Computer Programming, Networking and Tech Tutorials

This page provides online learning resources for Computer and Internet technology: Networking, Programming, Web Design, Software Tutorials, Certification Tutorials, as well as links to standards, computer schools and computer jobs.  Computer and IT Careers page includes tutorials for basic computer skills.

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Networking Basics

Accessing the WAN - Cisco

Byte Magazine

CCNA Exploration - Cisco Chapter Demos

CCNA Discovery - Cisco Chapter Demos

Data Networking Videos - NJIT

Designing and Supporting Computer Networks - Cisco



Ethernet Training Tutorials

Ethernet- Charles Spurgeons

Fast Ethernet Training Tutorials

LAN Switching and Wireless - Cisco

Light Reading - Networking the Telecom Industry

Helpsite- Computer Manuals

IEEE 1394 Training & Tutorial

IT Certification Tutorials

Multiprotocol Label Switching -
Resource Center
Network Design Manual

Network Computing Magazine

Network Fundamentals - Cisco Networking Academy

Network Management Tutorials

Network Security Overview - Cisco

Network Technology Articles - ZDNet

Networking Tutorials

Networking - InfoWorld

Networking Basics

Networking Basics -v3.0 - Cisco

Networking Exam Tutorials

Networking Foundations - Cisco Tutorials

Networking for Home and Small Business - Cisco

Networking and Computer Tutorials

Networks for Beginners

Routers and Routers Basics - Cisco

Routing and Switching - Cisco

Routing Protocols and Concepts - Cisco

Serial Comms

System Administration Training Page

SysOpt.com - Hardware Guide for ITs

T1 - All you need to Know about

Tech Fest - Networking Standards

Understanding Web addresses - 3Comm

WAN and Routers

Why is it Called Ethernet

What is Software Engineering

Virtual Private Networks

Wireless Technology

Wireless Architecture

Wireless Information Sources

Wireless Knowledgebase

Wireless Networking Basics

Wireless Technologies

What is - Fast References

Wireless and Telecom Tutorials

Internet Tutorials

Architecture of the WWW

Atlas of Cyberspace

Country Codes for URLs
Domain Names

Information Literacy Tutorials

Internet Encyclopedia

Internet Standards Process

Internet Technical Resources
Internet Technology -
Programmed Instruction Course
Internet - The Big Picture

InternetWeek Magazine

IP Addressing and Subnetting Tutorial

IP Addressing and Subnetting - Cisco Tutorial

Mapping Cyberspace

Net-Centric Computing Overview

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
Searching the Internet Tutorials

SysOpt.com -
Hardware and Productivity Guide for ITs
TCP/IP Protocols Tutorial

Under the Hood of the WWW

Web Pro Forum Tutorials

ZD Net- Where Technology Meets Business

Computer Science Tutorials

Cloud Computing - Infoworld

Computer Animation Tutorial

Computers and Electronics -
Free Online MIT Courses
Computer Architecture Page

Computer Architecture Tutorial

Computer Audio Books, Podcasts and Videos

Computer Science and Electrical Engineering - MIT OC

Computer Science Tutorials and Applets

Computer Science Tutorial Resources

Computer Science/Engineering Tutorials - ARC Links

Digital Electronics - Open Course

Electrical Engineering Video Lectures

Electronics Digital Library

Machine Architecture Tutorial

Open Computer Textbooks - Textbook Revolution

Software Engineering Library - Carnegie Mellon

Theory of Computing Introduction

    Additional Computer Careers and Resources

Certification Resources

ASP.Net Tutorial

Certification Pays Off

Certification Resources

CISSP Certification

CIW Web Site Manager Certification

CompTIA Certification Home Page

Computer Certification - About.com

Computer Certification FAQs

Computer Certifications Overview

Computer Certification -
High School Students
Computer Certification  Resources

Computer Security Certification

ICCP - Institute for Certification of Computing Professionals

ITIL Certification

Information Security Professional Career

Linux Certification Tutorials

Oracle Certification

SEI Certification

State Divisions of Occupational Licensure

Sun Microsystems Certification

Webmaster's Certification

Certification Related Tutorials

Certification Resources and Tutorials

Certification Tutorials

Computer Exam Tutorials
Novell Open Training Courses

Helpsite - Computer Manuals

Cisco Certification and Tutorials


Cisco Certification

Cisco Certification and Learning Paths

Cisco - Career Certifications

Cisco Bridging Basics Tutorial

Cisco Study Guide

Cisco - Three Layered Hierarchical Model

Cisco - Cabling Devices Tutorial

Microsoft Certifications

Microsoft Certified System Engineer 
Practice Exams
Microsoft Certifications - Learn About

