Cosmetics, Skin Care and Makeup Application

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Cosmetics and Makeup

ABBIES - Best Beauty Efforts Awards
Beauty and Aesthetics
Best Beauty Breakthroughs

Blush and Eye Shadow

Botanicals Reference

Code of Federal Regulations - Inspection of Cosmetic Products

Color Additives in Cosmetics

Colors in Cosmetics

Cosmetic Companies by Country

Cosmetic Companies in the US

Cosmetic Connection - Beauty Articles

Cosmetic Fact Sheet

Cosmetic Index - Resources for Cosmetic Industry

Cosmetic Products and Ingredients - US FDA
Cosmetic Industry Associations

Cosmetic Industry - European

Cosmetic Ingredients - Dictionary

Cosmetic Ingredients - Information

Cosmetic FAQ

Cosmetic Label Manual

Cosmetic Labeling

Cosmetic Products and Ingredients

Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association

Cosmetics and Toiletries Magazine

Cosmetics Overview - Wikipedia

Is It a Cosmetic, Drug or Both

Eyebrows - Eyebrowz.com

Foundation - Makeup

How Smart are You about Cosmetics

Lipstick- What's that Stuff

Lipstick - What is the Chemical Composition

Makeup 411

Makeup Artists Magazine

Makeup & Cosmetic Links

Milady Text Sample Chapters

Organic Cosmetics

Soap - What it is Made of

Types of Foundations

Makeup Application

Academy Awards for Best Makeup

Applying Makeup - Tricks of the Trade

Applying Makeup - How To

Basics of Makeup Application

Blush and Eye Shadow

Cosmetic Magazine

Eye Cosmetic Safety

Eye Shapes Basics

Hollywood Hair and Makeup Makeover

How to Apply Makeup

How to Apply Makeup

How to Apply Makeup - Professional Tips

How to Apply Makeup in 10 Easy Steps

Jokster Stage Makeup

Makeup Application for Visually Impaired

Makeup Application Steps

Makeup Application Presentation and Worksheet

Makeup Artist Magazine

Makeup Artists Portfolios - Images

Makeup Artists TV - Videos

Makeup Artistry at Oscars

Makeup Gallery in Movies

Makeup Leads to Transformation - PDF

Makeup Lesson

Makeup Lesson - So You Wanna
Makeup Tips

Makeup Tips and Solutions

Makeover Steps

Makeovers - Cosmetic Cop

Safe Use of Cosmetics

Stage Makeup Lesson Units

Tips for Beautiful Eyes

Cosmetic Safety

Color Additives Permitted for use in Cosmetics

Cosmetic Products - Health Hazard Issues

Cosmetic Products and Ingredients

Cosmetic Safety

Cosmetic Safety - What's in Your Bag

Cosmetic Product Safety

Cosmetology Safety Curriculum

Cosmetic Safety Resources - Make-up, Ingredients, Skin

Cosmetics - Medline Plus

Eye Cosmetic Safety

Eye Products Safety

Lipstick and Lead

Makeup Counter Risks

Permanent Makeup Alerts

Safe Cosmetic Ingredients List - PDF

Safe Cosmetics Campaign

Safe Use of Cosmetics

Unsafe Ingredients in Cosmetics List - PDF

Permanent and Camouflage Cosmetics

Corrective Concealing

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Overview

Camouflage Cosmetics

Laser Surgery for Skin Conditions


Permanent Cosmetics and Makeup

Permanent Cosmetics

Permanent Cosmetics- Society of

Permanent Cosmetics State Regulations - PDF

Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup Alert - US FDA

