Engineering, Science and Math Careers

Explore careers in Engineering, Science and Math with the following links to job descriptions, which include information such as daily activities, skill requirements, salary and training required.  To learn more about Engineering, Science and Math follow the related links below the career descriptions section.

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Engineering, Science and Math Career Descriptions

Actuarial Science
Aerospace Engineers

Aerospace Technology

Agricultural Engineer

Agricultural Engineers

Advanced Manufacturing Careers

Animal Science Careers

Architecture Career

Architecture Career Profile

Atmospheric Scientists

Automotive Engineer

Becoming an Architect

Becoming a Scientist

Becoming an Engineer


Biological Scientists

Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals

Biological Scientists


Biomedical Engineering Career

Building Inspection Engineer

Careers in Architecture

Careers in Electricity

Careers in Electronics

Careers in Engineering

Careers in Science and Engineering

Careers in the Mineral Industry

Chemical Engineer

Chemical Engineers

Chemical Engineers -
What Do They Do
Chemical Engineering

Chemistry Careers


Civil Engineer Careers

Civil Engineering Careers

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering - ASCE

Civil Engineering Technician

Civil Engineering Technology

Coastal Engineer

Computer Engineers

Computer Engineering Technology

Computer Hardware Engineers

Computer Science Careers

Computer Software Engineers

Conservation Scientists

Corrosion Engineering

Creative Engineer


Cryogenics Careers

Digital Engineer


Electrical Careers

Electrical Engineering Technology
Energy Careers

Energy and Power Industry Careers

Engineer Girl

Engineer Career- Dream Up the Future

Engineer Your Future in Manufacturing


Engineering - Fields of Engineering

Engineering and Science Careers

Engineering and Scientific Research - Military

Engineering Career Paths

Engineering Career - All About

Engineering Careers - NACME

Engineering Career Profile

Engineering Career Resources

Engineering and Engineering Technologies

Engineering and Technology Careers

Engineering Managers

Engineering Sector Careers

Engineering Technicians

Engineering Technology

Engineering Technology


Engineers - Types of

Environmental Engineer

Environmental Engineering Technology

Forensics Engineer


Geology Careers

Geophysics Career

Groundwater Professional

Green Engineering

Health and Medical Science Careers

Health and Medical Careers

Horticulture Careers

HVACR Careers

Illuminating Engineer

Industrial Engineer

Industrial Engineer

Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering - What They Do

Industrial Engineering Technology

Manufacturing Engineering Technology


Math and Science Careers

Math and Science Careers

Material Engineer Careers

Material Engineer Career

Material Engineer - World of Materials

Materials Career

Material Science and Engineering

Material Science Engineering

Materials Careers
Mechanical Engineer Career Profile

Mechanical Engineering Technology

Mechanical Engineers

Medical Physicists

Medical Scientists

Medical Scientists - I SEEK


Mineral Industry Career

Mining Engineers

Mining Engineering - Dream Up the Future

Natural and Agriculture Science

Naval Engineer

Naval Enginnering and Applied Sciences

Nuclear Careers

Nuclear Careers - ANS

Ocean Engineering

Petroleum Engineer
Petroleum Career Choices
Physical Science Careers

Physicists and Astronomers

Physics Career Guide

Physics Careers

Physics Careers -
Careers That Use Physics
Production Engineers


Rheology - What is It

Safety Engineers

Sales Engineers

Science and Engineering Careers

Science and IT Careers -
All About
Science Jobs

Science Career Profile

Science Careers

Science Careers - Sloan

Science Technicians

Science, Technology and Engineering

Scientific Research Careers

Smart Moves - Science Careers

Stationary Engineer

Stationary Engineers


Statistics Careers


Systems Engineer

Telecommunication Careers

Telecommunications Engineer

Transit Careers

Transportation Engineers

US Army Corps of Engineers

Water Resources Engineering

What is Civil Engineering

Why Be an Engineer - Engineer Girl

Engineering, Science and Math Related Sites

Engineering Basics 

10 Branches of Engineering
Aeronautics - Open Courses

ARC Links -
Tutorials for College Level Courses
Basics of Remote Sensing

Beginners Guide to Aerodynamics

Biomedical Engineering Course

Bridge Designer Applet

Chemistry is Everywhere

Chemical Database

Civil and Environmental Engineering -
MIT Open Courses
Dam Fundamentals

Discover Engineering Online- Beginners

Electrical Engineering Formulas

Elements of Simple Machines

Eng Applets for Engineering Education

Energy Sources

Engineers Edge -
Design, Specs, Materials, Calculators
Engineering Cases - Engineering Blog

Engineering Resources - Intute

Engineering K12 Center

Engineering Open Courses MIT

Engineering Technology Disciplines

Engineering Specialties

Engineering Statistics Handbook

Engineering Video Clips

Fields of Engineering

Greatest Engineering Achievements-
20th Century
Introduction to Physics Webcast

Isometric Drawing Tool

Materials Information Encyclopedia -
Mechanical Engineering -
MIT Open Courses
Mineral Homework Help

