Agricultural Career Guide

Explore careers in Agriculture, Aquaculture and Forestry with the following links to job descriptions, which include information such as daily activities, skill requirements, salary and training required.  To learn more about these industries, follow the related links below the career descriptions section.

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Agriculture, Aquaculture and Forestry Career Descriptions

Agriculture Food and Natural Resources Careers
Agriculture Technical Officer

Agricultural Career Database

Agricultural Careers

Agriculture Careers

Agricultural Engineering

Agricultural Science Careers

Agripedia - Agricultural Careers

Animal Breeders

Animal Science Careers

Aquaculture Careers

Aquatic Science Career Information

Biological Science Technology

Careers in Agriculture

Careers in Agriculture and Natural Resources

Careers in Biological Services

Careers in Forest Service
Research and Development
Conservation Scientists & Foresters

Dairy Production

Environmental Careers

Farm Equipment Mechanics

Farmers and Managers
Farmers and Ranchers


Food Scientists

Forest Fire Fighters

Forest Resources Technologist



Forestry and Logging

Horticulture Careers


Land Management Careers

Landscaping Careers

Logging Worker

Park Naturalist

Rural Careers

Science Technicians

Timber Cruising

Tree Surgeon

Agriculture, Aquaculture and Forestry Related Sites


Agricultural Biotechnology
Agricultural Information Resources -
Agricultural Law on the Internet
Agricultural Technology Guide - Virginia Tech


Agronomic Links Across the Globe - Purdue

Agronomy Guide - Ohio

Alternative Farming Systems Information Center

Extension Links to Universities

Extension Service - Unv of Minnesota

Farming - Sustainable Farming Connection

Organic Farming Resources

Organic Farming Web Links

State Agriculture Profiles

USDA - United States Department of Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture

Alternative Farming Systems Information

Sustainability in Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture Network

Sustainable Agriculture - What is it

Sustainable Agriculture - WWW Virtual Library

What is Sustainable Agriculture

USDA National Organic Farming

Agriculture Mechanics Resources

Electric Motors Basics

ElectroMechanical Digital Library

Hydraulics Basics

Small Engine Technology

Physics of Basic Machines

Welding Links and Resources

Associations and Organizations

Agricultural Organizations - Scholarly Societies

American Farm Bureau

Biological Sciences Associations

Farm Service Agency

Food and Agricultural Organization -
United Nations
National Corn Growers Association

National FFA

Organic Trade Associations

State Farm Bureaus

Agricultural and Scientific Search Engines

AGRICOLA - National Agricultural Library

AGROS - Agricultural Research Directory

CERES Online - Search Agriculture Websites

Scirus - Scientific Information Search

Agricultural News and Statistics

Agricultural Census 1987, 1992, 1997

Agricultural News - Ag Web

Agricultural Production Statistics

Crop Production News Resources

Farm Service Agency News Room

Food Outlook and Crop Shortages

International Agriculture Baseline Projections 2007

National Agricultural Statistics - USDA

Statistics - Food and Agriculture


Agriculture Production Statistics - BLS

Alternative Crops for Small Farm Diversification

Alternative Farming Systems

Adopt a Wheat Field

American Farm Bureau Facts

American Feed Industry Association

Cereal Knowledge Bank -Rice, Wheat, Corn

Corn Grower's Guide Book - King Corn

Corn - All About Corn

Corn - The Maize Page

Corn - World of Corn - Data and Research

Food and Food Science Resources

Genetic Engineering of Crops

Genetically Modified Organisms

Lancaster Farming

Pest Management Guide for Field Crops

Progressive Farmer

Rice Plant - How to Grow

Soil Fertility Information - Back to Basics

Soil Science Terms

Transgenic Crops - Intro and Resources

Wheat Diseases and Pests

Wheat Page - Kansas State

Agricultural Safety Resources

Farm Safety for Kids

Occupational and Industrial Safety Resources

USDA Food Safety and Inspection

Find a Job

Employment Spot

Job Market Resources

Find a School

Agriculture Related Schools and Programs

Animal Science Schools

School Links and Resources

Sustainable Agriculture Programs and Schools

Images, Photographs and Clip Art

Agriculture PicSearch

Agriculture Mechanics Transparencies

ARS - Agriculture Research Image Gallery

Cool Archive Clip Art

Classroom Clip Art

Images, Photographs and Clip Art Links

Natural Resources Conservation Photo Gallery


American Fisheries Society - Job Resource Links
Aquaculture Dictionary - AquaText

