Engine and Diesel Technology Career Guide

Explore careers in Engine and Diesel Technology with the following links to job descriptions, which include information such as daily activities, skill requirements, salary and training required.  To learn more about the industry, follow the related links below the career descriptions section.

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Engine and Diesel Technology Career Descriptions

Air Cooled and Marine Mechanic
Automotive Service Careers

Aviation Related Careers

Bicycle Repairers

Boat and Small Engine Mechanic

Diesel Heavy Equipment Technology

Diesel Service Technicians

Diesel Technician Careers

Diesel Technicians

Engine Reconditioner

Energy and Power Careers

Farm Equipment Mechanics

Farm Equipment Mechanics

Golf Course Superintendent

Heavy Equipment Mechanics

Industry Maintenance Mechanics

Light Engine Mechanic

Machinist and Welding Careers

Maintenance Machinery Mechanics

Marine Engine Mechanic

Marine Engine Mechanic

Marine Engine Mechanic
Marine Engine Mechanics - Military

Marine Engineers

Marine Industry Careers

Motorboat Mechanic

Motorcycle Mechanic
Motorcycle Mechanic

Motorcycle Mechanics

Outboard Motor Mechanic

Outdoor Power Equipment Repairers

Outdoor Power Equipment Repairers

Recreational Vehicle Repairer


Skilled Trade Profiles

Small Engine Mechanics

Small Engine Mechanics

Small Engine Repair Career Overview

Small Engine Technician

Transportation Careers

Truck Technician

Vehicle and Heavy Equipment Mechanic - Military

Water Transportation Occupations

Engine Technology Related Sites

Diesel Technology Related Sites

ATV, 4-Wheelers, Snowmobiles

Arctic Cat ATV

ATV Safety- NASD

ATV Source

Bombardier ATV

Cannondale Quads

Club Car

Four Wheeler Online

Honda Motorcycles- ATV


Suzuki ATV



American Motorcycle Association

Cannondale Motorcycle

Classic and Motorcycle Mechanics


Honda Motorcycles

How Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Work



Motorcycle Consumer News

Motorcycle Makes and Models
Motorcycle Manufacturers

Motorcycles- Popular Mechanics

Motorcycle Racing Pioneers
Motorcycle Tips and Techniques

Motorcycle Tires - Dunlop
Outdoors - Popular Mechanics


Statnekov - Vintage Racing Motorcycles

Suzuki ATV and Motorcycle
Suzuki Racing


Triumph Motorcycles

Vengence Motorcycles

Victory Motorcycles



Battery Technology

Battery Tutorial

Batteries - How Stuff Works


Are You a Working Teen
ATV Safety Materials

Basic Shop Safety Rules

Battery Acid - NIOSH
Boat Safe Boating

Carbon Monoxide Dangers

Chain Saw Safety

Chemical Safety

Machine Hazards- Beware

Metal Working Fluids

Motorcycle Safety Foundation
Motorcycle Safety - National Association

Motorcycle Safety - Rider Ed

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Occupational and Industrial Safety Resources

Pollutants from Mobile Sources

Preventing Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Safety Topic Index - NASD

Shop Environment Safety

Shop Safety Manual

Tractor Safety

Young Workers Safety and Health

Engine Tech Learning Resources

Agriculture Links and Resources

Animated Engines - How They Work

Alternative Propulsion

Carburetor Problems and Solutions

Engine Certification Information Center

Engines and Motors - How they Work

Engineers Edge -
Design, Specs, Materials, Calculators
Four Stroke Internal Combustion Engine

Engine Technology - Wikipedia

Engines of Our Ingenuity

Fuel System - Carbs

Fuels and Fuel Additives

How Engines Work

How Gasoline Works

How Motorcycles Work

How Stirling Engines Work

How Two-Stroke Diesel Engines Work

How Two-Stroke Engines Work

Internal Combustion Engine - Wikipedia

Machines - How They Work
Manufacturing Links & Career Resources

Motor Trend

Mower Engine Care Basics

Otto Four Stroke Engine Animation

Propulsion Index - Engines, Math

Racing Web Site- Eric Gorr's

Reciprocating Engines - Wikipedia

Small Gasoline Engines Handbook

Small Gasoline Engine Repair Notes


Torque and Horsepower

Troubleshooting Small Engines

Tune-Up a Mower - How To

Two Stroke Engine Animation

Two Stroke Engine Page

Two Stroke Tuning
Two Stroke Tuning Articles

Understanding Horsepower Ratings

Tractors and Lawn Equipment

Agricultural Machinery - History

Antique Tractors

Applied Mechanics Encyclopedia
Briggs and Stratton

Deere Company

Kubota Tractor Corporation

How Chain Saws Work

Power Equipment Manufacturers



Engine Technology Schools, Training and Programs

Accredited Equipment and Engine Training Schools

Agriculture Power Technology Program - Pratt CC

AMI - Motorcycle and Marine Training

Automotive Machining Technology Program -
Automotive Customizing and Restoration Program

Engine Rebuilding Schools

Equipment and Engine Training Council

Lawn Equipment and Small Engine Repair -
Marine Engine Mechanics - MGCCC

Marine Engine Technician - East Central Tech

Marine and Motorcycle Repair Training - AMI

Marine Repair Technician - WITC

Marine Technology Program - Bfit Edu

Maritime Schools

Merchant Marine Academy

Minnesota Small Engine Repair - Search

Motor Sports Engine Technology Program -
Motor Sports Welding School

Motorcycle and Marine Service Technology -
Chattanooga State
NATEF Certified Programs - Search