National Building Specification Educator

Nuclear Information Resources - ANS

Open Course Finder

Physics - WikiBook

Project Lead the Way

Properties of Material Webcast

Science and Engineering Fair

Skills Needed to Succeed in Science and Engineering

Study Materials - FE Supplied Reference Handbook

Thank an Engineer

Tutorials and Open Courses

Types of Engineering

Types of Structures

Additional Learning Resources - Online Tutorials and Open Courses

Green Engineering

Exploring Opportunities in Green Chemistry and Engineering
Green Chemistry

Green Chemistry Education Resources

Green Chemistry Resource Exchange

Green Chemistry and Green Engineering Defined

Green Engineering

Green Engineering and Green Chemistry Principles

Green Engineering Textbook

Principles of Green Engineering

What is Green Engineering

History of Science and Technology

A Walk Through Time
Atomic Firsts

Biotechnology Timeline

Center for History of Physics

Century of Physics

Chemical Achievers History

Chemical History

Chemical Landmarks

Chemical Engineering History

Chemical Engineering Timeline

Computer Links -
Includes Computer History
Computers and Computing - Science Museum

Cryogenics History

Electrical Engineering History

Energy - Science Museum

Engineering History Links

Engineering in History - Library of Congress

Engineering Timeline

Engineering Timelines

Engineering - Science Museum

Famous Black Inventors

Groundwater Museum

Greatest Engineering Acheivements of 20th Century

Historical American Buildings

History, Invention and Biography Resources

History of Civil Engineering

History of Inventions -
From Pottery to Computers
History of Remote Sensing

History of Technology and Industrial Archeology Links

History Web Resources

IEEE Global History Network

Industrial Revolution Resources

Inventors, Inventions and Biographies

National Building Museum

Physics in Australia to 1945

Physics Time-Line

Roman Construction Principles

Science and Technology Timelines

Science Museum - Online Stuff

Science Timeline

Scientific Breakthroughs

Technology Through the Decades

Technology Timeline Index

Transport - Science Museum

Roman's Technology

Licensure, Societies, and Organizations

American Society for Civil Engineers
American Society of Mechanical Engineers

American Society for Engineering Education

Architectural Organizations

Architecture Certification Boards

Becoming Licensed As a Professional Engineer

Geotechnical Societies

Engineering and Surveying Licensure Boards

Engineering Societies

Engineering Licensing

Licensing Exams Tutorials

Licensing in the 50 States

Materials Societies

Minerals, Metals and Materials Society

National Architecture Accrediting Board

National Academy of Engineering

National Groundwater Association

National Science Teacher Association

Petroleum Engineering Certification

Professional Associations - Science and Engineering

Professional Engineer Licensure

Professional Engineering Societies - Yahoo

Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration

Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers

Society of Petroleum Engineers

Society of Women Engineers
State Boards for Engineering

State Divisions of Occupational Licensure

State Licensing Boards Engineers and Land Surveyors

Steps to Becoming a Licensed Engineer

Structural Engineers - Societies, and Professional Boards

Systems Engineer Certification
Technical Societies

Scholarships and College Planning

American Nuclear Society Scholarships

Architectural Scholarships

Chemical Engineering Scholarships

College Planning - Chemical Engineer

Civil Engineering Scholarships

Engineering Scholarships - NSPE

Engineering Scholarships

Entering Engineering School

How to Get Licensed

Manufactioning Scholarships and Certification

Manufacturing Scholarships
Nuclear Engineering Scholarships

Petroleum Engineering Scholarships

SME Scholarship
SNAME Scholarships

National Laboratories

Los Alamos National Laboratory
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Engineering and Science Schools

Engineering Schools and Programs

Job Resources and Licensing

Agricultural Engineering Jobs
Architecture Jobs

Biomedical Engineering Jobs

Career Engineer Job Search

Chemical and Petro Chemical Job Resources

Chemical Engineering Jobs

Civil Engineering Certification

Civil Engineering Jobs

Design and Drafting Jobs

Employers Lists - Science, Engineering and Technology

Employment Guidelines Checklist

Engineering Job Board - NSPE

Engineering and Science Job Hunt

Engineering Job Resources - EE Homepage

Engineering Sample Resume

Engineering Technology Job Search

How to Get Licensed

Job Market Resources

Industrial Engineering Jobs

Materials and Metal Engineering Jobs

Mining Jobs

National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying

Physics Jobs

Professional Engineering Licensing

Systems Engineering Job Bank

Transportation Engineering Jobs

Transportation Engineering Employment Center

Science Resources

Basics of Physical Science
Basic Nuclear Science

Biology Lessons - Hippocampus

Chemical Database

College Prep Physics - Online Course

Computer Science Bookshelf

Cryogenic Information Resources

Einstein Online

Environmental Science Virtual Lab


Health Science Bookshelf

Learning Physics - Hippocampus

Physics Exam Practice - Open MIT Course

Physical Science Portals

Physics Study Guide

Public Library of Science

Quantum Physics Made Simple - Online Lectures


Science Demonstrations on Video

Science, Technology and Culture

Science, Physics, Chemistry Web Links

Science Portal

Math, Formulas and Reference

Applied Math Modules
Calculus - MIT Open Course

Electrical Engineering Formulas

Engineering Basics Formulas

Engineering Reference Tables

Engineering Statistics Handbook

Golden Gate Bridge Math Online Lesson

Greek Alphabet

Martindale's Engineering Reference Center
Math Links -Calculators, Formulas and Converters