Piercing and Tattoos - Medline Plus

Skin Camouflage and Corrective Cosmetics

Tattoo Removal

Tattoos and Permanent Makeup - US FDA

Estheticians and Facial Procedures

Cosmetology Careers

Cosmetology Schools

Esthetician Code of Ethics

Esthetician Overview

Esthetician Scholarships


Facial Procedure

Facial Procedure at Home

Facial Rejuvenation

Facials and Spa Procedures

Growing Your Esthetics Career

Injectables and Fillers


Milady Textbook Sample Chapters

National Standards for Estheticians

Spa Facial Treatment Manual

State Licensing Boards

Cosmetic Procedures and Plastic Surgery

Bo Tox Treatments

Botox Overview

Botulinum Toxin Treatment

Chemical Skin Peel

Chemical Peeling

Chemical Skin Peel

Choosing a Plastic Surgeon

Collagen Injections

Cosmetic Procedures - Aging Skin

Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Dermabrasion Fact Sheet

Dermabrasion Overview

Dermasurgical Procedures

Face Lift Surgery

Laser Applications

Laser Resurfacing

Laser Tattoo Removal


Micropigmentation -Permanent Cosmetics

Plastic Surgery Procedures

Skin Resurfacing

Types of Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery

Types of Peels

Cosmetic and Beauty Companies

Cosmetic Index - Resources for Cosmetic Industry
Makeup Companies

Alberto Culver
  |  Arbonne International  |  Aveda- Can You Feel It
Bare Escentuals
  |  Bobbi Brown Cosmetics  |  Cover Girl  |  Darphin
  |  Elemis  |  Fekkai  |  Fragonard  |  Geurlain Kiehl's  |  L'Oreal    Lancôme  |  MAC  |  Mary Kay  |  Nars Cosmetics  |  Origins  |  Prescriptives  |  Prestige  |  Revlon  |  Redken  |  Shiseido  |  Smashbox  |  The Body Shop  |  Urban Decay

Clipart, Images and Photos

Cosmetology Clipart and Image Resources

Digital Libraries, Photographs, Image Finding Resources


A Colorful History

Beauty and Hygiene Products History

Body Painting

Brief History of Beauty Products

Brief Timeline of Cosmetics

History and Inventors

History Of Cosmetics

History of Haidressing

History of Makeup

Makeup History

Modes in Makeup

Cosmetology Schools and Training

Cosmetology Schools

Cosmetology Curriculum

Design, Apply and Remove Makeup Training Package

Stage Makeup Design Lesson Plans

Cosmetology Jobs

America's Job Bank

Aveda Jobs

Cosmetology Jobs - Pivot Point

Great Clips Salon Locator

Guinot Spa Finder

Matrix Salon Locator

New York City Spa and Salon Finder

Salon Jobs - Behind the Chair

Salon Search - Beauty Net

Stylist Job Search

Super Cuts salon Locator

Cosmetology Lesson Plans

Cosmetology Curriculum and Lessons

Cosmetology Curriculum Frameworks

Cosmetology Curriculum Framework - PDF

Cosmetology Curriculum Guide

Cosmetology Lesson Plans

Costumes and Makeup Activity

Stage Makeup Course Outline

Skin Anatomy and Dermatology

About the Skin
Aging Changes Hair and Skin

Anatomy - Pictures and Diagrams

Anatomy and Physiology Tutorial Links

Anatomy of the Human Face

Anatomy of the Skin -
Dermatology Health Guide
Anatomy of the Skin -
Description and Images
Anatomy of the Skin and Nails -
Electronic Textbook
Biology of the Skin
Cross Section of the Skin Image

