color - Behind the Chair

Hair Color Power Point Presentation

Hair Color Theory

Hair Color Chemistry

Hair Color Chemistry - PDF

Hair Coloring Secrets


Hair Dye Products Safety

Heading off Hair Care Disasters -
Relaxers and Dyes
Henna for Hair

How Hair Coloring Works

Natural vs Synthetic Hair Dyes

So You Wanna Dye Your Own Hair

Use Caution with Relaxers and Dyes

What's This Stuff - Hair Coloring

Hair Removal


Electrology - Am Electrology Association

Electrolysis History
Electrolysis Center

Electrolysis - How it Works

Electrolysis- New Tech

Hair Removal Center

Hair Removal Guide

Hair Removal Temporary

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

Laser Hair Removal Facts

Laser Hair Removal

What is Electrolysis -- F.A.Q

Tools, Implements and Products


Hair Products - Manufacturers

Hairbrush - Definition and Images

How Hair Dryers Work


Shampoo Introduction

What is Hair Spray Made of


Caring for your Shears

Hairdressing Scissors

Keeping Your Scissors Sharp

Maintaining Scissors

Scissors Design - Anatomy of Scissors

Scissors Technology


Scissors - Educational Articles

The Perfect Set of Scissors


Biological Hazards in the Salon

Ensure Safety in the Salon Tutorial

Hair Dye Toxicology

Hair Dye Concerns

Hair Spray Safety

Hairdressing Industry - Safety Sense

Hairdressing Health and Safety

Hairdressing, Nail and Beauty Safety

Hairdressing, Nail and Beauty Salon Hazards

Hairdressing Safety Module

Hairdressing Safety Sheet - PDF

Hazardous Substances in the Salon

Health and Safety for Hairdressers -PDF

Health Directories

Infectious Diseases List

Lead Acetate in Hair Products

New Hair Dryers Prevent Electrocution

Occupational Skin Hazards for Hairdressers- PDF

Reducing Dermatitis Among Hairdressers

Relaxers and Dyers Safety

Risk Assessment in Salon

Safe at Work Hairdressing Module

Using Electrical Equipment Safely

Working on Your Feet

Also Salon Safety Resources

      Occupational and Industrial Safety Resources

Cosmetology Curriculum and Lesson Plans

Cosmetology Education Standards

Cosmetology Lesson Plans

Cosmetology Curriculum and Lessons

Cosmetology Curriculum Framework

Cosmetology Curriculum Framework - PDF

Cosmetology Curriculum Guide

Cosmetology Curriculum and Lessons

Vocational Curriculum Resources

Vocational Education and Industry Skill Standards

Hair Styling Techniques

Behind the Chair

Blunt Cutting Technique


Braiding Instructions

Changing Your Hair

Chemical Hair Straightening



Feathering Technique

Flat Iron Styling

French Braid

Hair Straightening

Haircuts and Hairstyle Articles

Hairstyling Videos

Haircut Types

Permanent and Temporary Hair Waves

Permanent Hair Wave Chemistry

Permanent - How to Wrap a Perm

Permanent Wave FAQS

Permanent Wave - How it Works

Retro Edges

Salon Sense

Slide Cutting Technique

Straightening Curly Hair

Texturising Technique

Thermal Reconditioning

Types of Hair Cuts - Wikipedia

Updo's - WikiHow

Hair Magazines

Behind the Chair

First Chair

Head First - UK

Interhair - Professional Salon Magazine

Hair Care and Shampooing

6 Steps to Healthier Hair - WebMD

10 Ingredients to Avoid Putting on Your Hair

Enemies of Healthy Hair

Hair and Scalp Care

Hair Care Power Point Presentation

Hair Care Products - Power Point Presentation

How Cleansing Molecule Cleans Hair

Personal Hygiene

Professional Hair Tips

Shampoo- All About

Shampoos - Ingredients and Skin Problems

Taking Care of Your Hair

What Your Shampoo Label Won't Tell You

Competitions and Beauty Industry Awards


America's Beauty Show

Cosmoprof North America

Future Vision 08

L'Oreal Color Awards

North American Hairstyling Awards Winners

