Telecommunications Career Guide

Explore careers in Telecommunications with the following links to job descriptions, which include information such as daily activities, skill requirements, salary and training required.  To learn more about the industry, follow the related links below the career descriptions section.

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Telecommunications Career Descriptions

Antenna Installer
Broadcast Media Careers

Broadcast Technician

Broadcasting Engineer

Cable Jointer

Cable Television Service and Maintenance

Career in ICT

Communication Careers

Communication Equipment Managers

Communications Equipment Mechanics -
Communications Equipment Operators

Communication Equipment Operators

Communications Equipment Operator - Military

Communications Industry Careers

Communications Managers - Military

Communication Services Careers

Communications Systems Technology

Computer Networking and Telecommunications

Computer Related Careers

Computer Related Occupational Profiles

Computer Scientists and Database Administrators

Contractors and Supervisors

Data Architect

Data Communication Analyst

Data Communications Analysts

Directory Assistance Operators



Documentation Writers

Electrical Engineering Technology

Electrical Occupations

Electronic Engineer

Electronics Assembler

Electronics Engineer

Electronics Careers

Electronics Technology

Electronics Technology Career

Engineering Careers

Engineering Technician

Engineering Technicians

Information and Communication Technology Careers

Information Technology and Informatics

Information and Telecoms Industry Careers

Information Technology Management Specialist

Intelligence Officers - Military

Line Installers and Repairers

Messaging/E-mail/Groupware Specialist

Microwave Systems Operator-Maintainers - Military

Network and Computer Systems Administrator

Network Engineer

Network Systems and Data Communications Analyst

Network Systems Analyst - O*Net

Network Systems Analyst
Network Systems Manager

Police, Fire and Ambulance Dispatcher

Power Distributors and Dispatchers

Power Line Technicians


Purchasing Managers

Radio Dispatcher

Radio Mechanics

Radio Mechanics

Radio Mechanics

Sales Managers

SAP Programmer Analyst

Satellite Technician

Satellite Systems Technician

Semiconductor Processing Operators

Senior Managers

Signals Intelligence Analyst - Military

Station Installers and Repairers - O*Net

Systems Engineer Career

Technical Directors/Managers

Technical Occupations in Electronics

Technology Career Choices

Telecomm Equipment Mechanics, Installers/Repairers

Telecommunication Operator/Maintainer - Military

Telecommunications Analyst

Telecommunications Career

Telecommunication Career Options

Telecommunications Career Guide

Telecommunications Carrier Managers

Telecommunications Equipment Installers - O*Net

Telecommunications Equipment Installers/Repairers

Telecommunications Engineer

Telecommunications Facility Examiners

Telecommunications Facility Examiner

Telecommunications Industry Careers

Telecommunications Job Descriptions

Telecommunications Line and Cable Workers

Telecommunications Specialist

Telecommunications Specialist - O*Net

Telecommunications Technician

Telecommunications Technician

Telecommunications Technician

Telecommunications Technician Competencies


Telephone Operators

Telephone Salespeople

Telesales Operator

Television Aerial Worker

Additional Resources

Career Description Sites and Career Videos

Related Telecommunications Sites

Telecommunications Information

About the Federal Communications Commission

FCC Overview - Wikipedia

Information and Communication Technologies Skills Standards

Open Airwaves

Open Mobile Alliance

Tech Fest - Networking and Computers

Telecommunication Companies by Country

Telecom Directories & Information

Telecommunications for Consumers

Telecommunications Overview - Wikipedia

Telecommunications Issues and Research - NCSL

Telecommunications Act- 1996

Telecommunications Industry at a Glance

Telecommunications Industry Links - ATIS

Telecom Engine Online
TIA Certification

US Telecommunications Companies

US Telecommunications Companies by State

Wireless Communications - Wikipedia


CALEA - Communications for Law Enforcement Purposes

FCC Regulations - Title 47

Federal Communications Commission - FCC

Net 911 Improvement Act

Telecom and IT Legislative Updates

Telecommunications Code

VOIP Federal Activity

Industry News

4G Cellular Technology

Are You IPv6 Ready - PDF

Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions


Communication Carrier Statistics

Connected Planet - Telecom News

CTIA Research

Emerging Technologies - Tech Review

Emerging Technologies - FCC

Emerging Technologies - Wikipedia

Ethernet Technology News

FCC Statistics

Future of Media

High Interest Technologies - TIA

Internet Standards

National Telecommunications and Information Administration

Nanotechnology Project - News

Office of Telecommunication Technologies

Telecom News & Analysis

Telecom News

Telecommunications News - Yahoo

Telecom Overview-
Occupational Outlook
Telecom Statistics
Telecommunications Research - By Country

