Electrical Occupations Career Guide

Explore Electrical Careers with the following links to job descriptions, which include information such as daily activities, skill requirements, salary and training required.  To learn more about the Electricity and the Electrical Industry, follow the related links below the career descriptions section.

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Electrical Career Descriptions

Aircraft Electrician
Aircraft Electricians


Audio and Video Technicians

Auto Electrician

Automated Systems Technologist

Automotive Electric Careers

Avionics Technicians

Battery Repairers

Broadcast Media Careers

Building Electricians -
Careers in Energy and Power

Careers in Lighting

Communication and Equipment Mechanics

Communications Equipment Technicians -
Construction Careers

Construction and Building Inspectors

Construction Career Videos

Data Processing Equipment Repair

Drafters - Electrical

Electric Cable Joiner

Electric Home Appliance and Power Tool Repairer

Electric Meter Installers and Repairers

Electric Power Plant Operators

Electrical and Electronics Engineers -
Electrical Contractor

Electrical Engineers

Electrical Engineer Career

Electrical Engineering - Career Corner

Electrical Engineering - Try Engineering

Electrical Engineering Career FAQ

Electrical Fitter

Electrical Parts Repairers


Electrician - A Day in the Life of

Electrician Apprenticeship p - IBEWCCO

Electrician Helpers

Electrician Helpers - Career Zone

Electrician Helpers - O*Net

Electrician - NCCER

Electricians - BLS

Electricians - College Board


Electricians - Streaming Video

Electicians - Career Zone

Electricians - Job Guide

Electricity Distribution Worker

Electricity Generation Worker

Electricity Job Profiles

Electro-Mechanical Technicians

Electro-Mechanical Technicians

Electronic Careers

Elevator Installers and Repairers

Elevator Installers and Repairers
Engineering Careers

Engineering Physicist

Energy and Utilities Industry Profiles

Energy and Utilities Careers

Entrepreneur - Start Your Own Business

Industrial Machinery Mechanics


Gaffer - Chief Lighting Technician

Grips and Setup Workers

Helpers- Electricians

Industrial Machinery Repair

Lightning Conductor Engineer

Lighting Technician

Lighting Technician

Lighting Technicians

Line Installers and Repairers

Maintenance Electricians

Maintenance and Repair Workers

Maintenance Repairers

Mechanic Installers and Repairers

Mechanical Door Repairers

Medical Equipment Repairers

Meter Readers



Overhead Line Worker

Powerline Technician

Power Plant Electricians -
Power System Operator

Public Lighting Operative

Radio Mechanics



Satellite Systems Technician

Security Alarm Fitter

Security and Fire Alrm Installers

Security Systems Installer

Signal and Track Switch Repairers

Ship Electricians - Military

Solar Panel Installers

Special Effects Specialist

Special Effects Technician

Stationary Engineers

Telecommunications Careers

Telecommunications Technician

Television Aerial Rigger

Transformer Repairers

Unmanned Aircraft Systems Repairer - Military

Utilities Careers

Vocational Teacher

What Do Electrical Workers Do - Apprenticeships

Weapons Maintenance Technicians -
...Additional Career Description Sites

Related Electrical Sites

Learn the Basics

About Electricity

AC Circuits - Hyperphysics

AC DC - What's the Difference

All About Circuits

Alternating Current

Atoms Family

Basic Concepts of Electricity - Open Book Project

Basic Electrical Engineering -
Online Courses and Textbooks
Basics of Electrical Safety


CodeQuiz NEC

Copper Wire Chart - AWG

Circuit Breaker - How Stuff Works

Conservation of Energy - Open MIT Course


Current Electricity

Current Electricity Introduction - PDF

Current, Resistance and Power - Open MIT Course

DC Circuits

DC Circuits - Hyperphysics

Direct Current

Electric It and Magnetism Modules

Electric Charge

Electrical Definitions

Electrical Definitions - -
Electrical, Lighting and Motor
Electrical Definitions - Electric-Find.com