Cells Alive
Facial Muscle Action Illustrated

Human Skin Color

Integumentary System

Integumentary System - Slides

Integumentary System - Info and Images

Layers of the Skin

Layers of the Skin

Muscles of the Head and Face - Info and Images

Muscle Tutorial - Info and Images

Normal Cell Biology

Skin - Answers.com

Skin Anatomy - Labeled Crossection

Skin Anatomy Image

Skin Anatomy Article and Image

Skin Health Overview

Skin Layers Image

Skin Structure and Function

Skin Structure and Image

Structure of the Skin

What is Skin

Disorders of the Skin

Acne - Types of Acne

Acne General Overview

Acne Resource Center

Acne Treatments

Aging and Damaged Skin

Aging Skin Net

Atopic Dermatitis - What is it

Atopic Dermatitis - All About it


Dermatitis - Rashes

Dermotologic Disease Database

Dermatology Atlas Online - Images

Dermatology Image Atlas

Dermatology Online Journal

Diseases of the Skin

Dry Skin - Medline

Latex Allergy

Oily Skin

Pigment Disorders

Pigmentary Disorders

Psoriasis - National Psoriasis Foundation

Rosacea - What is it

Rosacea Foundation - What is Rosacea

Scaly Skin - Ichthyosis

Scleroderma Foundation

Skin and Nail Diseases and Disorders

Skin Diseases - Wikipedia

Skin Disease Organizations

Skin Diseases Pictures and Information

Skin Disorders

Skin Cancer Articles

Skin Cancer Facts

Skin Cancer Introduction

Skin Cancer Types

Skin, Hair and Nail Disorders

Skin Rashes

Tinea Capitis

Skin Care and Facts

Acids and Bases 

Acne Skin Care

Acne Scars and Treatment

Aging and Damaged Skin

Chemical Peels

Common Beauty Myths

Dermatology Health Guide

Dermatology Links

Facts About the Skin - Has 3D Image

General Skin Care Articles

How to Choose the Best Skin Care Products

Moisturizer Overview

My Body - Teen's Health

Natural Skin Care Guide - PDF

Skin and Face Cleansers

Skin Care for Women

Skin Care Recipes
Skin Knowledge Information Center

Skin Facts and Fallacy

Skin, Hair and Nails

Skin Introduction

Skin Types


Steps to Better Skin Care

Sun Exposure Facts

Sunburn - Medline

Sun Wise Homepage - EPA

Sunless Tanning Booths Safety Concerns

Tanning Taboo

What is Acne

What is the Skin

Safety and Health in the Salon and Shop

General Safety and Health

Air Quality Guide

GuideWomen's Safety and Health Issues at Work

Hand Hygiene- PDF

Hand Hygiene Recommendation - CDC

Hand Hygiene Resource Center

Hand Hygiene Fact Sheet

Hand Hygiene Resource Center

Health and Safety Curriculum - Cosmetology

Lab Safety Guide

Latex Allergy

Occupational and Industrial Safety Resources

Occupational Hazards in Nail Salons

Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1970

Occupational and Industrial Safety

Promoting Hand Hygiene in Your Facility

Standards for Public Health

Infections and Communicable Diseases


Bacterial Skin Infections in Salons

Blood Borne Diseases - Needlestick Prevention

Bloodborne Infectious Diseases

Bloodborne Pathogens Self-Study Unit

Bloodborne Pathogens Standards

Bloodborne Pathogens Student Guide

Bloodborne Pathogens - What You Need To Know

Bloodborne Pathogens - OSHA

Cleaning for Health

Cleaning and Disaffection Regulations

Community-Associated MRSA Infection

Hepatitis Fact Sheet

HIV and Aids Prevention

Infectious Diseases List

Infection Control Standards - DOC

Infection Control - Cosmetology

Infectious Disease and Tutorials

Infection Control Regulations by State and Industry

Disinfection and Sanitation

Decontamination and Infection Control - PDF

Disinfection Regulations - PDF

EPA's Antimicrobial Products - Sterilants

Salon Sanitation Information

Sanitation Info

Sanitation Requirements for Nail Technicians

Sanitation Rules and Regulations - PDF

Sterilization and Disinfection Guidelines

What to Look for on a Disinfectant Label


Hairdressing Safety Issues

Electrical Safety

Electric Files and Attachments Safety

Electrical Safety Resources

Chemical Hazards in Cosmetology


Carbon Dioxide Hazard Sheet

Chemical Safety - MSDS Information -NIOSH

Cosmetics Safety -
US Food and Drug Administration
Disulfide Hazard Guide

Formaldehyde Hazard Guide

Formalin Hazard Guide

Glycerin Hazard Guide

Hydrogen Peroxide Hazard Guide

MMA Hazard Information - PDF

MMA - Stay Away - PDF

Phenylene Diamine Hazard Guide

Potassium Hydroxide Hazard Guide

Quaternary Ammonium

Skin Peelers

Sodium Hydrogen Sulfite Hazard Guide

Sodium Hydroxide Hazard Guide

Toulenediamine Hazard

Nail Tech Salon Safety

Artificial Nails - Controlling Chemical Hazards

Cleansing Procedures for Foot Spas

Foot Spa Sanitation - PDF

Naphtha Hazard Guide

Nail Salon Safety - PDF

Nail Sanitation Procedures

Nail Technician Tool Safety - PDF

Pedicure Sanitation Procedures

Protecting the Health of Nail Salon Workers - PDF

Safe Nail Salon Information

Tool Safety for the Nail Technician - PDF

Unclean Nail Salons Cause Infections

What to Look Out for in a Nail Salon - PDF

Salon Safety

Cosmetology Shop Sel-Inspection Checklist - PDF

Barber and Cosmetology Salon Self Inspection Checklist
Blood Spill Rules - PDF

Common Cosmetology Salon Code Violations

Ensure Safety in the Salon

Health and Safety Violations Images - PDF

Is Your Salon Safe

Salon Health and Safety Resources

Self Inspection Checklist fo Salon - PDF

Shop Self Inspection Checklist- PDF

Salon Safe - Hazards and Risks

Salon Safety Articles

Salon Safety and Sanitation Laws

Salon Safety Guidelines

Skin Infections and Whirlpool Baths - PDF

Skin Infections

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