Manufacturing Career Guide

Explore careers in Manufacturing with the following links to job descriptions, which include information such as daily activities, skill requirements, salary and training required.  To learn more about the Manufacturing Industry, follow the related links below the career descriptions section.

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Manufacturing Career Descriptions

Advanced Manufacturing Career Clusters
Advanced Manufacturing Careers

Advanced Manufacturing Job Descriptions

Aerospace Engineer

Aircraft Manufacturing Careers

Aircraft Manufacturing Careers

Assemblers and Fabricators

Assembly Line Worker

Career Path - Manufacturing

Career Profiles - Manufacturing

Careers in Metalforming

Careers in Packaging

Careers in Manufacturing

Careers in Manufacturing - Zoom

Careers in Metalcasting

Careers with a Future - Manufacturing

Chemical Engineers - O*Net

Commercial and Industrial Designers

Computer and Electronic Part Manufacturing

Construction Equipment Manufacturing Careers

Construction Millwrights

Crane Operator

Engineering and Science Careers

Engineering/Manufacturing Career Pathway

Engineering and Technologies Careers

Engineer Your Career in Manufacturing


Food and Beverage Processing Worker

Food Manufacturing

Foundry Worker

Furnace Operator Steel Mill

Industrial Designer

Industrial Designers

Industrial Engineer

Industrial Engineering

Industrial Machinery Installers

Industrial Production Managers - O*Net

Industrial Training Technicians  - O*Net

Inventory Control Clerk

Machine and Tool Design

Machine Feeders

Machinery Maintenance Worker

Machinery Manufacturing

Machinist and Metalworking Careers
Manufacturing and Engineering

Manufacturing and Production Careers

Manufacturing Career

Manufacturing Career Cluster

Manufacturing Careers

Manufacturing Careers - California Workforce

Manufacturing Careers - OOH

Manufacturing Careers - JA

Manufacturing Careers

Manufacturing Engineer

Manufacturing Engineer

Manufacturing Industry Careers

Manufacturing Inspector

Manufacturing Job Descriptions

Manufacturing Technology Occupations

Material Moving Occupations

Materials Engineer

Mechanical Drafters

Mechanical Installer and Servicer

Metalforming Occupations


Motor Vehicle and Parts Manufacturing



New Manufacturing Careers

Packaging Machine Operator

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Precision Assemblers

Product Safety Engineers

Production Occupations

Production, Planning and Expediting Clerks

Purchasing Officer

Sales Representative - Manufacturing

Semiconductor Manufacturing Career Guide

Shipping and Receiving Clerk

Steel Manufacturing

Tool and Die Makers

Tool Designers

Tooling and Manufacturing Careers

Welding and Machining Careers

Why Manufacturing

Manufacturing Related Sites

Manufacturing Related Links

Automobile Links and Resources

Best Manufacturing Practices

Career Guide Manufacturing Industry - BLS

Education Resources for Metalforming
Electronic Links and Resources

Get Tech -
Manufacturing, Engineering, New Technology
Industry Modernization Center Resources

Industry Links

Industry Standards

Labor Unions and Job Resources

Maintenance Resources - Marshall Institute

Manufacturing Associations

Manufacturing Engineering Laboratory

Manufacturing Industry Links

Manufacturing Net

Manufacturers Resource Center

Manufacturing Systems Design

Manufacturing Technology

Manufacturing Technologies

Museum of Science and Industry

Reliability Web- Plant Management Resources

SuperFactory - Manufacturing Resources

Tooling - Industry Related Links

Welding and Metal Arts Links & Resources

Standards and Skills

Manufacturing Engineering Technology - NIST

Manufacturing Skills Standards Council
Skill Standards for Metalworking

Skill Standards for Technicians

Design and Technology

Computer Networking and Programming

Design and Technology Online
Design and Manufacturing - MIT Course

Design for Manufacturing Processes

Design News for Mechanical and Design Engineers

Engineers Edge -
Design, Specs, Materials, Calculators
Electronic Design Library

Get Tech

Machine Design

News and Outlook

Advanced Manufacturing Industry Profile

ATP Manufacturing Profile - PDF

Economic Analysis - US Chamber of Commerce

Engineering Challenges

Facts About Modern Manufacturing

Forging Industry Overview

Foundry Trends

Manufacturing Books Online - NAP

Manufacturing and Trade Data - NAM

Manufacturing Industry at a Glance BLS

Manufacturing Industry Overview

Manufacturing Knowledge Network

Manufacturing Reports

Manufacturing Statistics -
National, State and International
Manufacturing Trade Group News