Electric Double Layer Capacitor

Electrical Learning Modules - Learning Objects

Electrical Engineering Course Materials

Electrical Trades

Electrical Wiring

Electrician's Toolbox

Electricity - Wikipedia

Electricity and Static Electricity

Electricity Lesson - Skool

Electricity Terms

Electricity  Concepts

Electricity  Map- Voltage Vs Current
Electricity  Misconceptions

Electricity  Online - Internet Field Trip

Electricity- Understanding Controllers

Electricity - Wikipedia

Electricity and Magnetism - Online Tutorials

Electromagnetic Forces

Electromagnetic Induction - MIT Online Course

Electromagnetic Radiation

Electromagnetic Spectrum

Electronic Resources

Energy in Circuits

Energy Production - How Stuff Works

Engineers Edge -
Design, Specs, Materials, Calculators
Free Electrical Answers

Generating Electricity

Green Power Defined

Grounding and Bonding Articles

Grounding, Grounded and Neutral

Ground Fault Interrupters - How's and Why's

Ground Fault Interrupter

High Tech Dictionary

Home Wiring and More

Household Wiring

How 3-Way Switches Work

How Electricity Works

How Electricity is Made

How Electricity is Produced

How Lasers Work

How Stuff Works

How to Read Your Meter

IEEE Virtual Museum

Lessons In Electric Circuits

Light : Learning Units

Light - Student Workbook

Liquid Crystals

Microwave Ovens - How They Work

Ohms Law - Hyperphysics

Open MIT Courses - Electrical Engineering

Particle Adventure
Piezoelectricity Overview
Photosensor Tutorial

Resistance Explained

Solar Electricity Basics

Sustainable Energy - Green Energy

Transformers - How They Work

Understanding Electricity

Voltage - Virtual Laboratory

Waves and Forces Lessons

Wire Gauges Chart

What is Electricity

What is Electricity - Articles
What is Static Electricity

Why Three Prongs

Work and Engergy - Tutorials

Work Power and Energy

NEC Code and Standards

Code Check

Electrical Insulating Materials Standards

Electrical Links- Code Check

Electrician Skill Standards

NEC - Overview

NEC Code and the NFPA

NEC - Understanding

NFPA Codes and Standards

State and Local Codes

World Electricity Standards


Box Fill Calculations

Circuit Design Calculator

Conversion Calculators Online

Conduit Fill Calculator

Diagram of Relationships of SI Units

Engineers Edge -
Design, Specs, Materials, Calculators
Electric Formulas

Electrical Engineering Formulas

Electricity Units - Calculators
Elementary Algebra Lessons - Skool

Formula Resources

Math Help Modules

Math to Build On

Math Notes - Skool

Mathematics Learning Objects - Tutorials

Ohm's Law

Ohm's Law Formulas and Unit Conversions

Ohm's Law and Calculator

SI Units Prefixes

Useful Electrical Formulas

Wire Gauge Size Calculator

...Additional Math Resources

Lesson Plans and Activities

Electricity Lesson Plans - IEEE

Electricity Snacks - Projects

Electromagnetism Lessons

Integrated Circuit Game

Lessons in Electrical Circuits

Static Electricity Activities

Tech Topics - Electricity

Technology - Online Lesson Plans

Physics 2000 - Interactive Physics Applets

Physics Lessons

Physics Student and Teacher Workbooks

Vocational and Career Related Lesson Plans

Projects and Experiments

Electricity Experiments

Electricity Projects

Electronic Projects and Tutorials

Electrostatic Motor- Soda Bottle Project

Energy and Science Projects

Experiments in Electrochemistry

Lemon Power - Battery Project

Make a Rheostat

Make a Turbine

Science Projects

...Additional Science Links and Projects


Resistors in Combination

Resistors in Parallel

Resistors in Series

Resistors - What You Need to Know


Electromagnetic Radiation


Magnetism - Encyclozine
Magnetic Units - Calculators

Energy and Power

Electric Power Infrastructure

Electricity Generation

Energy and Utilities Industry Profile

Energy Careers Links and Resources

Energy - The Atoms Family

How Solar Cells Work

Industry News

Cabling Industry News

Clean Energy

Consortium for Energy Efficiency

Electric Power Industry

Electrical Contractor Magazine

Electricity Data and Topics

Electricity Genration News

Green Power Partnershop

Utilities Industry Overview

History and Biographies

Ampere, Andre

Ampere, Andre

Antique Lightbulb Collector's Site

Cellular Technology History

Coulomb, Charles

Discovery of the Atom -
A Look Inside
Edison National Historic Site

Edison, Thomas

Edison Museum