North American Hairstyling Awards

NCA Competitions

NHF Competition World

OMC Competitions

Professional Competitions

Swarzkopf Hair Dressing Awards

Hairstyles and Images

African-American Hairstyle Patterns

African American Hairstyles

Ancient Egyptian Hairstyles

Beauty Riot - Images

Before and After Hairstyles

Black Celebrity Hairstyles

Black Hair Care - Latest Styles
Black Hair Media - Hairstyles

Black Hairstyles - JASMA

Braiding Instruction and Images

Celebrity Hairstyles

Celebrity Hairstyles - Hairstyledesign.com

Celebrity Hairstyles - Beauty Riot

Celebrity Hairstyles

Couture Beauty Highlights -Elle Magazine

Essential Looks Images

Evolutions - Toni and Guy Image Gallery

Face Shapes and Hairstyles

Facial Shapes and Styles

Finger Waves

Flip Hair Style

French Braid

French Braid - eHow

French Braid Cornrows

Hair Archives -
Vintage Hair Fashion and Styling
Haircuts that Flatter Your Face Shape

Hair Do's.com

Hairstyle History

Hairstyle Images - Hairstyler.com

Hairstyle Image Gallery

Hairstyle Images - Short

Hairstyle Images - Medium

Hairstyle Images - Long

Hairstyle Images - Updos

Hairstyle Images - Updos

Hairstyle Gallery

Hairstyle Gallery National Hairdresser's Federation

Hairstyle Gallery - OMC

Hairstyle Galleries

Hairstyles and Face Shapes

Hairstyles Photos - About.com

Hairstyles - Hair Styles.org

Hairstyles - 1001 Pictures

Hairstyles - The Cutting Chair

Hairstyles - Salon Web

Hairstyles -
Top Ten Trends for 2001

Hairdresser's Journal - Hair Images

Hairstyle History

Hip Hop Hairstyles

International Looks - Behind the Chair

L'Oreal- Paris

Long Hair Gallery

Long Hair Styles

Male Movie Star Hair Styles

Matrix Hair Styles

Men's Hairstyle Gallery

Milady Sample Chapters - Haircutting

Movie Star Gallery - Female

National Hairdresser's Gallery

Now in Hair

Our Hair - Women of Color

Prom Hairstyles

Prom Hairstyles

Studio Hairstyle Gallery

Style Gallery

Stylist and Salon Magazine

The Head Room - Black Hair Styles

Tweak Your Hair - Image Galleries

Vintage Hair Styles - Hair Archives

Virtual Hairstyle

Virtual Hairstyler

Wedding Hairstyles - Wedding Hair.com

Beauty Links & Resources

Beauty & Fashion Biographies

Beauty and Fashion - Influential Women
Beauty Shoppe Archives


Beauty Tech


Cosmetology Links - Associations, Publications, Shows

Cosmetic News - Beauty Business News

Costumes and Fashion
Fragrance History
Fragrance Information Network
Main Floor- Beauty and Fashion

Milady Cosmetology Links

Milady Sample Textbook Chapters

Safer Cosmetics - Companies

How to Draw Hair

Drawing Hair - How To

Drawing Curly Hair

Drawing Hair Tutorials

Drawing Tutorials - Anatomy and People

Clipart, Images and Photos

#1 Freer Clip Art

Beauty Clip Art

Cool Archive Clip Art

Cosmetic Clip Art

Cosmetology Pictures and Clipart

Classroom Clip Art

Cosmetics and Fashion Clipart

Curler Images

Dermatology Atlas Online - Images 

Dermatology Atlas

Dermatology Images

Dermatology Images

Dermatology Images
Dermatology in the Cinema - Skinema

Digital Libraries, Photographs, Image Finding Resources

Hair Clip Art

Human Body Interactive

Human Anatomy Label Me Printouts

Human Beauty

Human and Body Images

Image Searcher -
Virtual Learning Resource
Images, Pictures and Photographs

Links to Cosmetology Pictures and Clipart

Lipstick Clip Art

Occupations Clip Art

Personal Care Clipart

Picture Dictionary - Clip Art

Salon Clip Art

Skin Diseases and Disorders - Images

Skin, Hair, and Nail Diseases Images

Special Effects Makeup Gallery

Stage Makeup Gallery

Structure of the Skin

The Makeup Gallery - Special Effects

Visual Dictionary

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