Telecommunications Statistics

Telecomm Watch

Telecommunication Magazine

Telecommunication Sciences Research

Telecommunications Industry Overview

Telecommunications Industry Trends

Telecommunications Online Magazine

Telecommunications Standards and Technology


TIA Industry Playbook 2010 - PDF

Total Telecom - World News
US Telecom News

Wireless Architecture and Protocols

Wireless Industry News and Issues

Wireless Telecommunications Bureau - FCC

VOIP and Convergence News

Safety and Security

Cell Phone Facts

Critical Infrastructure Protection and Homeland Security

Critical Topics in Nanotechnology

Connected Health - Broadband Enabled Health

Data Disposal Laws

Do Not Call Policy - FCC

Electrical Safety - OSHA

Electronic Surveillance Laws

Ergonomics e-Tool - OSHA

Guidelines for Emergency Planning

Identity Theft

Lawfully-Authorized Electronic Surveillance Standards

Mobile Phones and Health

Nanotechnology and Consumer Safety - PDF

National Electronic Telecommunications System -CDC

National Public Safety Telecommunications Council

Radio Frequency Safety

Radio Frequency and Microwaves Health Effects

Occupational and Industrial Safety Resources

Radio Frequency Health and Safety

Radio Frequency Safety

Radiologic Health

Radiation Emitting Products

Safety and Health for the Electrical Trades

Security Breach Notification Laws

Slamming Policy - FCC

Telecommunications Safety Standards - OSHA

TeleHealth Information Resources

Telemedicine Today

Education and Certification

Accredited Telemedicine Programs

Accredited Journalism and Mass Communication Programs

CCNT Certification

CTO - Technology Training Programs

CTP+ Certification

Convergence Certifications - TIA

CCNT/CTP Certifications

Electrical Engineering Schools

Engineering Programs

Networking Certifications

Schools - Technical Training

SCTE Certification

Telecommunications and Networking - Pitt.edu

Telecommunications Schools and Programs

Telecommunications Programs - NACTEL

Voice, Data and Video Design and Installation Training

WECT Certification Program

Wireless Telecommunications Certification

Jobs and Training

Cisco Certifications - GroupStudy.com

How to Become Certified

How to Get the Job

Job Market Resources

Microsoft Career Search

Open and Free Online Courses

Radio and TV Listings

Sample Tech Resume

State Divisions of Occupational Licensure

Technical School Resources

Telecom and Wireless Companies

Telecommunications Companies

Telecommunications Employers

Telecommunications Jobs

Telecommunications Jobs - SCTE

Telecommunications Job Resources

Wireless Career Site

Organizations and Unions

Alliance for Telecommunications Industry

Communications Workers of America Union

Consumer Electronics Association

Electronics Technician Association

Federal Communications Commission

IEEE Communications Society

International Communications Industry Association

International Telecommunications Union

Internet Engineering Task Force

National Association of Communication Engineers

National Center for Telecommunications Technologies

National Telecommunications and Information Administration

Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers

State Telecom Associations

TIA Online - Telecommunications Industry Association

Wireless Association - CTIA

US Telecom Association


American National Standards Institute

ASTAC Standards

Bluetooth Specification Documents

Cable Telecommunication Standards

Educational Technology Standards for Students

European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization

EMF Worldwide Standards

Federal Standard 1037c


Nanotechnology Standardization

Standards and Technologies - TIA

Standards Organizations
Systems Engineering Standards

Telecommunication Industry Standards

Telecommunications Standards Development

Telecommunications Standards Groups

VESA - Standards

Wireless Zone IEEE Standards

Tutorials, Dictionaries and Glossaries

Basics of ISDN

Business and Enterprise Skills - Free Online Courses

Computing Dictionary - FOLDOC
Computer Information and Tutorials

Computers and Electronics - MIT Open Courses

Computer and IT Tutorials

Data Communication and Networking

Digital Learning Library