Metalcasting Facts

Nanotechnology News

Robotics Industry Outlook

Smart Machining Systems

Steel News

Welding Manufacturing  News


Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers

Association for Manufacturing Technology

Conveying Systems Trade Organizations

Electrical Manufacturers Association

Electronic Equipment Manufacturing

Equipment Manufacturers Association

Marine Manufacturers Association

Metal Building Manufacturers Association

Motor Equipment Manufacturers Association

Motor Vehicle Manufactures Overview

Manufactured Fiber Association

Manufacturing Associations

Manufacturing Extension Partnership

National Association of Manufacturers

Precision Machine Products Association

Precision Metal Forming Association
Plumbing Manufacturers Institute

Resistance Welding Manufacturers Association

Recreational Boat Industry

Steel Manufacturers Association

Thomas Register of Manufacturers

Tooling and Manufacturing Association

Top 1000 Manufacturers

Window and Door Manufacturers Association

Manufacturing Tours and Museums

Manufacturing Tours - Manufacturing is Cool

Nanoscale Video Tour

Virtual Factory Tours

Schools and Training Programs

Accredited Metalworking Programs

Advanced Manufacturing Program -PCT

Apprenticeship Training Programs -Manufacturing


Engineering School Opportunities

How to Get Certified - SME

Manufacturing Certificate - GA Tech

Manufacturing Certifications

Manufacturing Certifications - SME

Manufacturing Engineering Certification

Manufacturing Industry Training - Pennsylvania

Manufacturing Schools and Programs

Manufacturing Training Programs

Manufacturing Training Programs

Material Handling Programs

Navy Manufacturing Technology Program

Schools and School Locators

Scholarship and Grants - SME

Technology Education - Manufacturing courses

Trade and Technical Schools

Tooling and Manufacturing Training

Welding Schools and Programs


Battery Manufacturing Safety - OSHA

Ergonomics - NIOSH

Emergency Management Guide -
Business and Industry
Forklift Safety Standards

Chemical Safety

Hazardous Waste Disposal and Transportation

Health and Safety Fact Sheets - OSHA

Introduction to Industrial Ecology

Machine Guarding Safety - OSHA

Machining Safety - Shop Practices

Occupational and Industrial Safety Resources

Safety Checklist for Powered Industrial Trucks


High Tech Companies Employment Sites

Job Market Resources

Manufacturing Engineer Job Resources

Science Careers - Find a Job

Women in Trade, Technology and Science

Manufacturing Related Tutorials

Automotive Manufacturing - NIST

Basic Machines Tutorial

Casting Methods

Computer Numerical Control

Control Systems - Wikibooks

Direct Numerical Control

Electrical Discharge Machining

Electronics Education Supersite

Elements of AC Electricity

Fluid Power Tutorial -
How Hydraulics & Pneumatics Work
Finishes and Plating Descriptions

Finite Element Method Tutorial

Forging Facts - What is Forging

Forging Terms Glossary

Gears and Mechanisms Tutorials

How Gears Work - How Stuff Works

How Plastics Work - How Stuff Works

How Nanotechnology Will Work

How Robots Work

How Stuff Works

Inside an Electric Motor

Learn About New Technologies

Machine Design Tutorial

Machine Tools

Manufacturing Overview- Wikipedia

Manufacturing Automation Glossary

Manufacturing Industry Overview

Manufacturing System Design

Manufacturing Processes Glossary

Manufacturing Technologies

Mechanical Engineering - MIT Open Courses

Melting Temperatures of Metals - PDF

Microcontrollers - How they Work

Nanotech Facts

Nanotechnology - How it Will Work

Network Centric Manufacturing - PDF

Physics Tutorials

Physics Tutorials - Hyper Physics

Product Design Guide for Forging

Pumps Glossary - All About Pumps

Six Sigma Glossary of Terms

Smart Machining Systems

SMT and Electronics Assembly Acronyms

Spring Terminology

Surface Mount Technology Glossary

Technology Glossary

What is Nonotechnology

What is Nanotechnology


Get a Grip on Robotics

Go Robotics

How Robots Work

Robot Cafe

Robotics Curriculum

Robotics Internet Resources

Robotics Online

Robotics - The Tech Museum

Robotics Welding Basics

What is a Robot

Engineering Resources

Discovering Engineering Online
Educator's Corner for Engineering Educators

Engineering Metrology Toolbox

Engineering and Technology Career Cluster

Engineering Links and Resources

Precision Engineering Department at NIST

Reference - Engineering Resources and Tools

Science, Physics and Chemistry Links

Materials, Science and Reference

Alloy, Metal Terminology
Bessemer Converter

Fabricated Metal Products Notebook - Industry Profile
High Performance Materials -
Greatest Achievements
Iron & Steel - How Stuff Works
ISO 900 - In Plain English

Materials Technology

MatWeb - Materials Property Search

Metal & Metalworking Links

Periodic Table of Elements

Polymer Fun - Macrogalleria

Properties of Metals

Science Links and Resources

Steel Recycling

Steel Works - Steel Industry Resources

Steel Manufacturing

Steel Works


World of Materials

Math, Formulas and Symbols

Applied Math - Pre-Written Labs

Basic Math Tables and Formulas

CAD Symbols Search

Compression Spring Calculator

Favorite Mathematical Constants

Formulas for Shapes

Geometry Reference Formulas

Graph Plotter

Hookes Law

Kibi, Mebi, Gibi

Math Tutorials, Formulas and Links

Math Symbols

Math Symbols - Wikipedia

Math Tables and Formulas

Mathematical Constants

Mathematics on the Web

Metric Pyramid -  PDF Chart

SI Units

Standard Units

Table of Physical Units

Weights ,Measurement Laws and Regulations -
Young's Modules - Elastic Modules


A Brief History of Just In Time

History, Biography and Inventions Links
Lean Manufacturing History

Lesson Plans and Activities

Engineering Curriculum Resources - K-12

Engineering Lesson Plans

Engineering Project Activities

Exploring the Nano World Activity Guides

Fluid Power Systems

Manufacturing - An Adventure in Problem Solving

Nano Hub Interactive Tools

Nanooze - Science and Technology News for Kids

Nanotechnology Lecture Series

PIE - Playfully Inventing and Exploring

Robotics Academy - Technology Curriculum

Teach Engineering

Teacher Tools - Lectures, Labs, Project Ideas

Technically Speaking - Curriculum

Technological Literacy Teacher Tools

Technology Lesson Plans

Vocational and Career Related Lesson Plans

What's Your Nano IQ

Related Resources

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