Microsoft Certifications

Microsoft Technology Tutorials
Microsoft Certifications

Microsoft Certification Study Guide

Microsoft Development Office

.Net Tutorial

Microsoft Office Tutorials

Excel 97 Tutorial

Excel 2007 Tutorial

Microsoft Word Tutorial

Microsoft Office 2007 Tutorial

Microsoft Office Tutorials - Microsoft

Microsoft Office Tutorials

Microsoft Office 2000 Tutorials

Microsoft Office XP Tutorials

Microsoft Publisher 2007 Tutorial

Power Point Tutorial - Actden

Computer Science Schools and IT Training

Accredited Applied Science Programs

Accredited Computing Programs

Accredited Engineering Technology Programs

Accredited Technology Programs

Career and Technology School Search

Cisco Training Resources

Computer and Information Technology Training

Computer, Engineering and Technology School Search

Computer Game Development Programs

Computer Graphic Design Schools

Graphic Design Schools and Programs

Computer Science and Information Technology Schools

Computer Science Schools

Community College Finder

e-Learning Courses - Computing.org

Distance Learning - Thompson Peterson's

Distance Learning Colleges -
Search for Computer Courses
Information Systems Schools and Programs

IT Computer Training - ABCO Technology

Microsoft Training

MIT Open Courses - EE Engineering and Computer Science

Peterson's IT Channel - Search for Training
Rasmussen - School of Technology and Design

Ph.D. Computer Programs in US

Schools with Computer Science Departments

Search for Computer Related Programs/Training
Technical Schools and Training

Trade and Technical Schools

Web Professional Training

    Additional School Search Resources


Algebraic Dynamic Programming

Algorithms - Wikipedia

Algorithms Overview

Brute Force Algorithm

Cooke's Theorem

Computational Complesity Theory

Cryptographic Algorithms

Discrete Mathematics Set Theory - Wikibooks

Heuristics - Wikipedia

Math on the Job - How you use Math at Work

Math Resources and Tutorials

Mathematics for Computer Scientists - Free e-Book

Numerical Analysis

Root Finding Algorithm

Set Theory

Set Theory Handbook

Free and Open Courses

Free Online Courses and Tutorials

Online Fee Based Training

IEEE Computer Society e-Learning Campus


Virtual Universities

VTC Computer Software Tutorials

Computers/IT and Technology Lesson Plans

Computer and Internet Related Lesson Plans
Computers Science and Technology Careers


A+ Study Guide
C++ Annotations - Online Book

C++ Programming

C++ Secure Coding

CSS Tutorials

Computer Game Design

Computer Language List

Computer Programming - Wikipedia

Computer Programming Open Course

DevX- Programmer's Tools

Firewalls - Tutorial

Free Programmers', Webmasters' and Security Resources

How to Design Programs - Free-e-Book

Introduction to Flash MX Open Course

JAVA Programming Open Course

Java Script Tutorials

Java Tutorials - IEEE

Jeroo - Object-Oriented Programming Classroom Tool

Linear Programming Online Book

Perl Language Homepage

Programming Fundamentals

Programming Languages

Programming Languages - Tech Fest

Programming Languages Tutorial

Programming Tutorials - Coronado Enterprises

Programming Tutorials

Secure Coding Presentation

Computer Software Tutorials

A Byte of Python - Python Online Textbook Book

Adobe Software Tutorials

Basic Computer Skills Tutorial

C and C++ Tutorials

COBOL Programming Course

COBOL Programming Tutorials

Computer Tech Tutorials

Data Modeling

Data Modeling 101

Data Modeling Dictionary

Database Software Downloads

Digital Information Literacy Tutorials

Dreamweaver Tutorials

Extreme UltraDev Tutorials

Graphic Comm Tutorials - Premiere, PhotoShop, Quark,

HTML Goodies

Instructional Technology Tutorials -
Word, Web, Computer
LinuxPlanet - Linux Tutorials

Tech Tutorials -Web, Podcast, CSS, iMovie, PowerPoint

Technology Tutorials
- Word, Adobe, OS, E-mail
On-Line Practice - Software Application Tutorials PC, MAC