Electrical Inventors

Electricity and Magnetism -
Historical Beginnings
Electron Discovery

Faraday, Michael

Fiber Optic Chronology

Fiber Optics History

How Electricity Came to Be

Invention Dimension

Inventors, Inventions and Biographies

Laser Invention at Bell Labs

Lighting - Science and History

Marconi -
Life and Impact on Wireless Technology
Ohm, George Simon

Technology Timeline - ATT Labs

Tesla, Nikola

The Tech Museum of Innovation

Volta, Alessandro

Volta Biography

...Additional  Invention and History Resources

Electrical Links

Aluminum Wiring in Homes -eLocal Electrican's Blog

Aluminum Wiring Information

Electric Stuff - Mike's

Electrical Engineer Mother Site
Electricity and The Environment

Electricity- Theater of

Electronic and Electrical Equipment Industry

Electronics Links & Resources

EMF Directory - Microwave News

Environmental Links and Resources

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

IEEE Learning Technology Standards Committee
Manufacturing Links & Career Resources
Lucent Technology

Tech Museum of Innovation


How Lightning Works

Lightning Detection

Lightning- Shocking Story

Lightning Technologies Inc.

Lightning Theme Page

Thunderstorms and Lightning Fact Book -FEMA

Light and Lasers

Lasers - Introduction to

Laser Tutorial

Light and Optics

Lighting Center - Don's

Lighting Glossary

Lighting Theme Page

Lighting Research

Lighting Resource

Lighting Technology Resources

National Lighting Product Information Program

Professional Lighting Resources

Properties of Light

Understanding Light


Engines and Motors - How Stuff Works

How Electric Motors Work

Fiber Optics

Fiber Optics

Fiber Optics- What You Should Know

Optical Fiber - Wikipedia


Communication Technology

Cellular Phone Basics

Copper for Telecommunications

How Satellites Work

Telecommunication Industry

Telecommunication Links & Careers

Tech Museum- Satellite Anatomy

Satellites How they Work


Autonomous Mobile Robotics Lab

Get a Grip on Robotics

Real Robots on the Web

Robotics - Wikipedia

Robotic Industry Association
Robotics and Robots - I
nventor Net Links
Robotics Projects and Links
Robotics - Sensing, Thinking, Acting

Rockin' Robots


Basic Electrical Safety
Library of Construction Occupational Safety/Health
Electrical Safety - Electrician's Toolbox
Electrical Safety Manual

Electrical Safety Forum

Electrical Worker Safety Articles

Fire Safety Resources

How Shocks Occur

National Electrical Safety Foundation

NFPA - National Fire Protection Agency

Occupational and Industrial Safety Resources

Preventing Construction Fatalities

Standards for Safety - UL

Workplace Safety

Jobs  Training and Organizations

Apprenticeship Links

Apprenticeship by State

Construction Electrician Job Board

Construction Jobs

Construction Related Schools

Electrical Associations

Electrical Contractor Licensing Boards

Electrical Contractors Magazine

Electrical Exam Preparation

Electrical Organizations

Electric Find

Energy Services Job Board

Employment & Career Resources - IEEE

Helmets to Hardhats - Putting Military Skills to Work

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

Jobs and Career Opportunities

License Requirement  Information

National Electrical Contractors Association

National Joint Apprenticeship Training

NEEI - Northwest Energy Education Institute

State Divisions of Occupational Licensure

State Licensing Boards

Trade and Vocational School Resources

UL Directories

Union Local Search - US and Canada


Advanced Building Technologies

Carpentry and Construction Resources

Construction Web Links
Electrical Contractor

Guidelines for a Successful Building Project

Home Improvement - PM

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning


Painting and Repair


Images, Photos and Clipart

Amazing Picture Machine

Classroom Clip Art

Electric Repair Pictures

Electric Stuff - Mike's

Electrical Power Distribution Pictures

Electrical Wiring Pictures

Energy Photos- Photographic Exchange

Image Collections and Digital Repositories

Image Searcher - Virtual Learning Resource

Images, Photos and Clipart Links

Light Bulbs - Pictures and Graphics

Occupations Clip Art

Oil and Gas Refineries


Picture Dictionary - Clip Art

Renewable Energy Pictures PIX Search

Technology Clipart

Related Resources

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