Digital Literacy and IT Skills - Free Online Courses

Electromechanical Digital Learning Library

Electronic Circut Animations

Electronics Encyclopedia

Elements of Mass Communication

Ethernet Facts

Fiber Technology Tutorials

Fundamentals of Physics - Yale Open Course

ICT Learning Videos

Information and Communication Technology Tutorials

Information Industry Tutorials

Lucent Resource Library

Networked Cloud Computing

Networking Simulations

Physics Electricity and Magnetims - MIT Open Labs

Practical Electronics - MIT Open Course

Tech Encyclopedia

Tech Tutorials - Fast Guide to


Telecommunications Glossary

Telecommunications Glossary - ATIS

Telecommunications - How Stuff Works
Telecommunications and Electronic Symbols

Telecommunications Terms

Telecommunications Fundamentals

Telecommunications Tutorials


TIA's Telecom Glossary

Transmission Media

Tutorials and Open Courses

Understanding Telecommunications

Wireless Tutorials for WECT Exam


Communication Acronyms Definitions

Comparisons of Mobile Phone Standards

Cell Phones- How they work

Cellular Network

Call Center Web Tutorials

Digital Signal Processing

How Cell Phones Work

How Cordless Phones Work

How Radios Work

How Smart Phones Work

Mobile Telecommunications

Public Switched Telephone Network

Signals Overview

Signaling System 7

Telephone Technology

VoIP Components

Voice Over Internet Protocol


800MHZ Rebanding Resource Guide

ADSL Technology

Artificial Intelligence in Telecommunications

Basic Elements of Telecommunications

Broadband - Beyond DSL and Cable

Digital Media Broadcasting

DSL Links


Emerging Technologies

Introduction to Nanotechnology

Multiservice Access Technology

Nantechnology in Electronics and Computers

Nanotechnology Revolution

Point-to-Point Telecommunications

Routers- How they work

Shrinking World of Microelectronics

T- Carrier System Definition


Tools and Technology for Computer Systems Analysts

Web and Internet Tutorials

What is Broadband


Electrical and Electronics

Circuit Tutorials

Electrical and Electronic Formulas

Electricity Information and Resources

Electronics Information and Resources

How Electronic Stuff Works

IEEE Virtual Museum

Radio Frequency Wave Spectrum
Radio Frequency

Radiation Emitting Products

Semiconductor Online

Superconductors For Beginners

What is Radio Frequency Energy

What are Electromagnetic Fields


Computer Network Overview - Wikipedia

Local Area Network - Wikipedia

Networking Tutorials

Networking Tutorials - IOL

Training Tutorials - Interoperability Lab

Ultimate Guide to Networking

Wide Area Network Overview - Wikipedia


3 G Wireless Overview

Bluetooth Networks - Wikipedia

Bluetooth Technology

How Wireless Works

Next Generation Networks

Online Wireless Training and Tutorials

Third Generation Wireless

Wireless Phones - - What are They

Wireless 101

World of Wireless Communication

Wireless Application Protocol Tutorial

Wirelss EMC Center

Wireless Glossary

Wireless Glossary - DEVx

Wireless Glossary - PDA

Wireless - How it Works
Wireless Markup Language - Understanding

Wireless Power Article

Wireless Tutorials

Wireless Training Tutorials

Zigbee Alliance

ZigBee Overview - Wikipedia

ZigBee Tutorial

Fiber Optics

Fiber Optics

Fiber Optics Fundamentals

Math and Science

Binary Addition

Electromagnetic Physical Constants

Math Tutorials, Formulas and Resources

Mega Converters

Number Systems

Online Unit Converter

Science and Science Fair Resources

Unit Prefixes - SI Units

Unit Names and Symbols


Antique Telephone History
Claude Shannon -
Father of Telecommunications
Crystal Radio

Cyber Telephone Museum
Early Radio History
Electricity - Historical Apparatus

Electronics History

History of Communications - FCC

How Electricity Came to Be - IEEE

Inventors and Inventions

Optics History

Radio History

Wireless Multimedia - Pioneers

Wireless Timeline

Lesson Plans

Computer Systems and Support - Lessons and Activities

Electrical and Electronic Lesson Plans

Exploring Engineering and Technology

Foundations of Engineering - Lessons and Activities

Vocational and Career Related Lesson Plans

Related Resources

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