Math on the Job

Mathematics Portal

Engineering Directories

Digital Library - Science, Math, Engineering &Technology
Direct Industry - Virtual Industrial Exhibition

Discover Engineering Online

The Ultimate Online Reference for Engineers
Engineering - Intute

Engineering - LII

Engineering Analysis

Engineering Portal

Engineering Report - Survival Guide

Engineering Resources - K-12

Engineering Resources - Cal Tech

Engineering, Science and Technology

Enginuity - Inside Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering Web Resources

Junior Engineering Technical Society

Library Resources for Engineers - By Discipline

NEEDS Digital Library

Petroleum Engineering

Women and Technology

Biomedical Engineering and Chemistry

Biology Portal
Bioengineering Achievements

BME Net - Biomedical Engineering Net

Chemcases.com - How Chemistry Works

Chemistry Engineering Education

Chemical Engineering Tutorials

NIH Biomedical Engineering Consortium

Civil and Structural  Engineering

Aceportico - Architecture, Engineering, Construction 
Architecture - Voice of the Shuttle

Bridge Construction & Engineering Home

Bridge Pros - All About Bridges

Bridges - How They Work

Bridges - Lesson Plans

Building Big - All about Bridges

Building Big - PBS

Building Technology Center

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Civil Engineer in Schools

Civil Engineering Image Gallery

Civil Engineering Links

Civil Engineering Specialties

Construction and Carpentry Career Links

Gallery of Structures

iCivil Engineer-Portal

NCEES - Licensing Board

PEC Licensing Brochure

Spreadsheets for Structural Engineers

Structural Engineering - Wikipedia

Structures Lecture

Super Bridges Resources - NOVA

The Ultimate Civil Engineering Directory

Toothpick and Other Bridges

What is a Civil Engineer

Electrical and Electronic Engineers

Computer Science Career Guide
Electrical Careers and Resources Links

Electronic Careers and Resources  Links

Extreme Temperature Electronics Tutorial


WebEE - Electrical Engineering Resources

Industrial Engineer

Industrial Engineering
Manufacturing Careers and Resources

Resources for Industrial Engineering

Standard Handbook of Machine Design

Materials Engineer

A to Z Materials - Metals, Ceramics, Polymers, Composites
Advanced Materials - Oak Ridge National Laboratory

ASTM International Composites Standards

City of Materials

Exploring Materials Engineering

The Online Materials Information Resource
Materials Science and Engineering Resources - Intute

Microworlds - Exploring the Structure of Materials

Smart Material and Structures

Standards Worldwide -
Society for Testing and Materials

Mechanical Engineer

Automotive Resources
Construction Career Resources

Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics

Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Resources

Internet Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineering Virtual Library

Machine Design - Basics of Design Engineering


Occupational and Industrial Safety Resources


Online Ethics Center

Lesson Plans and Engineering Education

ASSE Engineering K12 Center
Aeronautics Activities - NASA

Berkeley Lab Educational Materials

Civil Engineering Educator Resources

Civil Engineering Games Online

Construction Technology Lesson Plans

Education Standards

Electrical Related Lesson Plans - IEEE.org


Energy Lesson Plans

Engineering Activities

Engineering Classroom Activities

Engineering Comic Books - Eng and Spanish

Engineering Design Projects

Engineering Lesson Plans

Gallery of Structures - Images

Green Engineering

Green Engineering Videos

Go Engineering Blog

Groundwater Hydrology

High School Engineering

Hobby Shop - Hands-on Math and Science

Interactive Science Resources

Kids Engineering Page - US Army Corps of Engineers

Materials Teaching Resources

Material Teaching Resourses - ASM

Mechanical Engineering Teacher Resources

Mineral Information Institute - Lessons and Activities

NASA Online  - Science Learning Modules

NOVA Science Videos

Particle Adventure

Physical Science Lesson Plans

Project Lead The Way

ReActions - Teacher Resources Nuclear Energy

Science Demonstrations on Video

Science Education Standards

Science Teachers Resources - NSTA

Science News for Kids

Science Pioneers Teacher Resources

Science Research and the Process of Science

Seaperch - Naval Engineering for Kids

Sloan Career Cornerstone

Student Engineering Projects

Students Guide to Energy and Fuels

Teach Engineering - Curriculum and Lessons plans

Teacher's Domain - Engineering

Technically Speaking - Tools for the Classroom

Vocational and Career Related Lesson Plans

Additional Learning Resources - Online Tutorials and Open Courses

Related Resources

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