Aquaculture Web Links

AquaNIC - Aquaculture Network Information

Aquaculture Resource Center - Delaware

Aquaculture Societies

Aquafeed Glossary

Aquatic Network

AquaVet Links

Arizona Aquaculture

Fisheries and Aquaculture - World Bank

Maryland Aquaculture

Pacific Aquaculture Information Services for Education

Species Specific Manuals for Aquaculture Ed

Schools - Aquaculture Schools

Schools Aquatic Schools

Aquatic Species, Ponds, Images

Aquaculture Images

Fish FAQ

Fish of the Great Lakes

Salmon Farmers' Association

Striped Bass Growers Association

Trout Farming - What Do I Need to Get Started


Agriforestry USDA

Agriforestry in Minnesota - A Guide to Resources

Bio Gems - Save Endangered Wild Places

Complete Forestry Homepage

Eastern Forest Insect and Disease Leaflets

Explore the Fantastic Forest - National Geographic

Forest and Deforestation Hypertext Book

Forest Insect and Disease Leaflets

Forest Conservation Portal

Forest Facts and Figures

Forest Habitats - National Geographic

Forest Management Guidelines

Forest Service - USDA

Forest Resources Extension Web Page

Forest World - Wood and Forestry Products

Forestry Publications - Unv Nebraska

Forestry, Fisheries & Wildlife Information
- VA Tech
Forestry Libraries on the Internet

Logging Advisor - OSHA

Logging for the 21st Century - Forest Ecology

Marketing Timber from Private Woodland

National Forests

National Park Guide

Natural Resources Conservation Service

The Complete Forestry Homepage

The Forest Fire - Longleaf Pine Wiregrass Ecosystem

Timber Corporation Profiles

USDA Forest Service

Wildlands Fire

Woods on Fire - Role of Fire in Natural Systems


Tree and Shrubs - selection, care & Pruning

Tree of the Month Homepage

Tree Species - Conifers and Hardwoods

Treetop - 4H Beginner's Guide to Trees

Wood and Carpentry Links

Agriculture in the Classroom

Ag Links for Kids

Agricultural Core - Online Book - Rutgers

Agricultural Education - Schrock Guide

Agripedia - Interactive Learning Resources

Agronomy Handbook - Interactive

Agripedia - Agricultural Glossary

Educating About Agriculture

Education in Nature -
Georgia Pacific Grades4-5
Ford Tractor History

History of Agriculture Inventors

How Agriculture Touches Our Lives

Maps Imagery and Data Resources US Dept of Ag

New Agricultural Teacher's Resource Guide

Tomato Sphere - Space Farming

Youth/Kids Pages in Agriculture

History of Agriculture

A History of American Agriculture

Golden Age of Agriculture - Northern Great Plains

History of Agriculture - UK

History of Farm Machinery

Math Integration Resources

Agricultural Calculators - Martindale's

Calculators for Agriculture

Table of Weights and Measurement

....Additional Math Resources

Science Integration Resources

Earth, Air, Water Resources

Plant Basics and Plant Identification

Learning and Applying Science

Science Behind Global Warming

Science Fair Project Resources

Science Fair Projects in Agriculture

Science Resources and Links

Lesson Plans and Activities

Agriculture and Environmental Lesson Plans

Agriculture in the Classroom

Agriculture in the Classroom - Lesson Plans

Corn Curriculum - Lesson Units

Leafy Greens Lesson Plans

Vocational and Career Related Lesson Plans

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