Outdoor Power/Recreational Vehicle Technology - NIC

Power Sports and Small Engine Repair

Recreational Engines Technology - NDSCS

Small Engine Mechanic and Repairer - CTCD

Small Engine Repair  - Wallace CC

Small Engine Repair Certificate -
Midlands Technical College
Small Engine Repair Online Learning

Small Engine Repair Program - Delta College

Small Engine Repair Program - TCCD

Small Engine Repair and Welding - TSD

Small Engines Program - Texarkana Edu

Small Engine Service -
Moraine Park Technical College
Technical School Links by State

Turf Management Programs

    Additional Technical School Links

Engine Technology Lesson Plans and Curriculum

Applied Academics and Skills for Truck Technicians

Building Simple Heat Engines

Outboard Marine Engine Mechanics Curriculum

Small Engine and Outboard Motor - Tasks and Skills

Small Engine Competency Profiles

Small Engine Projects

Small Engine Repair Curriculum Framework

Small Engine Curriculum

Small Engine Technology Curriculum Frameworks

Trade and Industrial Curriculum Units

Vocational and Career Related Lesson Plans


Find a Technician Job

Job Market Resources


Diesel Learning Resources

Biodiesel - National Biodiesel Board
Biodiesel Fact sheets

Biodiesel FAQ

Biodiesel for Kids - PDF

Clean Diesel Fuel Overview

Comparing Diesel Engines

Diesel and the Environment

Diesel and Gasoline Terminology

Diesel Engines Overview

Diesel Fuel Glossary

Diesel Emission Standards

Diesel Glossary

Diesel Overview - Wikipedia

Diesel Retrofit Technology

Diesel Technology for Kids

Diesel Technology Forum


Facts on Fuel - Diesel

How Diesel Engines Work

How Diesel Locomotives Work

How Two-Stroke Diesel Engines Work

Petroleum Basics 101

Refining of Petroleum

What is a Refinery

What is Clean Diesel

What is Retrofit

Where is Diesel

Young Person's Guide to Oil and Gas

Diesel History

Diesel Electric Locomotives
Inventor of Diesel Engine

Rudolf Diesel

Rudolf Diesel Biography

Boats and Marine

Boat Maintenance Articles

Boats - Do It Yourself Articles

Boats - Popular Mechanics

Broke Boats - Repair Tips

Clean Marina Initiative

Clean Marina Program Florida

Diesel Boats and Ships - EPA Information

Diesel Marine Engines Overview

Engine Maintenance

Emission Standards for Marine Engines - PDF

Emission Standards for New Marine Engines

Guidelines to Reduce Engine Failure

Hazardous Waste - Marinas

How Submarines Work

International Maritime Organization

Marine Engine Articles

Marine Engine Pollution

Marine Engines How Long will they Last

Marina Pollution Prevention - PDF

Oil and Gas Mixture Chart

Outboard Marine.com

Outboard Motors.com

Outboard Motors - Wikipedia

Types of Marine Engines

Types of Marine Engines

Two Stroke Marine Engines

Marine Engine Manufacturers

Crusader Engines

Cummings MerCruiser Diesel

Electracraft - Electric Boats


Honda Marine

John Deere Marine Diesel Engines

Johnson Outboards

Marine Diesel Engine Manufacturers

Marine Engineering Page - Careers, Tech Info

Mercury Marine

Nissan Marine

Sea Ray

Suzuki Marine

Tohatsu Marine Engines

Volvo Penta Marine Engines

Westerberke Diesel Engines


Yanmar Marine

Diesel Industry News

Clean Diesel Fuel Alliance

Diesel Headlines - Industry News

Diesel Industry Links

Diesel Technology Forum

Emissions Standards for Recreational Vehicles

Engine Service Association

Outdoor Power Equipment Manufacturers

Diesel Safety

Diesel and Diesel Exhaust

Diesel Exhaust - Health Assessment

Diesel Exhaust - NIOSH

Diesel Powered Equipment Approval Checklist

Mine Safety and Health - Diesel

Diesel Training, Schools and Programs

Diesel and Heavy Equipment Schools

Diesel Industry Scholarships

Diesel Specialist Training

Diesel Engine Diagnostic Test - Study Guide - PDF

Diesel Mechanics  - TN Technology Center Harriman

Diesel Powered Equipment - Louisiana Technical College

Diesel Powered Equipment/Mine Machinery Maintenance

Diesel Power Equipment Technology - San Juan College

Diesel Technology - San Jacinto College

Diesel Service Technology Programs - School Listing

NATEF Certified Programs - Search


Agricultural Engineering Scholarships


Educators Resources

Math , Science and History


Calculators - DieselNet

Conversion of Units

Convert Engine Torque to Horsepower

Feeler Gauge

History of the Lawnmower


Horsepower - How it Works

Horsepower - What is it

How Engines Work

How Gears Work

How Watercraft Vehicles Work

Measurement - Includes Micrometers - PDF

Micrometer - Wikipedia

Motor Formulas

Power and Torque - Puma Race Engines

Propulsion Aerodynamics

Reading a Micrometer

Rotary Engine

Stroke Ratio

Torque - Wikipedia

Torque VS Horsepower

Torque VS Horsepower - Research

Triumph Timeline

Vernier Calipers and Micrometer Reading

Lesson Plans

Career and Vocational Related Lesson Plans

Pictures, Photographs, Clipart

#1 Freer Clip Art

Allen Vintage Motorcycle Museum

Amazing Picture Machine

ATV and Motorcycle Pictures 
Cool Archive Clip Art

Cushman Scooter Pictures

Classroom Clip Art

Image Search Engines, Photos & Clipart Links

Image Collections

Image Searcher - Virtual Learning Resource

Moto Foto Gallery

Motorsports Museum Photo Gallery

Occupations Clip Art


Picture Dictionary - Clip Art

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