Software Engineering Overview

Software Development Process

Software Engineering - Wikipedia

Software Engineering Body of Knowledge

Software Engineering Open Course

Software Engineering Topics

Software Tutorial and Online Courses -
PowerPoint, Office
Video Technology Tutorials - Nortel Learn IT

Technology Tutorials

Applications and Tutorials

Artificial Intelligence Tutorial Review

Business Information Management - Free e-Book

Citadel - Computer Information Tech Digital Library

Client/Server Software Architecture

Code Project - Free Source Code and Tutorials

Cookbook for Small and Rural Libraries

Computer Graphics Tutorials

Computer Technology Quizzes

Computational Science Lecture Series at UW-Madison

Embedded System Design Open Course

Design and Technology Lessons

Free Tech Tutorials

How Computers Work - Processor and Memory

Information Industry Tutorials

Information Technology Essentials - MIT Open Course

Information Technology - Wikiversity

Nortel Learn IT - Online Video Tutorials

Online Education Development Tutorials

RAID Tutorial

Sensation and Perception Tutorials

Serial Port Communication

Taxonomy of Operational Risks

Tech Ease - Technology Tutorials for MAC

Tech Ease - Technology Tutorial for Windows

TECHtictionary - Animated Tech Encyclopedia

Technology Tutorials Online

Tweaks and How-To

    Additional Resources - Classroom Tools

Computer and Internet Security

Computer and Internet Security Resources

Web Design Tutorials

Active Server Pages - Tutorial for Beginners
Beginner's Guide to Java Script

Building a School Website

Certified Internet Webmaster Study Guide


Devx.com - Web Development Zone

Front Page Online Training

Google Code University

Graphic Design Links and Tutorials

HTML Basics - Open UW

HTML - Beginner's Guide

HTML Code Tutorial

HTML Java Script Flash Tutorials

HTML/XML- Introduction to

HTML Tutorials & Web Master Certificate Programs

HTML Toolbox - Net Mechanic

How Search Engines Rank Web Pages
Image Map Help

IT Industry Portal Web Developers Site

Java Tutorials

Java Developer Connection

JavaScript Source- Cut & Paste Library

Matt's Script Archive

MPEG FAQs and Starting Points

Online Web Tutorials
Page Design- Yale Style Manual
Page Layout and Style Sheets

Submit It - Tips for Announcing

The Compendium of HTML

Usable Web

Visual Arts Links and Tutorials

W3 Schools Online - Web Development Tutorials

Web 3D Consortium

Web Design Tutorials

Web Design News

Web Tutorials Online

Web Developer Virtual Library - Free Tutorials

Web Developer.com

Web Master's Reference

Web Page Authoring Open Course

Web Search Tutorial - Bare Bones 101

Web Style Guide

Web Accessibility for All Tutorial

Web Development Tutorials

Webwise - BBC Internet Tutorial


Webreference- Web Master's Reference

What makes a Great Web Site

World Wide Web Consortium


What is Object Oriented Software

What is Computer Graphics

XML Introduction

Computer/ IT Organizations

Association for Computing Machinery
AWC - Association for Women in Computing

American National Standards Institute

Association for Computing Machinery

Association for Information Systems

Association of Information Professionals

Associations - Computer and Internet

British Computer Society


Computer Related Associations and Organizations

Computer Science Scholarly Societies

Computer Technology Industry Association

Computing Research Association

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Scholarly Societies
Electronic Industry Associations

IEEE Computer Society

Internet Society

ISTE - International Society for Technology in Education

Network Professionals Association

Software Engineering Institute

USENIX Association

NIST - Bits and Chips

Technical Societies


Computer Job Resources

Job Market Resources

Industry News


IT Standard - Tech Magazine


IT World

Journal of Machine Learnign Research - MIT Press



ANSI - American National Standards Institute

Computing Curriculum 2005 - IEEE

Computer Science Curriculum 2008

Construction of IT Risk Framework - PDF

Cryptographic Standards and Applications

Electronic Industry Standards

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Internet Standards Process

ISO - International Standards Organization

National Information Standards Organization NISO

NISO Guidelines

Standards Resources and Links

Standards Organizations

Clipart, Images and Photos

#1 Freer Clip Art

Amazing Picture Machine

Cool Archive Clip Art
Classroom Clip Art

Occupations Clip Art

Yahoo Picture Gallery

Image Collections

Image Searcher - Virtual Learning Resource


Picture Dictionary - Clip Art

Pictures, Images, Galleries and Museums

Cool Archive Clip Art

Classroom Clip Art

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