Welding and Metalworking Career Guide

Explore careers in Welding and Metalworking with the following links to job descriptions, which include information such as daily activities, skill requirements, salary and training required.  To learn more about Welding and Metalworking follow the related links below the career descriptions section.

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Welding and Metalworking Career Descriptions

Apprentice Machinist
Apprentice Steamfitters

Apprentice Tool and Die Maker

Assemblers and Fabricators





Boilermakers - What is a

Boilermakers - Skills and Abilities

Careers in Sheetmetal

Careers in Welding - AWS

Careers in Welding - PCC

Commercial Divers

Commercial Divers

Commercial Diver Career Video

Commercial Diving - Getting In Deep

Construction Careers

Construction Careers

Construction Millwright

Engine and Machine Assemblers

Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing Industry


Farrier - Career as a Farrier

Foundry Worker

Foundry Workers

Grinders and Polishing Workers Career Video

Helpers - Pipefitters, Steamfitters

Industrial Machinery Mechanics

Industrial Machinery Mechanics

Industrial Machinery Mechanics - Skills and Abilities


Ironworker - What do they do

Ironworkers Do More

Lathe Operator

Lathe Tenders

Machinery Manufacturing Industry Careers

Machine Setters and Tenders Career Video

Machine Tool Setter

Machining Technology

Machinist - A Day in the Life

Machinist - Military

Machinist - Skills and Abilities

Machinist Career Video



Machinists - Career Zone

Machinists - BLS

Manufacturing Careers

Mechanic and Repair Technicians - Military

Metal Machine Operators

Metal Worker - Military

Metalworkers - Jewelers and Precious Stone

Metalforming and Manufacturing

Metalforming Career Ladder




Millwrights Career Video

Model Makers, Metal and Plastic


Pipefitters - Skills and Abilities


Pipe Welding



Riggers Career Video

Robotics Careers

Robotics Technician Career Video

Sheetmetal Worker

Sheet Metal Worker

Sheet Metal Workers - Skills and Abilities

Sheet Metal Workers

Ship Engineers - Military


Shipwrights and Boat Builders Career Video

Solderers and Brazers - Skills and Abilities


Steamfitter Apprenticeship

Steamfitter/Pipefitter - UA

Structural Metal Workers

Tool and Die Maker

Tool and Die Maker - Skills and Abilities

Tool and Die Maker Career Video

Tool Grinders

Tooling and Machining

Tooling and Manufacturing Careers

Underwater Divers

Underwater Welder

Underwater Welding




Welder - Job Guides

Welder Job Article

Welder Career Video

Welder Career Video

Welder- Skills and Competencies


Welders Career Video

Welders and Cutters

Welders and Solderers

Welders, Cutters and Fitters

Welders, Solderers and Braziers


Welder and Pipefitter Videos

Welding as a Career - TWI

Welding Career - NASCAR

Welding Careers

Welding is a Hot Second Career

Welding Machine Operator

Welding, Soldering and Brazing

Welding Technology

Welding Video

Welding - Spark a New Career

What is a Welder

What Does a Blacksmith Do

What Does a Welder Do

Welding and Metalworking Related Sites

Joining and Cutting Processes

Web sites that describe joining and cutting processes, basics of welding, and specific types of welding.

Welding Links and Resources

Welding directories, welding standards, shipbuilding industry, organizations and history of welding links.

Underwater Welding

Sites related to underwater welding and diving.

Welding and Metal Working Schools

Occupational Health and Safety

Welding and machining safety related web sites, as well as occupational related health and safety  links including: emergency
,disaster, fire, electrical, tool, equipment, chemical, MSDS, and personal protective equipment.

Tutorials and Open Courses

A guide to free on-line tutorials, learning objects, open courses and self-paced learning modules on the Internet.

Machining Resources

Links to machining tutorials, machine tool technology, and projects.


Links to sites about metallurgy and specific metals including: aluminum, copper, iron, steel and stainless steel.

Metal Working

Metal decorative arts, metal forming and metalworking web directories.

Welding and Trade Related Lesson Plans

Welding and Trades Related Lesson Plans

Images, Photographs and Clip Art

Links to image search engines, clip art directories and occupational clip art. 

Career Description Sites and Career Videos

Additional sites for exploring Occupations, job profiles and careers.

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