Career Exploration Guides and Resources
                  for Younger Students

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Career Guides for Younger Students

Career Guides and Activities for Kids

A Day in the Life of a Lumberjack

A Day in the Life of a Geologist

Animal Careers

Aquarium Careers for Kids

Care for Animals

Career Games

Careers are Everywhere Workbook - PDF

Careers in Pulp and Paper Industry

Careers in Science

Careers: First Gov for Kids

CIA Kids Page

Earth Science Careers - K-5

EEK! - Get a Job - Environmental Careers

Getting Your Own Lab Coat -
Health and Science Careers
I Want to Work with Marine Mammals

It's Your Future Calling - WebQuest

Jobs with the FBI

Kids and Careers - Kids Newsroom

Kids and Community - Planning Careers

Kids and Careers in Human Sciences

Kids Career Corner - Health Careers

Kids for Research - Animal Research Careers

Kids Next Door

Kid's Work - Explore the Jobs in Your Community

My First Garden - Learn About Horticulture

NASA Career Expo

NASA Kids- Careers in Aerospace

Neuroscience for Kids

Online Career Activities for Students

Packetville - Internet Technology

Preparing Kids for Careers

Railroad Transportation Careers

Veterinary Career Resources

Want to Be a Scientist

What Do Scientists Do

What Do They Do

What Interests You - BLS

What's the Job of the Judge

Who Builds Big

Working at the Zoo - Job Profiles

Your Neighborhood and Beyond

Your Neighborhood Workers

Zoological Park Careers

Elementary Career Curriculum Guides

A Parents Guide to Career Information

Career Awareness - K-6

Career Awareness Activities for Elementary Students

Career Awareness in Elementary School PDF

Career Awareness in Elementary School - PDF

Career Awareness in Grades K-5 and 6-8

Career Exploration Guide for Parents and Children

Careers are Everywhere Activities Workbook

Catch the Bug - Career Awareness for Elementary Students

Elementary Career Awareness Guide

Health and Career Integrated Resource Package - PDF

Kapow - Career Exploration

K-7 Personal Planning

Girl Specific

Careers You Can Count On

Engineer Girl

Engineer Your Life

Career Coloring Books

Air Controllers Coloring Book

Career Coloring Pages

Career Coloring Pages - MEBA

Careers are Everywhere - Coloring Book

Coast Guard Coloring Books

Community Helpers Coloring Pages

Health Care Coloring Book - PDF

Health Careers Coloring Pages

Kids and Careers Coloring Book

Landscape Architecture Coloring Book - PDF

My Occupations Coloring Book - PDF

My Trip to the Hospital Coloring Book

Construction Careers Coloring Pages

Career Curriculum Resources

Career Curriculum for Younger Students

Career and Vocational Lesson Plans

Career Worksheets for Students

Guidance Counselor Resources

Special Education and Barrier Resources

Middle and High School Career Resources

Art Careers - Meet the Artist

BioWorks U - Lab Careers

Career Activities and Worksheets - Breitlinks

Mapping Your Future - Middle School - Adult

Career Exploration and Preparation 7-12

Career Paths


Career Voyages - Explore Your Career Options

Career Zone  NY

Career Zone - PA

Careers in Engineering

Careers in Music

Careers in Paper

Careers in Trees

Connecting Students with the World of Work - PDF

Cool Works

Earth Science Careers

Ecology as a Career

Emerging Explorers - Middle Schools

Engineering Careers - Discover Engineering

Fun Works Career Exploration

Get Tech Careers

Health Science Careers

Horticulture Career Possibilities

High School Graduate Careers

Jobs for Kids Who Like

Job and Career Resources for Teens

Kids into Health Careers

Landscape Architecture Career Video

LifeWorks - Health and Medical Careers

Living Science Careers

Marine Science Career Slideshow

Marine Science Careers

Middle and High School Career Planning
Music Career Choices

My Future - Career Tool Box

Occupational Outlook Handbook -
Ocean Careers


Online Career Activities for Students

Parent Primer on Career Exploration - PDF

Scientists in Action

Special Agent - A Day in the Life

The Career Key -
Assessment, Exploration and Decisions
Tiger's Career Exploration - Tiger Wood's Foundation
Try Engineering - Middle/High School

What Do Microbiologists Do

What Do You Like

Women Exploring the Oceans

You Can Be a Nurse Too Coloring Book

Zoological Park Career

Zoom in on a Career

Career Curriculum Resources

Career and Vocational Lesson Plans

Career Assessment Handouts

Career and College Planning

Career Curriculum Resources

Career Description Sites

Career Development Worksheets

Career Exploration Videos

Career Exploration Workbooks

Guidance Counselor Resources

Student Career Worksheets

College and Career Resources

International Career Guides

Career and College Planning Resources

Career Exploration

Career Descriptions Sites

Job and Labor Market

Trade and Technical Schools

British Columbia WorkinfoNET - Career Information
Career Guidance for Middle Level - Canada

Careers OnLine, Australia

Input Youth Career Guide

My Future - Australia

Kiwi Careers - New Zealand

Related Educator Resources

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